Philadelphia: Fat and Ugly

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philadelphia-travel-ben-franklin.JPGPoor Philadelphia just can’t get a break.  After being called the fattest city, now Philadelphia is being called the ugliest city, too.  That can’t be good for the city’s brand image.

Travel & Leisure conducted an online survey of 60,000 people asking to rate 25 cities on a variety of factors in terms of their attractiveness.  Philadelphia came in last.  This blow comes not long after the American Obesity Association ranked Philadelphia in the top ten for overweight people for six years in a row.  I’m sure that’s not the brand message Philadelphia wants to communicate to the world.

Looks like it’s time for Philadelphia to revamp, revitalize and rebrand!

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  • Susana

    Well, there is a chance that in some day Philadelphia will become the most visited city in the USA. Imagine thousands of people will visit it in order to check whether it is really the fattest city in the USA. Hahaha….

  • //////////////////// Costa

    Philadelphia is the only America city with a high population of obese people. Has anyone visited Nashville, Tennessee? It is disgusting to see all the fat people waddling around, especially in the summer!

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  • mojo a gogo

    Let the Philadelphia bashing continue. It’ll prevent us from being overrun with douchebags like the late great L.A. and NYC. I’ll take the insults along with our undercrowded freeways, lack of paranoia and friendly laidback citizens.

  • CB

    “friendly laidback citizens”? I assume you are joking…

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