Who is Ron Terwilliger?

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Well, the new owner of the expansion Atlanta Somethings is a lot of things — including a real estate tycoon — but rather than going through and finding out all I can, I came across this nice profile of the man from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But of all the jobs he holds, this was the statement that drew me closer to the story and makes me able to give the city of Atlanta a shot at making this team a success.

“I’ve been a supporter of Atlanta for a long time,” Terwilliger says. “I’m a big fan of Atlanta and the empowerment of women.”

He views his $10 million investment in the WNBA team as a community endeavor. “The financial commitment is manageable for me,” he says. “If I make money at this, good. If I don’t, that’s OK. I would like to have a number of people be owners and boosters of the team and participate in the fun aspects of it.”

I’m no fan of the Atlanta Hawks ownership and management techniques, and frankly, it’s a waste of a franchise that has some great young star players that could actually succeed this year, but nobody will know them except for their new logo and colors.

Terwilliger seems to come off as a smart businessman — and it shows with the success of his main company — and somebody that will really be in tune to a fanbase that must be yearning for something to show its love to, because it’s sure as hell not to the Hawks, Thrashers and (to a lesser extent) the Braves.

Still no word on any future players for the franchise, other than the team has the fourth pick in the upcoming WNBA draft.

EDIT: There’s also a Q&A with Ron from the WNBA.

EDIT: According to WNBA President Donna Orender, the city of Atlanta has had the highest TV ratings for WNBA games over the past few seasons. It’s in a previous story from the AJC, but I’m unable to get a link to the story yet. Also, no expansion draft until a deal is reached for a new collective bargaining agreement, which expired at the end of the 2006-07 season.

(Photo Credit: Kent Smith/NBAE/Getty Images)

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  • Vernon Riggs

    I know Ron Terwilliger. I worked for Ron Terwilliger when he owned the Atlanta ATTACK, an indoor soccer team that played in the early 90′s. He is a sharp businessman. More importantly he is a honest man. You can trust him and he has a good heart.

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