Walmart Secret Sale: Start Christmas Shopping Early

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walmart-logo.jpgIn keeping with it’s brand promise, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is trying to get a jump on Christmas spending by running Walmart Secret Sales in stores starting Friday, November 2nd rather than waiting for Walmart Black Friday sales to start the day after Thanksgiving.  

Using the tagline, “The more you save, the more Christmas you can give,” the holiday promotion is supported by a Walmart Secret Sale website where customers can sign up to receive email or text message notices of upcoming sale items.  Walmart claims their low prices will save the average family $650 this year.

Walmart is not alone in its attempt to steal a portion of shoppers’ holiday budgets early this year.  Retail experts predict that many stores will start holiday sales well before Black Friday

While I really dislike seeing Christmas decorations in stores like Walmart before Halloween as I did this year, I do like the idea of big savings for early holiday shoppers.  In fact, I have to admit that I’m going to sign up to get the Walmart Secret Sale emails.  Am I a sucker?  Maybe, but if Walmart offers a great deal on an item on my family’s Christmas list, I definitely want to know about it.  I think the viral marketing aspect of the Walmart Secret Sale campaign is excellent.  It’s already generated quite a buzz online.  What do you think?

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  • elizardo moya

    your sale is so secret and difficult to get to that I haven’t gotten anywhere, is this a game store or a retail store. I don’t understand why you have to make it so hard to buy something. I just feel that I am missing out. I wish walmart was more user friendly. Thanks for nothing!

  • Johnny

    How hard is it? You go to the store on the Friday that it runs and buy what you want.

    Your post was made on a Monday…I am guesssing that you can not figure out that the Friday sale is NOT displayed on a monday?


    • Janice

      I happened to wake up early a couple of weeks ago on a Friday morning & turned the tv to one of the early morning shows. Someone was on there announcing the different Black Friday sales, etc. and she also said that Wal-Mart had $50 itunes gift cards for $35 on Sat. & Sun. only. I searched online & found nothing about this sale. I went to Wal-Mart Saturday & asked an associate about it and she knew nothing about this sale. She then looked it up in a book she had at the counter & sure enough, it was their “Secret Sale”. When the cards were scanned at the register, it did ring up the sale price. I’ve been trying to find out how to get notice of these sales, but I haven’t been successful. I already get their other ads. Also, “Wowsers”, it was NOT advertised in the store.

  • Amy

    Just sign up for their email alerts. My neighbor went in Wal-Mart Thursday night and told me about the sale, it was posted right there in the store but without the prices. I went and checked my email later that evening that not only had the ad but also the prices.

  • http://walmart kathy

    i want the sale!

  • blackfriday shpper

    Let me see. I have to work on Friday so that means I can not take off every time you have a secret at walmart. I thought you mission went something like this. The lowest price everyday promised. I think I smell Bullshit!! Come on and comment Mr. Walmart damage control robots.

  • martha

    I am disabled and not able to take advantage of you great sales for my children and grandchildren. Getting ther at 4 and 5 in the morning is not a possibility and getting in line or in the crowd to take advantage of the limited quantities that you offer is not an option. I know that I am not the only one with this problem. Do you have an answer? Thank you Martha

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  • straightupnuts

    So how do we sign up for these emails and shit? everytime i go to that website its a stupid domain name thing?

  • Pine Grove Church – Starkville

    We are in the market for three laptop computers.

  • Helen

    The Sale is schudeled for Friday, November the 2nd? What Year? My 2009 calendar shows Friday being the 6th!!! Just one more ERROR for Wal Mart.
    This sale is more trouble than it’s worth (in my opinion. I had one item in my cart on Monday night (which I got from a stocked shelf) along with about 30 other items and was really pleased to have found this product. But was I in for RUDE AWAKENING. When checking out all the items scanned just fine, except for my “FIND” and the message on the scanner read “CANNOT SELL ITEM”.
    I am 60 years old, and I have never heard of or experiened this. To have something in your hand that was out on the shelf/rack and making a decision to purchase this as a shopper and then be told that I couldn’t but it!!! is beyond me.

  • Mystery Shopper Jobs

    Always lookin for a good deal…..espescially nowadays!

  • walmart employee

    LOL@all you stupid fucks qqing that walmart is too much of a hassle to shop at… its sold like that to cause rapid sales on items that are behind on sales. unfortunately life isn’t fair. If you can’t make it then this is clearly not for you. if you’re in a wheelchair do you try to run a marathon? no. Albeit these sales are nice… they are for those fortunate enough to be able to spend the amount of money as well as those fortunate enough to get to the location before the items sell out. the sales arent advertised beforehand because of the new york employee who was trampled at last years black friday sales which is now called “the event” because people are stupid and said it was racist… even though the adjective “black” is referring to the negative profit on the date after thanksgiving. This incident is also cause for no longer having door buster sales in many states because of injuries to employees as well as customers because of peoples inability to control themselves when in the public. So think of it as us protecting you from yourselves :D

  • andres

    Man thats so wierd because im use to buy alot of my gifts on black friday. btw yeah it suck to see christmas decoration before hallowen is just real wierd, but either way people still can save alot on walt mart.