Facebook Applications, the New Spam Part 1

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For the last two months I let the amount of applications I get invited to pile up on Facebook. Currently I have over 150 different applications that I have been invited to. Yes that is right, 150 applications. I have decided to go through and review these ten at at time and give you my typically sarcastic opinion on each and everyone of them.

Fun Wall- “You’ve never had so much fun.” (27 pending invites)

What they say: ” FunWall is a next level app that lets you add text, custom pics and YouTube videos to you and your friends’ walls.”

What I say: This is probably one of the more popular ones that I have gotten invited to, but of course when I went to the page to read about it I saw this as the top post in the forums about the application:

” Suggestion if possible… filtering PORN and inappropriate material…STAT!!!!”

Wait I get free porn with this application? Where do I sign up? Ugh another tool for spam.
Superpoke!- “If you get lucky, they might just do it back to you.” (17 pending invites)

What they say: “Use SuperPoke to… um… do stuff… to your friends.”

What I say: The poke feature on facebook is probably one of the most useless features in all of social networking, well next to the search your friends function on MySpace… or MySpace’s blog editor… If I don’t like the poke now, why do I want to add more poking features?

Zombies- (26 pending invites)

What they say: “brains… Brains… … BRAINS! brains…”

What I say: Well with that description why wouldn’t I want to install this application? Seriously that is all they had on the page. Is it me or have zombies become the new pirates and ninjas? Formerly cool things that have been destroyed by internet geekdom.

Vampires- (34 invites)

What they say: “Kind of like Zombies. Except that the Vampires are hot. VERY hot.”

What I say: Well I think the description on this one is a hell of a lot better. But I have to say that Anne Rice has totally ruined the entire Vampire thing for me.

WereWolves- (15 invites)

What they say: “So howl at the moon, baby!”

What I say: Really, did you need a third one? Come on. What is the deal with werewolves plug in giving me the least amount of invites? When did they become third rate creatures?

My Questions- (28 invites)

What they say- “Instantly find out what your friends think of… your new flame, your haircut, or where to go out this weekend. My Questions is a friend-polling application: ask your friends questions, answer theirs right on their profile pages, have fun!”

What I say- This is an application that I actually like, it is a smaller version of the whole question feature on LinkedIn. While this one can be used for fun it can actually have practical applications for users.

I added it.

Pay Per Post- (2 invites)

What they say- “The PayPerPost Facebook application will bring the PayPerPost experience inside of Facebook. View the latest Marketplace Opportunities, let your friends know what your writing about, and invite them to join you, all from the comfort Facebook.”

What I say- My opinion on Pay Per Post has been made pretty clear on my personal blog. I pretty much equate pay per post with a herpes invested hooker.

Fortune Cookie- (3 invites)

What they say: “Is he the one? Does she have a crush on you? Should you take that job? The Fortune Cookie knows and tells all. May all your fortunes come true. (Zero MSG.)”

What I say:


Snapvine- (2 invites)

What they say: “Exchange Voice Comments with your Facebook friends directly on your profile page. (It’s like a wall post, but better because you use your own voice.)”

What I say: If I wanted to leave voice messages for my friends wouldn’t I just call them? I don’t get the whole blog voice mail message box think.

Puzzlebee- (1 invite)

What they say: “Create your own jigsaw puzzles! Turn your photos into puzzles and share them with your friends. ”

What I say: I am a sucker for a good jigsaw puzzle but I don’t want to assemble a picture of you doing a keg stand, sorry.

There you have it my first round of reviews for these facebook applications. I only added one out of these ten and have only 140 more to go… Oh joy.

Would you add any of these applications?

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