Would You Still Write If You Had A Million Dollars?

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moneyHome Biz Notes has a poll called What Difference Would A Million Dollars Make To Your Home Business?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d stop writing if you handed me a million bucks. But that kind of money would create a spaciousness to work on more of my own projects, products, books etc. and focus less on working for clients.

What about you? What would you do about your writing if you suddenly had a million dollars?

Write well and often,
anne wayman
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  • http://getpaidtowriteonline.com Sharon Hurley Hall

    I’d keep writing, but would work more on my own projects.

  • http://www.douglaskarr.com Douglas Karr

    I would write much more if I had the financial freedom to.

  • http://write-from-home.blogspot.com/ Amy Derby

    Like you, I’d still write, but I’d focus on creative writing rather than freelancing.

  • http://www.freelancewrite.about.com allena tapia

    Exactly. I’d write MORE, but my own stuff.

  • http://www.writingwithvision.com Anne Wayman

    like minds?

    I’d also buy a home!

  • http://www.homebiznotes.com Mary Emma Allen

    I’d still write…that’s almost as important as breathing to me. However, I’d have the freedom to write what I want, get more involved with self-publishing, have the budget to actively and creatively promote my books and speaking. Have FUN with my writing. Not that I don’t have fun now, but some of the deadline pressures and the necessity to write for income would be removed. Also, I’d travel more and incorporate my writing into that.

  • http://www.homebiznotes.com Mary Emma Allen

    P.S. Thanks, Anne, for mentioning Home Biz Notes and for translating Yvonne’s poll into a question for writers.

  • http://www.workboxers.com/ Mark


    I’d have all new equipment, I’d be writing on a bigger monitor, that’s for sure… and I’d be writing from anywhere at any time too! Plus, I’d lose any kind of “clock” and I would certainly devote myself to it 100% by quitting my day job!

  • http://www.finandom.com/blog Harrison

    Yeah I will keep writing and this time my blog will be upgraded and talk about how I manage my million dollar and make more millions in future

  • http://www.writingwithvision.com Anne Wayman

    love it… I’d probably switch to mac… and yes, we’d need to learn how to really manage the million wouldn’t we.

    I’m delighted to find we’d all keep writing!

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  • http://cougarjump.wordpress.com chtanxw

    I would continue to blog with passion but with less bother about adsense, adword, text link …etc

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  • http://www.yahoo.com kancharapu jagadeesh

    I’d keep writing.I’d also buy a new computer

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  • http://makingofablogger.com MattT

    Yes, but, like others here, I’d switch to more interesting, but less potentially lucrative, personal projects.

  • http://www.writingwithvision.com Anne Wayman

    Seems like we’re all more or less in agreement

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  • http://www.psychotactics.com Sean D’Souza

    If you had a million dollars?
    Or if you got a million dollars dumped on the table?

    Because they’re different concepts.
    I already have well over a million dollars. But I still write.

    A million dollars is not a good thing. We’re all fine if the bills get paid. A million dollars shouldn’t change anything.


  • http://www.smallbusinessboomers.com Jean Murray

    Yes, I’d still write, although I probably would write fiction (the novel that’s rolling around in my head) than non-fiction.

  • http://www.thegoldenpencil.com/ Anne Wayman

    Jean, I keep saying I want to write a mystery novel, but I notice I never take any action on it… strongly suspect having plenty of money wouldn’t really change that… it might, but…

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