Jiri Tlusty Naked Photo Scandal

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    jiri tlustyIsthishappening.com, a Canadian gossip blog, received some naked pictures of Toronto Maple Leafs’ rookie Jiri Tlusty.  Naturally, he posted them, traffic poured in to his site and Jiri was, well, exposed.  Now everyone has heard about it and the backlash has got to be difficult for the newcomer.  Dumbly, he took the pictures of himself and sent them to some girl he met on Facebook. 

    The Toronto Sun is reporting that his lawyer, Jerome R. Morse, had the following to say:

    "Mr. Tlusty took these photographs of himself with his camera phone last year," Morse wrote in an letter, e-mailed to Zack Taylor of isthishappening.com. "As such, Mr. Tlusty is the owner of these photographs and any unauthorized publication of these photographs is a violation of his copy-right."

    Tlusty couldn’t be reached for comment yesterday morning but, in an earlier e-mail response to the website, he wrote: "I feel like s–t right now."

    "I used poor judgment in this instance last season and I have learned a valuable lesson," Tlusty said in a press release issued by the Leafs last night.

    "It will not happen again and I have no further comment."

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    Leafs GM John Ferguson added: "He made a naive mistake as a teenager. It’s a lesson in how something private can easily become very public in the Internet age."

    The photos have since been removed from the website after Morse threatened legal action, but they still appear online in other places. Other photos, including one of Tlusty sticking his tongue out close to a male friend, are still on the isthishappening.com website.

    According to a number of sources, Tlusty took numerous photos of himself, posted them on his Facebook website and actually e-mailed a full-frontal nude photo of himself to a woman he met online.


    All that happened before he joined the Leafs earlier this season but after he was the first-round draft pick of the team in 2006. The photos, circulated electronically among friends, wound up on the gossip website.

    Czech-born Tlusty is only 19 years old and improving in his ability to speak English. "A mistake was made and it has been dealt with," said Paul Dennis, the Maple Leafs player development coach, who refused to confirm any of the details surrounding Tlusty’s indiscretion.

    "Everyone in this case has responded in the appropriate fashion (since it happened). The important thing for people in these situations is seeing the silver lining here and growing from it."

    The Tlusty story is just the most recent example of youth tripping over technology and celebrity all at the same time. This has happened with people more famous, like Paris Hilton, and less famous, like the Saugeen stripper a few years back at the University of Western Ontario.

    Leafs’ coach Paul Maurice admitted yesterday he was made aware of the Tlusty situation recently and indicated the matter was being dealt with internally by the Toronto club.

    "(Jiri’s) handled it as well as anyone could handle it under the circumstances," said the coach. "It’s an excellent learning experience for a young man.

    "There has to be a new awareness (about new media). When you’re in the public eye, you have to guard how you behave. I hope this young man can put this behind him quickly. I hope he has already."

    Since posting the original photos, representatives of isthishappening.com have been interviewed by ETCanada and Much Music and website hits have grown from 50,000 daily, according to Zack Taylor, to more than 100,000.


    "I feel bad for the kid," said Taylor. "But he’s a professional athlete — this is what happens."

    Taylor called the reaction to the Tlusty photos "insane."

    Tlusty’s junior coach, Craig Hartsburg, wasn’t surprised to hear that a player had been exposed online, but admitted to be stunned that the player was Tlusty. "This is bizarre," said a shocked Hartsburg. "He’s a great kid, a great kid. I never had any issues with him.

    "Does it surprise me that something like this happened? No. Does it surprise me that it happened to him? Absolutely."

    Messages left for Bobby Orr and Rick Curran, Tlusty’s agents, were not returned.

    Tlusty, who was in the lineup last night when the Leafs played the Montreal Canadiens, became almost an overnight sensation earlier in the season when he scored the first goal of his NHL career off of his butt against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Yesterday, however, it was other body parts people were talking about.

    Poor kid.  I hope he can put this behind him…

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