Revolver Magazine’s Black X-mas

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revcover.jpgIf you’re a subscriber than I’m sure you already have this issue. The December Issue of Revolver magazine features Black Metal masterminds Dani Filth, Nergal and Shagrath. Some people are offended that Cradle and Behemoth are being called black metal. I’ve even heard Dimmu called symphonic black metal and behemoth called death metal or extreme metal. This just spines from people that have nothing better to do than shuffle stuff around and put things into it’s own little categorical genre like a bad case of OCD…at least they are not calling it rap or country so relax and enjoy it while it lasts. I find the make up and drama kinda corny but I’m starting to enjoy some of the tunes. And why does it look as if every member of a black metal band has a bad case of arthritis?

Image Source: Century Media

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  • FlantreX


  • truth

    all of these bands on here are not even considered black metal due to the fact they are fucking posers
    to the scene.
    1.behemoth was BM until they went all death metal
    2.dimmu borgir is a little girls band shaggrath uses voice tech to alter his tone
    3.cradle of filth HA! these guys were never black metal i would say that they are an emotional hardcore band with keyboards!

    they should all stick to there regular faces and stop using corpse to find a loop hole of being “black metal”!

  • Scott

    You know what’s funny is look at the top of the cover and see some of the other bands in this issue

  • ravaged land

    you know that, this guy here “TRUTH” is a fucking dumb shit… boy you know nothing but to suck on your moms tits… dont be like those narrow minded people on the television… suck cock…

    do you think that the magazine will post their pictures if they arent black metal??
    real asshole…

    and for your infos!!

    this is a mainstream magazine… so go make some eskimo pie or something… assholes…

  • ravaged land

    truth, you fagwhoreslut…

    do you think that the magazine will post their pics if they arent black metal?? better think of that…

  • Tate


  • nomra gothra

    i agree with u ravaged land some ppl dont know shit

  • Scott

    “do you think that the magazine will post their pics if they arent black metal??”

    Well it is supposed to be a metal magazine and they put bands like A7X and The mars Volta on the cover…so maybe the fagwhoresluts correct…or maybe not. Maybe these bands are too “Mainstream” to be called black metal by some folks. Seriously…who cares.

  • ravaged land

    people in the metal scene cares… hmmmmm…

    what if…

    you have a band, and labelled it as a black metal

    and some dumb assholes called you pussycore?

    what do you feel? shit, narrow minded people like truth shall put into the impalaroom…

  • nomr gothra

    well ravaged if i was in a band and it was labelled bac metal and some fucked up peace of shit didnt like it that their fucked up problem and they can go fuck off if they dont like it dont listen to it ppl now a dayz dont know what awsome music there is. so all u ppl that dont like black metal or death metal can kiss my gothic ass

  • †MissShagrath†

    I have this one!!! Just want to say that I have been reading all the post…And man ppl are so retarded. As long as them music is good, that’s what we want from the band. I love Dimmu and Cradle. Not so sure about Behemoth though but anyway. Ppl who aren’t satisfied…Just fuck off, that’s all!!!

  • lord samael

    truth is right….

    so all of u… investigate a little, and you’ll see that behemoth is really a blackened death metal band… but in their latest albums like demigod, or evangelion… it’s much more death metal than black metal… dimmu stills being symphonic black metal… but their latest album is a comercial piece of crap!!… and cradle has never being a black metal band, the are comercial crap gothic metal… from them i preffer their first albums…

    so everyone just read some more… and truth… rock on!!

  • gotha_thedark1

    i bought this mag. and was SOOOO dissapointed. I’m a metalhead and i was offended. and have been every issue. There was one that said ‘DEATHCORE IS THE NEW BLACK’ August 2008. Haven’t bought an issue since.

  • DeadN!ghT

    Ok, Dimmu Borgir is certainly black metal. For all you idiots who say that they aren’t, YOU should go do some research. Cradle of Filth used to be black metal, but their newer stuff has kind of strayed from that path. Behemoth, as Lord Samael said, is more of blackened death metal. But I also agree that worrying about all these stupid sub-categories of metal is pointless.

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