5 Ways to Thank Your Team

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As a manager, I’m sure you realize your team is the biggest contributor to your success. You realize that we power is more than me power, and that it’s the team that’s irreplaceable, and not you.

So how do you give them the thanks they deserve, without blowing the budget?

Thank You!WARNING: The meaning behind the gift is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the gift itself, and a meaningless gift can just as easily be a 7 day vacation as a thank you card. If you don’t put any meaning behind the gift, please don’t use any of these gifts on your team, and turn in your resignation today.

  • Get a $10 gift card to their favorite place to grab a cup of coffee or smoothy – Paying attention to where your associate’s enjoy relaxing and then giving them a gift card so they can enjoy it more is a very thoughtful gift, especially when given with a warm smile, eye contact, and a personal “thank you for all you do to make our team better.”
  • Send them home an hour early, or let them come in an hour late, or let them take an extra hour for lunch, and you cover their responsibilities including their phone, one day in the next 2 weeks – We’re nearing the Christmas season, and folks will want to beat the shoppers rush. Say thanks with an extra 60 minutes of shopping, or just sanity time. This is especially nice if folks are running low on time off.
  • Take someone to lunch with you today – You’ve got to eat, so why not eat with your team? Taking along someone from your team says you care enough to spend your personal time with someone who reports to you. Most superstars would agree that time with their manager is scarce, especially personal time, so share some of yours and don’t talk about work (unless your associate brings it up).
  • Hand write a thank you card with a specific reason for the thanks – Nothing says thanks like a hand written thank you card with a specific note of thanks from you, the boss. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just put your associate’s name at the top, say thanks and why you’re thankful, sign your name, and be done with it.

Last but best…

  • Have your boss hand write a thank you card with a specific reason for saying thanks. Same impact as above, only greater because it comes from YOUR boss. You may need to help your boss find something specific to say thanks about, but if you’re doing a good job of letting your boss know the good things in addition to the bad things your team does, this is one of the simplest, and most impactful, things you can do.

What about you? What cost effective tips do you have for giving thanks to your team? Do you agree that, if administered correctly, that these 5 tips can be effective or am I all wet?

[Phil Gerbyshak makes time to thank his team for their hard work every week.]

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  • http://www.davidsfinch.com David Finch

    Great tips Phil! I think one of the best cost effective ways you can thank your team is actually be concerned about them. Gifts are great, but when they come out of a true sign of appreciation the ROI is far better than doing thing canned or staged.

    Great post, and great blog!

  • http://makeitgreat.typepad.com Phil Gerbyshak

    David – You are absolutely right. Being concerned and caring is the key, and I tried to weave that in. Fortunately for those of us who do care, you can’t BUY care. You can learn it, but you must have it and share it to get more.

    Even on Black Friday, iCare is not for sale for use with your team.

  • http://crueltobekind.org Nicole Simon

    In Germany there is the tradition of advent calenders, to count down the time til christmas (no, that is not religious anymore since at least a century).

    Usually you do a nice one with little gifts for your childreen, but there is the default 99 euro cent chocolate calender. My boss would use to give out one to everybody on first of december and it has a little bit the feeling of christmas.

    It became a tradition just after one year and the whole department was looking forward to it. Simple thing, big effect. After all – who does not like chocolate? ;)

  • http://www.greatmanagement.org GreatManagement

    Saying ‘thank you’ is a really easy task. Saying ‘thank you’ in the right way is a little harder. Say it too many times and it looses its’ impact.

    A ‘thank you’ from your bosses’ boss is an instant hit and a huge boost for confidence and moral. I have used it many times and it is free!

    I have also used ‘duvet’ days. Give someone an extra day off and they can spend all day in bed if they wish.

    Bring in some cakes, sweets, buy the bacon sandwiches.

    Organise a ‘team building’ event. Doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Organise a ‘red letter’ day for an individual.

    One more thing I’d like to add: If you do thank a team, ensure you thank the whole team.

    A few years ago, I was managing a team, which completed a mixture of ‘business as usual (bau)’ activities and ‘change’ activities. We had a major change project, which had to be completed, and we move individuals from the bau pool to the ‘change’ pool to meet the deadlines. They did and we thanked them for it via some special vouchers. What I didn’t appreciate, was the bau team had been robbed of staff members and the remaining team had to work extra hard to keep all the issues to a minimum. They were not including in the ‘voucher’ thank you. That didn’t go down well.


  • http://makeitgreat.typepad.com Phil Gerbyshak

    Wow Andrew, you shared some great stuff here. Thank you VERY much!

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