What’s the worst phone you’ve ever used?

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    Lately, community blog comments over here have been leaning towards the rants. Truth be told, the influx of crap phones are much faster than the influx of pretty good ones. If you were to compile a list as a public service to other phone buyers on the crappiest phones in the market, what would these phones be?

    jumping off

    Here’s what you can do:

    List the phone models down in the comments section. You can list as many phones as you want, but more importantly include a short line on why these phones were crappy. Be it the hardware, software or after sales support, list it all down.

    I’ll update the blog post into some sort of poll after a few days so keep the lists coming! :)

    As for my crap phone experiences? Well, let me save my list for later on. Heh.

    1. The Smart PDA says the Nokia 6708 was the worst phone he used

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      • http://acurrie.wordpress.com AC

        Ok, I’ll bite…

        Motorola A835 — I rented this phone the last time I was in Japan and it was HUGE compared to the local handsets of the day — January, 2006, if memory serves me correctly.

        A couple of times I caught kids on the train snickering at me when they saw me texting on it…

      • http://lightchasersphotography.com/ Luis Cruz

        My worst experience with a phone was with the O2 XDA IIS.

        My batteries wouldn’t even last a day, the touch screen was perpetually mis-aligned, and the signal on it was horrible.

        Needless to say, I didn’t keep it for very long.

      • http://www.myspace.com/josh_cranston Joshua

        the worst phone was the tracfone because you can not download text web browsing or get new ringtones or wallpapers and the signal sucks too and my battery was charged and it went down in one hour

      • Stacy

        I have a MOTOROKR. It was cool looking when I got it,lol, but it only took half a year to fall apart… it’s a slide phone so it has a bar on the front so you can push it open easily, well that fell off….I’m a hardcore texter so the buttons are fading and the selecter dial has fallen off completely..also one of it’s major part was the mp3 player…well that hasn’t worked since I bought the phone…..I really don’t think I’m that tough on my phone, it shouldn’t fall to peices in a few months..

      • http://alanhaggai.org/ Alan Haggai Alavi

        I affirm that, it is the Nokia 6708, which is the worst phone I have ever used. The battery runs out soon. The interface does not look good. Software is very buggy. The camera does not have any idea about intensities. Everything needs to be handled with the stylus.

      • Bob

        The Nokia N96 ! I went through 2 of them in a week, my 2 cups and a long string works better (and faster) then that thing !

      • Jayvee

        what happened to your N96 Bob?

      • http://www.sgflnfifenf.co.ug Mimitchi007

        Motorola V220 (I think).

        Dull screen compared to my LG Chocolate (which I love), ugly, rubbish camera, slow, rubbish predictive text, no bluetooth for it’s price (60 quid), Rubbish games, stupid ringtones, no video and a very forgettable name.

        Very dissapppointed with Motorola.

        You’ll imagine I was pleased when I got my lovely Chocolate in February. Much more stylish and tough.

      • http://wow.com Wow

        wow great way to put a fucking advertisement that navigates AWAY from the page…

      • RCM

        LG CHOCOLATE IS GARBAGE! Lasted two months. The best part was when I finally got sick enough of it to twist it apart into several dozen pieces. I cut myself but was very pleased with the results. It wouldn’t browse, download and finally the last straw…it wouldn’t dial. May its designer burn in hell!

      • Amber

        The worst phone I’ve ever used in the Seimens MC60. I had it about three years ago. Though it was my first phone it was very bad. I’m getting a LG Renoir for my birthday

      • chris

        the MOTOKRZR K1m is TERRIBLE i had it for about half a year and the whole thing was torn up. the camera is terrible. the battery lasts for about a day and in about half a year (if you still have the phone) the battery only lasts for about 2 and a half hours. It freezes all the time too. And i dropped it on grass and the WHOLE SCREEN WAS CRACKED. its a TERRIBLE phone. Lucky it doesnt sell anymore

      • http://www.everyjoe.com love ya!

        dayumm u plp had sum bad expericences wit phone my self i have the badesssst phone in dha world holy shttt how i hate the phone it was dha go phone 4 at&t i mean i no it has no camera butt dayum it waz ugly weird not “cool” i have the empression right now nd its like……… THE BEST PHONE IN THE WORLDDDDD!

      • http://www.everyjoe.com love ya!

        dayumm u plp had sum bad expericences wit phoneS my self i have the badesssst phone in dha world holy shttt how i hate the phone it was dha go phone 4 at&t i mean i no it has no camera butt dayumMMM it waz ugly ND weird not “cool” i have the empression right now nd its like……… THE BEST PHONE IN THE WORLDDDDD!

      • kool

        Nokia 1100 NEVER BUY IT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lee Walkerdine

        fuck me… thats right

      • Jeff frogger

        Net 10 the manual says that you can transfer songs from the computer but the stupid tech people have no idea what they are doing.

      • Jeff frogger

        Net 10 is a complete joke. The phone does not do what it’s supose. I called 5 times with tech & they have no idea what their doing.

      • Tim

        Palm Pre has to be the worst phone ever made. Phone has awesome out of the box capabilities but once you actually use it its all down hill. I’ve had six Pre’s two with cracked screens and 4 with blown speakers. Wish Sprint had a lemon law and I could just switch phones.

      • Katie jenkins

        Samsung glyde…. WORST PHONE EVER I finally get to switch to a blackberry world today best day of my life!!! It bugs glitches turns off drops calls worst phone ever

      • p

        Samsung “Flighty”….RARGHH!!!! SUCKS!!!!!

      • p

        I know it”s gonna cost me, but I just hit it with a hammer, and I’m about to burn the remains!

      • yoyocoolboy

        1.nokia n-gage:every time i wanted to change the game,i had to remove the battery
        2.nokia 3220.totally useless
        3.i phone.i dropped it and the touchscreen stopped responding.i was expecting something better at 550bucks.

      • Samuel

        Worst Phone ever? Nokia 2600 Classic.

      • mikey mendoza

        Worst phone I’ve had is the sidekick lx 2008, why: the speaker blew out 2 days after I got it, ringtones blow, 5 second ringtones cost 2.50 $ on the sidekick store, camera was complete shit, a data plan was needed to use the Im which comes included in the messaging plan, makes no sense, camera had no zoom, wait it did, but in order to use it an add on that was 5 bucks was needed, 40 second video recording, 5 dollars got you 20 extra seconds of video, no custom back grounds, no ability to download things online, keyboard lasted 3 months considering its meant to be used nonstop, lemme not get into battery…. first day out the box, 2 days with nonstop use, a month after, 5 hours on standby, phone erased everything whenever it wanted to, if the battery was pulled out, phone wiped; if you were lucky enough ( I was ) by the time the battery died it was supposed to save all the data, well, lucky people got their shit erased, in order to get an alert immediately after a text was received, a data plan was needed, well, just when I got another phone, I smashed the sidekick against the floor multiple times angrily ( very ) and this shit would work fine. Oh I forgot, unable to install 3rd party programs. Phone blows. Best phones I’ve had are a Motorola z4 and a blackberry world edition (with the old firmware) oh and the current so far, EVO 4g

      • Cason

        Sidekick LX 2009.the most troublesome and unreliable phone,randomly shuts down and phonebook,calender events,notes are all wiped.Also,ringtones are to be bought through the phone data service,themes,wallpaper,and guess what?doesnt come with any calculator or dictionary.pathetic phone i`ve ever encounter.

      • chris

        i like the lg chocolate my sister has it and i used it for about a day and i thought it functioned very well

      • Lee Walkerdine

        i dissagree

      • Lee Walkerdine

        I LOVE YOU! But not as much as the MIGHTY MOTOROLA RAZOR!

        I just came…

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