Pimping Bookmarks: Money Management for the Corporate Slave

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Managing your salary properly and creating a stable income for yourself is an important aspect of cubicle life. For this edition of Pimping Bookmarks, we’re featuring some top websites and blog posts that will help the office worker manage their money better.

Want to see a “Pimping Bookmarks” special on Pimp Your Work? (Such as Dealing with the Boss, Workplace Politics, etc.) Let us know in the comments!

Money budgeting tips

Why a budget should be based on real life

Ways to cut your shopping budget

How to create a frugal budget

Paycheck matters

How I escaped living paycheck to paycheck

How to choose between passion and pay

How to ask for a raise

Goal setting, growing rich, and general money talk

Setting and achieving financial goals

What can I do today to make me rich in the future

How you can become wealthy

pinoy money talk


How I would invest if I were a beginner

A visual history of the stock market from 1996-2007


Fixing financial problems

31 Days to fix your finances – a wrap up of a series

10 small ways to make a big dent in debt

Add more tools to your arsenal to help solve your financial problems

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