Bullet For My Valentine Guitar Give Away!

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    Bullet For My Valentine, Total Assault and MetalMartyr.com are proud to bring you a guitar give away contest to celebrate Bullet For My Valentine’s new record release. The new record “Scream, Aim, Fire” will be out January 29th and they will start touring the UK and the U.S. in late January. Click the link below to enter the contest. The contest ends on the 29th.Bullet For My Valentine ESP Guitar Give Away

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      • Raz

        Just a thought– I really love how you guys host the Bullet For My Valentine contest, especially the kick where you get to choose your country out of over 200… just to say that you cant enter if you’re not a US citizen :)

        awesome site keep up the greeat work.

      • http://metalmartyr.com Scott

        Sorry raz, I have no control over that. I’m just a host. It’s the promoter that does that. If you check out other sites that are also hosting this contest you’ll notice its the same promoter, they just slap a different host name into the contest.

        And yes, thats a pretty stupid thing to do. I had no idea it was like that.

      • KevinC

        Pretty cool that you got to host a BFMV guitar giveaway contest. Not a big fan of the look of that guitar though, but that’s just me.


      • connor

        WTF ever since bullet for my valentine moved to america iv been looking for compititions about them and now it “you have to be in the usa to use this page” i mean every 1 i have looked for thats bollocks bullet for my valentine need to move back to britain!

      • Morgan

        What guitar is it?

      • http://www.metalmartyr.com Scott

        This is an old post and give away and my apologies if you stumbled upon it. I think it was an ESP though.

      • http://www.metalmartyr.com Tinetria

        bullet for my valentine rocks! XD

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