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Know a deserving UK green biz? You can nominate any business for The UK’s Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards. The paper is seeking entries for the inaugural Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards – “a project designed to encourage, acknowledge and publicise businesses and other organisations, which are striving to improve their environmental performance.”

You can nominate any business, you don’t even have to work for them, from now until February 29, 2008. The winners of five competitions within the contest will be announced in May. The award categories are divided by size and environmental impact as follows:

  • Large companies of more than 5,000 employees and mid-sized companies of 250-4,999 employees, operating in high environmental impact sectors
  • Large and mid-sized companies operating in medium impact sectors
  • Large and mid-sized companies operating in low impact sectors
  • Small companies of between 50-249 employees, operating in high and medium environmental impact sectors
  • Small companies operating in low impact sectors

It is an opportunity to get the good business deeds of your company or your favorite company out in the spotlight with an excellent accolade. The winners will be profiled in a special section of The Sunday Times next spring and get a special logo for branding on publicity and advertising.

The awards will be decided by The Sunday Times, environmental consultancy Bureau Veritas and data analysts Munro Global in relation to two survey sections:

The company survey (worth 70% of the overall score)

The first section collects information from organisations on their approach to environmental management and measures performance on key indicators. This includes standard core areas such as energy use and recycling, but also allows organisations to describe their environmental objectives and efforts to increase awareness of green issues in the workplace.

The employee survey (worth 30% of the overall score)

The unique bit. This second section will be answered by employees (40% of your workforce up to a maximum of 1,000 employees) and seeks to understand the extent to which management strategies are embedded in, understood and acted on, throughout the organisation. Employees are asked to rate from strongly agree to strongly disagree their responses to a series of more than 50 statements to do with their company’s approach to the environment.

The impact categories are in line with those contained within the FTSE4Good criteria – designed to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards.

Enter at www.bestgreencompanies.co.uk

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