Pure Weight Loss to Close All 400 Locations

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(FranchisePick.ComVisit Pure Weight Loss / LA Weight Loss Complaint site  DEAR VAHAN.

Source: Philadelphia Daily News

…Pure Weight Loss, Inc, formerly LA Weight Loss, announced on Wednesday that it would close all of its more than 400 locations nationwide effective Jan. 4.

A statement released by the company on Wednesday said, “Fierce competition from the internet, the introduction of Alli, the over-the-counter weight loss pill, and other commercial diet programs, combined with a difficult economic environment, have forced us to take this action.”

A spokesperson for Pure Weight Loss did not know if the Horsham-based company was filing for bankruptcy…

* * * * *

The diet pill, Alli, endorsed and sold by Pure Weight Loss, has been the target of criticism since the Food and Drug Administration approved it as an over-the-counter version of the prescription weight loss pill orlistat in February. Alli went on sale in July.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of the Public Citizen’s health research group, has spoken out against the drug, both in its prescription and over the counter forms and has testified to the FDA about its harmful effects.

Wolfe said the drug can cause pre-cancerous lesions of the colon and said, like many diet drugs, after an inital spike, sales probably went down.

Pure Weight Loss is currently involved in a class action lawsuit in Tennesse over false claims about its weight loss program and costs. In 2002, the company agreed to pay the State of New York $100,000 plus $10,000 in legal costs in a settlement over falsely advertising the cost of its program.



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  • Emma Karr

    We are being scammed! Pure Weight Loss went off the Internet and is not responding to customer concerns. Thousands of people are being told to pick up preordered products at the stores but the deliveries to the stores by the company are not being made. Hours have been cut back to a fraction. This company has damaged many individuals and i hope a class action lawsuit takes place.

  • m

    I joined back in November, and thankfully, I did not get scammed in purchasing all the products. But, I am upset because these people in Levittown, NY were not only nasty people from the beginning. They owe me two boxes of bars. I was to be finished on January 15, so thankfully, I was spared. This poor woman purchased 6 months worth of products and has lost a lot of $$$. I only have 10 pounds and I am a current WW member and the woman told me the reason I was not loosing because I work out too, much and I wanted the magic bullet. You know they all can go scratch. They deserve that the company went out of business. I feel sorry for the poor souls that invested all this money. I called the company and complained.


  • Beth Hughes

    I have been a client for over 1 year and have had TREMENDOUS success on the plan. However, I am now owed 38 BOXES of bars and 5 weeks of weight loss, 6 weeks of stabilization, and 52 weeks of maintenance, with absolutely no guarantee that I will ever see a dime. I am absolutely devastated to lose this program. Despite everything that has happened, I had counselors who genuinely cared about their clients. I would appreciate any advice anyone out there may have.

  • mar

    I too have boxes of lites owed and have been told that they are on order and to check back with the center when they are open. I went this evening and the center staff was actually taking written orders for lites from clients. I think this is so that clients remain civil when they are in the center. As disappointed as I am for my personal losses I am more disappointed for the staff of the center, some of which have worked there for years only to find out a couple of weeks before Christmas that they are out of jobs. Any lawyers out there reading these posts?

  • Sue

    I, too, have had some real success on this program, but am angry at the way this closing has been handled. I know that my counselors were still being encouraged to sell contracts up until the day THEY learned of the closings (and their own lay-offs) — and at that point the contract was non-refundable. They took thousands of dollars from people who would return the next week to find the centers were closing. OUTRAGEOUS!
    I’m ready for the class action suit if I am not refunded the money I paid for the program!

  • http://yahoo Bill

    I have been a client for three years. Lost 85 pounds and the staff is tremendous. They owe me 30 boxes of bars and do not answer the phone. I thind the cneters are sincere but corporate is being hardassed and will not pay out

  • mommyjoe

    I have been a customer since April and have had GREAT SUCCESS on this program. The diet is a well balanced eating plan that is doable for life. I’ve lost over 45 pounds and am well on my way to goal. I can’t afford to lose the money I’ve pre-paid, but it’s much worse to lose the program and the support I’ve been promised. I want this to work for me and I want what I’ve paid for. What can we do to make this work out?

  • her

    hello everyone that was involed in la /pure weight loss program same here i have about 17 months left i the plan and also 52 weeks of maintenance left plus stabilization left .plus 21 box of lites . i am out of a lot of money i did loss weight but would like some kind of refund or a class action sute .please any lawyer out there reading this maybe you could look into this you wouls have a lot of people out there insterest .we were told to come in and get the lites but .i think this is just take because they have none and the fedex truck is not delivery any more .also i just keaped paying out of my pocket money to stay with the program they said or i would not loss the weight .and i had to buy the lites also .one big scam .

  • Debi

    I also like so many joined LA in April after 30 years of trying to find a diet that worked I finally found one I have lost 50 lbs and the staff was absolutely terrific. I also am owed 40 boxes of lites. And a week before I was told that the store was closing I took out the extended program to carry me through to the end of my maintance that was money I didn’t have to spend since my husband was just laid off from his job. But I wanted to keep giving myself the insentive to keep losing the weight. I just hope that I can still get my lites or at least some of them but so far the center has not recieved any shipments in and it is a first come first serve. Any body want to file a class action count me in


  • Beth Hughes

    Any lawyers out there that can give advice on what to do? Not getting any satisfactory answers from the company. Please contact me if anyone is setting up a class action suit. With the weeks and lites owed they owe me well over $1000.00

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

  • http://www.myspace.com/bblondebrownie Eva

    I am a former employee of Pure Weight Loss. I honestly want to cry because the way the company went down. I was hired nearly 2 months ago to work for a company that I figured was reputable. On a Wednesday when all the other centers were told that they would be closing nationwide, Vaughn on a conference call assured Michigan that we would be staying open. I came into work on Friday to find out that Saturday would be my last day. I had just signed up someone for the program on Monday!! I lost nearly 12 pounds in 1 1/2 months and knew the program worked. It is so upsetting for clients that just signed up and clients who have invested in the program. Please email me if you have any questions and would like to continue on the program I would like to help anyone that I can honestly I know this program works and it is so sad that the program is now at an end. I am just super upset especially being before Christmas now not only am I jobless before Christmas but it’s going to be nearly impossible to find a job (especially considering the fact I livec in Michigan and the economy is horrible here!!!). Anyways, if you started the program I definatly would encourage you to finish it it works and there are items you can use in replacement of the bars, along with the program without the bars you just need to be on the correct program. Anyways like I said email me if you have any questions I’d like to be of any assistance to anyone I can be. . . .

  • Weight Loss

    About the closing of Pure weight loss centers, it’s true that Jenny Craig is providing their program – without any service fee – for the length of time left on all Pure and L.A. Weight Loss contracts. That means you only pay for the food on their program for the time you have remaining on your current contract. You can confirm that by calling 1.800.JENNY20

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  • Beth Hughes

    Reply to Eva – please send me your email so that I can get guidance as to how to continue without the bars – I am owed 38 boxes and cannot get even 1 box!!!

    To others – I have sent a complaint to the Attorney General’s office in my state. I suggest all of you do the same.

  • Leslie

    I was devastated to hear of the closing. I have been on the program since October 10 and I have lost 15 lbs. and I was very happy. I paid for the program in full and I am owed 30 boxes of LA lites. I am very interested in a class action lawsuit if Pure Weight Loss doesn’t do something about the money due to people.

  • MelindaWarren

    I love this program and had GREAT SUCCESS ! It worked so well for me! I have all the bars that I was owed and all the info for when I lose all the weight. I am so UPSET because they are closing. I have tried WW and was told that I should leave because I asked them too many questions they couldn’t answer. I lasted 4 days in Jenny Craig, I HATED the food. I am going to miss PWL so much. The people at my center were great! I was able to get all 48 boxes of lites that I was owed. The girl from PWL gave me her phone # to help me when I reach my goal in 9 months. This program worked so well for me that I would do it again if they came back. I feel so awful for all the people who didn’t get their stuff. It is a sad day for us all!

  • Patti

    I was very upset today when I arrived at Pure Weight Loss and found out that they are going out of business. On November 30, I paid 163.95 for additional weeks and lites. I’m sure the company knew they were closing when they proposed these special deals to us. I was given a refund application and advised to complete the form and send it certified to Pure Weight Loss in Horsham, PA. However, the refund is no where near to what I paid on November 30….just several weeks ago. Fortunately, I paid the 163.95 with my credit card and have not received the bill yet. I contacted my credit card company tonight and am disputing the 163.95.

  • Tori

    I have been a customer since OCT 3 2006. I’v lost 60 pounds and my whole way of thinking about food has changed. It was such a wonderful program. I only paid a month ahead of time for bars when I could afford it so I am owed only maintenance etc… but I feel soooo bad for all the employees who basically were not given any notice. If you had a councelor like I did who gave soo much time to talk with and councel me then it’s a sad thing. Even with all the internet competition, it didn’t have to happen so soon. Right this instant. The company coud have given everyone 1 or even 2 months notice. We depend on the counceling and weigh ins. The employees depend on their paychecks. How selfish and and rotten for such a company I believed in. I just feel like a fool. Please write if you went to the West Hartford, CT center.

  • nicole

    my sister-in-law and i joined the lawl program in april of this year. we have done awesome together we lost 195 lbs. we were at work when the counselors called us to inform us they were closing. it was devastating. it felt like a part of me died. i have be over weight my whole life and i finally got the willpower and support and a program that worked. it’s not even the money its the fact that for 8 months we have gone to the center 3 times a week and became real friends of the employees and depended ont he program. i have 14 more weeks of weightloss & stablization & maintenance they gave me all my info on how to do it but its not the same. this is a bunch of crap that these people are getting away with this. taking advantage of us. i for one will continue to loss weight and maintain it despite what they are doing…..the program does work. that crap about all the competition is all a bunch of lies……….they deserve a massive lawsuit…………………..

  • Bren

    CareCredit is the credit card company that clients like us were using to buy the lites up front. Call them at: 1-866-893-7864 and ask for a dispute letter. It takes 7 – 10 days to arrive, just fill out and send any information supporting your case. They will start the dispute after receiving it, but you have to wait 90 days to see if Pure Weight Loss disputes it. If you don’t then you are off the hook. Hope this information helped.

  • MelindaWarren

    When I was talking to my counselor she said that she is sending all our information to headquaters. My hope is that they will start the program again under a different name. I am so sad this program worked so well. It was the first one I would have done for the rest of my life!

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  • bellissima

    I am a former employee from LA/Pure. I was an employee for almost 2 years. None of us knew that the company was closing up until that Wednesday afternoon. We knew things were bad but not that bad. Please do not blame your counselors during the remaining time centers are open, it is not our fault and may i remind the people that feel they need to yell that ya you might be out of money but we’re all out of jobs. On that note, if you are owed a lot of money, there is a refund slip you can fill out and mail to a certain address asking for what you want refunded and how much. Refunds arn’t guarrented so if you ladies have yet to do so, get your butts in the center and request that paper, they are going to be bombarded with refund applications which Im sure they already received. I advised each of my clients to mail it that day. As far as your program is concerned, no need to give up. continue to do what you’ve been doing. try to make it into your center sometime this week, and just ask for a no lite plan to help you continue your weight loss. also ask for extra kits and diaries and the drop sequence as well. They will be more than happy to supply you with them.

  • uhoo

    I am very angry about the closing of PWL. I found out by chance when I stopped in for my visit, as I had promised my counselor I would do. I wondered what was going on my visit the week prior though, everyone was in coats and I was told the heat was not working. This is in Chicago in December and no heat or lights!!!! Come on! If only I had put all the pieces together – a name change, no new sign on the building, posters with PWL stickers over the LAWL logo. no updated materials, still giving out LAWL bars – …lots of signs that this was coming! And, just Like everyone else, I am owed lots of bars and that equates to lots of money. When I started in August 07, they were having a fabulous sale, where the bars were the lowest price they have ever been (or will ever be), as was touted by all of the couselors at the center/ I bought into it becuase i could save so much $$$$$$! Now with the news of the closing, thank goodness I didn’t fall for the “great sale price” a second time when they tried to get me prepay for all the bars I needed to get me through maintanence (when that time comes). My couselor wanted to sell me 20 more boxes at the “special price”. Since I don’t have room to store the bars nor want stale bars…they are letting me pick up my bars as I need them…now I wonder if I’ll ever get them? I am wondering the best way to get my money back. Any ideas? My center is open two days and it’s the holidays and I am traveling and will not be around the two days they are open! I will never ever try one of these programs again. I’m in if there is a class action suit.


  • MelindaWarren

    I was one of the lucky ones that got all the lites I paid for…48 boxes! I waited 1hr and 45mins for the FedEx truck to come. My counselor said alone as you keep them in a cool place they will last 9 months. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her that I was going to get a small freezer for them. So I guess they will be fine. LOL! I will still freeze some just to make sure. I am more upset about the lost of this program than anything. No one here in Buffalo knew the centers were closing like they did in some other states and they change the name on everything too! I didn’t know you could do the program with out the lites! Thanks for the info I will ask to see if they still have that information. My center will only be open weds for this week, after that who knows! My counselor also said to take the lite and not get the refund because what she is hearing is PWL is going to announce they are going out of business on Jan 4th and claim bankruptcy on Jan 5. They have already stop paying for the employee’s health insurance!


  • Kris

    Like everyone else here, I have had wonderful success with this program. I have reached my original goal and have decided to go a little bit further. However, I too am owed 36 boxes of bars and I don’t think that I could do it without my bars. Eva had said that there are items you can use in replacement of the bars, does anyone have any idea what these are? Please email me and let me know. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  • Sue

    Kris– I’ve been told that Luna bars can be used (but I don’t think they taste as good). Zone bars are the second choice after that. Good luck!

  • Kat

    I am at the end of my maintenance, I am lucky enough to have been a great success from this program as well. I am however, owed one box (which i will pick up on friday-hopefully) and my 1/2 of the down payment should have come in by now, but i have yet to receive it. i called my center today and they told me that they are hoping to even receive their pay checks on friday! Obviously, I want what is owed to me “IN CONTRACT”, but I feel extremely bad for everyone who JUST signed and purchased bars, and for the staff memebers who I have become friends with. I dont know how this happened, and feel like we are all owed what we rightfully deserve! I hope that something is done about this. Good luck to everyone!

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  • MelindaWarren

    Hey Kris – I was told the Luna bars can be your replacement bars for the Lites. I have had them before and they don’t taste anything like the lites they taste like vitamin bars! My counselor said that was the only one that she knew of that would work.

  • bellissima

    I’m a former employee of pure, and I hate to dissapoint everyone, but there are no bars on the market that can replace lites. I think you all will be taking a huge risk eating 2 snack bars a day. If i were you, like I’ve been saying, go into your center and ask for a no lite plan. I have read comments like, “i can’t do it without the bars” listen, did you honestly expect to eat those bars for the rest of you life? the time has come to do it on your own, the healthy way, go get the no lite plan, that way you’re not endagering your health or hitting a plateu in your weight loss.

  • Bianca

    I have had quite a bit of success with this program, but like many others, I am owe 47 boxes of lites which I recently purchased through Care Credit. I spoke with a rep on 12/24 to find out what to do if I do not receive my product. He said that I would be able to dispute the charge if the product is not delivered and has already sent me a form to fill out. They will try to rectify the situation. Hopefully it works out.

  • Beth Hughes

    My center will NOT give me any info re: a “no lite plan” – does anyone out there have that information? I would be very interested in obtaining it. My center is NOT being helpful. My regular counselors are gone and the one that is there is not wanting to give anyone any info at all. Please let me know if anyone has the no lite plan. I really need it.

  • bellissima

    depends on how tall you are, and what you’re weight currently is, also factors like exercise and your physical health take place. if you want you can email me with the info, and I can tell you what plan you should be on, i’ll tell you the servings, use your orignal kit as a food guide list, but ill give you the modifications to your serving sizes so you can do the plan w/out the lites.

  • Kris

    bellissima, I am interested in receiving information on the no lite plan. Is there a way to email you directly? I will try tomorrow when my center is open to get information from them, but some additional information would be great. I would really like to be able to do this on my own without the lites. Thank you,

  • MelindaWarren

    I TOO NEED THE INFO!! On the no lites program. Is there a way that we can get in touch with you and I can send you the info?? Thanks for your help!

  • Philip E. Hamilton, Esq


    My name is Philip Hamilton. I am a practicing attorney in Michigan. I was recently contacted by an employee at my firm who was a member of LA/Pure Weight Loss and who informed me of this situation. Certainly, everyone’s specific situation is unique but there may be violations of consumer protection laws, breaches of contract and fraud involved, among other legal issues. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you want to discuss further. [Email withheld until verified]

  • Beth Hughes

    Re: the care credit issue – I have had to enroll in a debt management plan with consumer credit counseling service for all of my credit cards including care credit. Do you think they will send me a dispute form even though I am behind in payments? They were the intial way I paid for the program and bars.

    To the attorney: I would definately like to discuss further with you. [email address withheld]

  • Silke V.

    I also bought Lites via Care credit and after I found out that the stores are closing I called them and they were already aware and will send me a dispute form to fill out. I also received paperwork from my center to fill out in order to get a refund, however I have doubt I will get my refund from PWL. If someone has an idea what to do in order to get the money back, please let me know!

  • Debi

    To Eva I sure would love your help but How do I get in touch with you

  • Kim

    Contact your states attorney general’s office. I did and they are already contacting PWL, everyone should join in on this plight.

  • Eva

    Hey this is Eva writing again. If any of you would like any help feel free to email me at [Email address withheld until verified]. I don’t know how many emails I will be getting so be patient but I will try to help everyone and be as concise as I can about everything. I have looked around and found some items that the lites can be replaced with it’s all about looking at the nutritional content on the LA Lite Bars and comparing them to those in the store if you need the bars. Just don’t switch between a no lite program and a lite program stay steady because if you do a lot of switching you won’t lose weight. Any questions regarding the program email me. Please give me details though on your height, weight, goal weight, program your on and what your specific question is. Would love to help anyone I can, since god knows I miss my Pure Weight Loss :(

    [Editors note: if you want to include your email address or other personal contact information in a comment, please email me at info[at]ideafarm.net from the email address you want to post. This way I can ensure no one is posting another’s email. Also, when posting your email publicly, I’d suggest replacing the “@” sign with “[at]” or “-at sign -” to hopefully foil the evil spammers’ email address collection software.]


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  • Debi

    Happy New Year Everyone We can continue to keep losing the weight that we all have worked so hard to achieve. I for one am not going to let what LAW did to me, defeat me. I will continue to get the rest of my weight off. I just hope they make good on all the money that they owe to everyone and all the really terrific counslers are able to find new employment.

  • Employee

    Yes, I was proud to be able to help people. that is my nature and I prayed for this type of job. I have been here at LAWL for a year.
    Their are two branches of LAWL. One is the group of centers that are franchised out and the other is run by corporate. My center was a franchise center. My owner sold back to corporate. We heard that all of the non franchised centers would become Pure so the two would not be confused.
    Today we got a call from an unknown person asking us if we knew about Pure closing.
    We did not.
    The way things are going with the franchised and franchiseable centers is disasterous.
    Employees do not know who to contact within the stucture. Are being kept in the dark and new hires arriving daily.
    I don’t know if I will go in to my center and have a job. I truely hope the Lawl Franchise branches will remain and become strong and the management need to change all the way round

  • Leon

    I have read comments from people talking about money they have spent at Pure and LA Weight Loss Centers. I am curious to find out how franchisees are being affected. Some of these people may have their life savings invested in a franchise. Are they all closing down and walking away with nothing? Is the entire network closing down or is there a contingency plan?

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Leon said: …I am curious to find out how franchisees are being affected. Some of these people may have their life savings invested in a franchise. Are they all closing down and walking away with nothing? Is the entire network closing down or is there a contingency plan?

    Leon: The chain operated under the name LA Weight Loss until the company split into separate entities, one franchised and one not. The non-franchised entity changed to the Pure Weight Loss name this past August, then announced in December that it was closing Jan. 4th. The franchises are under another company with a different owner, and still operate as LA Weight Loss. The article on Philly.Com explains this confusing relationship.

    It has not been reported how LA Weight Loss franchisees are doing, or whether they’ve been negatively affected.

  • raquel del valle

    i am also a pwl client and also lost lots of $
    i am very dissapointed because i really loved that
    program what is more upseting is the lites that were owe to me.if anyone knows anything else of
    what i could do please let me know.i will also make a complaint with the attorneys general office.


  • Employee

    Leon said: …I am curious to find out how franchisees are being affected. Some of these people may have their life savings invested in a franchise. Are they all closing down and walking away with nothing? Is the entire network closing down or is there a contingency plan?

    Leon: The chain operated under the name LA Weight Loss until the company split into separate entities, one franchised and one not. The non-franchised entity changed to the Pure Weight Loss name this past August, then announced in December that it was closing Jan. 4th. The franchises are under another company with a different owner, and still operate as LA Weight Loss. The article on Philly.Com explains this confusing relationship.

    It has not been reported how LA Weight Loss franchisees are doing, or whether they’ve been negatively affected.

    AS an employee of a franchised group of centers which recently sold back to corporate I must say that OUR corporate side is run willy nilly and secretively. Employees are leaving left and right. We are told anything. We are pushed to focus on dollars and numbers and have little time to do what we need to do…service our clients…out regional manager is on a power trip…we track the same numbers multiple times on Paper even though our computer keeps these numbers. We have not corporate names or numbers to call. Our promotions overlap, are not thought out, pure chaos.
    ONe of two things could happen I believe. After the Pure BK our centers will have more ads etc. OR we will be next.
    I do know that several franchisers who were loosing gave up their centers and employees showed up to padlocks on the doors.
    This happened to several in Vegas, Monterrey and other west coast franchises.

  • Bren

    If you paid through CareCredit, call them at 1-866-893-7864 and request a dispute letter. If you paid on your credit or debit, put a dispute in with them and tell them what happened, I got my money back for my enrollment as I paid with my debit, unfortunately I have to dispute with CareCredit, which will take awhile, but it is in my favor and they have received many requests. It takes up to 90 days to dispute.

    Good Luck

  • Lindsay

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Jenny Craig is offering Pure Weight Lose clients the opportunity to join JC withough a program fee, for the remainder of their PWL contract.


    PWl is on some bullshit. They knew exactly what they were doing. I will not stop until I get my GOT DAM MONEY.

  • trishana

    Help they owe me 7 boxes of bars and lots of weeks still.
    I’m interested in joining the class action law suit

  • Marshall D. Foxworthy

    Eva, this is in response to what you posted previously. I feel for what you are doing. I have been helping people lose weight with a different program for a year now. I was not interested in and frankly disgusted with the overwhelming number of programs out there that made you feel like a number. I didn’t care anymore till my doctor gave me a wake up call by reminding me that my time here was growing short because of my weight. He recommended a program that was clinically and time tested. Needless to say I found this comforting and compelling. I made a commitment to do the program with his guidance thinking that this might be my last chance. I started at 316 pounds on high blood pressure and cholesterol medication and I had to use a cane sometimes to walk. Thirteen months later I had lost 130+ pounds and was off of the cane and medications. I started helping the doctor with his support group. He encouraged me to start helping others to get healthy starting with their weight and I became a Health Coach. This is what I do now. I get really upset when these companies are focused on the almighty dollar and could not give a squat about their clients let alone their employees. A friend of mine had worked for LA Weight Loss and when they were out sick, probably because they had them managing two locations, they were replaced like an old flower arrangement. I was not aware that the Pure Weight Loss centers were closing until recently and started reaching out to help these people also. I don’t know if there is a way we can contact each other to share ideas and possibly help the people out there that need it. I went through 8 doctors before the one that helped me and it was by searching and reading on the internet that did it. I will never forget that and is why I reach out to help. I know what it is like to be obese and have the rug pulled from under you time and again. Marshall
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  • Don and Evelyn Wood

    My wife and daughter have also lost a large amount of money in the bars. My wife is due 37 boxes and my daughter is due 25 boxes. We are very interested if there is a class action suit filed.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    I am a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life (subsidiary of Medifast) and I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer that Medifast is providing for all PURE clients who want to continue to lose weight with a safe, effective meal replacement program. You will get $55 off of a $250 order (which is about one month’s worth of meal replacements).

    I became a health coach with TSFL after losing 40 pounds on the program in under 5 months. That was 15 month ago and I have not gained back any of the weight. Our meals are great and our Health Coaches provide FREE support to our clients.

    I would also encourage any former PURE counselors to look into becoming a Health Coach with TSFL. It has been a wonderful source of income for me and I work out of my home.

    I know this seems very unfair and dissapointing for all of you who are affected by PURE’s closure. Don’t make a bad situation worse by giving up on your efforts to lose weight and get healthy.
    Diet & Weight Loss Resources & Offers
    Buy 4 weeks of food, get one FREE! Use code PROMO at checkout
    1 Week of Medifast FREE!
    Try DietPower FREE for 15 Days. Use discount code PURE2008 for $10 off purchase until 2/2/08

  • Dawn

    PWL owes me my rebate of $80.50 and 6 months of maintenance

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com Sherry

    i was employed by the company as a counselor and med tech 2001-03. i originally started out as a clientand started working for the company 3 months into my weight loss and slowly realized i was one of a few genuine people who worked there. Many girls who worked with the company NEVER had a weightloss issue and saw an overweight person as a dollar sign walking through the door. And clients weren’t dumb…they liked the program but disliked some of the workers because the were obviously fake with no genuine concern for the clients welfare both financially and physically. Heck, one of our regional managers signed a woman up for the program with an insulin pump!!!(a HUGE no-no and risky for that person not to mention potential liability for the company) Although thinner(over 50 lbs), i left the company to return into my original career…media. When i heard our newscast about LA/Pure weight loss going under i was surprised but NOT surprised. I am now a Cerified Personal Trainer and lifestyles and weight management counselor through The American Counsel on Exercise and would be HAPPY to help out former pure weight loss clients across the country. [email withheld pending verification]

  • Bren


    Did you purchase the maintenance on your debit or a credit card, if so, call your bank about the debit, they will dispute it and you will get your money back, I did and if it is on a credit card, call and request a dispute letter.

  • T

    I am a former LA/Pure Employee (Manager)
    and first I would like to apologize to all those who have lost hundred even thousands of dollars.
    I felt I was the captain of the ship (my center) and I stayed and went down with the ship. Like the Titanic were huge and unfurtunately for clients and employees we were sunk. We all ask the question “HOW?” Especially when everything was paid up front.
    This has been very emotional for me I have been with the company for over 5 years and have seen employees looking at over weight people as a $ sign and I refused to do that or let any of my employee in my center disrespect any of my clients. I have seen thousands of successful clients with the program and developed friendships with many. Did I lose weight with the program? Not prior to employment but it did help me change my eating behaviors for the better and lose the weight after my babies more easily bc of already developed eating habits.
    I really do not know where I am going with this but I needed to say something.
    Good Luck to all clients! Take your dollar amount that you lost and put it on the refrigerator to keep you motivated to not go down with the ship!

  • Kathleen Crawford

    I purchased a year’s worth of lites and plan. I paid over $2,000.00. If anyone knows of any class action suits, please include me! It’s so sad because the program really works!

  • http://myspace.com/ambermyershart Amber Hart

    Eva or Bellissima, please help!! I paid over $500.00 for the program only to find out three weeks later I was pregnant. Obviously, I had to suspend my program and they told me to come back when I was done breastfeeding. Well, I had no idea what was going on with the closures and I kept trying to call for the last two weeks. Finally, I looked on the internet thinking they may have changed their phone number or something, duh!! So you can say I was definitely surprised when I found out the centers closed on 1/4. So basically I only received three weeks of service and now I would like to lose the remainder of my weight. How do I do it without the LA Lites and how do I contact you since you can’t post emails on this site?

  • Kim

    I was on LAWL about 2 years ago and lost 40 lbs. I had amazing success on it and NEVER bought one of those bars. I can tell you from experience that the South Beach High Protein bars work just fine. They are 140calories, 5 fat, and 10 protein. I ate them and followed the rest of the meal plan and it was fine. Luna will work too but I didn’t like them.

    Just wanted to let you know not to give up – I’m sorry for all the stuff you are going through.

  • Joan

    Hi all Both my husband and I belong to PWL aka LAWL and are owned many boxes of lites. I went on Dec 20 to get some and redeem my Pure Bucks (what a joke) that we got for buying more weeks in Sept. to find that the hours had been slashed. Unfortunately, my Mom had recently passed away and we were unablr to get back until today, Jan. 5–big surprise CLOSED and out of business. We are definitely interested in joining a class action suit.
    Joan from Long Island NY

  • http://franchisepick.com Lori F

    I am also interested in a class action lawsuit. I joined in August 07 and they owe me a lot of money. I am very disappointed about this whole thing. Please let me know if someone files one.

  • Suzanne

    My name is Suzanne Taurone I am a Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life, the coaching arm of Medifast. As you know, Medifast is extending an offer to Pure Weight Loss Center clients.

    Editor’s note: MediFast, Dietpower & others are extending special pricing to PWL customers. I was called by the President of Diet Power, a pretty amazing diet software tool you can try for free. ( Try DietPower FREE for 15 Days.. )He set up a code for us that gives $10 off through the end of this month. Check out the last link. Use the discount code PURE2008 to get the discount.
    Diet & Weight Loss Resources & Offers
    Buy 4 weeks of food, get one FREE! Use code PROMO at checkout
    1 Week of Medifast FREE!
    Try DietPower FREE for 15 Days..

  • Mindy

    Hi guys:
    I am so sorry for me and for all of us that this organization closed down without giving new/old members a signal they were closing. I joined back in November but, I was lucky enough to only sign up for 3 months! However, they owe me two boxes of bars. But, I am happy they do not owe me thousands of dollars!

    Anyway, I know some of you do not want to hear this but, I joined Weight Watchers (and it is similar to PWL, but, you can eat more and follow your points) you can even eat that piece of cake and count it. It is more flexiability. I have lost in a period of 1 1/2 months 7 pounds! More than what I had lost with PWL. Give Weight Watchers a chance because they really work and they have been around for a long time! And, it is not as costly as PWL.

    If there is a class action lawsuit, anyone out there let all of us know becuase we should all file! Even though I did not have a lot of money that was lost it was still about $90.00. The members out in PWL were not very nice here in Long Island. They were just out to make the commision, they did not care about the people that were coming in. With Weight Watchers there is meeting support and the leaders are just terrific. Give it a try!!!!!!

  • Rocio

    I just found out that PureWeight Loss closed and I am REALLY upset! Not only am I and my husband having a difficult time financially, but to know that we got ripped off is absolutely horrible. I joined back in September and have lost 24lbs. I would like to be involved in a class actions suit ASAP, if there is anyone who has started the process please contact me in order to know what to do next! What a way to start the new year…

  • Nancy

    I joined the program back on July 2, 2007. I pre-
    paid for two years plus the bars totaling about
    $1200. I didn’t take a box of lites every week
    so I know that I am still owed in excess of 70
    boxes. I am very disappointed. The personal
    counseling really helped. I had lost 27 pounds.
    I have tried all the phone numbers, but never
    get through no matter how long I hang on. I
    would definitely be interested in a class action

  • MelindaWarren

    Hey Nancy,

    I did the same thing you did. I never took the 3 boxes every week. Mostly because I was already sick of them. I was able to get all my 48 boxes. I don’t care as much about the money for the 52 weeks of maintenance. I care more about not having the training and support during my maintenance. I tried WW and it work for 5 month and than didn’t work for 1 1/2 years after that. I followed the program and never cheated. I asked them too many question that they couldn’t answer and they kicked my out. Jenny Craig…I only lasted 4 days because I HATED the food! I want PWL BACK!!! It worked so well!

    I will say Jenny Craig follows PWL when you are half way to you goal weight. I did called them and they won’t let me do the program that way, they want me to buy there food. YUCK!

    Good luck to you!

  • Casey

    Hey All-

    I join LA Weight loss 4 years ago and lost over 50lbs. I rejoined in June after having twins and spent over $700. I knew the program works, but the counselors were not has helpful has the first time I went through this program. I recently went back to get my bars they owe me and found that the hours of the store were reduced. Then I called all the centers in my area and no one answered and then on Monday on went on line and found out they closed. I was suprised. I called the 1800 number no one answered. I went on Better Business Bur. and put in a complaint on Pure Weight loss for the money they owe me. I suggest others to do the same. I hope this works.

  • Eilis

    I like a lot of other women have religiously followed the LA/Pure Weightloss plan. I can ‘t say that I lost all of the weight that they promised me I would. But still I lost enought to be comfortable with myself. I have finished maintenance last month. But never had the chance to discuss a “no lite life” So my comment is actually for Eva or Bellissima, I am 5’4″ and 145. How do I continue without bars or being able to contact you?

  • Tricia

    hi, i am so upset i don’t know what to do. I have been on the program for 12 weeks lost 20 pounds. I had another 8 weeks to go to lose my next 15pds. I am especially upset that there were no notices given to customers. When they collected the money there were no hesitation, so there should be no hesistation in giving us back our money. I want to be involved in any action taken against them.

  • http://global.net Jane

    I was on the LA Weight loss program for a year and lost the weight. They used a lot of pressure to buy the bars but I said no and they accepted that. The diet alone worked fine for me. The staff was terrific and I regret that they will be caught up in this.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    I just wanted to let anyone who is in the PA/DE/NJ area know that the Medical Director of Medifast (Dr. Wayne S. Andersen) will be speaking at the Mount Laurel, NJ Marriott (915 Route 73) on Friday evening 1/11 at 7pm about weight loss and wellness. This is a great opportunity to ask a medical professional who is well versed in the weight loss industry about how the Take Shape For Life program with Medifast meals can help you continue your successful weight loss. There is no charge for this event, so please come with your questions.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    I forgot to mention that there will be some samples for you to taste our bars, shakes and snacks at the event on Friday 1/11/08 at the Mount Laurel NJ Marriott.

  • http://www.foxworthy.tsfl.com Marshall D. Foxworthy

    Hi Joan,
    Thanks for the reminder. Dr. Andersen will be in the West Central Florida area this month also. Anyone who is interested in the Florida area is welcome. Dr. Wayne S. Andersen will be speaking at the Bradenton Christian School, 3304 43rd Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34209 (High School Auditorium) on Friday evening 1/25 at 7pm about weight loss and wellness. This is a great opportunity to ask a medical professional who is well versed in the weight loss industry about how the Take Shape For Life program with Medifast meals can help you continue your successful weight loss. There is no charge for this event, so please come with your questions.

  • Clover

    I was an employee with LA/PWL for 5 years as management and I can insure you that even as upper management we were unaware of the closing. Corporate allowed us to not only enroll clients, but also to allow clients up until that Wednesday morning to purchase bulks of product. There were some markets where the selling techniques were much stronger than in other areas, depending on your upper management. To those of you that were hard-sold..I apologize…that is NOT why were were there.
    Please read your contracts carefully…some of you aren’t entitled to any refund based upon when you signed up. Others of you that enrolled when you were LA…please read the fine print. If you enrolled and the cost of your program was $349, there is an automatic $149 non-refundable fee that comes off the top of your refund. Your weeks are then calculated based upon what you payed per week. Therefore, if you payed $5 a week and you were on program for 25 weeks your total refund looks like this ($349 – $149 – $125 for weeks = $75). You then need to deduct the Fast Forward, vitamins, scale, etc. that you may have been given when you enrolled in the program. You end up being owed very little if anything for your program weeks. You are most likely looking at a refund for just your bars. This has been the standard refund procedure for some time, however, I do not know if they have changed it due to the circumstances under which they closed.
    To all of you who have had success on the program…continued luck to you all! You are the ones that do all of the hard work, we as counselors were there to encourage you and give you ideas. Find someone that you can work with, whether it is a friend or even someone online…you will reap the benefits.
    As far as a non-lite program, it will vary person to person. If someone is on gold right now with two bars per day, you will go up to a purple plan without bars. This means that you will increase your veggies and ounces of protein by 2 ounces, therefore your program will look like this (2P, 4V, 3F, 2S, 1D, 1 Fat). If you are on Purple with 2 bars, you’ll go up to red (2 1/2P, 4V, 3F, 3S, 1D, 1 Fat). Many of you started on a higher plan that you are on now. What you do is just go up one plan to where you may have started. You are more than welcome to email me and ask any questions. I know how difficult it is to lose weight having lost well over 150 lbs myself. Any support I can give you is my pleasure.
    I don’t know if I would recommend Luna bars to clients…you will not achieve the same benefits as you did with the Lites…and the taste CANNOT be compared.
    I wish you all the best of luck, especially to the employees who have lost their jobs. I hope something else comes your way that is just as rewarding.

  • Beth Hughes


    I have been told by 2 others on this site to go back to Red Plan – no lites. I am 5’3″ and currently at 161lbs – I started at 248.6 when I joined and would like to lose and additional 20lbs. Could you give me the serving numbers/day for each food group and also the portion sizes, please? I no longer have a “red plan” in my possession. Would you please send me your email if you would be willing to “coach” me. I MISS THE SUPPORT OF MY COUNSELORS, and I have to confess that I have not been as diligent since I have no one really keeping me accountable.

    I submitted my reimbursement form – I had 5 weeks of weight loss left, 52 weeks of maintenance, and 38 boxes of bars owed to me. What do you think are my chances?

  • Nancy

    Clover, how do we get your email address? It
    doesn’t show in your comment section.

  • KL

    This is so annoying–feels good to vent about this to people who are in the same boat…I’m out 10 boxes and 3 more months of weight loss (not a lot compared to some on here, but still money gone for nothing). I took a break from losing weight over the holidays and went on vacation. Didn’t get back til Jan. 6. Went to the center (Arlington Hts, IL) today and they were dark. Called another local center (Schaumburg, IL), number was disconnected. I thought that was strange, so I looked online, and now I’m seeing all of this. Who isn’t irritated about this? Anyone else in ILLINOIS know who to contact? Any recommendations? So much for the new year’s resolution!

  • Clover

    I realize now that I never put my email address in there and I apologize! You can contact me at [email address withheld for verification].
    Beth…Your red plan is going to look like this (2 1/2 P, 4 V, 3 F, 3 S, 1 D, 1 Fat). Now if you are exercising more than 5 hours a week…meaning a good cardio workout…you’ll want to go up to Red 1 (2 1/2 P, 4 V, 4 F, 4 S, 2 D, 1 Fat). Your body needs more in order to burn properly. May I ask you which center you attended, Beth? I think I may know you!!!! As far as your refund, I think they have to give it to you, however, my paycheck was for $53.98 today for the last week I worked and for a weeks vacation owed to me, so I am not sure where people stand with their refunds!

  • Debi

    everyone Who used to be a counsler has been super in helping us to keep on track without the bars I thank you very much for that. I joined LA in April and after trying to lose weight for most of my adult life finally found a plan that worked and people who cared. I have lost 50 lbs up to date. But I am also finding it hard to be comitted without some one to answer to every week. But I’m going to keep trying since I do have 73 lbs left to go. I just have one question after my supplements are gone what do I do? Is there a different company that makes anything close I really would appreciate it if anyone knows the answer? Also if anyone would like a diet buddy I would be more then happy to be it. It’s alot easier to have a partner my e-mail is [email address withheld]

  • Valerie

    I guess all of us are in the same boat. I kept asking for the stabilization and maintenance booklets as I had shoulder surgery and was unable to drive to the center. I was gaining weight back and thought that I would continue on my own while the program was on hold. My counselor kept telling me they didnt have the books in stock. This lasted several months. I should have realized something was going on. I am now out all my months of bars that they discouraged me to pick up! Is there anyone out there who may have the maintenance booklet for gold? I can share the stabilization info for anyone who needs at. At least we can continue the program in that way. Thanks, Valerie

  • Valerie

    what is your email address? Perhaps you can give me some info about the maintenance part of the program. Thank you , Valerie
    P.S Anyone else, I would be glad to share the stabilization info with you.

  • Clover

    Valerie…my email address is [email address withheld]. As far as the maintenance portion, do you mean stabilization?

  • Nancy C

    I too belonged to LA Wt Loss and was assured when it changed over to Pure Wt loss nothing had changed. Surprise! For the past several months I too have been trying to get ahold of the counselors and had no luck. I sent numerous e-mail requesting information and no reply. I was lied to at a very early stage. I was told as long as I continued to come 3 times a week, I would not have to purchase any more weeks nor buy any more bars. Well as we all know that is not the case. So I purchased additional bars and weeks. At this point I am not sure what is owed to me, but I do know I never made it to maintenance which is 6 wks of stabilization and 52 wks of maintenance. I too put the bars on Care Credit and I thank you for putting out the phone number to contact them with a dispute. I did lose 53lbs which helped with my self esteem and health. However, I am now really ticked off that the center has closed. Unfortunately, you get atached to the counselors but in my state, Illinois, they came and went too often. I knew corporate asked a lot of them.
    On a happy note, my daughter did reach her goal and has kept her weight off. Although, she is still waiting for the 2nd installment of her refund.
    I am definitely interested in any class action suit as well. We all work hard for our money and should not take it sitting down.

  • Sue

    Nancy — Could you clarify about the “waiting for the second installment of her refund”? Does that mean that she HAS seen some money from Pure? IF so, was it for program or for product? I had my refund request in the mail (certified of course) within the first week of notification of the closing and am still waiting for any kind of response.
    If some refunds are coming through that seems like a good start, at least.

  • Lana

    I used to be an LAWL counselor and I left the company over three years ago. I for one did not like the way the company used to treat us counselors thus the reason why I left. For one, the program does work but I must say the main thing that we were taught was to make as much money as possible. I was one of those counselors that truly cared and honestly wanted to see all of my clients succeed. Patty one of the district managers in Philly would tell us counselors to make sure we did not have food out, yet bring in all sorts of fattening foods such as cheese steaks and cookies into one of the offices and chow down then have the nerve to council others on losing weight!!!! I am sooo sad for the clients but feel as though the company and all higher ups got what they deserve. No company should treat it’s people the way that they did, it was a shame! For those of you who need to know which bars to substitute I can say Luna bars are good and are a lot less calories than LA LITES. If only you the clients knew the way that we the employees were treated you’d be astonished!

  • KL

    Hi. If this helps anyone—On the gold plan, instead of having 2 lites a day, eat 2 LUNA bars–they seem to be similar in calories/fat/protein. I’ll see if I can stick to it with the Luna bars! Fiber 1 bars are pretty good, too.

    Does anyone know the shelf life of the Chocolate LA Slim Downs?? They are milk-based and I’ve had a 4 pack in the back of my fridge since the end of September ’07?

    Thanks and good luck.

  • Kathleen Crawford

    I have been trying to no avail to reach someone from the company about a refund. I am still owed about 60 boxes of Lites and 6 months of weightloss weeks and all the extra maintenance I purchased. I’ve spent over $2000 and my center shut down last November so I didn’t even have an opportunity to pick up my bars before they closed for good. If anyone has any numbers or address to send a refund request to I would really appreciate it. [email withheld]. Thank you so much and I wish everyone the best of luck!

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    I’ve been following this situation and want to reach out to the former PWL employees who lost their jobs. I’m impressed by some of you, like Clover & Lana, who have really tried to continue to help clients even when they were not being paid to do so. You are the kind of people we’d love to have join us as Health Coaches at Take Shape for Life. The financial rewards are great, but are nothing compared to how good you feel when client calls to tell you that you’ve changed their lives (Clover & Lana, I’m sure you know this first hand). I know email addresses are blocked here, but here’s what my email address is: [email withheld].

    By the way, we have great Medifast bars that are terrific! Most have around 140 to 170 calories with 11 to 14 grams of protein and are very filling and delicious. I encourage anyone to give Medifast and Take Shape for Life a chance. It works. Joan

  • http://www.susiestampalot.blogspot.com Susan

    I, too, found the doors closed to my center the day before Thanksgiving, with a handwritten note on the door saying to call CS for questions. No phone call, no warning. I feel so “left out in the cold”, especially after calling and calling and basically being chewed out by one rep over the phone, who took out all her frustrations on me and then told me I was up a creek. Luckily, I was just about to start Maintenance (I have lost 40 pounds). The plan definitely works, but now that I have no accountability, I see weight coming back on. I am trying to still keep my food diary, but it’s hard. Does anyone have any extras or has anyone made a template on their computer to just print out? If so, can you point me to a website or such and share it? I would love to pair up with someone for accountability and then also be included in any class action suit. I can be contacted through my blog, Susiestampalot. Just google it, and I’m sure you will find me, as it doesn’t appear that email addresses show up here…. I am so glad to finally have found a place where I don’t feel so left out. I felt like I was the only one and I’m so sorry this happened to everyone.


  • Eilis

    I am hoping that for everyone’s sake that PWL does the right thing. If it gives anyone peace of mind I received the promised refund 1/2 way thru my maintenance. And 2 weeks before the centers closed I did receive the other 1/2, out of the blue. I think that the counselors in Portage did a great job considering they were always understaffed. I have a feeling that one of those great ladies saw what was happening and requested my final refund before the closing. Thanks Diana! So keep heart everyone. Just perhaps PWL will come across for all.

  • LANA

    The most painful position when leaving is leaving the clients. I loved my clients and I had to leave due to the mistreatment that was shown not only to me but to other employees. I would NEVER talk negative about the program because it DOES work but when corporate gets involved it is a different story. Joan I appreciate and thank you so much for the comment, I still have all the materials on all programs so if anyone is interested feel free to email me directly at lana0411 and it is at AOL. I hope my email is not witheld as I would truly love to assist clients with progressing along on their weight loss. With regards to all the money that was lost, I pray that you all can get it back but as I can remember for Maintenance members it was a struggle to get the money back then so it must be a fight now. If you must, I would take legal action or look into a class action suit I would not be surprised if there is one in the works. LAWL used to pride themselves in customer service but unfortunately corporate gave us time limits with each client and I couldn’t agree with that. I wanted to work with a company who took pride in truly helping and there are former LAWL counselors like myself who truly cared and wanted the BEST but many times we were overlooked. The only real way to make a name for yourself in the company was to sell the most products which was a scam after awhile. I had clients who had tons of bars and we were pushed to sell more as if there was NEVER going to be another sale, I see it was all about money. I now work for an Online school whom I love and in addition to losing weight, if some of you who reside in PA are looking to get a degree contact me and I will show you how! Take care and God Bless all of you!!!

  • Nancy C

    I was talking about the refund you receive after reaching your goal and maintaining it for a year. My daughter received her 1st installment but not the 2nd one.
    I am going to be sending my information this week and see what happens. If we all stick
    together maybe we can get some justice.
    Clover has been very helpful, I am glad I looked into this web site and chose her to ask some questions to. She knows the program and is very encouraging. Thanks for all you do.

  • Amanda .P


  • Elaine N.

    I am very angry. My money was taken with no problem but no one cared to notify customers of it’s closing. I am owned a year of service and countless # of bars.

  • Elaine N.

    I’m very angry Pure Weight Loss had no problem taking my money. They no concern for their customs to close their doors without any notification should be grounds for a law suit. I am owned a year of service pills and bars. Does any one have any suggestions. I’m all for a class action law-suit.

  • Jennifer A

    HOW ABOUT THIS???? I am on a maternity hold for 2 months now….i was never notified of the closing, i found out b/c i rec’d a flyer from Jenny Craig this week. I cannot get anyone on the phones. I was in the pgrm about 6 weeks before i got pregnant so i am owed the rest of the contract plus all the money for the bars, the fast forward pgm, the supplements. where do i even begin to get this straightened out?????? I am having an existential melt down right now.

  • http://none CW

    About how many members were there at your branch of Pure/LA?

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    when i worked for the company in 2002-04 i felt good about the program and product i was selling because i lost my weight with them. Because of my belief in the product and how it helped me i found it beneficial to the clients i saw. My clients had faith in me and my experience with the program therefore bought product from me. However there were people who had NO experience with losing weight, having a weight problem or have been on the program, let alone the product they sold, saw clients as a dollar sign and those were usually the people who wound up being in management. I didn’t “bulk” people on product to BILK them out of money. I originally started as a client and PAID for my program. I wasn’t going to oversell someone that i knew couldn’t afford it. And the whole care credit thing…was usually a moneypit for people who were already overextended on thier current finances and i know some of you are in over your head. i bailed out of there when there was an extra push for selling the “A” package(bulking lites for the client’s entire program) and NOTHING but. When they were pushing too hard for sales numbers and not giving a hoot about the client…enough was enough for me. Regional and district managers were the phoniest people i’ve ever met. Because of their shady corporate practices i personally hope they become as poor as the people they “stole” money from who couldn’t afford it in the first place. If anyone in central PA needs to continue where they left off, i will try my best to work with you. my email is sherry at ice fitness pa dot com.

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    oh…while i worked there i also found it fishy when the chairman CEO and founder, vaughn karabajakian(sp?) suddenly modified his last name to “karian”.
    oh and by the way…LA/Pure weight loss numbers for fiscal year ending December, 2007:
    Sales: $44.9M.
    posted on answers dot com, key word “l a weight loss centers”

  • Mona

    Can anyone in Northridge, California get in touch with me on what to do?? This whole thing is terrible. I had not been in the office for a few months but was redy to get back on track when i tried and tried reaching someone at the office. Finally i went down there only to find a big fat note with numbers that are DISCONNECTED AND RING AND RING!

    This company owes PEOPLE WHO TRUSTED THEM big time!

    What are we all going to do?

  • On thw outside looking in

    I’ve been reading all of your blogs and really feel for all of you left hanging. I was in Bakersfield, Calif today visiting a sick relative and my daughter and I happened to drive by an LA Weightloss center. I told her about them all being closed and ask her to drive in front of it to see if they were closed. To my surprise the open sign was on and they were OPEN for business. Maybe you guys can call them and get some answers or something. I hope this helps some of you.

  • Sue

    Dear “On the Outside” — Thanks for the information. I called the Bakersfield LA Weight Loss and was given a phone number for LA’s Customer Service Line. She said that they are trying to help people who have bars to “redeem” (her word). She didn’t have any more specific information about what they’re offering. I called and got an answering machine. Left a message and hope to hear back.
    If anyone else wants to try, the number (toll free) is 877-522-2577. If I learn anything new, I’ll post here. Please do the same if you get through.

  • Valerie

    As far as I understood, after 6 weeks of stabilization is 52 weeks of maintenance. On the “week 6″ of the stabilizations cards it says that they will now introduce the “Maintaining for Life” foos guide” It says that it includes “most common foods you will find in supermarkets and restaurants as well as a guide to help you chooses the healthiest option”. I guess that is what i am looking for. I see that all email addresses are blocked. Anyone know how to get adresses posted???

  • jill

    Valerie, You can email me and I will help you with maintenence if you would like. I think I still have all of my stuff(sadly I worked for the company for many years)

  • Rocio

    Does anyone have any info on a class action suit? I really think we are owed back our money! Can someone please contact me if they know of anything?


  • Valerie

    Dear Jill, thanks I appreciate that. Hopefully they wont block the address out. Not sure how to eamil you. I would be willing to send you reimbursement for photocopy and postage if you could send maintenance booklet to me. thanks

  • sara

    hi Clover,
    you seem to have a big understanding and be very helpful to pure weight loss customers!
    which is a really sweet favor to all!
    i am on the maintnence paln of the diet! gold plan
    i have 2 questions-
    1. is it better to do the no lites plan or a protien bar? if i do the no lites on maintenence gold plan what are the serving now i do 5vegtables 3 fruit 3 starches 2dairy 2fats 2 1/2 protiens!
    2. this is my bigger question, a big part of the diet for me was the juicing and thats how i was keeping my weight off! i feel my self starting to gain it all back. i tried orange juice with 0 sodium it didnt work do u have any suggestions for a modification for the juices. im desperate for help with that! if neone has ne help id really apreciate it!

  • sara

    if anyone has juices, i would like to buy them off of anoyone who hae extras. or if anyone has a subsituted idea that works,

  • On the outside looking in

    Hey guys, I was watching the View and there was a LA Weightloss commercial with Whoopee Goldberg as the spokesperson! What’s up with that?

  • http://pureweightloss donna

    Hey guys, I think it was shaddy. Elaine N. I’m with you – I smell a Class Action Suit. They owed me 52boxes of lites. I’m so upset. I’m filling out the refund application and I can not remember my client ID#. Care Credit card people are now calling for pymt. Does anyone know how to go into maint. and stablization? HELP

  • t

    i have some juice for sale if you want i am doing the plan bit if someone needs some i can sell a couple.

  • http://www.franbest.com Employee

    Hope these addresses help. If we send enough requests to investigate perhaps we can expose this whole mess.

    To submit a story idea to one of the ABC News shows listed below, write a single page letter including your name, phone number, and address. Include photocopies of backup information. On the outside of the envelope, write “Story Idea.” If a producer is interested in your story, he/she will contact you. Here are the show addresses:

    147 Columbus Avenue  
    New York, NY  10023

    147 Columbus Avenue  
    New York, NY  10023

    Nightline/This Week
    1717 DeSales Street  NW
    Washington, DC  20036

    World News With Charles Gibson
    47 West 66th Street   2nd Floor
    New York, NY  10023

    Good Morning America
    147 Columbus Avenue  
    New York, NY  10023

    If you are submitting a Local news story:

    -Go to ABC.com
    -Go the very bottom of the screen and click on “LOCAL STATIONS”
    -Follow the instructions on the map to find the local station e-mail, website, address and phone number.

    Editor’s note: To provide a quick overview of the Pure Weight Loss situation, you can include a link to the continually updated Pure Weight Loss Information Center post on FranchisePick.Com. Tell them that they can see previous media stories, documents and hundreds of member and ex-employee comments. Encourage them to reference the comments on FranchisePick.com. Just copy and paste this link:

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    regarding the takeoff juice….it was a combination of fruit puree and concentrate with electrolytes. after leaving the company and since becoming a personal trainer, the next best thing i found is to mix equal parts fruit juice(the closest to the takeoff juice flaver is the Dole Pineapple orange banana in the dairy case) and gatorade or another electrolyte based sports drink. give it a try and save yourself a boatload of money versus buying takeoff juice or that hollywood diet stuff.

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    oh and another thing…juicing frequently is NOT good for your body or metabolism. To do an occasional “cleansing” is okay(once in about a 4-6 month period)but regular juicing is throwing your body into a tailspin. i’m lucky if i juice once a year because i LOVE to eat!!!…lol

    sara, if you follow your plan and rarely deviate you shouldn’t feel like you can “feel the weight coming back on”. Either too many limited foods are being consumed or your daily intake isn’t correct(wrong plan).

    remember, when the reintroduction of heavier foods in your 6 weeks of stabilization are thrown back in the mix, they are to be used in MODERATION. the lessons and eating habits you learned in weightloss are your staples to keep the weight off.

    any other questions, click on my name and go to my website and email me!

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    and i also work for an ABC affiliate…go to “abc27 dot com” and search this subject under our “consumer reports” section. there is the story about the closing from a local standpoint and the video clip of the story that aired should be on there too.

  • Brenda

    This is to Donna, if you received a plastic key tag you put on your keyring, that has your ID# on it. Also, if you saved your paperwork, there was one piece of paper with it on it. It is usually 6 digits. Hope this helps.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Valerie said: I see that all email addresses are blocked. Anyone know how to get adresses posted???
    We don’t allow personal contact info in the comments for a number of reasons. First is privacy . There’s no way for us to know if this is really your email address or phone # you’re posting. Second is that we want to encourage conversation and information to stay here, where all can benefit (and scrutinize). Third, the purpose of this site is to provide straightforward information and discussion, not a free advertising venue for affiliate marketers posing as your best friend (This is NOT directed to this specific commenter or thread – just a general thing we deal with every day. Marketers can buy inexpensive text link ads by clicking the link in the right sidebar. Ads should be identified as such). Fourth, we want to save our readers from getting their emails “harvested” by the spambots that love email addresses on comment boards.
    If you have a website, people can get to it by clicking your name above your comment. Just don’t be sleazy. we’re trying to stay sleaze-free.

    I am in the process of building a weight loss alternatives discussion blog where you can exchange info on specific programs and exchange contact info. If you’re interested in being a sponsor or advertiser or contributor, email me at info[at]ideafarm.net.
    [I'm giving myself a free pass on the email rule].
    Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks to all for your participation and sharing of information.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    sherry said: …and i also work for an ABC affiliate…go to “abc27 dot com”

    Sherry: What do you do at ABC27? I was interviewed last year and one of my clients appeared in a 2-part series by Ali Lanyon. It’s a good news group.

  • http://ReineN Reine’ N

    I was a customer for a long time 2 + years wanting to loose 30-50 lbs, and yes I have lost a lot of money. I had success the first 6mon loosing 26 lbs and then hit a plateu because the program did not change soon enough for continued success. I am familure with diet and excercise and know that you need both to be successful. However the workers did not want you to exercise as much and build the muscle that ultamitly helps you burn the most calories to maximize weight loss for what ever reason I’m sure most of their customers have heard. I to went in one day to pick up product and find a name change trigger that something is wrong with the way they are doing business. I was also told that they would be doing phone consults because of technology and the way most costumers prefer? I have since put 20 lbs back on unable to get back on track, and unhappy about this, still owed sveral boxes of the bars 12-16 boxes, 2 boxes of slim fast drink, and the 6 weeks maintenance and the 52 weeks to ensure I keep the weight off. I will stick to calories, balanced diet, and exercise at least I know from this I can maintain with out increasing my weight. I to am ready for a class action and we need everything we deserve back from this, don’t let the owners of this company get by with nothing. I have no mercy for a scam. The only way you get mercy is by giving the customer back what is owed to them.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    You can download the Pure Weight Loss Refund Form, read the Pure weight Loss bankrupcy petition, get contact information for your state Attorney General, click on links to current or past news reports on the Pure Weight Loss closing at:

    Please share that link with other interested parties. Spread the word.

    Thanks for all of your participation, information and mutual support.

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    hey sean!

    i work in commercial trafficking @ abc27 and also sub doing the traffic reports for the newscasts. i’ve been there for over 4 1/2 years and it’s a great group of people! so glad you like our news!

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Sherry: The FranchisePick.Com World Headquarters is in your viewing area to the south in Lancaster County. We watch while churning butter.

  • sara

    thank u so much t and sherry for ure response. sherry i will try your suggestion and let you kno w what happents. what u mean by the dole dairy case.what other drinks have u tried and found equal results. thank u i appreciate it.

    t if it does not work how can i contact u.

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    sara: the dole juice i spoke of in my earlier response is found in the dairy case near the orange juice. i have not tried other drinks as the combination of equal parts fruit juice and sports drink is just as good and by far a FRACTION of the cost.

    sean: i will have to look at more of the website. i had no clue it was in a cow pasture right next door!!!! i’m in the process of starting a corporate wellness business so if you know of any companies looking for a simple but yet structured fitness program with group lifestyle meetings….let me know!!!! keep up the good work and keep the butter churnin’!!!!

  • t

    sara email at my address i posted is it posted thanks

  • toni

    sara email at my address i posted is it posted thanks toni

  • sara

    sherry thank you. do u think that this is different than just doing tropicana orange jiuce cuz that didnt work thank u so much!

  • sara

    sherry. thanks 4 the helpdo u think its differ than tropicana juice cvuz that didnt work

  • Maddy

    It has been about three years since Ive worked at LA Weight Loss. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed LA has been replaced by PURE. Trying to discover why, I came across this site indicating that LA/Pure has closed. To be honest, I am not surprisied. With the three short months that I worked there, I learned quickly that LA’s ethics and my personal ethics are worlds apart. When I received the phone call from the recruiter at LA, I was so excited to be working in the weight loss field. I was a horrible at “selling”. I never was a big fan of their restricted diet program. Yes – it worked. Any type of food restriction is going to have positive results! I do not feel as though the staff really was trained to be giving weight loss results. We were basically taught to “sell”. We spent two weeks in training learning scripts and practicing sales techniques. It was difficult having a client with a weight loss challenge, and having to offer (sell) a product of the company that would cost $$$$ and would magically solve her problem. If only there was a pill or a candy bar to solve every single problem we come upon in life! Bottom line -it was all about the sales – not actually counseling clients to their success. (after all the staff is not educated nutritionist). I felt as though my ethics were being challenged frequently. I understand that to have a functional business you need to make money, however, I feel that this company’s only concern is/was MONEY.

  • On the outside looking in

    I still would like to know why Whoopee Goldberg is still promoting the product?!!!

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    I still would like to know why Whoopee Goldberg is still promoting the product?!!!
    L.A. Weight Loss is a separate company from Pure Weight Loss. L.A. Weight Loss was unaffected by the closing.

  • Debi

    Hi Does anyone know the locations of the LA weight loss centers that are francised. Maybe we can get our products from them

  • Jill

    I worked in the Queensbury NY center. I am very proud of all my clients. Sorry we had to leave you the way that we did.

  • Sue

    Are there any former Counselors out there who might be able to tell me the approximate calorie count (or range) of the Gold Plan (with Lites).

  • francine

    I have a question for anyone who is/was a counselor for la weight loss. I was a member about 2 years ago and was going to join when I found out they were closed. I have been able to buy the bars through ebay so I am set when it comes to that, my problem is I have no idea what plan I should be on. I am 5’1 and weigh 150lbs I would like to loose 20-25lbs. I do cardio for 1 hour 3 days a week and weight 1 hour 3days a week. Can anyone help

  • Sue

    Francine — If you find yourself in need of more bars, you can contact me. I have some extra that I want to sell at my cost (plus any shipping of course), but don’t really want to do the e-bay thing if I can help it.

  • Debi

    Hi Jill Thank you so much for all you did for me I didn’t get to thank you in person I just want you to know You did more for me then anyother diet program ever did and I’m still sticking to the program as best I can and I feel so bad for all of you what a horrible way to be told you no longer had a job. and I hope you have all been able to find other jobs. Tell Beau I said Hi

  • francine

    Sue- thank you very much I am sure I will be in need for some more bars. Is there a way for me to cantact you

  • sara

    hi sherry-we were discussing earlier juice subsitutes. are u saying u suggest a mixed orange pinapple bannana juice and a powerade?(i was also thinking maybe a snapple antioxidant i saw in a store-pleas econtace me at youre earliest convinece

  • Beth Hughes

    The day I walked in and found out about everything and saw your note on the board I almost cried. I am TRYING to stay on plan and lose my last 20lbs but it is VERY hard to stay on track without all of the accountability and support. I REALLY MISS ALL OF YOU!!!! I am trying but also without the bars it is hard!!!!

  • Megan

    I too used to work there for about 2.5 years. I was a Manager for Columbus/ Cincinnati. I was there top manager for the time I worked there. I felt the constant pressure to sell, sell, sell. I also felt constantly guilty about all the refunds.

    They did do nice things like fly us to Vegas for a yearly conference. But they did a lot of things that I couldn’t stomach. First, to be a company mainly employed by women, they had no compassion for working moms. Moms can’t work until 7-8 every night. Also, we couldn’t even go to the dr’s or take lunches because the centers were never staffed properly.

    LA Weight Loss had such a poor reputation, so it is not surprising that they closed. But they did have a lot of revenue, so on that end I am surprised they closed.

    I am so sorry to all the clients out there. Trust me when I say, the people who worked there were just trying to provide for their family, don’t blame them.

  • Ashley

    I am a former employee of LA Weight Loss in Jacksonville, FL. I am 100% not surprised that LA has closed their doors. Although I fully supported every single one of my clients, I never fully supported the business and moral ethics my “superiors” instilled. Everyday was “sell this, sell that, upsell this, upsell that”. Not once did any of the managers or owners show a sliver of genuine care for any of their clients. Many times I would do chart audits and find that clients were taking supplements that could interact negatively with certain medications they were taking. Clients would complain that they were hungry or not losing and sometimes (more often than not) they would actually gain weight. Rather than calling a dietician or reviewing the clients medical history, the managers would simply redirect blame back onto the client saying that they were probably cheating. Yes, I’m sure that there were times that a client wasn’t being particularly honest with their food diaries, but rather than taking a serious look at their info, we were told to push a certain supplement or have them bulk on their LA lite bars (which by the way DO NOT work). The bars are nothing but a huge money trap that we were forced to make the client purchase. I personally saw several counselors let go because they didn’t force a client to bulk up on their bars. I honestly think that if some of these managers had taken a course or two in interpersonal relations rather than “how to make quick money 101″, LA Weight Loss may have withstood the competition. The old saying, “you’ve got to give a little to get a little” couldn’t ring more true. I supported my clients 110% and took the time to research other options and food plans for my clients who had hit a plateau or were having trouble losing. I’ll never forget the day my manager told me to tell one of my clients that the reason she wasn’t losing weight was because she worked out too much and ate too much red meat. Are you kidding me? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she had a thyroid condition and was 67 years old, right? I couldn’t take the carelessness anymore so I quit. My heart sincerely goes out to those clients who gave the plan a real effort and still lost nothing but time and money.

  • Maria

    Dear Ashley:

    Good for you for quitting!!! I had just joined the Center in Levittown New York (the counselors were so rude!) back in November and I am a life time member at Weight Watchers, but, like others I wanted to loose just 10 pounds and felt I was on a plateau. So, I decided to give LA Weight Loss a shot. I went on the stupid drink for 2 days and I lost 4 pounds. I was happy thinking hey may be I’ll loose those 10 pounds. But, to my dismay I never lost anything after that and believe me I was so diligent, I am used to writing down, I exercise 4 to 5 times a week heavy cardio. And, I really measure to the T. I am so programmed from WW. Anyway, towards the end, they had me on the red plan when I complained that I was gaining instead of loosing, they switched the plan to a step below. I still lost no weight. I was getting very frustrated. I’ll never forget the woman “Angie” who sold me the membership was not very nice because she lost her job. When I told her this does not work she said, “you know, you exercise too much and you want that magic number on the scale. And, you are not going to achieve it because of that. Very nasty. Did I want to hear that? I then told her well, you know, you all deserve to go out of business, because this is not the way you treat clients! And thankfully, I was not with this place for a very long time! I feel sorry for people who invested all their time and money here. She said, “the plan does work. I really wanted to tell her I can see the way the plan works just look at her? At least at WW they do not put leaders/or people at the front desk that did not achieve their goal! To me that is the first impression. You are right the companies goal was only to sell, sell, bars, supplements, etc., not to help clients! They only owed me two boxes of bars (compared to what others are owed I am lucky) and possibly a month on the plan because I only did a special 3 month plan. I am sorry I got myself into this. It is a lesson to be learned. And I was on a decongestant and I was taking the supplement and I had to pull over in my car because you cannot mix those two medications because it can make you have a heart attack. Did they tell me this? They just wanted to sell, sell, their products, they did not care about the risk clients might be taking.

    Anyway, for anyone out there reading this I have lost 5 pounds with WW this month and I am very happy. I just had to change things around and it works! So, if you are stuck join WW they are great and their meetings are wonderful!!!

    Stay well, and I am sorry for everyone, who lost a lot of money. For LA Weight Loss you deserved to go out of business!!!!

    All the best,


  • http://www.joyousdog.com Sue

    Francine —
    The only way I can think for you to get in touch with me is for you to go to my friend’s website (which I think you can now do by clicking on my name at the top of this post). She doesn’t have a link to click on for emailing, but does have an email address there. If you send her an email entitled “Message for Sue”, she will forward it to me and we can begin a correspondence to see if you’re interested in buying my Lites.
    Sorry that it seems so complicated.
    Hope the link works! -Sue

  • Jill

    Beth Hughes:
    I am very proud of you. You are an amazing woman. Remind yourself of how far you have come. You will be fine. If you need me to answer any questions for you please feel free to email me jillharwood1 @ yahoo.com.

    Debi: Thank you for your kind words. My clients are the only reason that I stayed there as long as I did. I am happier now being home with my children at night and I have a great job. I do miss all of you. I will tell Beau that you said hello.

  • Ronda

    My story is a like others, successful. However I am so sad to see the centers close. I am in the Wash. DC Balt. Md. area, are there any non-franchise locations in this area? If someone know of any, please email me. Also where can I find the FF juice? Some was saying GNC have a similiar version. Thanks

  • Jill K.

    Hi everybody. I started reading through all of these postings and couldn’t help but respond. Losing weight is a difficult process. I was lucky, when our center closed I only had 7 lbs. left to go and I had great counselors. The manager there gave me the rest of the plan (stabilization and maintenance). I was there the same day they got the news of the closing and the manager told me to stock up because what they had at the store was it. They would not be receiving any more shipments. The company did not handle things well at all. I am also lucky because I never bought into the supplements or the bars. I chose the purple plan. This is in part due to getting kidney stones (high uric acid). Anyone can do the plan without the bars, the juice, and especially the supplements. Just take a vitamin which we should all be doing anyway. Anyone who wants information on the purple plan, PLEASE let me know. I also have the rest of the plan to the end. I know it seems hard and the tactics of sales ahead of people at LA weightloss is not suprising to me. I heard that from one of the counselors. Stick to the plan, buy a digital scale and realize that you will have setbacks along the way. It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you can zipper up your jeans again that feeling is worth keeping.

  • http://www.joyousdog.com Sue

    I just found an article on the web-site of one of the Philadelphia news stations (Action News Channel 6 if you want to google it).
    The Attorney General is suing the owner Vaughn “Whatever-the-heck-he’s-calling-himself-this-week” for fraudulent business practices in hopes of getting money back to clients. I don’t know if this will only be for clients in Pennsylvania since he is our A.G. or if it will cover others as well since the guy and the business were based here.
    Check out the article. It’s nice to see that SOMETHING is happening to try to take this guy to task.

  • MelindaWarren

    I have a case of the chocolate coconut lite if anyone wants them. I was going to sell them on ebay I just haven’t gotten to it. I will sell them at cost plus the shipping to you. If anyone wants them let me know. I was able to get all 48 boxes of lite and why I took the coconut ones I will never know!

  • toni

    ronda i have the fast fard juice for sale if you want thanks

  • Maria

    Hi Jill:

    Could you give me info. on the purple plan? [Please post]


  • Jill K.

    Maria – I got your message. I’ll email you with the purple plan.

    Ronda – I have some juice for sale if you want it.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Question: I’m trying to determine the dollar loss for commenters who say “They owe me 56 bars,” etc.
    What is the approximate value – or range – per bar? What did each bar cost you?


  • http://hotmail Patsy

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to reach someone in the corporate office to enquire about my tax information, anyone have a number that is answered?
    I was a manager in the Cincinnati area over a year ago, and had to leave because I could not work within a company that had no integrity. Sell sell sell that was the bottome line. As far a training went that is a joke, the training you recieved was how to bulk sell. I was concerned from the beginning because of the turn over of staff . I am so sorry that so many people were hurt by this money hungry company.

  • Debi

    sean each box of bars cost 29.00 I’m owed 40 boxes

  • Ashley

    Sean, if you bought the boxes of bars individually, they are $16 a box. The prices of the boxes vary between $8-12 depending on the size of the bulk package you bought.

  • Beth Hughes

    Melinda: How much per box do you want for the bars?

    Sean: I was also told that the regular price of the bars was $29/box of 14 bars. It is hard to know what we actually paid because when I bought them it was always “bulked in” with some “special sale”. I am owed 38 boxes.

  • http://www.joyousdog.com Sue

    Sean — I bought my bars in bulk and paid around $20 per box (there are 14 bars in a box). Others may have paid more or less depending upon the special that was being run at the time they purchased. My original purchase was for the full year and a half or so of program. I think it was close to 60 boxes if I remember correctly.

  • Jen

    I saw some of these posts and decided to write in. I had joined LA Weight Loss back in 2004 and didn’t finish. =( In August of 2006, I went back and joined again paying another $400 to sign up, buy the juice and the bars. About two weeks later my advisor told me they were closing my local center and would be opening one two miles away. She told me they had to “paint and carpet” the new place and they would contact me when it was open. In the mean time, go about it myself. Well, months and months passed and I never got one phone call from these people. The woman flat out LIED to me about the new center. There was never going to be a new center!! I never got a refund either.

  • Bren

    To Jen,
    Jen, The Attorney General of Pennsylvania has now filed a civil action suit against these bozos. You, however, have to file a complaint with them. Go to http://www.attorneygeneral.gov and print out the healthcare claim form. I know that sounds weird, but I was personally contacted by the Agent Supervisor, whose name is Jerry Kling, and he said to use that form. Some questions on the form of course won’t pertain to your situation, but some will. Just fill it out to the best of your ability and I also sent receipts and anything I saved from Pure Weight Loss.

    I hope this helps.

  • marjen

    I am also a victim of pure weight loss . they owe me 350.00 not only did i get scam but i also got sick with their products. Did anyone get sick too?

  • Tammy

    I too was not given all of my BARS 40 boxes and should I get ahold of my attorney general office

  • Brenda

    To Tammy:
    Tammy, don’t waste any time. I know for a fact that the Attorney General in PA has a civil suit against them. I don’t know what state you live in, but I live in NJ and since Pure Weight Loss is out of PA, I filed a complaint with the attorney general there. I actually spoke with one of the agent supervisor’s, his name is Jerry Kling. Also, if you saved any receipts, contracts with PWL, make copies and send them along with your complaint. I was owed 50 bars and I was given CareCredit, I also have a complaint in with them. If you bought the bars on your credit card, even better, you will have the money credited to you before the dispute is completed. Good Luck.

  • http://pureweightloss donna

    This question is directed to Brenda. How did you go about filing your complaint? I attended the Bala Cyndwyd center in Philadelphia. I too have care credit which was $1500 dollars, but I have paid half of. Since then I have relocated to Charlotte, NC and the only proof that I have is my Care Credit billing. In the mist of moving I can’t seem to locate my enrollment contracts. I’ve been a long time member since 2001. I’ve lost 85lb, but those last 40lbs would not bulge. I’m at a lost I can’t find my client ID# and no telling where my receipts are by now. I retreive the form (refund application), but they also want the enrollment agreement sent also by certified mail.

    Jennifer, The Regional Manager for Philadelphia, if should happen to read this could you help me with retreiving my client ID number.

    ps, I want everything that I paid into LA weight loss Pure Weight Loss………..

  • Brenda

    Dear Donna,

    I’m at a relative’s house right now and I will better answer your questions on CareCredit, actually I can scan a copy of the dispute form from them, PWL isn’t going to send you one now, they filed bankruptcy on 1/11, I have a copy of that also. Just hang on, I will give you all the info later in the day.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Brenda: If you email the link to or the actual Care Credit form to info[at]ideafarm.net, I’ll post it here for download:

    Some of the files posted there include:
    - Pure Weight Loss Bankruptcy Petition 1/11/08
    - REFUND APPLICATION for Pure Weight Loss Customers
    - Contact List of State Attorneys General

    Also, lots of links to Pure Weight Loss stories, info and discussions.

  • Cyndi

    Hi. I have a substitute for take off juice-given to me by my counselor because I had a medical issue. Maybe a former employee can confirm this, but in case it helps any of you, I was a successful client of LAWL (in Texas) and went thru stabilization and was on maintenance until recently. I was on the Purple plan and NEVER used Lites or the Take Off juice because I have IBS/colitis.

    As for lites, they were not in my plan, nor any of their products that were soy based. My counselor had me follow the regular plan-minus lites.

    As for takeoff juice, my counselor had a substitute – 5 cups (total per day) of cantaloupe for 2 days and limited diet on those 2 days only. (Also at least 6-8 cups of water especially on these 2 days.)

    On the 2 days of takeoff, I would eat the following:

    7am – 2 cups cantaloupe (not honeydew melon or substitute)
    10am- 1 c cantaloupe

    Lunch – 1 cup lettuce
    1 c cantaloupe

    LA snack – if needed (I didn’t usally have time for snack during work)

    Dinner – 3 oz chicken, 1 cup lettuce (dressing), 1 c cantaloupe)

    So, without lites and using the cantaloupe for takeoff days (every 14-21 days or so to jump start a plateau) I still lost 20 pounds in 16 weeks. I am 5’5 and got down to 130-133. So far, so good I’ve maintained for the last four months on my own without counselors or LA products. I just have to be careful of too many carbs. If I carb overload for a week, I just go back to the cantaloupe take off for 2 days and lose that bloat… I hope this may help.

  • KL

    This scamming company owes us tons of money! It may seem like a pain, but file a claim with the FTC, BBB, PA state’s attorney general, and your own state’s attorney general. Ugh! What a mess!
    Anyone in ILLINOIS???

  • http://www.joyousdog.com Sue

    I just got off the phone with the PA Attorney General’s office. I had filed a complaint earlier, but not through the Health Care section so I wanted to confirm that it was received. I was told that the best way to ensure that it will be received is to use the Health Care form (disregard the Health Insurance questions, except for the need for a signature at the end).
    She also said that, even if you’re in another state, you can file a complaint with PA’s Atty. Gen. since Pure was headquartered in PA.
    Google the PA Attorney General for their web-site and follow the links to the Health Care Complaints section.
    Best of luck to all!

  • Dana

    Along with all of you, I too am out $$$. I have weeks left before my completion of the program but I am also out my 6 month/one year rebate both being 25% of my program cost. It may not seem like much but this is NOTwhat I paid for. I suppose all records of weightloss, stablization, and maintainance are long gone. How are we supposed to prove our involvement and faithfulness or lack there of??

  • Brenda

    Someone named Sean gave me an email address where I could send him the CareCredit dispute form, he should be posting it to this message board. Also, if you want you can call them at 1-877-295-2080,they should have you on file by your first and last name. Also even though you moved to NC, you can still send a complaint to the Attorney General in PA, go to http://www.attorneygeneral.gov and print out the healtcare form you can retrieve at the top of the page. Since you don’t have receipts I would write that explanation on the form, only fill out the parts that pertain to you, if you feel more comfortable calling them I don’t have a toll free number but you can use your cell, it is: 215-560-2414.

  • Marilyn

    Hello, Everyone1 I just found this website, so sorry that I’m getting in so late.
    I sent in my refund request forms right after the company went out (1/4), and I sent them Return Receipt Requested because like a lot of you, I’m owed a LOT of $.
    Yesterday, I got an “Attempt to Deliver” note, and I have to go to the post office to get the item they tried to deliver. But I have a VERY uneasy feeling because on the form, where it said “Sender”, the post office wrote in “Return.” I have a feeling that PWL sent my mail back!!
    If there’s a class-action brewing, count me in!!!

  • Brenda

    To Marilyn,

    As I have stated earlier, please file a complaint with the Attorney General. I live in NJ, but filed with the Attorney General in PA. Go to http://www.attorneygenerl.gov and at the top of the page in the left hand corner print out the Healthcare Form, fill out the portions that pertain to you. They have already filed a civil suit against PWL, but you have to get your name on their list. It will take awhile but it will be worth it. PWL filed for bankruptcy on Jan 10, someone had in the earlier message boards posted it on Franchise Pick and I made a copy of it. If you also purchased the lite bars through CareCredit, their customer service number is:1-877-295-2080, you can also file a dispute with them for the lite bars, but it takes up to 90 days for the dispute, since PWL filed bankruptcy, you win. Hope this helps.

  • Brenda

    To Marilyn,

    Correction on that website is http://www.attorneygeneral.net.

  • Brenda

    To Marilyn,

    Sorry about that it is http://www.attorneygeneral.gov, for sure.:)

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    I posted the Care Credit form (as a sample) on this page, along with the refund request and links to all the Attorney Generals of all 50 states. Thanks, Brenda, for the CC form:


  • Michelle Boyero

    I sent a certified letter as it says to do on the Pure Weight loss website requesting a refund. They owed me 8 boxes of lites and I had only been in the program for a short period of time and felt they owed me part of my registration fees back. My letter was returned saying undeliverable. WHAT A SCAM!!! Terrible thing to do to people. We are a one income family. My money could’ve gone to other things.

  • Brenda

    To Sean,

    Thanks for posting the dispute form for CC, also, I will post when I hear the outcome of the dispute I have in with ATG and CC.

  • Dana

    Hi I used to be a counsler also long ago until I realized what a horrible scam it all was. Yet, the program can work. It is based on portion control, and writing your food down. Also, we were told by dieticians that you can use Luna bars (sold in stores to replace lights) and just zerox your diary so you don’t run out. Make a friend weigh you in so you are still held accountable. Good luck every one.

  • Tammy S

    My husband and I both joined a few months ago. I was on the “green” plan and my husband was on the “purple” plan. During a weigh in session we accidently left all of our materiel on the counter. Guess what…went in the next day to pick it up and the center was closed. Would anyone out there be willing to post these two plans so we can get back on track? I contacted our state Attorney General to file a complaint so hopefully we’ll get some of our $$ back.

  • Dana

    Tammy, the gold and green plan are very similar the green plan is just a little less food. some of the portions are an ounce smaller for example. I don’t have a green planner any more but following gold and reducing portion size should work. 2 protiens, 3 vegetables, 3 fruits, 2 starches,1 dairy, 1 fat, 2 la lights. As far a purple, my husband was also on purple and lost 30 lbs. when I was working in the center. You will definately need planners to write down your food and check portion sizes. I wish I still had the purple plan around or memorized but neither of us do. Hope it works out.

  • Jill K.

    Dana and Tammy S. – I have the purple plan if you need it. I emailed it to another person that posted here. Let me know.

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    I too am an LA Weight Loss customer. Yesterday, 1-31, I received a notice from JENNY CRAIG! Evidently they are taking on LA Weight Loss clients. “If you have a current Pure Weight Loss contract, Jenny Craig will provide its program to you – without any service fee – for the time remaining on your Pure WeightLoss contract.” And so on. Also, if your contract has expired, there is a 30-day free coupon. Check your mailboxes and see what you find. Or you can call 1-800-597-JENNY and make an appointment, or go in to your local one with your contract and see if they can help you. Please understand, I am NOT affiliated with “Jenny Craig” at all. I am just a LAW client like the rest of you and I thought I’d try to help.

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    LA Weightloss IS the same as Pure WL and Family WL. Where I live, LA WL first changed to Family WL , (about summer time of ’07), and yet had signs that said Pure WL. That should have been my first clue.

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    Have any of you gone to pureweightloss.com? I know that seems obvious, but I DID get a lot of helpful information from there.

  • Ashley

    Are there any fromer LAWL employees who know how I can get my W-2′s from last year? I have tried calling the corporate number but it just rings off the hook.

  • francine

    Jll K. Can i have a copy of the purple plan

  • Valerie

    I tried Luna bars and the “Nutz Over Chocolate” flavor is delicious. I got them at Stop & Shop for ten for $10.00 Dont know if this was a sale or regular price. Sarajay are you still willing to send me the gold maintenance program?? Thanks

  • Nancy C

    I printed the form on the attorney general’s site but it is confusing. Most of the questions pertain to Health questions. Do I only need to fill out the first page or do I need to fill out the page that asks for SS# and DOB.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Nancy C

    Michelle B,
    Did you send a certified letter with all the information that was requested and that is what was returned to you? I don’t want to go to the expense if they are just going to return it. That stinks, we are out enough money without this too.

  • Sheila

    Pure Weight Loss owes me over $1,000 of my hard-earned money!! I lived up to my part of the contract. Why didn’t they live up to theirs???? Many people put their faith into this company and they have disappointed all of us. Where is my refund, as promised??

  • Brenda

    To Nancy C.

    Here’s what you fill out, also, I typed a letter and sent it along with it, stating what documents I sent them and explaining what they were for. You can google samples of consumer complaint letters to get an idea of how to start one.
    Fill out your name,address,phone,city,state,etc., then skip the 3 healthcare questions and go to the questions asking what company your complaint is against, their name,etc. Products or service used, and are you asking for a refund. Then right under that it wants you to give a brief description of what you want and then the other question asks what resolution you want out of it. By that time, they know it isn’t a healthcare complaint. I was told to send this form by an agent at the Attorney General’s office by the name of Jerry Kling, he personally called me himself because I had filled out the wrong form originally. . Just sign in the spot under the question “what resolution are you seeking in order to settle your complaint”. You don’t have to do the other 2 signatures, they are for permission to release your medical records. Hope this helps.

  • http://www.franbest.com sean

    RE Care Credit & Attorneys General: I have posted a sample of the Care Credit form to request, the contact info for the Attorney Generals of all 50 states and other documents and continually updated info and news on this page:

    You might want to bookmark it and check back often. If anyone has something to add, email me at info[at]ideafarm.net with Pure Weight Loss in the subject line.

    Here are the specific document links:
    CARE CREDIT Dispute Form (sample)

    Contact List of State Attorneys General

    Request: Also, if any of you have photos (even cell phone) of the closed centers or of some of the people being discussed, please email me with the location of the shot and permission to post it.

    A Thought: Stay active and keep the pressure on all of these guys to do the right thing. Thanks for all the info and mutual support. Getting – and staying – at your target weight without them will be the sweetest revenge, won’t it?



  • Barb

    I contacted the Ohio Attorney General and received a letter 2/4/08 saying “they have filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This matter is now in the hands of the bankruptcy court and the Attorney General does not have the authority to intervene. I suggest you contact the federal district court in which the bankruptcy was filed to find out if you can file a proof of claim form. The address is: U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Clerk’s Office, 900 Market St., Ste400, Philadelphia, PA 19107.” I urge EVERYONE to do this.

  • Nancy C

    What do we say, can I file a proof claim? Is there a form we need to complete before we send the letter? We just want what is owed to us.

  • Linda W

    I received a notice in the mail that Jenny Craig would extend the length of the current contract with Pure Weight Loss. I didn’t even know they had closed. Luckily I hadn’t pre-purchased any of the bars and finished my contract. I initially lost 13 lbs. but gained it all back and then some. I don’t feel that the program is realistic in the long term. It’s too restricting and the bars get really old after a while. I usually only ate 1 a day. That’s all I could stomach. Also I always felt pressured into buying their products and did try some of them. I felt very ripped off in the end.

  • Brenda W.

    To Linda W and all PWL clients, Weight Watchers is the most realistic diet plan you can be on. I went to them when I first found out about PWL closing and good thing, because I think PWL is very unrealistic and restricting. Join your local WW you will love it. It isn’t a diet, but a journey. I am steadily losing every week and in the beginning I was having a problem. My counselor knew what to do, since he was also a client previously and has lost 101lb and has kept it off for 5 years.

  • MelindaWarren

    Re: Linda W.

    The program works! I have done weight watchers til they kicked me out because the program stop working for me for after 6 months. I still tried it for 2 years after that. I didn’t cheat. I think that was way the asked me to leave because I would complain every week the programs does work. I only lasted 4 day on Jenny Craig because the food was so gross. AND get this!! After you lose half the weight that you want to lose Jenny Craig moves of to PWL program word for word you do the same thing!

    This program workd great for me, but if you want to do jenny craig you ARE going to schell out about $100+ a week for food. Good Luck!

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    Re:Melinda W. & Linda W.
    As far as Jenny Craig is concerned, if you are in the maintainence portion of the PWL program, you are NOT required to purchase food. Also, at least at the center in my town, I am following the Jenny Craig mainainence plan. Jenny Craig didn’t have to give PWL customers any help at all. It was their idea to help. The alternitive is to complete everything on your own and I know I’m not ready. When it comes to losing/maintaining weightloss, the angle you take can’t be too different from each other. whether is it portion size, caleries, or type of food. try to make it work for you. With PWL I never counted caleries!! There is no sence trying to reinvent the wheel. Also, when it comes to weight loss, the program won’t do it for you. You have to put your all into it. I’ts not supposed to be “hiccup” free. That is the point of the counseling. They want to know what they can do to help you. Jenny Craig does that too. You can also check http://www.pureweightloss.com and there is a list of other companies to choose from that will take you on to finish your contract free of charge. I wanted to quit MANY times, but didn’t because I knew I was in good hands and I let them help me. It’s really too bad that the center you went to left you hanging and didn’t help you along as they should have. Find an alternitive that works for you and STICK WITH IT!!! You CAN do it. You are worth it. Please take advantage of the free help out there. Try to find one that you don’t have to buy food. I know you are mad about the circumstances as the rest of us are. I hope this helps. I don’t mean to be bratty, just helpfull.

  • MelindaWarren

    Re: Dana
    I already called Jenny Craig and they won’t let me in the program unless I buy their nasty food. I’m sticking with PWL. The program is the best for me. I have looked at the PWL and none of the other companies are going to be able to help me unless I can do the PWL program and just get weighted every week. That is all I ever needed from any of these programs. Since I can’t do that I will have to go buy a scale! LOL!

  • Debi

    It’s really nice of Jenny Craig to help all of us from PWL But if you don’t have a copy of your contract or like in my case you live 1hour and 45mins away from the nearest Jenny Craig center your up a creek again. Our local news today said that the chances of anyone recieving the refunds owed to them from PWL are zero to none So here we go again. Also for anyone who is interested the is a support group called TOPS ( take off pounds sensibly) you follow your own diet but they are there to support you and it would be a weekly weigh in also the cost is very small to join it’s like 24.00 a year its a thought

  • MelindaWarren

    Re: Debi
    Do you have a website for TOPS? They really sound like something that I could use.


  • MelindaWarren

    Hey Debi! I found the info Thank you so much for telling us about it! The $24 I would have spent on a scale I can now use for TOPS. This is exactly what I needed!!!

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    RE: Melinda Warren
    So glad to hear that you found a program!!! TOPS sounds great. Good luck to those of you starting on a new journey. Soon we will be able to move on, shed the lbs. and gain success. ONLY success. LOL Good luck to you all!!!

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    RE: Debi
    Check http://www.pureweightloss.com
    There they had a list of other companies that are helping along with Jenny Craig. Make sure they know you are a former PWL customer and ask them directly what to do if you no longer have your contract. Good luck Debi. =)

  • Marilyn

    Hello, All!

  • Marilyn

    Whoops! Seems like I hit some key and sent my previous message…with no message!

    So I have several comments/ questions:

    1. The reasons I picked PWL in the first place, as opposed to Jenny or WW were that the meetings with counsellors were private, that you could come in whenever was convenient, and that you could eat your own food. (I keep Kosher, so Jenny food, for example, is not an option for me.) Can anyone suggest an alternative to PWL that meets those 3 criteria?

    2. What contract? I have every paper I was ever given by PWL, including my receipt from Care Credit for when i joined, but i have no copy of any contract! My counsellor told me how many weeks I had left, but that’s the only record I’ve got!

    3. I submitted a claim to the PA attorney general, but never got any kind of response…Not even an acknowledgment of my claim. How about the rest of you? What do I do now? Go to MD’s AG? (Someone wrote a while back that that’s what to do, but then others wrote that you file with PA b/c that’s where the co. is, and someone else wrote that b/c the co. filed for bankruptcy, the AGs have no domain.) So could someone please clarify for me?

    4. It seems that some people’s comments no longer come up on my screen in the blog. (For instance, the woman who wrote recently that her English is not good, but she gave some important info.) Did I do something wrong? I’m pretty techno-clumsy, so could someone please help clarify for me how this works?

  • Debi

    Hi Milinda Glad I could help I’ve been going a couple of weeks and everyone is really great and very supportive good luck

  • Beth Hughes

    To Marilyn:

    I live in New York State and I submitted a claim to my attorney general’s office. They sent me back more paper work to send to them and also to send to the bankruptcy court. They have been very helpful, but are warning me that this will be a LONG process and may not see any or all of our money. Because PWL has filed for bankruptcy they are no longer processing refunds themselves, it is all in the hands of the courts. Let me know if you need any addresses.

  • Dan Ward

    My wife and I did well under this plan but – like with most diets – it all came back. But that was our fault. They will have some of our ‘bar’ money. I guess I’ll never see that.

  • JIll G

    So…I just received my certified letter back as undeliverable after 6 weeks!!! – LOL – I am owed 30 boxes of LA LITES –

    I files a claim with teh MD. ATT GEN – anyone with a good address or results?

    SAd part is the lites were tasty treats – know who made them – or where they are warehoused? SO far – no bars, NO refund, no luck -

  • Michelle

    Mine was returned undeliverable too. It’s just another scam from PWL to get people off their backs. There is nobody there to sign for the refund letters coming in certified mail so it’s more money spent with no results. Here’s the deal. We’ll never get our money back. No matter what people tell you to do, i.e. contact attorney’s etc. They are out of business and the money is GONE!!! SAD but true!!! I’m owed over $400.00. I thought I had it bad but then I saw some people were taken for thousands.

  • Michelle

    Forgot to add. lindora.com has bars that I have heard are alot like PWL but they aren’t cheap. I think $12.00 for a box of 7 bars. Personally, I am done spending money to try and be thinner. It’s time for me to get serious by exercising and eating right. That’s the only real thing that will work for anyone long term. PWL has really soured me on the whole weight loss market. I called the corporate office about a month before they closed to discuss rumors of closings from employees at my local center and I was told it was a complete lie and to be assured that all was fine and my center would remain open. They lied directly to me. All I can say is karma is a real “B” and it’s coming!!!

  • Tammy S

    Jill K

    Just saw your post about the purple plan (2/1/08). What’s the easiest way to exchange emails? (I’m new to this stuff).

  • Patricia

    If you contact the US Bankruptcy Court for Pennsylvania, you will be able to file a claim and be added to the list of creditors for PWL (the bankruptcy petion is on this blog. Copy down the docket number in your letter). There is no guarantee, but they did indicate on their bankruptcy petition that they have money to pay back their creditors and customers. Many will just have to get in line. If you signed up with PWL with Care One Credit and file a dispute, they will credit your account (and I am a lucky one who can attest to this). Care One will then petition the court for their money back. Individuals will have to stand in line behind CareOne and anyone else that they owe. I am so sorry this happened to all of us. Best of luck.

  • Jon E.

    My advice if you like this type of a program is to seek one out at a local hospital. They are very similar, if not better due to the clinical staff involved. And if they do go out of business they aren’t all of a sudden gone because the main business, the hospital, is likely still there. These types of diets do work and I hope that this unfortunate incident is not giving the meal replacement plans a bad name.

  • gail

    Hi, I have been on LA Weightloss 2 different times. It definitely works if you stick to it. I was a member in Levittown, NY and I thought the counselors were very nice and they were always very helpful. Eventhough many times I did not report in as I should have, when I did go in they did their best to motivate and help me. I was lucky enough to get all my bars and although I am sure that I did lose some money on the weeks owed to me, I am more upset that I do not have the support there when I need it. I will miss Angie and Jill and I hope that they were able to find other jobs since they were let go during the holidays. I have purchased the Take Off Juice and the Biscotti on ebay if that helps anyone. I for one am going to keep trying on my own.

  • Debra

    I am just so upset that Pure Weight Loss closed their doors. What really bothered me even more than the money I lost, is the fact that no one at the center had the nerve to call me personally. I would have been more than happy to drop what I was doing to come by and pick up the bars that I had prepaid for. Luckily for me this was only a couple hundred dollars overall. I was in maintenance so it wasn’t as great a loss. I feel bad for the people who ultimately spend thousands of dollars right around the holidays in the hopes of losing it in the new year and lost all of their money. Really, the company should be held responsible for such bad ethics. It’s just sickening.

  • Shalove

    I was really shocked to find out that LAWL closed it’s doors for good. I joined the program about 5 years ago and lost 40 pounds. I periodically like to come back and purchase the fast forward drink and the bars to keep myself in check. I was just there in November and purchase a supply of FFD and bars and was approached by the counselors to restart the program again. They kept trying to get me to restart and I kept telling them I would like to lose a few more pounds but not until after the new year. What surprises me is that the name had changed to PWL at that time and they knew they were going to close the doors and kept trying to convince me to sign up again. fortunate for me I did not sign up again so they did not owe me any money but I am glad I stuck to my guns. It’s unfortunate for all you people who are owed money. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks to someone on this blog who told me I can still purchase the FFD on ebay.

  • Marilyn

    Hello from Maryland!

  • Marilyn

    Hello from Maryland! (Sorry…I already said that, and I somehow sent it w/o meaning to!
    A response, and a thought:
    To Shalove…It is my understanding that the counsellors had NO IDEA what was coming down the Pike, so don’t be angry with the counsellor who was trying to persuade you to sign on again. Just yesterday, I got a call from my former counsellor, who is trying (at the request of former PWL clients) to make a living now by holding group counselling sessions. When I said something about $ gone forever, she said not to despair, that it hadn’t yet been 8 wks. Then I told her about the returned mail, this website, etc, and she was SHOCKED! I suppose it could have been an act, but she was pretty devastated by the news that she was going to be out of work, so I can’t see any reason that she’d be covering for the company.
    Now, my thought: The PWL website is STILL saying “not to delay in sending in requests for refunds.” Can this matter be given to the FTC or some agency like that, as a case of internet fraud? I’m not a lawyer. Is any of you, or are you married to someone who is, and who might know about this stuff?
    I, for one, am not quite prepared to just shrug off the loss of 100′s (or for some of you, 1,000′s) of dollars. Let’s pool our brainpower, and try and think outside the box!

  • Sue

    Hi — I haven’t posted here in a while, but wanted to second the defense of the Counselors at PWL. They really had no idea this was coming (I went for a weigh in on the December day when the regional manager and a few other folks were laid off unceremoniously. I can tell you from her tears that these young women had no idea this would happen).
    Also, I just got a letter from the PA Atty General’s office, confirming receipt of my complaint. If you haven’t yet sent one to them, I suggest that you do (use the Health Care section to complain — just disregard the stuff that doesn’t apply to PWL).
    They said that the AG’s suit will take some time, and in the meantime, if I paid with a credit card, I should take the issue up with my credit card company. I had not planned to do this, since the bill was from September, so I figured it was a done deal by now. But the AG’s office says to try to apply for a refund there and to keep them (The Attorney General) informed about how that goes. Evidently some people are still able to cancel payment to their CC companies.
    Just thought I’d pass this info along.
    –Sue (2 pounds away from my original goal!)

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    To Marilyn
    Amen sista!!

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the info. Does anyone know whether this is true with all credit cards…Care Credit, VISA, Master, etc? If so, please advise! Sue…How long ago did you file with the PA AG? I’m wondering b/c I never got any confirmation. It could be that they’re just backlogged, or it could be that they never received my complaint…I want to know whether i should inquire, or whether i should wait a while longer.
    I don’t mind if this takes a while (Well, actually, I’d really like my $ NOW!) but I would like to feel that there is SOME recourse!
    Marilyn from Maryland

  • Melissa Richards

    WTF??? LA Weight Loss has a new website up. I sent an email asking what the heck was going on with this crap. I think I’ll call the number listed in a few days if I don’t hear anything. This is about a crock.

  • Sue

    Melissa — I’m guessing that the web-site if for L.A. Weight Loss. THEY still exist (they’re the franchise side of the business…Pure Weight Loss, the corporate side of the business, is the one that went out of business). I’ll check the web-site, though, and see if that seems right.

  • Melissa Richards

    Thanks Sue. =}

  • Sue

    Marilyn — I don’t know if the refund would apply to all credit cards. I know that some companies will refund for services not rendered. I’m not even sure that mine will do it, but I’m going to look into it so I can at least let the AG’s office know what they say.
    As for your question, I can’t recall the exact date that I filed my complaint, but it was within the last couple of weeks (I had filed earlier as well, but when I called to see if the complaint was received, they suggested filing again since I hadn’t gone through the Health Care section).
    I can tell you that the Agent Supervisor assigned to me (and, I guess to the PWL case) is named Jeremiah Kling. You might try to call him and see if your complaint is there.
    Good luck. –Sue

  • Sheri

    They have filed chapter 7 now we are out of our money what a scam. this just really upsets me. my sister called me today and had been to a center that is still open trying to get clients to join. what the heck are they doing taking money from people when they know they will close their doors. this is truely a scam. Jail time should be someones time. I told my sister do not join.

  • Janci

    I’m confused. Is Pure Weight Loss the same as L.A. Weight Loss? In Austin, TX we are still seeing daily tv ads for L.A. Weight Loss Center specials. There were ads run on ABC frequently today. I had finally made up my mind to join and I was going to do it online. When I tried to Google their website address, I never found it, but I did find several sites regarding the closing of hundreds of Pure Weight Loss Centers, sometimes referred to as L.A. Weight Loss centers. So, can someone please sort out the particulars for me? Thanks.

  • Sue

    Jan — It IS confusing. In a nutshell: L A Weight loss was around for years. The owners decided to go their separate ways. The scheming, slimy, unscrupulous Vaughn Karian (if that is his real name) set his end of the business up as a single corporate entity and changed the name to Pure Weight Loss. He shut the whole business down with only 3 weeks notice to clients and staff.
    The other piece of the business went on as Franchises (which I think they had been to begin with). So…in some parts of the country you can still find L.A. Weight Loss. As far as I know, the plans are the same (or pretty similar). And I can tell you that Pure is working great for me (even without the company backing me up).
    I don’t know whether LAWL should be trusted or not, but I don’t think that they’re connected in any way, except origin, with Pure.
    Hope that helps. –Sue

  • Sue

    I just received a notice from Bankruptcy Court regarding the case of PWL. There will be a “Meeting of Creditors” on March 14th at the William J. Green Federal Building in Philadelphia (600 Arch St., 2nd floor conference room).
    I don’t know if I can make it (don’t have to attend if I file my complaint by mail) but I think it would be great to go if I could get a bunch of their “creditors” (that’s US) to be there to face this shmoe down!
    Anyone want to come to Philly??

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Thanks for the info. I’m posting it today. Do you have a time for the meeting.

    Also: Does anyone have a photo of Vahan Karian? Email me at info[at]ideafarm.net. There don’t seem to be any pics of him (at least that I could find) on the net – strange for a CEO. Does his image not appear in mirrors or on film?

  • Sue

    Sean — Sorry I left the time out. The meeting is at
    10 AM in the Federal Courthouse.
    I’d love to know if anyone else is planning to try to get there. I need to decide about taking time off from work for this — as ticked as I am at this guy, and as much as I want to face him in person, I think I ‘d feel better about it if I wasn’t alone.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    I very much doubt that you’ll be alone. Especially now that I’ve announced the Pure Blarney Party to follow:
    I may take the opportunity to unveil the Sean Kelly Corned Beef & Guinness diet which is sure to be the next diet craze.
    My diet requires a different kind of “bars” than PWL.

  • Brenda

    Hey all,

    I went to view my payment with CareCredit online and they have zeroed out my balance. Now I am waiting for the official letter to come.

  • MelindaWarren

    No Way! Brenda, what did you have to do to get them to do that??

  • Beth Hughes

    Brenda: What did you submit to Care Credit to get them to zero your balance? I sent them a letter awhile ago, but I just keep getting letters that they are looking into it.

  • Marilyn

    Well, Brenda…A glimmer of hope for the rest of us!
    I’ve been a busy little beaver today. Spoke with someone at the Pa. Attorney General’s office (actually, I did that the other day) and mentioned the possibility of the FTC going after PWL for internet fraud. The woman with whom i spoke said that she didn’t think anyone in her office had thought of that angle, and that she’d pass the idea along. Don’t know if that would yield $, but if at least the head honcho gets prosecuted, that would be some satisfaction!
    I also had a long conversation with someone from Capital One, the credit card company I used to buy my Lites. They said that usually there is a 3 month limit on disputed charges, but that they’d make an exception in this case. So they’ve credited my acct. for the cost of the Lites, pending the paperwork i need to send them. Will keep you posted.
    Next, I filled out my paperwork for Care Credit, to cover the 42 weeks I had paid for and never got. I wrote a letter, and attached copies of my enrollment contract, and the letter and form that I had sent to Horsham, plus a copy of the envelope that was marked Certified Mail, and Return- Undeliverable. Hopefully, that will satisfy them. But Brenda, if there was something else I needed to send, please let me know!
    Finally, I sent off the Evidence of Claim form to the bankruptcy court.
    So, is there anything else anyone suggests? Any stone unturned? (Of course, if I turn over the right- or wrong- stone, Karian might just crawl out!!)
    Let’s keep the hope- and the pressure, and the communication-alive!

  • Sue

    This snow day was good for getting it together here too! I finally tracked down which charge card had my payment for PWL (it was Bank of America). I called customer service and spoke to someone who told me to send all of the documentation I could get to them (my original contract, letter about closing, copies of my refund request, and correspondence from the Attorney General’s office). She made no promises, but sounds like they MIGHT be able to credit my account for the money due to me (pro-rated, of course, as my refund would have been). At least they are willing to look at the case, despite the original charge having been made back in September.
    Now, if I could just FIND my darned original PWL file! Some day I’ll get truly organized around here.
    Hope that info will be helpful to someone.

  • MelindaWarren


    Did you still have that number? I sent all the info in within the time and I still haven’t heard anything! Do you talk to the people at care card or capital one?


  • Marilyn


    Care Credit was all automated. No matter what I tried, I just got a recording saying that all dispute claims had to be in writing. So I wrote! The mailing address that the recording gave was GE Consumer Finance POB 981438 El Paso, Texas 79998-1438.
    At Capital One, I called the number on my statement, and followed the menu prompts to Disputes. Then I reached a human being named Suzanne, who was WONDERFUL! Patient, helpful, asked her colleagues for tips and guidance…I absolutely could not have asked for better service!
    Hope this helps some of you (and me!!)

  • Sue

    At the risk of sounding “mushy” and maudlin, I just have to say that, as I read the posts here, I’m so glad to have found this group of people. Everyone has been so supportive of one another and so willing to share information.
    Makes me feel a bit better about this whole lousy situation.
    –Pollyana, er, Sue

  • CAK

    I am so disappointed about PWL closing because I got good results with the program and the couselors were very helpful and not pushy with the products. I believed they truely cared about the clients. I am currently on the gold/yellow plan and want to know at what weight do you change to the next level below. When I work out a lot I move to the red level. But what is below the gold level? Does anyone know? And what are the amounts? Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Hey everyone, I just received a form from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, concerning the pwl/aka LA weight Loss..has anyone else received this letter?

  • Melissa Richards

    I received my letter today too. Do you think we will really get any justice ????

  • Sue

    Please consider coming to Philly for the Bankruptcy “Meeting of Creditors” mentioned in the Bankruptcy Court notice (see my earlier post above). I hope that if we show up in force, the courts will HAVE to take this more seriously.

  • Sue

    CAK –There is a yahoo group called pwlwinnerscircle, if you are interested in joining. It’s a bunch of former PWL clients who continue to offer each other support in their weight loss goals.
    You can probably find someone there who can answer your questions about the different plans and when to switch to the next level. –Sue

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry


    below the gold level is the green plan, but in my 2 years working with the company i RARELY saw people with the height/current wt/lbs to lose/ideal wt ratios even qualify to hit the green plan. you can have someone with the formula figure it out for you as it’s been several years since i’ve worked for the company. i know that when i did the plan gold was the bottom line…

    hope this helps!!!!!

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    hey sean!

    i looked for a pictude of the “karian criminal” and couldn’t find one either. i only ever saw i picture of him once…it was during my training when i started the company and before he did a last name change.
    i do remember two things…he was tanner than george hamilton and had some sort of frankie vallie black perfect hair going—-that was probably a RUG!!!! LOL!

  • http://www.icefitnesspa.com sherry

    holy typo, batman!!!!

  • lisa

    I was shocked, my file was put on hold since the summer because I was temporarily working farther away and unable to get there during their hours. Therefore I went months without bars etc. New year and I am in a better position to continue now I find they are bankrupt!! I don’t even know who and where to call to see how much bars are still owed to me. I know I kicked out over $1,500 for this program that was working for me.

  • Kim

    HELP!! I am so ticked off. I don’t know which form to fill out or who to call in order to try and get some of my money back. I talked to my local news last night and they did a story about the closing weightloss centers…does anyone have any suggestions? I have a good 4 months left on my years program and over $1000 in prepaid lites that I am owed. Do I go to a lawyer?

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    I suppose it depends on what state you are in. I am in Washington state and I am finding that it would cost me much more to get an attorney and try to get my $1200 back than to just wave it goodbye. I received a letter yesterday giving me all the information about the bankruptsey (sp?) case and if you don’t live in PA, you almost cant do anything. They want you to show up in person and even after you do all they want you to, you may not get any $$. There is no $$ to give. What idiots!!! Where did our $go??? Ugh. I understand your frustration. I hope I helped.

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean
  • Valerie

    I also received a notice of bankrupcy from PA. Guess LAWL listed all of their creditors when filing. Meeting is scheduled for 3/14/08 in Philly.

  • Sue

    Dana — I think you misunderstood the Bankruptcy notice. Please read it again. You do NOT need to be present at the meeting to be counted in as a creditor. You DO need to fill out the forms that they sent you (or that you can find on line) in order to be counted as a creditor.
    I don’t know what the odds are of getting our money back, or how long it may take, but I feel that our odds increase if we are represented in large numbers — either through filling out the forms or through showing up in person.
    I have been encouraging people to come to Philly so we can show ourselves as a force to be reckoned with and as a symbol of our solidarity (in fact, I think we should hold signs calling Karian a “Big FAT Fraud”). Coming to Philly is NOT a requirement for getting your money back.
    Hope this helps you figure it all out.

  • Sue

    Also, if you haven’t already done it, file a complaint under the Health Care section of the PA Attorney General’s Office. They are suing our “friend” Vahan to try to get our money back to us.

  • Melissa

    I got the letter today..BUT I signed up wow..in August 2006 when it was LAWL…i had two surgeries and a baby then started again in October. I only went for a month bc the women there were total idiots and too pushy. They said I had to resign a new contract and there was a HUGE difference between LAWL and pwl contracts. I did it bc she forced me too..then stated I had to buy bars or i’d be kicked out of program for non compliance of my “new’ contract..well i didnt go back. But I only used 8 weeks total before all my stuff happen. I had medical excuses so my weeks and time were “saved”…anyway…when filing the paperwork..should we attach our receipt and contract??????

  • Kathleen Crawford

    Hi, I signed my contract with L.A. Weightloss. My center then switched over to Pure weightloss in November. I never resigned anything with PWL so I’m wondering if I can go after LAW to get my bars or money back??? If anyone here knows the answer to this query I would sure appreciate it. Thank you and good luck to all! Kathleen

  • Marilyn


  • Marilyn

    Melissa- Sorry ’bout that…I hit some wrong key, and suddenly my message was getting sent…with no message! Anyway, most of us, I think, signed on when it was LAWL, and are now out $ from PWL. But the attorney gen’l knows that, so I don’t think that’s a problem. In fact, since they made you sign a PWL contract, you may be in better shape than most of us! In any case, even the bankruptcy papers say PWL, formerly known as LAWL. (I’m NOT a lawyer, though, so don’t hold me to any of this!!) But by all means, I would attach every relevant piece of paper I could find!
    Kathleen- If I understand all this properly, the centers that are still operating as LAWL are actually owned by someone other than this Vaughn guy, so they (literally) don’t owe us a thing! (Again, I’m no lawyer, but that’s my understanding.)
    I would LOVE to be in Philly for the creditors’ meeting, but that would mean taking off of work, travel costs, etc…more $ spent! But I would urge anyone who’s in the Philly area (or who’s in a position to take a vacation…the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are pretty cool!!) to mark their calendars! And do let the rest of us know how it goes!
    Keep the faith! And don’t give up any possible avenue of redress…Credit cards companies, attorney generals, bankruptcy court claims are all free of charge, and they’re on our side!
    Marilyn from Maryland

  • Melisa R

    I just need my weight loss records? Anyone know how I can get me. I need them in order to proceed for weight loss surgery.

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    I also need my records. All of our progress and details of our personal program. Are there any ex-employee’s with a suggesstion??

  • Laurie Knapp

    Luckily I decided to take all my Lites when I signed up but my local center in Elmira, NY closed soon after I started my first couple weeks of stablization. I was told all I had to do was to fill out a refund form and I could get my money back. I needed my client ID number which I no longer could find and could also never get anyone at the center to answer the phone. The website told you to call the 1-800 number which was a recording that told you to call Jenny Craig and then hung up. I later recieved a paper from from Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court asking for me to fill out a Proof of Claim Form but I don’t know how much is owed to me for the remainder of the weeks I had left. I seriously doubt I’ll see any of that money again. I hope the company chokes on our money! I also would be interested in a class action lawsuit.

  • Erinn Cook

    I quit LA weight loss, along with my manager, in may 2007…we saw that things were going crazy back then…
    ive tried contacting the corporate office, etc… i need my DAMN W-2 for taxes… will the IRS have that info or does ANYONE have a working corporate number for LA/PureWeightLoss?

  • Elaine

    Hi, I am so glad to see that others are going through the same thing bc this is so frustrating! I do not have money to just waste ! I live in DC, and requested a refund for the remaining credit I had for about 50 boxes of lites. What happened? I still am waiting for the answer. And Care Credit said they could not help me bc my balance was paid off? Are we going to need lawyers for all of this? This sucks!

  • Sue

    If PWL owes you money you should be listed in their creditors for the upcoming bankruptcy hearing (for what that may or may not be worth) but you should also go to the website of the Attorney General of PA and file a complaint in their HealthCare section. Answer all relevant questions to the best of your ability and disregard those that don’t apply.
    That way you will also be counted in the suit they are currently filing against PWL and its slimy owner.
    I’m not a Lawyer, but I have been paying pretty close attention to all of this stuff.
    The AG’s office specifically states that they cannot act as your private attorney in this matter. So if you feel the need, you may want to at least consult with an attorney.
    And, Yes, it does SUCK! –Sue

  • LISA

    I am on the purple plan also and looking for someone to tell me how to exchange the lites and go on a no lite program.

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  • Evelyn

    The interesting this is, when I went to LAWL in mid December, they informed they were going out of business and showed me how to file for a refund. When I asked how they were going to afford to pay back all of these refunds, I was told “oh, he’s not bankrupt, he’s going into the skin care business”. Interesting, uh? Then when he saw how many refund requests there were, he decided to declare bankruptcy after the fact.

  • Sue

    Funny, Evelyn, because my Counselors told me the opposite thing. They found out (also after the fact) that he USED to be in the skin care business, then closed that one just as suddenly as he did PWL and moved on to the weight loss business.
    I guess the rumors will continue to fly — and we may never know the truth, since this guy is such an elusive and secretive S.O.B.

  • Kim

    May I make a suggestion? When I found out about them going out of business they owed me a years worth of ‘lites’ and membership. I was so pissed I went to my local news and told the truth about how I was scammed still not expecting to get any money back but in less than a week I got a check in the mail for a refund of about $1,800. I wish everyone luck and its a horrible thing that this country allows people to get ripped off like this. Seriously talk to your local news and spread the word!!

  • Trinity

    I as well as many others that have posted am a former employee. I was assistant manager in Rochester, NY for almost a year and i spent over a year with the company. Now there are alot of negative things i could say about the company but Vaugh (The C.E.O.) is not out of money. Evelyn what your counselor told you was correct. The company did have the money to refund everyone he just decided that he didnt want to. Hopefully most of you will get your refunds anyways.

    As far as adjusting your plans and suggestions on how to continue i am more than willing to help you out. To make a NO LITE plan you just take away the 2 lite bars and add 2 VEG and 1 FRUIT to any menu plan. Its that SIMPLE. If there is anything else you want to know just ask.

  • Trinity


    I am a former employee of Pure weightloss. I was an assistant manager in Rochester, NY for over a year. I can help with suggestions if you need any. To answer a few recent questions….

    NO LITE PLAN- TAKE AWAY 2 LITES and ADD 2 VEG and 1 FRUIT TO ANY MENU PLAN. Its that simple.

    You will most likely NOT get your records back either. Im sure they shipped them to PA by now in the warehouse that we shipped old files to. They will need that information for the bankruptcy. So dont hold your breath.

  • TLR

    Hi I’m an ex-employee of the LA Weight Loss center in Mesa, Arizona. The one on Brown and Gilbert. I was on the program and was successfull. I recieved my first rebate but never recieved the 2nd one. I also have another friend who is still going and hasn’t received her 1st rebate.. I have a feeling there getting ready to close down too. Anybody have any info out there. TLR

  • Marilyn

    Hello, All!
    A bit of good news…I was in touch with Capital One, whose credit card I used to buy the Lites that I was owed. They have been AWESOME! At first, when i told them the transaction dates, they said that the time limit for a grievance claim was past, but when I explained the situation, they agreed to go to bat for me. They credited my account immediately, but sent me some fairly straightforward paperwork to complete. It asked for proof of purchase, and I phoned again, concerned that I might not be able to find the receipt (which, in the end, I did), and they said that i should just write a companion letter explaining why I could not supply the documents.
    I STRONGLY urge anyone who paid for supplies or services with a credit card to give it a shot…Worst case, they tell you that you’re out of luck!

  • Stephany

    I’ve also received the bankruptcy notice and I paid for both my sister’s and I programs, thats about $1,000 on my credit card. However, we can’t find the copy of the contracts and I’m super confuse about the Proof Of claim form because it asks you for the documents. I hope I’m not doomed!

  • Stacey

    I want to thank everyone for posting their opinions on LAWL. I am from KY and was thinking about contacting them concerning this program. After reading these messages I do not want anything to do with this company. I hope anyone else thinking of joining does research into these problems.

  • Kathleen Crawford

    I have several boxes of L.A.Lites left that I would be willing to sell if anyone is interested. I am so fed up with this company that I don’t even want what I have left. My email address is kathleen.crawford@mac.com.

  • Rick

    Today I talked to a representative of Care Credit and they indicated that an individual would only be responsible for paying that part of the credit card bill that was for “services already rendered”. If you follow the claim dispute procedures you should get a credit on your bill! Now waiting for this in writing, and the process to follow to show what services were not rendered.



  • Michelle

    I started LA Weight Loss mid February here in Salem, Oregon. Does anyone know if they will be closing the ones here? And I am so dissappointed with all the b s….

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    I am from Bellingham, WA. Just up north from you. Our LA Weightloss has been closed since before Christmas. If you just started, keep ALL of your receipts and papers of any kind that they give you. Don’t buy anything else from them. Stock up on the daily food plan booklets so you could if you have to, go it alone. See if you can get copies of your records. NONE of us will ever get our back. I don’t want to discourage you, but you might want to look into meeting with a lawyer. Just to know what your rights are and what you need to do for the future. Your Center WILL close down. Expect it. The guy is a crook. If you need any support, keep in touch. We live in the same neck of the woods. I was encouraged to call the local news, but my story is a little different than yours so I’m not sure if they would think much of it.
    Take care…

  • Sue

    Dana — Was your center an LA Weight Loss or a Pure Weight Loss? They are no longer the same thing.
    I would still advise some caution for LAWL customers (especially in terms of paying big amounts of money up front). But I’m pretty sure that the LA Centers are not closing as the Pure centers did.
    LA is a Franchise operation. Pure was owned by one guy (who I call “The Sleaze”).

  • http://www.franchisepick.com/pure-weight-loss-customers-share-news-opinions-here/ Dana E.

    Sue, yes, my center was LA Weightloss. All of the centers in WA shut down. When I started, Mar. ’06, it was LA Weighloss. Summerish of ’07 it changed to Family weightloss for about a month. And then Pure weightloss. that is why I think they are the same. At first, when they closed, I was told I could go to the Everet center. That is about 1 hour and 15 miutetes south. Almost to Seattle. When I called them (Everet center), to see what they could do for me, they were closed too. That’s when I knew I was screwed. Does what I say make sense? =)

  • AL

    Does any one have an extra copy of the “gold plan” menu book. I’ll pay for it if you’d like? I am a current member and it feels as though they hung me out to dry!

  • AL


    Is there a substituton for the take off juice? By the way, you are a blessing in disguise!

  • francine

    I have someplace for you to try. the site is called indeed.com.When you get there click on find forum. type in pure weight loss. There is a former counselor from La weight Loss who is our god send. Just ask the question and he will answer and he is quick in less then 1 hour. He will make justment to your plan, give receipe idea, talk you through anything. Just go there and read. He is people who where left high and dry god send.

  • francine

    One more thing.Raz(the god send at indeed.) will also tell you how to continue your plan if you have no lite.

  • Sue

    I’ve heard — from various sources — that you can use half a canteloupe per day instead of the Take-Off juice (I figured that,when I do, I’ll turn it into juice and mix it with water so it goes further than just eating it cubed). I haven’t tried it yet, since I still have 2 bottles of juice (which I’m treating like gold and saving for a desperate day).
    Good luck!
    Also, check out the site 3fatchicksonadiet.com they have lots of on-line support, including some LA Weightloss forums.

  • AL

    Thanks Fran!

    I just posted the questions. I wish I had a copy of the book because I knowing me, I’ll eat the same thing over and over again without varity. I remember some of the foods, but I think I can manage. You are a blessing and thanks for the information!

  • francine

    I left out an important part of the direction to the my god sent. After you typed in Pure weight loss and click find the forum.The next step would have been to click on the discussion group “Plans without lites”. I knew you did something wrong because I get an email whenevere post is made. I copied your post and placed it in the right forum.Good luck

  • Sue

    AL — Which book (I assume you mean color-coded plan) do you need? I have both the gold and the purple and would be willing to send you a copy of either if we can figure out how to exchange addresses (that can be confusing on this site).

  • francine

    Razthe god sent has answered your question and have given you a full detail plan on everything. Just follow my instruiction on how to get to the forum and read

  • Nik

    I did LA Weigh Loss about 3 years ago and had tremendous success. I lost 31 pounds in 13 weeks. I still loosely follow the weight loss plan in my everyday life and have maintained my weight loss. I was fortunate enough to have finished my plan and nothing is owed to me. Unfortunate for the business, but the plan does work if you follow it!

  • Marilyn

    Here’s a bit of good news…I just received notice from my Master Card company that they have credited my account for the full amount of Lites that I never got. I urge anyone who made purchases with a charge card to contact the credit card company.
    I still haven’t heard anything back from Care Credit, though. Did anyone have success getting $ back from them?

  • http://kievkiyayahoo.com J. Prather

    To Marilyn, thanks for the info. about the credit card company crediting your account. So you are saying just contact my credit card company, ( I have Visa) ), and explain my situation to them and maybe they will credit my account?

  • Marilyn

    To J. Prather… Yup, that was my experience with Capital One. They asked me a few questions over the phone, and then they sent me a one-page questionnaire that I needed to complete and return along with copies of whatever documents I could produce. (I was able to find my credit card receipt, but over the phone they told me that if i couldn’t, i should just state in the form why I wasn’t providing documentation.) I was cautioned that i had to get the form back to them by their deadline or they could reverse their action and once again charge my account, so i made a point of Faxing everything to them and then following up by phone to confirm that they had gotten the paperwork. Other than that, it was really quite painless, and helped restore my faith in “the system.” By all means, try, and good luck to you and anyone else who does!

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  • Nina

    Just wanted to know if anybody can send me a copy of the stabilization and maintenance booklets all the centers in NY have been closed. I keep trying to call the 800# on the la weight loss website but get no response. I’ve lost the weight but now i’m afraid to gain it back, since I haven’t completed the stabilization or maintenance of the program. Can somebody please email me if the have this information. Thank you Cuentame2001@yahoo.com

  • Debi

    Did anyone go to the hearing on March 4th in PA? It was over 9 hours for me to drive and I couldn’t afford to miss work. I was wondering what happened.


  • Sue

    I had hoped to go, since I’m in the area, but was not able to get out of work for the day. I wish I knew how it went. I’ve seen no news on it locally.

  • Joyce

    Hi ,
    I’m sorry for all of us I’ve had knee surgery and stoped the program for a few months .Now I’m ready to complete the program,I went to my local pwl center and the door was locked.I was soo surprised.

  • Patricia

    I received a credit from Care One for all of the money owed to me, but not the deferred interest. I then received 2 refund checks from them, reimbursing me for the deferred interest. It takes awhile for you to hear from them ( a few months), but they will return all monies due to you and your statments will indicate that no payment is due as there is a dispute under investigation.

  • Melody A


    Apr 15, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Hi ,
    I’m sorry for all of us I’ve had knee surgery and stoped the program for a few months .Now I’m ready to complete the program,I went to my local pwl center and the door was locked.I was soo surprised.

    Joyce, I feel for you! I was pregnant and on bedrest for a month, then had the baby. I went to PWL to show pics of him, and doors were locked with a “for sale” sign on the building! I still had 25 more pounds plus maintenace left…..

  • Donna A.

    I did LA weight loss program afew years ago and I just loved it. So much that up until last year I was still using their products from Pure weight loss. Now I am still wanting to buy some products and just found out that this is going on. :( this is really sad LA Weight Loss REALLY WORKS one of the good programs I ever found.

  • http://purewtloss Sandy

    I did as stated and contacted my credit card co. tried to explain that I was only o’d part of what I had charged in Nov. when I started on pure wt loss, and did not need the full amout returned to my account. by the time i got my statement from my card, I also got a fed ex from them with a letter stating that requesting a return of any moneys was fraud, and that I was o’d nothing…what an expensive 2 months, and I only lost 10 pounds.

  • Jill

    Hi, I as well am upset I do have a couple extra gold books, the cookbook and bars and other food items if anyone wants to make me an offer of course the gold books are free.
    Hope I can help someone. I was looking forward also getting back on the diet.

  • Jill

    I as well was looking forward starting up after the first of the year finding out they were closing the doors.
    I have 2 extra gold books and a cook book and bars if anyone wants to make me an offer and the gold books are free.
    Email me if you need anything. Thanks.

  • Jennifer

    I was a client for awhile. I was not surprised at all when LA/Pure closed. I had suspicions and my husband suggested I get all the boxes I was owed and freeze them. Sure glad I did.

    I ran into a former employee of LA…she was “let go” but confided to me that her attic is “FULL” of LA lites. She’s selling them on an auction site.

    So much for feeling sorry for the employees. At least the crooked ones.

  • Paula

    I was a client twice. The first time I stopped because the employees did not seem to want to help certain clients. They had their picks and those who purchased certain items were helped.

    The second time I joined, was because a new employee called me and informed me the “old” employees were gone. So I tried again. This time these new employees seemed to be “helpful”. I lossed the same amount I did the first time. The plan I was on [purple] did not seem to work for me…to much food. I always had that full feeling.

    I am glad that they are gone. I knew something would happen to this company soon. They also sold our names to Jenny Craig. I received a flier this past saturday.

  • Peggy

    I have a bottle of Fast Forward drink and the directions, if someone wants it. I am NW of Philly in PA if you want to pick it up – I will ship it if you want to pick up the postage. I did really well on the plan, but I was always on a no lites plan which translated to no goodies at all, and if I admitted to straying caught a lot of grief.

  • Beth Hughes

    Does anyone out there know where I can get bars, X-cel, Reduce Plus, and Fast Forward Juice?? I have been unsuccessful reaching my goal and now the inches are creeping back without the supplements. I live in upstate NY – I am desperate.

  • Laurie – Metairie, LA

    Owed approximately $600

  • joanne

    I sent in my refund form certified mail; got proof that it was received, but have heard no word on refund. Should I just give it up? Or is there some way to contact them? Like everyone else, out a bunch of $.

  • Karen

    I am owed $500 worth of bars that I bought with the charge card that was offered to me, days before closing and like 91 wks of program. I am very upset and feel that this should be made right. How can they go bankrupt when we had to pay for program upfront. I just don’t get it and honestly being a singl mother of two young boys did not have the money to pay for this in the first place. I took the chance and put my trust into what turned out to be a scam. I have gained 10 lbs since the closing and feel I am owed what belongs to me.

  • Beth Hughes

    If you used the Care Credit which they offered contact that company for the address to send in a letter and complaint re: what you paid for and did not receive. I was owed over $1000 in product and services – I had used Care Credit and a personal card. Care Credit checked their records after my letter and complaint and credited my account for over $900. In my case the credit was in lieu of refund because I still had a balance owed to them. You could certainly tell them you desire a cash refund. Good Luck!!!

  • Kathi

    Does anyone have a copy they could send me, via email, of the GOLD PLAN??
    It really sucks they went out of business, but what I have learned, I’ve been able to utilize and continue to make work for myself. It’s hard not “being accountable”, but the plan is flawless.
    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me!
    Kathi D.

  • Kathi

    Does anyone have a copy of the GOLD PLAN they could send to me via email? I can’t find mine.

    Thanx, Kathi D.


    Anyone getting resolve on all the LA Bars purchased and not received???? Were there any lawyers out there that were on the plan and also got screwed, that can give us some kind of insight of how we can get what we are owed? They owe me 22 boxes of bars……which was quit a some of money for me!!

  • http://pureweightlosscenter Jen

    I was a former employee of 5 years. Hired under false pretense was only the beginning. Why did I stay, made a killer paycheck on commission. How did we/I do that, swindle people anyway we could to get the money out of them. I HATED IT, but loved the money. THE LA LITE bars? Are you kidding me? Any Nutrtionist would have told you NOT to eat them, full of sugar. The basic program combined with common sense would work, that is it. Take off juice – nothing but a rip off.

    We worked on commisison, but with stress at all times. If we did not fit their quota, we would be downgraded in position or possibly fired.

    Hired to work 40 hours resulted in working 60 hours at all times. Head games played daily with the staff to increase sales, alls it did was put you in a panic.

    To all customers in NJ on behalf of the many locations, so sorry to ever mislead you. Clients were great, but the integrity of the company was just terrible.

  • Joan

    Jen: I am a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life — I’ve never had any interaction with PURE or LA Weight Loss. It certainly sounds like everyone has had a bad experience from the client side with PURE closing its doors. It is even worse when the people working there had an experience like yours.

  • Debi

    Hi Did anyone else recieve a letter from a company called Diet products direct they are offering to sell me some LA products at a very cheap price since they where pure WL and LA wl largest supplier for 10 years. What I would like to know is how they got my name and address.

  • Marilyn

    Has anyone who didn’t have a balance with Care Credit managed to get a refund from them for weeks or provisions not received? I went through the process, only to get a letter saying that since my account was paid in full, I couldn’t file a dispute. I called to say that the reason I had no balance was that I had used a promotional, no-interest-for-a-limited-time deal, and I paid promptly so I wouldn’t be charged interest. The person on the phone urged me to file again, and to state that in writing. So I did. Then they sent me yet another form to fill out. So I did. Today, I got the identical letter that i received in the first place, stating that since I had no balance, they would not/ could not/ need not pursue my dispute. What a rip-off1 They’re about as sleazy as PWL! So if anyone has managed to beat the system, PLEASE tell me how! Thanks!

  • Sue

    I would urge anyone who has not yet done so to take all documentation you have and send it to the PA Attorney General’s Office. I haven’t heard any updates in a while, but they are pursuing a lawsuit against the owner of Pure for perpetrating a fraud by continuing to take money from people when he knew that his business was going under.
    Contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office (even if you’re not from PA, that is where the sleaze — er, owner — is located).
    Good luck to us all!

  • http://www.b5media.com/sean-kelly/ sean

    Attention Victims of Pure Weight Loss:  Don’t get mad…  Get even! 

    DEAR VAHAN is new website where former members and employees of Pure weight loss (formerly LA Weight Loss) can write a message to be delivered to Pure Weight Loss CEO Vahan Karian (aka Vahan Karabajakian).  Share your experience, feelings and opinions of Pure Weight Loss’ business tactics with Mr. Karian, state & federal officials, and the world.  (You can also comment on L.A. Weight Loss)

    He’s got a chunk of your money.  Why not give him a piece of your mind, too?   Visit DEAR VAHAN.

  • Kathi

    TO AL:

    After being on LA for a while, and paying $25. for the juice, I decided to take the label off the bottle and go to my local grocery store and found that Ocean Spray, cranberry, has 5 cal/per glass and some of the others brands have the same or better nutritional facts in comparison to the Take Off. If you still have the bottle, take the label with you the next time you go to the store.
    Also, I’m trying to keep up with my gold plan as well, and am looking for a copy of the gold plan menu. If you, by any chance, come across a copy, please shoot me an email. Thanx, Kathi

  • Sue

    I can snail mail copies of either gold or purple plans to anyone who is looking (although getting them copied may take me a couple of days since I don’t have instant access to the copier since school is out). If you need either of these sent to you, email me at aptaks @ yahoo . com (no spaces, of course) and let me know which plan you need and your address.
    Also, regarding the Take Off Juice, I have also read that you can substitute a cantelope melon for the juice (although I’m not sure if it’s one melon for the 2 days or one melon each day).


    I, too,was a client of PWL who opened an account with Care Credit to finance the program. I also paid the balance off before the promotional interest rate ended. I was told I could not dispute the charge because I paid off the account. I filed claims with the AG office in PA as well as in NY. The letters I received back indicated to contact the credit card company and dispute the charge, even if it was past the 60 day grace period and indicate why the delay. In my correspondence to the AG offices I indicated that Care Credit would not work with me.

    I sent copies of all the correspondence that I sent to the both AG offices,as well as copies of the correspondence I received from them,to Care Credit with a letter disputing the charge. I

    So… do not give up. If they still do not work with you file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. The more documentation you have to support your claim the better. I believe that all the correspondence I had with the AG offices of both states helped my situation.


    I read all the complaints on the internet. But I have a very different view. I lost over 40 pounds, and have kept it off for over 2 years now. I would LOVE to get the extra bars I paid for. But all in all I have never felt scammed by my center. They were supportive, concerned and face it people it was their job to sell sell sell. I never went crazy buying, but I lost lost lost… And I am truly thankful to all the girls from my center.!!

    Kelly Rae Howard !! Miami Florida

  • Cassandra

    I was on the LA Weight Loss plan about 6 years ago. Although it was pricey, I did lose weight and was extremely happy with the program. I have tried others before, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and loved LA the best. I was on their website to see if there was a center near me and nothing came up. Then I put the zip code for my old center and again nothing came up. I then googled LA Weight Loss and couldnt believe what I read. It is really sad. I had such a great experience with them and was looking forward to returning.
    With that being said, I do not have any of my old info. But I do remember that I was on the gold plan (losing 20-30 lbs). Can someone confirm that is was 2 protein, 3 veggies, 3 fruit, 2 startches and 1 fat? That is what I remember. I would like to try it on my own (and can get the juice and bars on ebay). I will miss the weigh ins and support (that was huge) but am williling to try. Also, just anyone have the restaurant guide/frozen dinner exchange guide?
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from someone.

  • Susan

    Hi –
    I also filed with the PA Attorney General’s office, and they sent me a letter stating that I should contact my credit card company for a refund, but that they would be working to make sure all claims are reimbursed. When I contacted Care Credit, they sent me a disput form, which I filled out but also attached about 16 pages of additional information that I had collected – letters I sent to the AG’s offices in NJ and PA, as well as the letter from the PA AG’s office telling me to reach out to Care Credit. I also sent in the original rebate request I sent to LA WeightLoss. I called Care Credit twice after sending the letter, and I worked with a customer service agent who told me that my original claim was denied, but they were going to refund me because of the letter I included from the PA AG’s office.

    I received a check for the money I was owed from Care Credit.

    But, I am having a hard time keeping the weight off and I am looking for anyone who found anything that worked as well as LA WeightLoss. I tried doing it on my own for a while, I even ordered product from LAWL in Texas and had it shipped. If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions – I’m open to it.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    Susan: I lost 40 lbs with Take Shape for Life (using Medifast) in 5 months in 2006 and have kept it off for almost 2 years now. In fact, I became a health coach with them and have helped many people get to their healthy weight (and more importantly, stay there)! If you are looking for a no gimmicks plan that works, this is it. There are no fees to sign up and no charge for having a health coach like me to support you. Cost of the meal replacements is slightly less than $10/day and most women lose 15-20 lbs in their first month (I lost 22). I don’t know if I can show my web address here but it is pathtohealth . tsfl . com (eliminating the spaces between the dots). You can “take a virtual tour” of the program and see if it appeals to you. I’m in southern NJ, but I’ve got clients all over the country. Whatever you decide to do, remember that each little choice you make every day is what leads you down one path or another. One bad choice doesn’t make you fat — it’s making those bad choices every day that gets you there. So getting healthy is simply making little good choices every day. Good luck in what ever you decide to do. Just get healthy for yourself and your family.

  • Marilyn

    Over the past couple of days, I received a couple of pieces of mail that I’d like to know more about. One was from a company that claimed to have been the supplier of Fast Forward and other stuff to PWL, offering to see merchandise quite cheap. But you had to give a credit card #, and that made me uneasy. Does anyone know anything about the operation? Is it legit? Please advise. I also got something from the bankruptcy court…and I didn’t understand the document at all! It was a copy of an order to abandon certain personal property at the Dresher Rd. location, and it had a whole bunch (14 pages) of names and addresses of interested parties, but I didn’t see my name on it. (It looked mostly like landlords and attorneys.) So does anyone know why I got it and what it means?? If you do, could you please explain! (In English, please…I don’t speak “Legal”!) Thanks! Marilyn

  • Sue

    Marilyn — I wouldn’t trust the people who want your credit card numbers. I think we’ve all gotten ourselves into enough trouble with our trusting natures combined with our wish to lose weight.
    As to the other letter, I haven’t gotten one yet but am encouraged to hear that you have. My guess is that it’s a copy of the letter being sent to Vahan K. (I know that Dresher is the name of the area where he lives — and lives quite well). If you received it (and have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney General), it is probably their way of keeping you up to date with the suit they are filing against our old, ahem, friend.
    I see my mail carrier coming now. Maybe MY letter is arriving too! Good luck to us all. –Sue

  • vv

    dresher is the name of the road that the corporate offices in Horsham, PA are/were located. Does someone know why the places where the centers were are still furnished and nothing has been removed from them. We have driven by a couple of old centers and you wouldn’t even know they are out of business. I wonder why the management companies haven’t thrown their stuff out and try to re-lease the company.

  • Marilyn

    Sue- I would love for you to be right about the owner’s property being seized. Unfortunately, though, Dresher was the name of the street where the corporate offices (supposedly) were, in a place called Horsham, PA. If it’s also the name of where the owner lived, that would be great, but i have a feeling that it’s just the corporate offices that were taken over.

  • Sue

    Marilyn — Thanks for the reminder. I was thinking that Dresher was the town (I live in the general vicinity here in PA, so I know that Dresher is a pretty well-to-do area). I think, though, that his home may be in Gwynned Township (Upper or Lower, I can’t recall). Was there any mention of that area in the letter? I had no letter in today’s mail from the PA A.G. I’ll keep an eye on the next few days’ mail, though.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some results here.

  • Ashley

    i did not hear about the closing of PWL until the day of in my town as i had not been visitng the store because i was not happy with the services and had asked for a refund. my store had sent my file to their corporate office which had been giving me the run around for 6 weeks and i had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. it was the BBB that told me of the closing. Since the corportate office had my chart the local store ” could not refund my money” the day of closing like everyone else — to my care credit card. and care credit said it had been too long since the charge to dispute it. i am now filing charges with the attourney general in my state against them and hope it is not too late as care credit is trying to collect on the account after i have repeatedly explained to them the situation and asked for their assistance in fighting this charge! any addition advice? has anyone else gone throught this?

  • Sue

    Ashley, As long as you’re filing complaints, I would suggest filing with the Attorney General of PA as well, since that is where the headquarters (and the guy’s home) was located…and since the PA A.G. is already pursuing a suit against the guy.
    Good luck. –Sue

  • Marilyn

    Just wanted to say thanks to Louise and Susan, each of whom posted at some point that they had sent all documentation, including letters to and from AGs, to Care Credit, and that they had gotten refunds even though they had been turned down previously. I assembled a huge packet of documents (21 pages, to be exact) including all of my correspondence with LAWL, Care Credit, and AGs, as well as print outs of Louise’s and Susan’s statements, plus a 2-page cover letter outlining the whole chain of events and letters in the packet, and I sent it all off to Care Credit today. I guess now I wait to see what they do. Wish me luck!

  • Marilyn

    Hello, All! I wanted to let you know that (much to my surprise and delight!) about a week and a half ago, I got a check from Care Credit for the amount that I had paid for services not received. (For those who were not following my “saga”, I had tried repeatedly to get this refund, but they kept telling me that they could not/ would not open a dispute for me since I had no outstanding balance with Care Credit. After they received my 21 pages of documentation (See my July 25 posting) by both US Mail and FAX, I guess someone finally either got tired of my nudging, or decided to finally read all the documents!! I think that the copies of Louise and Susan’s blog entries must have finally done the trick. So thanks to the 2 of you, and to the “blogmaster.” And to those of you who still haven’t gotten satisfaction, keep fighting the good fight! It does pay off! Marilyn

  • http://www.bellybusterdiet.com Lee McCaskill

    Attn all former LA and Pure Weight Loss clients:
    Belly Buster Parties and Before and After Weight Loss Clinics will honor contracts from these defunct companies! Our program is guaranteed and is in 47 states. You can do it via phone and internet if you wish. Check it out and contact us today!

  • jane rosa

    Is there a number I can call to discuss the credit that I have for bars or weeks?

  • Emily

    I’m ticked off….I love my center and it’s gone…I was told of the close and was really upset…I was also told when they would close and I went today to get my bars and there is a note on the door saying they had to close two weeks early…I was also told it was just my center and the centers in my area, I wasn’t told it was nation wide…They owe me 50 boxes of lites, 6 juices, and 3 months of supplements…Not to mention the 40+ weeks I’m going to lose…I called everyone I could think of and I can’t get a real person…I wonder if I can call my credit card company and open a dispute! Has anyone done that or thinks it would work! I just don’t see how those corporate punks sleep at night knowing they STOLE everyone’s money with no remorse or hope that we will be reimbursed!

  • http://www.franbest.com sean

    What center did you belong to? when did they close?

  • Marilyn

    Emily and Jane- Call your credit card companies. Care Credit was a pain in the butt, but finally came through with a refund check after many attempts on my part. Capital One worked with me immediately, and I think most larger Master or Visa companies would do likewise. Also, be in contact with the PA Attorney General’s office, as well as the one for the state where you live. Persistence DOES pay off!! Good luck! Marilyn

  • Emily

    Middle Tennessee….They close on the 30th of this month…I didn’t realize they changed there hours of operation…They are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until the 30th…After that…They are gone for good…And I mentioned to them about all 400 locations closing, per this forum, and they have no idea about that…So i’m going to print off the article so they can see what I’m reading…

  • Cecily

    The Tennessee centers are not part of the 400 Corporate centers that closed in January – they are a separate company. That is probably why your center didn’t know what you were talking about with the ones that already closed. The Tennessee centers are part of the Franchise company of LA Weightloss. My advice is to call their customer service number right away to get a refund. You may be out of luck if you wait until they close.

  • Cecily

    The Tennessee centers are not part of the 400 Corporate centers that closed in January – they are a separate company. That is probably why your center didn’t know what you were talking about with the ones that already closed. The Tennessee centers are part of the Franchise company of LA Weightloss. My advice is to call their customer service number right away to get a refund. You may be out of luck if you wait until they close.

  • Allison

    I’m in Birmingham, Alabama. I joined in March. ALL of the locations here are closing as well. I had already paid for my program and don’t consider myself ‘out’ anything – although I would love to be able to continue with the plan and bars. However, after my success, several friends & family members signed up in August and September. They are now out several THOUSAND dollars after pre-paying for the entire plan with Care Card. Some of the centers are open a few hours a couple of days each week with signs saying they are expecting deliveries – but no one has details as to what will happen, if they will be back, when they are closing, what do to with the amount of goods/services purchased which now cannot be rendered. WHO DO WE CONTACT? We cannot find a corporate number or website that leads us anywhere. I would appreciate your help in trying to help my family/friends out of their jam. And, if there is word that the company will move more internet-like in operations for purchase of bars and juices, please let me know!!

  • Sue A

    Allison — I’m really sorry to hear this. We went through this exact same scenario here in January. I was fortunate enough to get the word and to get there in time to get the products owed to me (although they still owe me for services not rendered).
    I would advise your friends to call Care Credit QUICKLY — some people have had success with getting refunds that way. I would also suggest calling your State Attorney General’s office and filing a complaint.
    In PA, the AG is suing the guy who owned Pure Weight Loss. I don’t know if it will work the same with L.A. since that is a franchise operation.
    As to buying bars, etc. — sometimes I see them on e-bay, but have had no luck other than that (oh, and a few slim down drinks were available for a while at Big Lots).
    Best of luck to you and your friends and family members.

  • Beth Hughes

    Allison: Contact the PA attorney general office AND the attorney general office for your state of residence and file a complaint. Also, if anyone has charged it through Care Credit submit a grievance to them for the amount of services and product you are owed. They did credit my account for a substantial amount and the NYS attorney general office notified me in the summer that they had obtained funds that they would be working on distributing to all who filed complaints with their office. I have not seen any money from them yet but people had until 9/30/08 to file with them so I am still hopeful that after all of the legalities are sorted out I may see something. It is worth the time of writing letters to see if you can be reimbursed.

  • Beth Hughes

    Clover: Are you still monitoring this blog? If so I would like to hear from you

  • Leena

    I used to work for a Markham center, I was there to truly help people and make them happy. It was very rewarding, even though the company and I shared different values. They wanted me to sell everything I could to every person that walked through the door. They even had average sales reports every week we’d have a meeting talking about sales taktics. If i wante dto sell stuff I would have gone back t oretail. I was let go after 3 months for not having a good sales average. I was really sad to lose touch with all the people that I really cared about. Too bad the company shared different values, and they deserve to be closing.

  • LN

    I used to work for the company in Markham and I really cared about helping people, but after 3 months I was let go for not having enough sales. I was really sad to lose all those people I cared about i really wante dto help and make a difference, not sell useless product like they only wanted.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    Leena: If you are sincere that you really cared about helping people, I’d like to chat with you about becoming a health coach. It’s not about selling; it’s about providing coaching support to clients to help them lose weight and learn to keep it off. You can email me at pathtohealth @ comcast.net.

    By the way, the co-founder of our organization has a book that was just published called, “Dr A’s Habits of Health.” As a result, our business is growing and we are looking to add health coaches.


  • Dexter

    Joan: If you don’t sell anything, am I to assume that “Dr. A’s” is a charitable/non profit organization? Thanks.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    Dexter – why would that be your assumption. Do non-profit organizations not make money from their fund-raising or from sales? One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. My statement is completely true (not sure where you are coming from). I don’t sell. What do you do? I’m curious.

  • Dexter

    Joan: In your words to Leena,” It’s not about selling; it’s about providing coaching support “. My interpretation… there is no selling involved. I did not suggest that you were being less than truthful. Never heard of your company …just asking a question. I’m an MD.


    I just found out a few weeks ago that all centers in Oklahoma were closed. I had taken several weeks off for family reasons and when I called to set up an appointment the phone was disconnected. When I was finally able to reach a human being I was told that someone would contact me regarding the products that we still due me, not to mention the program that I am paying for on Care Credit that I will be able to use. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and when I came home two cases of Take Off were on my porch. Not sure this is going to be of any use to me without Lites. I tried to call customer service today and the “mailbox is full and can not accept messages”! No wonder! I will pursue a class action law suite against this company. I am furious!


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  • Stacey Speed

    I also joined in Colorado and when I transferred to Las Vegas I went to the center one time and the center closed it’s doors…No Comment and no way to get my money back or money for bars. I too would like to know how to recoup my hard earned money.

  • allison turner

    Any one else notice that if you try to call the 1-800 # for the company, you get an automated message that there are no centers in your area and no other options? Does anyone have a number or address for their corporate offices? We’ll need that for our state attorney generals office so we can do ~ something. Thanks!

  • Sue A

    I know that the PA Attorney General’s Office was filing a suit against the owner, but I don’t know if it’s too late to become a participant in that action. I suggest calling the AG’s offices of both PA and the state where you live.
    My sister tells me that she saw a blurb in the local paper here (outside of Philly) the other day with a reference to the suit, but I couldn’t find it and haven’t heard more.
    Good luck. This guy owes a lot of us!

    Editor’s Note: Here’s contact info for all state Attorney Generals

    Here’s the story on the Pure Weight Loss settlement: Pure Weight Loss Members to Receive $700,000 in Refunds

  • Jynni

    I was a member i was only five months in and lost 22 lbs, but i am owed over $500 and several boxes of bars, i was never in a situation – where that money was easily given. I have a family and wish there was a way to get the money owed to me!

  • http://www.franbest.com Sean Kelly

    If you paid Pure Weight Loss, click on the link to the story in my last comment. The PA AG has $700K earmarked for refunds to Pure Weight Loss customers owed refunds. Some states have funds escrowed (MD, NY).

    If it is LA Weight Loss & you paid with a Care Credit Card or other credit card, get in touch with them asap and request a chargeback. You will have to fill out a form and furnish documentation, but many have been successful with Care Credit. Be persistent. Their contact info and form is posted here.

    If you paid cash, can’t get a chargeback or refund from the company itself, you can file consumer complaints with both your state Attorney General and the AG of Pennsylvania. The PA Attorney General was very aggressive in seeking refunds in the case of Pure Weight Loss customers, and will likely do the same with LA Weight Loss. Contact info for all AGs is here:

    Contact List of State Attorneys General

    Please keep us posted on your progress, and have a happy new year.

    Also check out the posts on Weight Loss Complaints

    Read about a related case here: Pure Weight Loss Members to Receive $700,000 in Refunds

  • Anita Gibson


    This is just a word of encouragement to all those affected by the abrupt closings of the LA Weight Loss Centers. Never give up, Never quit! You may not be able to continue weight loss with LA Weight Loss, but you are still in the game.


    Anita Gibson
    Advanced Weight Loss Centers

  • Liliana

    It is 3rd of January, 2009, and I am completely in awe of all that was going on with LA weight Loss for over a year! I had no idea!
    Being in my 1yr maintenance program I used to stop at the center only to pick up my bars weekly or every other week. At both centers I have been to (Wilsonville and Tigard, OR), the counselors were always very friendly and supportive and trying their best to get me reach my goal. Truly! Now I am still 5 months to go at a LA Lite bar a day, but I skipped a couple of months of visits due to vacations, Christmas preps, and some guilty pounds, and I am astonished to find out the store closed and that all this story was going on for over a year already!
    I am very sorry for all the people that have been given hope and then abandoned, particularly because the program works. I think this hurts more than the money owed to them, but getting the money back would help cope with this kind of loss. I am sorry for the nice counselors too, because it must be hard to befriend people and then be obliged to betray them with silence about the truth in order to save a bit longer the job that pays the family bills.
    I also know that these counselors have been trained to give support to their clients, and they could help these people continue with their struggle to loose or maintain the weight even without the LA Lites. If anyone out there knows how to establish a LA blog where people/ex-clients could ask and receive help from these counselors without the fear of a witch hunt, I think this would help alleviate a bit of the hurt and and the guilt for the parts involved.
    As for the company, by my calculations it owes me 22 weeks of LA Lites which is $385. Who is keeping the list for legal action against this company?

  • Pascale

    I too registered last summer and lost 15 pounds. I had bought for over 20 boxes of LA Lites, which I can’t get back. What’s more, the LA Weight Loss where I went (in Gatineau) did a 75% sale on everything the week before they closed, and they were advertizing that they would not store and merchandize they were selling out of this sale. Which means they probably knew they were closing. If I had known, I would have asked all of my LA Lites back then. I sure hope there will be a class action!

  • Tanya


    PASCALE, me too I went in gatineau!

    I was wondering if ANYBODY know what food do we replace the 2 LA Lights? is it 1 portion of protein & 1 portion of fruit? what do we do when we get to maintenance??

  • Kathy

    I was wondering if anyone knows what you would add to the program if I can not get the lites.

  • Sue A

    I did a lot of reading of nutrition labels for other kinds of bars, using calories, carbs, fat, and protein as my basic guidelines. I found that Luna bars (which were also suggested by my counselors as they were going out of business), some Pria bars, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (not the rolls or chewy ones) are all between about 140 – 190 calories and seem to have a similar “make up” so I’ve been using those Atkins and EAS also have some that fall into those numbers — I’m not as fond of the taste of them, but do use them from time to time.
    You could also skip the bars and up your proteins to the amount in the next program “up” from yours (if you know it). For example, if you’re on the gold plan, you would use the protein portions from the purple plan. Of course, you would need to know what plan is one “up” from yours in terms of protein sizes.
    Best of luck to you.

  • Terry

    I need to know if you have gotten our 2008 W-2 yet or if not, do you know where to contact someone to give them my current address?
    Some Government documents will not be forwarded by mail. Does anyone know if W-2s are forwarded?

  • Pascale

    In replacement of LA Lites, I decided to buy chewy bars with Soya (i.e. Kashi bars). Since they told me these bars were high with soya, I guess this is why they were helping in the weight loss.
    For Gatineau residents, you can contact the “Office de la protection du consommateur”. LA Weight Loss paid them $30’000 ($15’000 for each office) when they openned in Gatineau, and the Office will use this amount to reimburse us.

  • http://www.pathtohealth.tsfl.com Joan

    Kathy, Sue & Pascale: You might want to look at Medifast’s new Crunch bars. They come in 10 flavors (Chocolate Mint, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, S’mores, Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, Fruit & Nut and Lemon Meringue. All have 110 calories, 11 g of Protein, 13 g Carbs, 3-5 g sugar 3-5 g Fiber, 3-4 g fat and 24 vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that they are DELICIOUS!!! You can order them on www. pathtohealth.tsfl. com. A box of 7 is $16.25. We have other bars that have a higher calorie (140-170) & sugar count as well, but these new bars are great and you can eat 5 of them as your 5 Medifast meals every day (but our other food is so good, who would want to do that). Thought this might be helpful info for you.

  • http://www.franbest.com Sean Kelly

    NY has forced LA Weight Loss to repay $275,000 to its former members:

    Here’s a link to Attorney General contact info:

  • Carrie

    I just found out that you can buy the LA lites on ebay if you are interested in still trying to use the bars. There are a ton of products from LA on ebay I would just look for an expiration date before you buy them.

  • Sue

    Where is the expiration date on the La Weight Loss bars. I have several boxes but cannot find an expiration date.

  • http://www.bizzia.com/franchisepick/pure-weight-loss-la-weight-loss Lee Mandel

    I want to find out if there is a class action lawsuit for the Oklahoma customers of LA Weight loss. I am due money from the company, too.
    My sisters and I joined and I would like to see what they are going to do to make it up to their upset Oklahoma Customers.

  • Kassie

    Actually…what the representatives failed to tell you is that you are NOT required to use the LA lites in the program. If you chose to opt out they configured a meal plan without them and actually achieved BETTER results when not substituting them in between meals. My mother and I went to the office nearby our home and she was set up on a plan where she bought the LA lites, and I did not. When we both weighed in I typically lost more weight than her–I think the lites was a scam to make people spend more money. My sister went to join the program and they had told her that she HAD to buy them in order for the diet to work (completely untrue). I can tell you what MY plan consisted of; however, apparently that was created for my particular weight so I’m not quite sure if it would work for you…but I was eating 2 1/2 proteins, 4 fruits, 4 vegetables, 4 starches, 2 dairy, 1 fat, and 4 condiments… hope this helps…

  • Hope

    I was very sad to know that Pure Weight Loss was closing. I did very good on the Program an dwould like to continue with a program like the at Pur Weight Loss. Is there any other program out there simular to Pure Weight Loss/LA Weight Loss?

  • Stacy

    I was one of the many people that lost money when the centers closed. Fortunately, I did not lose money on products, just services. Just for something to do I googled LA Weightloss this evening. To my surprise I have discovered that they have an online program where you can buy product! I’m sure that they are doing this so that they can repay the millions of dollars that they owe to all of us!!!!! It doesn’t seem fair!

  • http://PureWeightLoss.com Barbara

    I have lost over a 1,ooo dollars to LA weight Loss and pure Weight Loss. I feel i should get my money back I put a lot of money in this plan and got 6 boxes of my bars I want my money back may 8 2009

  • Paris

    I must say I’m not surprised about the closing and all the funny business going on here. I lost 35 pounds on the program, and every single time I went in for my meetings the “counselors” would be astonished by the fact that I’d actually weight (NOT very encouraging). And then the fact that they were always trying to sell me some new thing (in ADDITION to those LA Lites I was already paying for) just made it all too much to handle. Too bad after I quit I gained all the weight back, plus some.

  • http://EVERYJOE.COM yamicia shRP


  • Joanna Ventresca

    I would like some information if anyone has any feedback regarding getting refunded by pure weight loss. I joined pure weight loss and got a loan out for 500 dollars in 2007. I went back to the center one week later and it was just down. I never recieved any of my bars or products. I am know paying triple to creditors to pat this off. If anyone has any information please contact me at jojo0809@hotmail.com Thanks Joanna

  • http://www.franbest.com Sean Kelly

    Another good site to check is http://weightloss.franbest.com
    Also contact the Attorney Generals in OK and PA. The PA Attorney General has recovered money for Pure Weight Loss/LA Weight Loss customers, and you may be eligible.
    Search this site for LA Weight Loss PA attorney General

  • Morgan

    The bars will get hard and impossible to chew before they actually expire. This sounds like terrible advice, but I did the program myself and a few years later, I worked there. The bars from the centers were always fresh and should be good anywhere from 6 months to 1 1/2 years, depending on the flavor. Open it up and check one out. If it isn’t dried out, it is still good. (I had a box in my cupboard for 18 months and they were hard as a rock, but not moldy, when I stumbled upon them).

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