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    Video Sitemap Pro

    Mere days after Google introduces video sitemaps, independent developers Robert Redwood and Marc Liron release a free offline generator called Video Sitemap Pro. Very cool. Now all I need is a WordPress plugin, preferably integrated with FLV Embed, and Google can quickly thumbnail all the videos hosted on my personal blogs.

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      • Not Impressed By Much

        This software is extremely manual and hardly a generator at all. It does allow creation of a video sitemap but only after you tediously add each videos information one by one. If you have a large archive then this could be considered next to not worth the time. Do NOT think you are spidering your website’s video archive to create an automated video sitemap. I would definately consider paying for a quality automatic generator. If your needs are small then this will work perfectly for you.

      • Colin

        Someone make one of these… please.

      • Dirk

        I agree with Colin. My site has a lot of video files. I would take me many many hours to generate them manually with the generator. This generator is OK when you only have a few files to handle. If someone knows a generator that can handle a large amount of video’s, please let me know.

      • Jonas

        You might want to try A1 Sitemap Generator. As long as you host the videos yourself on site, it can create video sitemaps.

      • Steve

        I agree, this tool is not that good. It needs to be able to crawl a site instead of entering the info manually. Looking for a worth while video sitemap generator for my site too-

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