Prison Break – Best Moment of Season 2

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We’re still taking votes for the best moment of Season 1, but what is your favorite moment or scene from Prison Break Season 2? The first six comments (with original scenes – and make sure to tell us why it’s your fave) will be added to a poll for everyone to vote!

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  • IcEQeUb3z

    When Sara and Michael exchanged I Love Yous right before Michael took the fall for the murder of Bill Kim.

    That was the saddest, most intense, most honest, most heartfelt, most powerful and most desperate moment I have ever seen in a single moment.

  • Bonnie77

    2.16 Chicago

    When Sara tells Michael that she was told not to fell in love with an inmate. And that look, and that kiss!

    I could watch this every day…
    wait. I do watch this scene every day! :-)

  • Sunking

    2.08 – Dead Fall

    When T-Bag drives off with Westmorelands money, knowing that he screwed them all over big time, that look and that laugh he makes is just the most funny but also a tragic moment in the whole season, T-Bag took the highground and double-crossed the other inmates. That is just a classic yet unpredictible move by the worst inmate from fox river.

  • Yvonne

    When Sucre and Michael thinks they fooled C-Note and T-Bag and they open the bag and there are only magazines… than we can see T-bag in a truck with a 5 million dollars smile on his face and near him the bag with the money and the song you can hear it`s “Roll on big-mama”…

    There was so many feelings in just a few minutes… relief when Sucres proves he`s a real friend, than the big disappointment and also the funny moment with T-Bag …well, I`m not a big T-Bag fan but this time he really played Michael :)))

  • Yvonne

    jeezzzz Sunking… now I have to find something else :)))

  • fady

    my fave moment even though it is sad
    when agent paul testify in the court for sara and got killed after that

  • Erin

    The Killing Box –
    When Linc and Michael get caught between Kellerman and Mahone, then Kellerman shoots Mahone and Kellerman leads Mike and Linc out of the tunnel.

  • silver

    Micheal – Mahone – Linc – LJ – elevator scene!
    Michael – Mahone phone conversation!
    Michael – Mahone “cage” scene!

  • Yvonne

    Jeezzz Sunking… now I have to find something else :)))

  • Yvonne

    sorry for the double post… :(

  • Yvonne

    “It was real Sara… you and me…it`s real…”

    …beautiful, delightful, adorable…

    …if you want to remember it, you can watch this moment here:

  • rainbow66

    -mahone, and mike telephone

    -when lincoln speaks on the phone with bill kim and says:
    Lincoln: I’ll tell you how it’s going to end. Me staring in your dead eye with my hand around your throat.
    Agent Kim: You don’t even know who I am.

    [which is kind of ironic, as at the end, linc saw bill kim die]

    - when t-bag goes to see susan hollander
    >>hello susan. they say a good woman is hard to find. therfore you are very very good > this aint never gonna work. go pack your things, we’re moving! > I’m gonna live in a windmill! > on the third, look out for Otis right! >
    Kellerman: [to Sara] This really is like the best pie I’ve ever had. [pause] Do you know what it needs, though?
    Sara: Hmm?
    Kellerman: Some crack.
    Sara: [laughs]
    Kellerman: No… you know… not a lot… a pinch.
    Sara: A pinch of crack?
    Kellerman: A pinch of crack. A pinch of crack, a dollop of smack… mmm… that’s good pie.
    Sara: That’s so wrong.

  • andrew tyge

    1- When Linc and Michael get caught between Kellerman and Mahone, then Kellerman shoots Mahone and Kellerman leads Mike and Linc out of the tunnel. (“Killing Box”)

    2- When it looks like (Bill) Kimmy makes an end of Linc, and Michael is about to say; “Don’t Shoot” and faster than a split second after, you hear a gunshot go off .. Sara just killed Kimmy.. (“Sona”)

    3- When Linc gets exonerated .. everyone relieved .. (“Sona”)

    4- When Mahone *FINALLY* kills Agent Blondie, after Blondie arranged the “Hit-and-Run Accident Of Mahone’s son”.. {DAMN, I WAS RELIEVED and SO GLAD :-0} (.. don’t remember the episode, :-(, I’m so sorry, maybe someone can remember :’( ..)



  • Breann

    I would have to agree with Bonnie77 about the scene where Sara says she’s not supposed to fall in love with an inmate. It’s so adorable to see Sara let somebody in like that. You see her at such a vulnerable moment. Plus Michael has been waiting to hear this from Sara. It’s a fabulous scene. :)

  • Bean

    I know this won’t make your poll Nikki. But I thought the best moment was when Michael and the President came face to face with each other. The utter fear, surprise and look of defeat on her face made me feel that the brothers’ efforts were not in vain. The scene that followed was also powerful when these two alpha personalities confront each other, “The things you do for your brother!” – “I could say the same for you.” My second choice is the “It’s real” phone call between Michael and Sara. Michael is so vulnerable and riddled with guilt at the discovery of Sara’s near overdose and predicament. Wow, such great memories.

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    uhhmm .. all I got 2 say, is to some1, and that would be the “fady”-guy, in this case..

    k-man isn’t quite dead, therefor he wasn’t killed. :-). {oh, and the other way around} :-)

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..


  • Mahmuda

    definately the killing box

    no doubt about that coz that was the best episode of PB

    it was so tricky how the two brothers ran out of captivity only to be found back outside in the hands of a fella (kellerman) who your not sure to trust.

  • darcy

    1- when michael are on the train in the toilet and she say the first thing they tell you when you take the job is to never fall in love with an inmate and then they kiss that is a top 1 for me

    2- michael seeing his dad and reliving his horrible childhood

    3- when michael & the preasident were talking and made her to let him go and give im and linc the pardon

    4- when scure coned mike tbag and c-not and then double crossed them butb it turned out it was all a plan for mike and scure to take all the money but then they found out the sligh tbag really had the 5 mill

  • jibjab

    When Abruzzi kidnapped the girl to force her father to drop the gun. I knew he wouldn’t hurt her because he’s a softy to children. Awwww……

  • dogloverkd

    I love the whole episode of Chicago..especially when Michael and Sara kissed..I just watched it again and it was so good…and when Michael said Sara me too!!!!

  • Nin143

    My fav moment would have to be when Sara was getting so upset and worked up over killing Bill Kim repeatedly saying “I took a man’s life” and Michael just told her to not think about it now and to not worry too much about it as they are gonna walk out of here and will tell the police exactly what happened and for Sara to just look forward to go on their date as they promised.

    Lol or something like that anyway. I particularly loovee that was just so sweet.

  • Suz

    It the last episode when you see in Michaels eyes that he has thought of how he can repay Sara for everything. They are hugging and then you see this moment of clarity…… fantastic acting!!!

  • Ashley

    Where to begin there are just so many…

    1. The scene with Michael and Sara in the shack before he turns himself in. Went and SWC did such a good job acting this out and I think everyone watched this scene over and over again. :)

    2. Sad but I loved it…Kellerman torturing Sara for the key. I loved the fact that she didn’t give in and then got away. That’s the kind of kick ass girls we need back on this show!!!! Go Sara!!

    3. The scene in Chicago when MiSa kiss in the bathroom. And the cute look on SWC’s face when she say’s she shouldn’t fall in love with an inmate is too adorable.

    4. The scene in the Killing Box where Kellerman shots Mahone. I love the K-man and this was a shocker even to me.

    5. The phone call between Misa. Michael’s voice just sounded so perfectly broken and heartfelt.

    6. This is kind of random, but I loved when Nika tried to turn in Michael and Linc. But Linc, had taken out the bullets. Go Linc!! :)

    7. The fight between Michael and Linc in Panama. Just because I would love to see them in some tight shorts only, oiled up, fighting in a boxing ring. I can reef that match for them.

    I can think of a lot more but I won’t bore you with them all. : )

  • kristen xx prison break rox!

    when michael took the blame for sara in episode “sona”. that exactly what michaels character is about, protecting the ones he loves..

  • xeon

    when kellerman decided to be on the good side of things and turned himself in.

    also, when kellerman was in custody and was getting transfered. when he says “what took you so long?” to the goverment people trying to kill him

  • Sixkey

    1 – Michael and Sara’s love declaration on the train.

    2 – The scenes between Michael and Pope in ‘Chicago’.

    3 – The scene with Michael’s father.

    4 – The phone call Michael/Alex

    5 – Michael searching for T-bag in Panama.

    6 – Meeting between Caroline Reynolds and Michael.

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    he (k-man) still isn’t quite “dead”, yet alone “killed by the Company”, xeon. :-) :-)

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    they rescued Paul, they didn’t kill him. :-)
    he is still alive and well, and he will return to the show. :-)
    I don’t know WHEN exactly, but I can – {better yet} – I WILL, assure you, that we haven’t seen the last of Paul Kellerman. :-D
    he will come back on “The Most Unexpected Moment”. :-D ;-)

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    look, let me ‘break it down’; the most of the PB-watchers/fans .. {yes, I know, it’s about the same}.., think he’s been killed by the Company.
    now I don’t know HOW MANY exactly, but it’s just a fact.
    I am not the only 1, but one of the very few, who know, deep inside, he’s still around.. :-) ;-D

    - “how would you know you’re ‘not the only 1′, PRSN BRK?”

    - “well, because I also visit other PB-websites, {I won’t give any examples, because I’m sure you can figure out yourselfs}, and there I ‘met’ other people who also share my belief.”

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    :-) there .. :-) .. there you go :-P

  • scarlet

    When Michael and Linc had a fight..
    ‘ they were gonna kill you Linc..’
    ‘ then maybe you should LET them..’

    Oh!So intence!!

  • Ooh, It’s What You Do To Me, Ooh, It’s What You Do To Me

    when Michael rides Bill Kim over with the car.
    when Lincoln beats up Bill Kim. (same episode)

    when Michael nearly strangles P. Kellerman, after hearing from Sara, how P. treated her. (“Chicago”)
    when Sara nearly strangles P. Kellerman, in the train. (same episode)

    when Michael and Prsdnt. Caroline face each other.

    when P. Kellerman was taken into custody and those 2 armed gunman appeared, P. Kellerman ‘simply’ saying; “Took You Long Enough”.
    that really reminded me of the “Scarface”-movie.. something T. Montana also would say, in the same position as P. Kellerman’s .. to those who haven’t seen “Scarface” yet, hereby I’m advising you to GO SEE IT! !

    when bill kim died.

    when Michael confronted his father.

    when Haywire killed the father who was abusing his daughter.

    J. Abruzzi’s last words; “I Kneel Only To God … I Don’t See Him Here..”

    when that Blondie-agent got killed by A. Mahone.

    all of the MiSa-scenes. (I REALLY MEAN; “ALL OF THE MiSa-SCENES”!!)

    the tension we felt, when Michael was taken into Sona, we really felt sorry for him and we were actually ‘fearing for his life’..(! :-0)
    (it all ended up NOT exactly being the hellish place, we were supposed to believe, but .. oh well) :-X

  • PRSN BRK .. simply the best .. enough said ..

    “Ooh, It’s What You Do To Me”, you’re reffering 2 the “What Goes In, Doesn’t Come Out .. Unless It’s Dead”-theory, right ? ? if you are, I’m SO backing you up. ;-D

  • Julie

    …..the kiss

  • It’s Prison, Yo!

    The best moment was Mike & Sara’s first kiss in the prison infirmary. Mike is sitting there shirtless, looking all hot and sexy with those tattoos and suddenly he kisses Sara in order to steal her keys. But his feelings for her got in the way and he could not take the keys from her. I think he realized at that moment he was in love with her! Beautiful scene!!! Went & Sarah had incredible chemistry!!!

  • mattyd

    This may not be the best, but i thought it was good hehehehehe when T-Bag got a ride with that dude and his daughter. And T-Bag hits on her and she tells her dad and the dad tells his daughter to leave and T-Bag’s like, you dont wanna do this….. And then when the car is driving away the daughter is like dad? and T-Bags looks at her as he drives away hehehehe great acting by Knepper!

  • Abbie

    For me was when Michael and Sucre are waiting for Bellick to come out in the hotel where T-Bag was.Sucre tells Mike it’s been a week not knowing where Maricruz was and Mike says we’ll find her we’ll find her.The way Mike looks at Sucre was very touching a beautiful, very good tender scene!Loved it!!!!


    k man will be back and hopefully back to his brutal best

  • maria

    when Sara and Michael exchanged I Love Yous right before Michael took the fall for the murder of Bill Kim.

    That goodbuy kiss was amazing!!!

  • chocnut

    when michael finally said “i love you” to sara.. sara always say that but michael no.. i agree best scene was in the cr on the train.

  • Евгений

    на самом деле удивили и даже порадовали :) Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает :)

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