Dexter’s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter: Dating!

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**NEW!** The couple got married on New Year’s Eve. Read all about their elopement in Big Sur.

UPDATE: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have appeared together in public enough times now that there’s no question they’re a couple. As of November 2008, we’ve seen them:

OK, Page Six reported this more than a week ago, so pardon me for being slow on the uptake (I’ve been so busy catching up with Showtime shows On Demand that I haven’t been reading the gossip pages regularly).

Apparently, Michael C. Hall and his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter have quietly been dating for months now! Page Six makes much of the pairing, since the two play adoptive siblings on the show. I’m a tad creeped out by that, but not as much as I am by Carpenter’s incredible shrinking body. Her skinny physique reminds me of a 12-year-old boy — not so sexy.

As for Hall, it must be a testament to his acting skill that I have trouble imagining him as anything but a-sexual. He was such a mess of repression and homoerotic energy as David on Six Feet Under and so good at convincing me on Dexter that he has no feelings, I just can’t wrap my head around this “dating my coworker” development. It’s kinda pedestrian, no?

Anyway, here’s the happy couple on a breakfast date. The Celebrity Skinny has more pics here.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter on date

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  • amanda

    she is one lucky woman, m.c.hall is sexy.. you go girl!!!

  • Cary

    ugh! he has such bad taste. so disappointing. someone that hot should be with me! haha. he probably wouldnt like me cuz im wayyy prettier than any woman hes been with. has anyone seen his ex wife?? hideous!

  • GrumpyCrankyCrazy

    Pull the other one why don’t cha! LOL! Can’t they go over their lines, work their characters, without somebody reading into their working relationship something more than there is? There’s enough real news out there — go find some of it.

  • damn

    i love that couple…..

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  • GrumpyCrankyCrazy

    Proves nothing and remains an obsurd notion. There is neither smoke nor fire. They are both professionals and it shows in their work. High marks to both.

  • The Tigerlover

    Give me a break! Michael C. Hall can do much better than Jennifer Carpenter! She is too skinny
    and really is on the plain side. Now if it were Julie
    Benz, that would be a different story. What in the heck does he see in her?

  • Dexter

    Lucky boy !
    Very funny !

  • The Tigerlover

    Lucky boy? It should be lucky girl!

  • ggboot

    Jennifer Carpenter isn’t hot at all. Not even anywhere near attractive. Julie Benz is the hottest woman on that set by far. She’s beautiful. Michael open your eyes!!

  • Alicia

    Couldnt agree more with most of you….lucky girl! She is way under his league…he could do way better. It cant be comfortable having that sack of bones to cuddle with….she might poke his eye out with a hip bone.

  • Rachel

    haha somehow I thought this would be more interesting…was I wrong. I could care less if they were dating. As long as it doesn’t ruin the show and stuff…thats about it.

  • Mark

    Jennifer Carpenter is very attractive. I like her long, lanky figure. I know it has become unpopular for women to be thin these days, (jealousy mostly I think), but I think she looks terrific.

  • The Tigerlover

    Mark there is no way I am jealous! It is just sad to see MCH going out with her! But it is none of my business I just care about ‘Dexter,’ of course I adore Michael C. Hall. Let him date whoever he

  • sharyyy

    Is it me or did they kinda do a “tori spelling” haircut number on her this season, trying to figure out some way to make her look pretty. Jennifer Carpenter is so not hot. I look at her face and it amazes me. Like the faces of Tori Spelling and Rumer Willis, no matter how i look at it i fail to see a good angle or expression that looks pretty. Maybe the’ll keep cutting her hair. But even besides that, she seems so butch that it makes her less a sexual character to me. I might be alone in my thinking but i just don’t get that she is pretty, and her body is like an ad for anorexia. Eat something for crying out loud, people in Ethiopia are starving.

  • Barb

    You people are bad. Give the girl a break. Everybody on Dexter adds their on appeal and without Deb it would not be the same. They have all given us many hours of the best on TV. We should not pass judgement on their personal lives..look but live and let live. Leave the sarcasm to the media.

  • The Tigerlover

    Hey I have defended Carpenter on the boards, I ask that people give her a chance and that she is really a good actress.

    Oh well, I guess he could have done worse. As long as they are happy, who cares? It is sad though.


  • Kjersten

    I’m annoyed when costars date. They are rich and famous. They can date anyone. Do they have to screw up the illusion of the greatest show on TV for a little somethin-somethin?? It doesn’t make sense. I like Jennifer Carpenter. I wouldn’t say she’s gorgeous or anything but definitely cute. Nor do I think that looks should be important in a serious relationship. I can see why a guy would like her. I’m just surprised anybody can take their eyes off Julie Benz long enough to notice somebody else. I don’t hope they break up… but I’m not happy about the pairing. Only because it messes up my concentration on the show sometimes. It sexualizes the sibling relationship.

  • Kjersten

    Julie Benz is STUNNING. That girl would DISTRACT me like mad if I were working with her. Very few people can alternate between cute and gorgeous like that. Jennifer Carpenter intrigues me. She has awkward expressions and a lanky frame but she has very pretty and unique eyes. I can see why a guy would like her. Personality counts for something too. I can’t help but love the way JB and MCH look onscreen together. I’m annoyed by Jennifer and Michael together only because it screws with the romantic side of Dexter. It makes you have to think about it when you’re trying to get lost in the show. It’s gonna make Rita and Dexter hard to sell if everyone is always thinking about how he’s dating his sister.

  • Big Pappa Smurf

    Jennifer Carpenter definatly has anorexia. She has zero butt, no womanly curves- She has nice eyes, but looks like she hasn’t eaten in 6 months.
    She is about as far from being sexy as you can get. Have her gain 40 pounds so she’s at least 100 pounds, and get back to me.
    It’s really sad, she’s getting as dangerously thin as another Carpernter- namely the later Karen carpernter.

  • Dee

    Why do people care whether or not they are dating? Is this really relevant to ANYTHING? They are both great on the show…let’s leave it at that, shall we?

  • The Tigerlover

    Hi Big Pappa Smurf, I remember Karen Carpenter and she had a beautiful voice. What a loss! She was so worried about gaininging weight she litterally starved herself to death. Jennifer, wake up and eat something!

  • The Tigerlover

    Sorry about the extra ‘ing’!

  • Ziva

    OH c’mon, he can date whoever he wants and I personaly as a girl think that Michael and Jenny make a GREAT couple! maybe for example Rita is better looking than Jenny, but I can’t stand Rita, and love Deb! why wou say she is not in the same league as him? Why not? do you know her personaly to say that? or you only say that because of her looking? you morons…

  • The Tigerlover

    I admire Rita, because she was raised by a domineering mother and then went through a lot of hard times. But she came out on top! We have watched her go from the shy and paroniod woman to one who is strong and sure of herself.

  • jaime

    I honestly can’t think of anyone prettier than Julie Benz. She’s a work of art. I love to look at her and I’m a married woman :) So I can’t imagine how anyone works with her without swooning. Deb is attractive too. I don’t think it’s wrong to take notice of her awkward skinny frame though. It’s a trait some people can’t be attracted too. You’re lying if you think looks don’t matter. If Deb was totally ugly, you can be your bottom that Michael Hall wouldn’t be with her. Her size is visually startling at first until you realize she probably can’t control it. She’s very lovable on Dexter and is a really good sport for coping with the Rita scenes!

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  • tiffani

    jennifer carpenter is an amazing actress and completly beautiful and unique. benz is great as well but she looks like every other blonde skinny girl in the world. she doesn’t have that something extra. and just because some may think the character of deb is butch does not mean she is not a sexual character, that’s so narrow minded. why is it that it’s mostly the women on this board who seem to have a problem with hall and carpenter’s relationship? jealous much? you’re not fucking her why do u give a shit if she’s hot or not? there’s a reason michael c. hall is married to her and not you. quit hating on her, she’s an awesome actress..what’s hotter then that?

    • I agree with Tiffani

      Jennifer Carpenter is awesome…she reminds me of my daughter….and skinny is not a bad thing. Ever hear of woman that have such a high metabolism no matter what they do to gain they just can’t. I have a sister that is as skinny as Jennifer and about the same age. She cries at times she gets teasted for being skinny and she says to me all the time you don’t know what I would give to have a more womanly figure and not so dam skinny. So give it up you BIOTCHES that are jealous. She is an awesome actress and definately a nice switch from the same ol woman that are bleached blonde and fake as hell. Trust me Michael picked a good one Deb is unique she is also sexy ….and Dexter is the schnizzle trust me I married a red head and they are the best =o)

  • Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

    I adore the show, I adore all of the characters, and I agree, Julie Benz is beautiful, but Jennifer Carpenter is SO unique – I absolutely love her character, and at first I liked Rita (Julie Benz), on the show, but then she really started to annoy me with her passive aggressive punishing behavior, so she became less beautiful. Then she was killed and I could not stop crying – for DAYS! The new season of Dexters flashbacks when he first meets her – I am in tears again. I really miss her. She was complicated and annoying, such a rich character.

    Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is so funny and tough and vulnerable that she became more beautiful to me. Mind you, these are the characters, but I always find it interesting that physical good looks either go up or down depending on a person’s character. We do not know these people in real life (although Carpenter and Benz are best friends, so….they gotta both be cool, right?) — – however, I read in an interview that when asked why so many women loved “Dexter”, Carpenter answered, “I don’t know, maybe they like looking at my husband?”
    At first it bugged me, as she seemed smug and a bit possessive, but then it occurred to me that perhaps she was insecure about her looks, which could be perceived as gawky or whatever. Not some Megan Fox clone.
    Whatever it was, I shouted when I read the interview, “No, Deb, we like looking at YOU!
    When Michael C. Hall won the Emmy last year, after battling cancer, and they cut to her crying as he was delivering his acceptance speech, I started crying, too, lol.

    I laugh because what a show to be in tears in all the time!

    I am so happy for them, I am a woman, I am not gay (not that it matters) and I absolutely love this woman, from the little I know.

    Okay, time for another cup of coffee!


  • Tami

    Dexter’s siter (in life his wife) is one of the fugliest women in entertainment, right next to Reba McIntire. Maybe MH IS asexual and that is why he is with her. He does not have to get inticimate with her so there is no chance of developing projectile regurgitation due to man on horse contact.

  • dating spy

    I think they make a cute couple. I think me and my boy who i met on

  • Beth

    Get help Jennifer. You will die if you keep starving yourself…

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