Will There Be a Musical Version of House?

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Hugh LaurieTV Squad reported recently that the cast members of House are hoping that when the writers come back from strike they’ll pen an episode of House as a musical. After all, All of the original castmembers have musical experience and it’s possible that the three new members have musical abilities too. (Thanks to Patrick for the tip!)

Here are the things they list as mucial experience for House cast members:

  • Lisa Edelstein authored, composed and performed in the AIDS-related musical Positive Me.
  • Omar Epps was a member of a rap group called Wolfpak and was a back-up dancer for Queen Latifah.
  • Hugh Laurie performs as part of Band From TV, and he plays piano.
  • Jennifer Morrison did musical theater, played clarinet in her high school’s marching and symphonic bands and sang in the choir.
  • Robert Sean Leonard performed on Broadway.
  • Jesse Spencer performs as part of Band From TV, sang a song on the Uptown Girls’ soundtrack, was in an Australian boys choir and plays violin, guitar, bass and the piano.

Would you want to see one episode of House become a musical? Do you think it’s a dumb idea? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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  • http://www.myspace.com/jwillis14 Jake

    Yes, very stupid idea. When Scrubs did the musical, it was said that it jumped the shark big time. And you have to think though, this is a drama series, I doubt 24 or Bones would ever get through with a musical. House is in the top 10 best shows. People watch the show for diagnostic mysteries, not jumping, dancing, singing doctors trying to treat a patient also. Plus how would the patient feel about it? :P

  • Rachel

    If it wasn’t completely OOC, I’d love it… But House singing insults is just O_o~

  • Elsa

    Hey Hugh Laurie is losing the Hunkiest men of the year title, 64 500 votes only

  • Sadie

    As much as I enjoy watching House play the guitar or piano in the occasional episode, I can’t imagine this idea working very well. There are unfortunately the three new doctors to consider as well. I would just be happy with a clever, well written script that gives Chase/Cuddy/Wilson some more screen time.

  • Grace

    SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

  • Bia

    hey Lynn! Happy New year! aand, I promise to send you everything I find about House/castmembers and everything!

    I´ve seen this new at the brazilian House-blog a week before….

    I won´t that happen again! xD

    And people.. c´mom! Hugh is loosing the hunkiest man for Kiefer Sutherland! blagh!!!!

    let´s vote!

  • maest

    I ‘ve been voting since I got up. Keep voting Hugh!!!
    Shutherland’s fans seem to be more numerous. I don’t know waht happened yesterday. Hugh was the 1st and the Sutherland got an enormous amount of votes.
    vote Hugh!!!! vote Hugh!!!!

  • Bia

    c´mom people!!!

    Hugh is loosing!!!!!

    keep voting!!!!!

  • http://fashionpoirot.blogspot.com Lola

    I think it would be funny as maybe a DVD extra, like the valley-girl versions they sometimes include. But strictly as a light-hearted parody of itself- no way would it work seriously. But I don’t think we have anything to worry about; the producers have brains, after all!

  • sweeticecreamgirl

    I would love for them to do a musical to House.That would be awsome!!!!

  • barbara

    yeah! musical episode!!!! =P

  • gen

    YES PLEASE! :)

  • http://www.heatherontech.com heather

    As a staunch hater of musicals, I would have to say, um, “No, thanks.” I agree that it could be funny to see like the Valley Girl outtakes though. I could take it in small doses, but anything over 10 minutes of song and I start losing my lunch!

  • Kailey

    i think that it would be a cool idea as a dream of a patient. like the patient is some kind of broadway director and only sees the doctors sing, not talk. house would be interested in why the patient only hears song and so on. but if the whole episode was song, id turn the channel even if that would make me not watch an episode of house. mostly song would be like greese at a hospital. maybe only song when the patient is in the room. oh yeah, i luv the valley girl outtakes. they should make a whole episode valley girl style.

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