Top 10 college basketball jerseys

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As I was watching college basketball this weekend, something jumped out at me – there are some really good looking college basketball jerseys out there…and there are some absolutely awful jerseys as well.

So, I figured I would create a Top 10 list of the sweetest jerseys in college basketball today.

#1 -Florida Gators University of Florida – my alma mater – two-time defending champion in college basketball – if you’re not a Gator, you’re Gator Bait.

#2 – Kentucky Wildcats University of Kentucky – nothing says college basketball like the blue jerseys of the Bluegrass State Wildcats.

#3 – North Carolina University of North Carolina – as folks down in Carolina say, God is a Tar Heel fan because he made the sky blue.

#4 – Texas Longhorns University of Texas – plain and simple, just like Penn State’s football uniforms.

#5 – University of Iowa University of Iowa – I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Iowa’s bright yellow jerseys.

#6 – Oklahoma State Oklahoma State University – brighter orange than Texas, not as annoying as Syracuse’s orange.

#7 – University of MichiganUniversity of Michigan – and speaking of bright, electric yellow jerseys…

#8 – Kansas University of Kansas – classic jersey with the red, white and blue – very nice.

#9 – Arizona University of Arizona – bright red jerseys with the electric blue lettering – might be too bright for some people, but not for me.

#10 – Utah University of Utah – another red and white jersey. Why so special? Because they are my alma mater as well.

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  • Ryan

    Only problem with Fla…the duct tape on the back. What’s up with that?! Can’t afford to keep jerseys together the “normal” way?

  • Rich Carlson

    HA! Well, with all the $$$ they’ve won with their BCS championship in football, I’m pretty sure they can afford anything they want ;-)

  • Eric

    Nike bias maybe?

  • Rich Carlson

    Wow – didn’t even see all the Swooshes there.

    Branding had no influence on my decisions at all, seriously.

  • Chupa

    Tacky Florida as first because you went there and no Duke? Lame.

  • Ryan

    Hmmm…Proud of that BCS Championship. Proves to me why Billy D may have made a mistake stickin’ around. Wins 2 Banners and they still talk about Football….WOW!

  • Rich Carlson

    Hey – it’s my list. The next time Duke wins back-to-back championships, you can put their jerseys at the top of your list.

    I’ve never cared for Duke’s uniforms. Kentucky’s are better, as are Carolina’s.

  • Rich Carlson

    Billy D made the right decision to stay. Why go through the headaches of dealing with players with monster egos and 82-game seasons?

    He’s making a ton of money in Gainesville, he has outstanding facilities, he’s a great recruiter. Why not stay?

  • Cdog

    Remind me…who was the last team before Florida to go back-to-back?

  • Ross

    “Oklahoma State University – brighter orange than Texas, not as annoying as Syracuse’s orange.”

    You might want to check your TV color settings…….Although the official colors are Pantone 1665 for Syracuse and Pantone 166 for Oklahoma State, Nike uses the EXACT same color (Safety Orange) to make the jerseys.

  • Rich Carlson

    Cdog – Duke might be the last team before Florida to go back to back, but their jerseys still suck.

  • Rich Carlson

    I don’t know what it is about the Syracuse jerseys – maybe the lettering, I’m not sure, but they annoy the daylights out of me.

  • Rob

    Indiana’s jersey has gotten a lot of recognition as being the best old school jersey. I’m not dissing your list, but did you at least consider them?

  • Tony

    No Michigan State road jerseys or the traditional crimson from Indiana? Both are 100% better then either of the puke yellow from Iowa or Michigan

  • Rich Carlson

    Rob – I definitely agree with you. IU’s jerseys (both home and road) are classic. They were on my initial list, and I decided to replace them with Utah, only because I’m a Ute.

    Now, if we had a category for the best warm-ups, IU’s red and white striped pants would be #1. I love those outfits.

  • Rich Carlson

    Michigan State’s jerseys aren’t too bad.

    I can’t explain why I like the Iowa jerseys – I always have. Same goes for the electric yellow of Michigan.

  • Marc Pytynia

    this list sucks. Florida is #1??? where’s duke, indiana, ucla??? Utah…are u kidding. this list blows dude

  • Rich Carlson

    As I stated before, I hate all things Duke. Their jerseys are nothing special.

    I like IU’s jerseys.

    I was going to put UCLA on the list until I saw that stupid gold “C” they put on their jerseys to let everybody know they have won 100 NCAA championships. Impressive, yes. But it looks ridiculous on their jerseys.

    You don’t like Utah, too bad. My schools, my jerseys, my list.

  • Marc Pytynia

    ur right man. it is your list…but the inidiana jerseys are classic. I was wondering what the gold “C” was for on UCLA’s jersey

  • joe schmo

    As a Utah alumni, you should know that the posted Ute jersey is outdated. They have a new style, little more old school Utah.

  • Nick Fizel

    White North Carolina jerseys all-time #1!!!

  • Rich Carlson

    I do know the Utes jersey is old. I posted an older one because I hate the new ones. The block letters are horrible. I like what the new coach has done, but I hate the change in jerseys.

  • Jon Lantz

    I don’t mind your list, it is YOUR list and your self opionion. I’m an Iowa Hawkeyes fan myself, you rank them at #5, not bad. I also like Iowa’s away jerseys, the black ones with old gold/yellow & white lettering. I don’t care for Duke either. Especially Dick “Duke” Vitale, who also pulls for Florida teams, but he’s more into b-ball traditon.

    I live in northern Arizona myself. I know about Utah and the Utes, MWC. Even the Indian Tribe. I also like the Arizona red, white, and blue unis. Of course the success of Lute Olson, once being a former Iowa Hawkeyes coach.

    Hawk is the place to be for Iowa Hawkeye fans to post on the forums. Come and check it out. I’m known as “HAWKILANTZ”, maybe see you around. Take care Rich.

  • http://none DenverWildcat

    Florida and Utah alum. . . . is this Urban Meyer’s website?

  • Steve

    What about the Marquette old school unis, a la Dywane Wade?

  • Cody

    I disagree with you putting Texas and Kentucky up there. I think they are too plain. But thats just my opinion
    I also like depaul’s jerseys

  • Rich Carlson

    I was in a win-win situation with Meyer – either he was going to stay at my alma mater, or he was going to coach my alma mater!

    As for Marquette, their old school unis weren’t bad at all.

  • Robert Gutter

    Come on Rich! Admit you had the OLD Nike KU jersey from 3 seasons ago posted on her originally!!!!

  • Rich Carlson

    You bet I’ll admit it.

    If you go to KU’s athletic website, you’ll see 2 sets of jerseys listed. The top couple of rows feature the 2007 jerseys. They also list the older jerseys underneath.

    Personally, I like the older jerseys – I like the old lettering.

    After the Nike bias comment, I figured I would add in a token Adidas jersey to satisfy the masses ;-)

  • Tim Keough

    I’m a syracuse fan and I don’t like their new unis. First of all let’s connect the shorts (or should I say longs) to the jersey, continue the striping up the side. Secondly what is with the silver numbers? As said above it looks like Duct Tape and are hard to read. Thirdly I’m still hurting that they are just the “Orange” it looks silly in the endzone (which isn’t used a alot by Syracuse) and sillier on the front of the hoops Jersey.

  • John

    im sure ill probably get hammered for this but i love mizzou’s jerseys. something about the black and gold just looks good, the gold jerseysare hideous though…pitt also has a very underrated jersey.

  • Rich Carlson

    Mizzou’s jerseys are good too – black and gold is a nice combo.

    And just wait – the Top 10 ugliest jerseys will be coming later ;-)

    And yes – Kansas State’s jersey will be on there. Duke’s, of course, will be at the top of the list ;-)

  • TB

    I agree with your choice about the Tarheels
    jersey. Actually, though, folks down in Carolina say, “If God isn’t a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina blue?”

  • MCB

    University of North Carolina – as folks down in Carolina say, God is a Tar Heel fan because he made the sky blue.

    uh i believe the real quote is that “God is a Tar Heel fan because he made the sky CAROLINA blue”

  • Rich Carlson

    Yes, I accidentally omitted the “Carolina” from the quote.

    I profusely apologize to all the Tar Heel fans out there.

    It will never happen again ;-)

  • Wilson

    God made the sky carolina blue so we wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in it.

  • Will

    Duke thoroughly sucks. I think the carolina white jersey looks a little better… but they’re both awesome

  • brian

    I am a huge florida fan, but i dont like their 2008 jerseys. I really liked their 07 jerseys though, especially the white one’s….

  • Joe

    Does Memphis get points for originality? I think their blue road jerseys look pretty nice.

  • Rich Carlson

    Memphis’ unis are good too. Good choice.

  • shane

    Tennessee Vols? (best in my opinion)

    Golden Gophers?

  • Chris

    Awesome job, Rich. I’d flip-flop one and two, but that’s because I’m a UK fan. And no, Duke does not belong on this list. ;)

  • Jr.

    When will Duke learn that Royal Blue + Black letters/numbers looks like crap on a towel? When did Duke decide to add black? Their old uniforms, White on Royal Blue, actually looked good. And I hate Duke.

    (The same goes for the Celtics, with their black on Green…but that’s another board).

  • TARHEEL4244


  • Adam Morrison

    How about Gonzaga’s blue? I love it so much it makes me want to cry.

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  • Shawn

    I am both a Iowa fan and a Florida fan, so to see both in the top 5 is awesome

  • chris

    hand down Marquette! They arent even on the list?

  • emma

    ha ha ha UofA all the way! wildcats rule

  • David

    I also like the classic jersey style. Indiana is my favorite and UCLA is right up there as well.

  • timothy

    Marquette has the nicest jerseys, hands down, and I have no link whatsoever to that school, I’m not a fan, have never lived in Wisconsin, never been a fan of their team, they just have excellent uni’s, with the dark blue and light blue/yellow color blocks around the arms and down the sides. Als Michigan State is nice.

  • Jeff Robertshaw

    this is the biggest piece of s**t ratings i have ever seen… how the hell do you have iowas jersey on here?! i live in iowa and those jerseys suck A$$! how is marquette, oregon, syracuse may be bright but the white jerseys are awesome, memphis blue are better then kentucky blues, villanovas, the gray ohio st jerseys, black wake forest jerseys, cmon get ur act together… michigan doesnt belong in the top 100!