Pau Gasol ready for Lakers championship run

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NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Pau Gasol brings scoring to the Lakers

Pau GasolThe Lakers essentially traded less than nothing to the Lakers for Pau Gasol.

In an unbelievable pickup the Lakers are right back in the hunt for the NBA Championship.

Wait a minute, is Pau that good?

No, but that is the beauty of it all, Pau Gasol does not have to be that good.

Right now he is a fill in for Andrew Bynum. When Bynum gets back you have a Pau Gasol that can put up points in the triangle offense, get some rebounds, give the Lakers more length, and present a mismatch on the floor at all times.

Have you ever seen this guy play?

He has a funky release on his jump shot, but it consistently goes in. Pau can knock down mid-range after mid-range jump shot with that funky release.

Other GM’s in the league are shaking their heads.

Around the league, the reaction of executives and coaches was unanimous: What a nightmare for us. When reached with the news, one Western Conference executive said simply, “Are you kidding? (Expletive) me.” source

They just realized that you will not get Kobe in a trade from the Lakers, he is going nowhere now and that the Lakers are for real. Suddenly Lamar Odom is a distant fourth option on this team.

Kobe celebrated by putting up 47 points on the Raptors.

David Stern

Think of the wild thoughts going through the Commissioner’s head right now. He has the golden memories of all those Boston LA series with Larry Bird of the Big Three vs. Magic Johnson and Kareem Jabbar.

Now, Stern is thinking Kevin Garnett of the Big Three (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce) vs. Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum.

Stern is smart enough to see he role the Pau plays in this and also to see the immense marketing dollars.

Funny how a single trade of a guy that no one was talking about can change things so quickly.

As for Memphis? They are just unloading salary and cleaning house. They are pathetic and know it. Time to start over.

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As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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  • angelo

    The Lakers now have a quartet they can depend on with Bryant, Bynum, Odom and Gasol while unloading Kwame Brown. Brown has improved his play since arriving in LA from the Wizards but he’s still not the player he was drafted first overall even many years later. Acquiring Gasol almost makes up for trading away Caron Butler who is now an all star with the Wizards.

    If anything, the Lakers got Gasol pretty cheap so this deal’s upside outweighs the risks. Expect the Lakers to make some big noise in the post season with this deal.

    The only thing that saddens me about this deal is the break up of the Gasol with his buddy Juan Carlos Navarro. I expected Navarro to be part of any deal Gasol would be part of.

  • tristam

    well, for me, i do hope that people, expecially those laker hater, would still discourage everyone to think that the lakers would win a championship, i mean, i want them to feel bad at the end of the season.

  • Henry Raigosa

    I can imagine Chicky baby in the sky saying “……the jellooooooos gigglin” and gettin’ ready to say “faked him into the popcorn machine” again. Yea, Chicky……the Lakers are for real now. With the leagues 2nd youngest team……the new dynasty is at hand!

  • james

    The Gasol trade makes the Lakers a definite threat to win it all. Before the trade, the Lakers were regular season winners, but not playoff potential.

  • lakers fan

    Its th best team now in the west!

  • james

    Don’t speak too soon, Phoenix, Utah, Golden State, and now Dallas, have all made deals to improve their teams.

  • Wing

    Don’t be a moron. The Suns are wack and your just as stupid as they are.

  • tuy

    Pau Gasol…………….

  • Tristam

    haha, boston wins it all anyway.

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