Family Guy trivia: Who was the original voice of Meg Griffin?

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meg.pngDo you know who the original voice of Meg Griffin was in the first season only? I’ll give you a hint: she was one of the annoying cast members of “Party of Five”, and she played an equally annoying crew member on the craptacular “Lost in Space”. Know who it is?

Yup, it’s Lacey Chabert. Here’s what Seth MacFarlane has to say about this:

“You know, it was just purely a contractual thing. Lacey Chabert, I think there was a mistake in her contract, and I guess she had not intended to be involved for, like, the full run of the show. I don’t even remember. To be honest, I don’t really, to this day, know what it was. It was nothing there was no tension or anything. She wanted to go, and she was very cool about it. We obviously don’t want to keep anyone there who doesn’t want to be there. So, you know, it was early on enough in the show that it wasn’t a huge that happens from time to time, you’ve got to replace a voice actor. Fortunately, what Mila Kunis brought to it, Mila Kunis, was in a lot of ways, I thought, almost more right for the character. I say that Lacey Chabert did a phenomenal job, but there was something about Mila Kunis something very natural about Mila Kunis”. — Seth MacFarlane


I agree, I love how Mila voices Meg; listening to Lacey was like nails on a chalkboard. And not in a good way.

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    It was Lacey Chabert. Doesn’t help that you tagged the answer though.

  • Payday

    I bet you are really glad Mila took over from Lacey

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