Hughsnet Satellite Internet…What A Rip Off!

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headerLeft This is a non-metal venting moment and a warning to anyone thinking about getting Hughsnet. After a long time of Dial-up internet due to living where Cable and DSL is not accessible we made an effort to step out of the world of dial-up and ventured to get Hughsnet Satellite internet. Two days later I have canceled the account and I’m back to dial-up.


First off when we first got it two days ago it was fast. It was nice being able to download things fast and watch videos online without waiting a long time to load. Here is something they don’t tell you. There is a fair access policy, meaning I was only allowed to download a total of 200 mb in a 24 hour period except for during the hours of 3am to 6 am, when I could download as much as I wanted. They never told me anything about this policy before I signed up. That 200 mb is not direct saved downloads either. Thats 200mb of anything. Pictures, streaming video/audio, whatever. They also didn’t tell me I would have to pay out of pocket at time of install for a “Non standard” installation. When I canceled they told me I had to pay for the standard install, and looking at my contract that I signed when I paid  $125.00 I see nowhere in there anything about paying for standard install. They also said I had to uninstall the devices myself and send them back to which I replied:”well who’s going to pay me for my time Uninstalling it?”.

Anyway long story short, Hughsnet Satellite internet is a rip off. It’s slow and expensive ($59.99 a month). Shame on me for not looking into online reviews of Hughsnet before buying because there is a 99/1 ration of negative feedback on it. I don’t know about other satellite internet services but if hughsnet is your only option then you’re better off sticking with dial-up until you have other means. I guess I’ll be waiting until we move to a place where we can get DSL or cable internet. Good thing I didn’t cancel my dial up account yet.

Customer service is out-sourced and scripted. They do a good job sympathizing with you and telling you how sorry they are. Kind of like Paypal customer service. Maybe that’s the standard in customer service these days. JD Powers and associates My ass! The BBB will be hearing from me.

If you see the logo up top it says “Hughsnet, Broadband Unbound” That’s Lie Number 1!

Mistake made, lesson learned.

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  • KevinC

    Damn! $59.99 a month, and they limit you to 200mb a day? That’s a huge rip off, and sucks that that was your only option for broadband internet. Then they have the nerve to charge you some fee for an install, even after they didn’t provide you with good service. Quite a horrific experience.
    I was stuck with dial-up too until just last year, when I was lucky enough to get quite a good offer for DSL which I jumped on immediately.


  • Desilu

    Geez I’m glad I ran across this bit oh info I’m in the same sit. as you with the whole dial up b.s Can’t take it no mo so it’s a toss up between Wild Blue and Hugh’s net thanks to your rant I’m going with Wild blue fo Sho. Got any dirt on them?

  • Ron

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I did file one. If we all stand together and file a complaint just maybe it will help. Just call 1-877-ftc-help or

  • Scott

    Thanks, Ron. I’ll do that.

  • Cat

    I wish I’d saw this a year ago and mucho money wasted with Hughsnet. I am now as slow as a snail getting from page to page and no other options besides the dial up! I am filing my complaint today. thanks Ron

  • Scott

    slow here too Cat. Until I move out of the stix it’s all I got

  • Nancy

    I’ve got Wildblue and ours has been so slo-o-o-w lately at at times couldn’t even get a page to load. I just checked my e-mail and found an “alert” from Wildblue telling me we are using too many MBs (can’t remember how many it said but I’m too impatient to pull it up now-it took FOR
    EVER to even get my inbox loaded). I hardly even use it, my 18 yr. old does but we pay $79!!! for Wildblue’s highest speed, and they do THIS to us?!! I got so mad I decided to see what Hughesnet had to say and found all these complaints. We had avoided Hughesnet/Direcway for years because of what Con. Reprts. said about them (solid black circle). I was pleased for a while–well, sort of–Wildblue has been faster than dial-up BUT–still seemed to me that for $79 a month it should be a lot faster than it is (or, was). I’m calling Wildblue tomorrow (7-15-08) and will let them have it. I, too, never heard a word one about any “fair access” malarky. I’ll let you all know what I find out. Anybody else with Wildblue been hit with this, too?

  • Kevin

    Isn’t rationing internet usage illegal? Isn’t that what’s been in the news all day? Comcast got in trouble for it. Shouldn’t somebody point out that Hughesnet is doing it? I hate hughesnet. Those greedy bastards need to be locked away. They’re thieves.

  • bryan

    wild blue is pathetic at best .they did the too much bandwidth nonsense , then shutdown for months on end . no refund no apology. then try to quit them , and they keep billing till you cancell the card.

  • thespiritdog

    I have wildblue on one computer and Hughsnet on another. Hughsnet works, wildblue doesn’t.

  • Tim

    I too have wildblue, and I do not feel free to download anything.. I have to make sure it is no more than 10mb, and if it is, I’m scared to download it! I find this sad, considering the amount I am paying for this service. I should be able to download all I want, with no worries. I’m getting HughesNet soon, because at least I can download 200mb a day, with this service I have at the moment, I get only 2gb a month.

  • Metal Martyr

    I had no idea that Wildblue was worse that Hughsnet. I got a flier from them in the mail recently and the price looked pretty good…and then I saw the fine print about the FAP at the bottom.

    It seems criminal to me that they can get way with this.

  • Peg

    Wild Blue sucks. Had a go around with them this past june. said that I canceled my service when in fact I didn’t. charged my credit card 150.00. had to get my credit card company to bill them for the 150.00 and then cancel my credit card so that they could’t rebill me. said that there was some mistake on their part (wildblue) and that they were sorry, but that It still showed that I had canceled my acct. well as of the end of jan I will cancell my acct. with them and go back to dial up. buyers beware. this had to be even slower than my old dial up was.

  • Nunya gotdambidnes

    I agree about hughes (I install for both companies)
    But I gotta Say theres new stuff now and heres the scoop. Wildblue when it first started (the company is only a few years old) overshot its infrastructure on a massive scale and did not have the bandwidth to back up what speeds were promised, the following august, they launched there own satellite and hit the market again,since then, the downloads are right where they say they are going to be, there is still a Fair Access Policy which you acknowledge when you sign the contract and its not even in the fine print anymore in fact its high lighted: 7000mb for the $59 package, 10,000mb for the next level and 13,000 for the highest on a 30 day rolling period, and ultimately the reason for it is that no satellite can produce enough bandwidth to allow customers unlimited download/upload. If they allowed a free for all the system would suck not because the lack of bandwidth to be distributed evenly,but for the fact that there would be some haxor that sits in his mommies garage all day and figures out how to rape the satellite for what limited bandwidth it has. Most retailers outline what the fine print says in the flyers and advertisements, and should (my retailer does) tell you how bad it is for things like mass music/video downloads gaming and so forth. The product is best suited for the casual internet user, checking emails regularly, viewing and sending photos, on occasion, and watching few videos a month, research and semi frequent shopping or banking.
    Each company has to provide you a way to monitor your bandwidth usage. Some people like the fact that there are open download hours with hughes net… some people would just rather not use the computer for a few days at the end of the month when they exceed their bandwidth limit with wildblue. I always see the same complaints, thread after thread and ultimately it comes down to the retailer/installer informing you properly before any work is done what, if any, additional charges their might be for any special requirements at your home. Things that are not covered in the free standard installation are: attic crawls, under house crawls, fishing wires into walls from either the attic or crawlspace, pole mounts (when there is no line of site from your house or you have stucko/vinyl siding/ tile roof etc., wireless networking..) Now adays, Wildblue is so strict in its install procedures its almost sickening. I myself have had 3 trouble audits in the last 2 days and was able to be present during one, which was in need of a dish move and since i did not put the dish on a pole to begin with (as opposed to on the wood shed) I would have been charged for the auditing technician to change it had I not been there to correct it myself. Wildblue is constantly monitoring the signals of each individual system and if your system is not within an acceptable value range they will either issue a service call or a trouble audit. No installer wants it to be the latter and so those who do not step up there efforts to perform quality installs will have there certification revoked. Anyways, IMHO Wildblue has really made a come back and if well informed, casual users would be absolutely happy with the product.

  • speeedy

    I agree with that. You have to do your research before you sign on to something. Their are thousands of satisfied HughesNet and Wildblue customers out there that understand the limitations of the fap. Its not criminal for someone to sell you a service and provide you the service as stated. You dont to a gas station and agree to pay $50 for a tank of gas and then gripe later that you want more for the same money. Always do research and read the fine print before signing up for anything.

  • Scott

    Like I said, Speed, lesson learned. Of course you’re going to stick up for them because you sell the product. Hughsnet preys on people that have no other option. They say watch movies online, download music and all that good stuff in the commercials but they never say anything about the FAP. I never signed a physical contract nor did I see one. The installer never told me about the FAP so they were never very up front about the product and services. Hughsnet is good for casual surfers and people that restrict their internet use to checking email. They say that normal site-surfing should not effect the 200 mb FAP, but it does. Then when you complain about it they try to sell you a more expensive package for more FAP memory? It’s a rip off no matter what way you look at it. The people that are satisfied with it are satisfied getting ripped off.

  • Tim

    There was nothing highlighted in my contract…you are full of crap!!! The guy that installed mine left me a copy and it has nothing about limit. You shouldn’t have to research companies in America when you pay taxes for Uncle Sam to regulate these thieves. I guess since you work for them you have to lie about this kind of stuff being highlighted…you must think we are morons. You can’t research a contract when everything is written in attorney gobble dee goop. Quit stealing from people Nunya… you are part of the problem when you make excuses for people who scam!!!! They are defrauding people and they will be held accountable.

  • Tim Check out the page that offers HughesNet and you will find nothing about limits. Instead they advertise that you can download large files in minutes instead of hours…BULL!!!!! I may on occassion have gotten four times faster than dial up but after and hour was limited to less than 45 k transfer rate which is a slow dial up speed…. Try again Nunya!!!!!

  • Tim


    Defendant: Hughes Network Systems, LLC
    Subsidiaries: SPACEWAY and Broadband Unbound

    CLAIM AGAINST: satellite internet service.

    HugheNet is perpetuating fraud.

    I am a HugheNet customer who called and complained about their speed claims. They claim 20 times faster download than dial up. I have never gotten faster than 4 times faster and 95% of the time it was dial up speed. I’m in an online college and need fast and reliable service.

    I was paying 10 dollars a month for dial up and now paying 70 bucks a month for dial up speed using the HughesNet service. This is on top of paying 220 bucks to set up the dish even though HughesNet advertised at 170 dollar setup fee.

    I called Tech Support and was told that I am only allowed 200 MB of download usage during a 24 hour period (Which is equivalent to 10 minutes of streaming video) at which time I exceed this, HughesNet automatically slowed my internet transfer usage to less than dial up speed. (They call this Broadband Unbound?) What a joke! I informed the tech guy I called in India that I was not told about this at which time he replied that I could spend more money every month to take the block off. WHAT!!!!! What a rip-off! Since HughesNet illegally defrauded me I demanded that the contract be voided at which he replied that there is a 400 dollar cancellation fee. They know how to screw you coming and going. Why can’t businesses get rich these days by being honest with people?

    If you are like me and sick and tired of big business screwing with your hard earned money while they continually grow rich by “breaking” your back; then send me an email if you have been screwed over too by HughesNet and as soon as I get enough signatures, my lawyer will file a class action lawsuit for millions of retribution for the scam they have generated.

    Send your email to: In the subject put HughesNet Scam so I will know which emails to pull out of my spam folder.

    Thank you,
    Tim Dupree

  • Tim

    Hey Speedy…what if you bought 50 bucks of gas only to find out that your tank got filled with water…would you gripe then? This is what these services are doing…It is a fraudulent practice!

  • The Spirit Dog

    I still have both satellite systems (Hughsnet & Wildblue) on different computers, even with Wildblues new satellite I get terrible download speeds.

    For me the FAP limits were never an issue the largest files I ever upload, are about 30-40 mb. It’s the transfer speeds I’m very disappointed in.

    You can see some of the speed tests I ran here,

    Good luck

  • Tim

    Thanks Spirit Dog…HughesNet actually advertises up to 50 times faster than dial up and we got on the cheapest plan of 1 MB speed but when I ran my test speeds I was getting around 128 on most clear days then after I uploaded or downloaded 200 MB (Which takes about 20 minutes or less in an online college) I was knocked down to 6k for 24 hours…yes 6k transfer. Needless to say, It takes a simple page 30 minutes to load at that rate.
    I’ve contacted the Maryland Attorney General because this nonsense was never brought to my attention. If it was, I would have said “no thank you” and moved on. It’s time for big business to be held accountable for scheming and fraudulent practices. :O)

    Please copy and paste my thread to other blogs and comment sites about the class action lawsuit I am pursuing so I can continue to gather names. Thank you for standing up against these lowlifes that keep stealing our hard earned money.

  • Tim

    LOL…I was going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission but Hughesnet wont let me load that page….

  • Bobby Baker

    We have Wildblue select pack. It is supposed to be a 1mbps download, 200kbps upload. We rarely see the occasion when we actually get this kind of speed. Usually it’s around 768k down and 100k or so up, so it is faster than dialup…usually. Wildblues FAP is a 30 day rolling one. You get 12GB of down and 3GB of up wityh this package per 30 days. You drop a day and add a day every day…get it? I must say this about WB’s FAP, it’s a lot better than Hughsnet’s. We have a full time college student and 4 adults using it and have only been FAP’ed twice in two years, although we do run close all the time. Don’t get me wrong, satellite internet service sucks because of the way both companies feel they have rural users over the barrel, but the lesser of the two evils is Wildblue. They are lying about consistant 1mb speed but they do put their FAP right on their webpage and I’d rather have 12GB to work with over 30 days than a lousy 200mb per 24 hours…Sure wish I could get in on that overcrowded Fast Freedom whisper wireless tower…I will one of these days :)

  • Barbara Andrews

    I am currently having the same problem as you, I don’t believe I have any other choice than Please add my signature and lets get this fixed. Thanks

  • Herman and Erica Madrid

    We’ve had HughesNet for 3 years. I used to do medical transcription at home, and thank God we did not have this FAP at that time … it was my job to download all day long. I don’t know when they instituted this insane FAP, but we are ALWAYS “locked out” of our internet. We have 2 adults, 2 teens using the internet, we have scheduled our automatic downloads for the “free time” in the middle of the night, hence we must leave our computers on 24/7, and even with all the adjustments we’ve made we can’t get in! We too are rural customers being monopolized by this insanity. The FAP was NEVER disclosed and we really didn’t have any problem until a few months ago, so I’m curious when it was put into place and believe failure to disclose negates any contract we signed 3 years ago. We “upgraded” our modem last July for another “2 year contract” and service got much worse since then. We no longer have access to dial-up either as the service that provided dial-up went bankrupt and shut down the entire area (statewiede). All surrounding communities have now been connected to DSL, but we are a “junction box” off the main box and do not have enough people to warrant the $$ to install DSL here. We are being cheated and monopolized, where’s the competition to keep these companies honest?? Please include us in any Federal complaints and actions against this company.

  • Lynda

    They have you by the #@%&@!!! They know anybody that needs internet and can not get it from any other service will jump at an internet that is faster. And there was absolutly nothing said to me or in my contract about a certain amount of downloads. I found out when I called to ask why my internet was dragging so bad. That is when I was told there are three tiers so naturally with two teens in the house I had to move to the middle tier $89.99 a month. As if paying $600.00 for the dish wasn’t enough!! This has been eating away at me for the past five years. Today is the happiest day ever because I can finally get a high speed internet and cut the dish down and tell hughsnet just what to do with it..
    I am searching the internet right now to cancel my service with them and that is how I found this site.
    I could not agree with you more!!

  • Scott

    Good for you, Lynda!!

  • Kendall

    Thanks for putting me on notice man.I am restricted to dial up only because of where i live and i was thinking about trying one of these satellite internet providers.Its kinda tough having dial up though because i cannot get on xbox live or be able to surf the web faster.I was getting kind of desperate.But im glad i came across this.Wont be hearing from me anytime soon.

  • bOaks

    hey just wanted to thank everyone from saving me from a HUGH mistake. I’m in no man’s land, as far as dsl is concerned, and time-warner only other option other then satellite. Any dirt on them before I commit??
    Again Thanks from saving me from satellite serivce…

  • TJ 1701

    Hey thanks to everyone for this site. I also was about to make the HUGH mistake. My dial up is so slow I use my work computer that has a Sprint Air card. I have thought about getting an air card for the house but did not like the expense. However after reading all this about HN and WB, the Sprint aircard is a lot cheaper and faster. There may be other options out here as far as aircards are concerned but unfortunatley Sprint is the only one that works in my house that include my cell phone. For those of you stuck in the rual areas as I am, I can honestly say thank God for the Sprint aircard good luck to all, and thanks again for the heads up about WB & HN

  • jackie

    I am so glad I came across this review. I was excited to see the commercial and ran to my computer to see what I could find. Thanks for everyone who shared their experiences.

  • Kim

    I have Hugesnet, and unfortunatly this is all very true. I have had it for some time now. We were not told about the fair access policy when we signed up either. We fully paid for all equipment, then about a year ago we had a bad storm, my hughesnet modem was hit, and no longer worked. I called them only to find out my warranty had run out 2 months earlier, and it would cost me $250 for a new modem. I wasn’t happy so cancelled my account. We went for 7 months without internet. I searched for something better telling myself I wouldn’t go back to the crap I had. However, there is nothing out there for me. I am now back to hughesnet, paying $100 a month for a pro package cuz we have 2 computers and the wii we are running, and I now lease the equipment. They tell you it compares to DSL and that’s BS, I lived in dallas with DSL that I paid $14.95 a month for. I was able to play anything and everything on my computers. I can’t do that with hughesnet. 2 second delay my butt…..more like 30second. Don’t think you will be able to run on voice programs cuz it’s not gonna happen. If you can, find something else. If you’re like me and have to have something fast, then you are just gonna have to deal with it.

  • Gordo

    I would like to know if anyone is familiar with InternetAmerica (a.k.a. Go Geek) They have an antenna instead of satelite. Would this be a wise internet provider?

  • tom halterman

    we are happy with our service my only complaint is that i can’t get answers to my questions i call the number and leave messages i e-mail no one responds

  • RMB

    I agree Hughsnet is crap. We have been out for 3 days….they won’t call back until Tuesday. They will charge us for these days with no credit for unused mbs or what ever……crap crap crap. DO NOT DO IT

  • Jim

    hughesnet is a GIANT RIPOFF. Never subscribe to this bull$%@&. They all are a bunch of liars and thiefs.

  • ugetmygto

    Wild Blue is much better. We had wild blue for three years. Then we made a bone head desition to go with hughesnet. The hell of it is we should of known better. Hughesnet use to be part DirectTV until they realized they can both screw the people easier if they screwed you indvidually. IF we the public can get over the fact we can can’t live without them they will continue to over price there product and give you the bare minumum for your money.

  • Pollack

    Hughes net is a JOKE! what a scam! my contract is up in August and I cant wait. two years of absolute hell. Customer service sucks, they barely speak english and apologize with know help whatsoever on their end. Hidden costs, they penalize you for using the internet too much. I am looking forward to watching the garbage man toss this crap in his truck! I think the sprint air card is my best bet, I guess thats what I get for living out in the woods! Maybe I will burn the sattelite in the bonfire pit out back, The democratic liberals should love me after that one, but then again if they have hughesnet they might give me a free pass.

  • Cynthia

    I am also an online college student and bc of the slowness due to the files I need to download I am in need of a high speed internet suervice. I was looking into hughsnet and had already called a rep to inquire about it but all these things that were brought up and listed that they had not discussed with you they also did not wention to me either. Thank you so much for the information. I will not be a hughsnet customer for sure now. I am so glad I came across these post. Thanks to everyone who posted and have shared their unfortunate experience. I hope that you guys are able to stop hughsnet from doing this to anyone else again. We work to hard for our money to just give away to somebody else. Good luck on the task at hand.

  • jenny

    I too just signed up w/ them a week ago and was informed by a woman who barely spoke English about the fair access policy. Lord I was supremely pissed off by that! I told her it sucks ass that I have dial up service, but I’m paying for High Speed. She said she could give me the tools I needed to ignore all that, and when she told me, it was just a thing to download that monitors the mb usage. Like that helps my slow ass speed. Stupid woman. I MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER W/ THESE PEOPLE!

  • char


    • kitty

      I feel the very same way two days after hooked up which took 6 hrs. i hooked dsl back up. What a joke. If i could get joink where im at i would have it.

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