Steamy new Jonathan Rhys Meyers scenes from The Tudors

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Oooh, we’re in for a wild ride in Season 2 of The Tudors! Check out this new clip from Showtime. Jonny Boy is back and his Henry VIII is badder than ever. With Lady Anne at his side, you might’ve thought the king would curb his wandering eye. Not so much. Our Hank looks as randy as ever, if this teaser is to be believed:

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  • Ron Sylvester

    It seems that between Eric Bana and Johnathan Rhys Meyers, old King Henry seems to be shedding pounds over the centuries:

  • Rachael Emma

    Actually, Ron, the image of Henry VIII as an obese king (which I assume you’re referring to- the image doesn’t load) is representational of him in later life. He injured himself in about 1536 in a tournament and, due to the injury, was less physically active and began to gain weight. By the time he sustained that injury he was already married to Anne Boleyn and I believe she’d already given birth to Elizabeth. So they can get away with keeping him a little more svelte in the series, though they DID fudge on his age: he’s younger in the series.

  • Mark

    Rachel: Both good points; though I have to admit from the teaser while I continue to look forward to the new season it does appear that there will be even more poetic liscence taken this season and the focus will be on the intrigues of court-life as well as the “randy” tendancies of the Tudor monarch Henry VIII. For my part its all good entertainment.
    If there’s any hockey fans out there let me just say this LETS GO CAPS!!!

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