Funny Photo: Trailer Park Taj Mahal

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Wed, Mar 5 - 2:18 pm EDT | 10 years ago by
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Here’s a funny photo a recently received via e-mail. Thought it might bring a smile to someone’s face. You’ve got to appreciate the architectural and structural ingenuity of this little community.

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  • anne Park

    Does anyone know where this is?

    • Jack Peters

      It is in Zeba, Michigan, and people actually live there.

  • gerry

    From the name, I’m guessing that it’s in India?

  • alex

    they just named it taj mahal because its like a trailor palace, not because its in india dumb****

  • anonymous

    it’s in zeba, michigan.

    trailer court road.

    in the UP.

    come check it out sometime. :)

  • anonymous


    i live right up the road from this! it’s sweeeet.

    my friend lives in the green one on the left.

    a couple of old drunk guys thought this up and decided to make it happen, it’s coool. but a real bitch when you walk up to the top one.

    it kills me everytime.

  • zebaaaa

    yaaa i been herre its in zeba mi its da s**t

    one of mi boi’z lives up in dat green one

  • Jason Bean
  • Trailer Investigator

    that trailer is amazing

  • Tre

    Thanks for posting the piture. I had fun with it:

  • irene

    How about:




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