DVD Giveaway: "My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Friendly Tails"

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    tiggerpoohfriendlytalescover “My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Friendly Tails” was released on March 4, 2008. This DVD includes episodes of the TV series that airs on Playhouse Disney — the Disney Channel’s time-slot for preschoolers, usually in the mornings, but check local listings.

    The characters in this series, which premiered on May 12, 2007, are computer animated, which I think is cool, because it appeals to modern, computer-savvy kids. It features the classic Pooh characters, as well as two new ones, 6-year-old Darby and her dog Buster (though Christopher Robin still shows up now and then). Very cute update on the Winnie the Pooh franchise, and the messages of friendship and caring are still the main themes, with a mystery thrown in for good measure.

    THE GIVEAWAY: I have two copies of “My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Friendly Tails” DVD to give away. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on this post by midnight on Saturday, March 15, 2008. Be sure to include a valid email address. Winner will be drawn randomly. I’ll email the winner for their snail-mail address after the contest ends. Good luck!

    Watch a video clip after the jump!

    Photo: My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2008

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      • http://www.deniseschipani.com Denise Schipani

        My 3 yr old loves Pooh, and we just recently “found” this show on Playhouse Disney. Adding the DVD to the collection would be ideal (especially as we have a long car trip coming up).


      • http://www.kidshealthnotes.com Grace

        my daughter will love this! i hope i win…

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      • Karin A

        Who can resist Pooh and his friends? Such lovable characters!

      • http://upsanddownsofheavenandhell.blogspot.com/ Daniela

        My daughter loves her “Winn de Pooh.” Thanks for the giveaway!

        daniela6968 @ gmail.com

      • Cindi Hoppes

        Who doesn’t love Pooh Bear and his friends. There are does I would love to live in the Hundred Acre Wood! Please enter me in your wonderful DVD
        drawing. Thanks very much…..Cindi

      • Lisa Marlow

        I have a 13 month old son who loves to watch Tigger and Pooh. I found this on playhouse disney when he was about 8 months old and he is totally mesmerized by it the minute it starts. lisa0112_164@hotmail.com is my email address. Please tell me I won… lisa

      • http://www.internationalfreebies.net Mary_Freebies

        Cool DVD. Would love to keep my nieces busy with it some coming weekend.

      • Elizabeth Johnson

        My 5 year old daughter adores My Friends Tigger and Pooh. She would be thrilled to add this to her DVD collection.


      • Anna

        My daughter loves this show. Please add us to your drawing. She would be so excited to win this DVD to add to her collection for our long plane rides back to grandmas.

      • David

        Leo (4) and Simon (2) are hardcore Pooh-bahs. Thanks for entering us in the drawing.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dolphingirl2006 Francesca

        WOW! I love Winnie the Pooh! There was even a time when my bf and I used to read each other Winnie’s books! I bet this DVD is lovely..I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

      • Amber

        I would love to win this DVD for my niece! Winnie the Pooh is her favorite cartoon, and her whole room is decorated to show it!

      • Michael Capp

        I want t0 win!

      • Margaret Smith

        Thank you for offering this giveaway. My kids love Pooh. Please enter me and thank you.

      • Louise Brouillette

        Count me in!

      • Greg Johnson

        Tigger ROCKS!

      • Anne

        I remember being a child and watching the original Pooh on tv!! My grandchildren would love this!

      • Jeffrey Kuebler

        Cool movie for the kids.

      • Tonya Keener

        I would love the opportunity to watch this with my 5 year old niece Jima Leigh Alexander

      • Lori Berman

        Would be great for my nephew

      • Matt Shoukry

        I have always loved Pooh and would love to add this to my DVD collection.

      • Carolyn Nedrow

        I would love to win this!

      • Mitch Brevard

        My daughter loves Tiger and Pooh. Thanks

      • Erica C.

        my niece loves eeyore :)

      • Nora Scott-Platt

        We love disney and of course Pooh , eeyore and tigger

      • bob keck

        Our family loves the classics.

      • Tom Bellamy

        My daughter will love this.

      • Brian

        I would love this for my daughter

      • Sonya Sparks

        This would be so wonderful :O)

      • Christian Brothers

        My Wife would love this!

      • Sharold Friedrich

        Pooh rules

      • Tanya Moyer

        Great giveaway! My daughters love Pooh and Friends! Thanks!

      • John Mizell

        Would love to win

      • donna pavcik

        this is another good one

      • http://www.fashionfling.com/forum Lesha

        My son would love this! :)

      • Marissa

        We would love to win this for our family!
        Marissa :)

      • Richard L Tucker

        I love Pooh and friends.

      • jeanette malan

        My kids love Pooh. Please enter me

      • Linda Moeller

        Love Pooh!

      • Aimee B

        Hoping and waiting with fingers crossed! Please count me in the giveaway!

        arbrashears at msn dot com

      • Angel

        adorable cartoon

      • Maja

        prefect for my 3 year-old son

      • Doris Tharrington

        My grandson would love to own this DVD.

      • Joseph

        good for kids.

      • Ana

        so cool, count me in

      • michael woods

        Please enter me

      • ANDREA END

        Tigger & Pooh are the best. I want this for my daughters baby

      • Andrew Pham

        Would love to win this

      • Marilyn Hill

        I hve 5 grandchildren ages 5 and under. I think they would really enjoy this DVD (me too).

      • Diane

        This would be great for the grandkids

      • Renee Turner

        Tigger and Pooh rule in my house!

      • Shannon Baas

        I want this movie.

      • Cathy Wilcox

        The perfect DVD for the little ones!

      • Laura Collins

        grandkids will love this

      • Caroline Morin

        Please count me in!

      • karen

        i would love this!

      • laura

        my kids would be so happy if i won this!

      • Graham


      • Stephanie V

        fingers crossed

      • Jennifer Barnett

        The wonderful thing about Tiggers is…

      • Randy

        my little girl loves pooh

      • Terri B

        Yes, of course I want to win this DVD. We love Disney. Thanks for the chance.

      • Meredith Peters

        We love Pooh!

      • Elaine Rosser

        Would love to win this for my newphews!

      • http://break.com/leandrew LeAndrew W. Taylor

        My little ones would love this dvd! Please, include us in your giveaway drawing. Thanks!

      • http://steviekeith.blogspot.com Stephen Saunders

        hope I win -)

      • Deb Klein

        Please enter me~Would love to add this to our collection! Thanks!!

      • http://www.guruenterprises.net Michael Wayne

        I love Pooh! (oh yea, and my kids do too!)

      • David

        Tigger is the greatest!

      • Laura

        Pooh is the best.

      • Cathie

        What a great prize. Please count me in

      • Karen B

        My greatgrandkids would adore this.

      • Debra Ford

        Another great title for the kids!

      • Kari Follett

        We love this show! Please enter me

      • Andrew Gordon

        my kids would love this.

      • Catherine copeland

        tigger tigger tigger he’s such a wonderful thing. he’s bouncy flouncy trouncy full of fun fun fun.

      • amy delong

        tigger tigger,love him,and so do my boys!!please!!

      • theresa n.

        We love watching Pooh at our house.

      • david basile

        Winnie the Pooh

      • Ann Fantom

        I would love to win this!

      • Nat Stevens

        the grandkids would get a kick out of this

      • Deborah Rosen

        My daughter-in-law is still a kid when it comes to Pooh and Tigger; I’d love to win this to send to her overseas.

      • susan

        My son loves Pooh!

      • Connie P

        My 8 yr old nephew who has down syndrome adores Pooh

      • Cynthia C

        Pooh is great! Thanks for the chance to win.

      • http://www.theangelforever.com TheAngelForever

        Both of my boys would love this. Thanks for the great giveaway!

      • Kathy Scott

        I have great memories of Pooh that I would love to share with my kids.

      • Rebecca Snodgrass

        need this one

      • Suzie Lockhart

        This is currently one of my son’s favorite shows.

      • Robin Little

        My girls would love to have this !

      • linda

        Pooh rules.

      • Steph

        We love Darby & the gang around here. Count me in!

      • sarah

        enter me!

      • Leona P

        count me in

      • Lisa

        This looks cute!

      • Denyse

        Great movie:)

      • Vicky Boackle

        we would love to see this.

      • Jason

        What a nice giveaway !! Thanks !!!

      • Susan Chester

        I adore Winnie the Pooh and all his friends.

      • carol

        my grandkids love Winnie the Pooh so I would love to win this for them

      • Linda Grieser

        this is a great DVD, enter me please!

      • sherry pincus

        love tigger

      • beth shepherd

        I would love to watch this with my kids. thank you

      • russel day

        my daughter would love this

      • Jodene Gildea

        My daughter would love this!

      • Lorrene B

        I would really like to win this for my grandkids.

      • Annette

        Enter me, please.

      • http://tarah716.wordpress.com Tarah

        This movie would be a big hit over here!

      • Deborah Wellenstein

        Great for the grandkids-and for me too!

      • http://www.myspace.com/buddys_girl Marina Moore


      • Terry

        Very cute!

      • http://palmersf.blogspot.com Shannon

        Would love to have one of these!!!


      • Amber S.

        My kids love Winnie the Pooh!

      • http://daniellesquest.blogspot.com Danielle S

        We can’t get enough of Eeyore and Tigger!
        dansan826 at yahoo.com

      • Frank B.

        Our daughter likes to bounce around with Tigger.

      • Sheri F

        My son loves watching Tigger and Pooh!

      • Monique Rizzo

        Oh Pooh is one of our favorites!

      • Gena

        My niece would love this!! I loke Pooh too!

      • http://www.giveawaycity.blogspot.com danandmarsh

        Grandkids would love this movie for sure!

      • tim brown


      • Ken

        Who doesn’t love Tigger and Pooh?

      • Lynde F

        I just love the look of this new Pooh series & so does my 4 yr old! We’d love it!

      • David Benedict


      • Linda Ellis

        here’s my entry.

      • Linda Lansford

        lol to all

      • valerie mabrey

        Thanks for the contest

      • Karen Gonyea

        Great Site !

      • Barbara Fox

        My grandaughter will love this!!

      • Vicki Wurgler

        Tigger is my favorite

      • Angela J

        My kids always liked Winnie the Pooh

      • Toby

        We love the whole gang!

      • Albert

        Great prize for any house with children

      • Soha Molina


      • Garnet L

        kids would love it

      • Denise

        My kids love Pooh movies!

      • Jill Myrick

        Thank you for the wonderful contest :)
        I would love to win this !

      • http://tarasviewoftheworld.blogspot.com Tara

        Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.


        AWESOME!!! My daughter would love this!!!

      • Don

        My twin girls love Tigger!! Would love to win this for them!! Thanks for the contest.

      • Daniel M

        tigger rules!

      • http://www.angelfire.com/pa/mystershopper Mike Weisberg

        i wan to win

      • Janice Golden

        My 3yr old loves this show

      • kristyn

        pooh is just the best

      • jayne

        We love Pooh!!

      • Alan Huestis

        My grand kids would love this

      • Shelly

        This would be fun – thanks!

      • Sarah Stern

        My son loves this show!

      • Jaque

        My daughter is the number one Winnie the Pooh fan!

      • Robert

        My sister has this dvd. Her kids love it!

      • Kirsten

        For my granddaughter!

      • Louis Huf

        enter me please, thank you for the contest

      • Cathy Philipps

        my two year old granddaughter LOVES “tidder Pooh” and would love this DVD at gamma’s house!

      • L

        I would love to win. My children, grandchildren, and kindergarten students enjoy Tigger and Pooh.

      • Frances Watson

        count me in the win

      • Barbara M

        Oh I love Pooh, enter me please.

      • Jeanette Jackson

        Pooh and his friends have always been among my favorites. Please enter me

      • Carissa Davis

        This looks like a cute movie and I love Tigger & Pooh.

      • http://wee leslie shingle

        my daughter has been raised with winnie the pooh and collects all she finds. He new son’s nursery is done in pooh. Her nickname is Pooh and she is 28 with 8 month old son. She would love to have this for her son to watch

      • Georgia

        My granddaughter would be thrilled to be watching her favorite characeter, Pooh.

      • krystal

        I used to be obsessed with pooh when I was little. I would like to give this to my niece.

      • http://www.sevendogsandababy.com Angela

        We LOVE eeyore!!

        I blogged you too

      • Janet F

        I would love to win!

      • janet lindsey

        i would love to win this for my grandson.

      • Terra Heck

        My children would enjoy watching this movie.

      • jan koontz

        i love pooh

      • Candis Hansen

        My daughter loves tigger – the wonderful thing about Tigger is winning this DVD.

      • http://leecountyschools.us kristi

        Would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lisa Fosses

        cute DVD

      • Anthony Hedden

        enter me

      • Clifford C Gardner

        One for the grandkids

      • http://www.geocities.com/deck_it_mi william causey

        please count me in

      • Jane K

        Family would enjoy this dvd.

      • Kate

        my son loves this show, thanks

      • Rebecca Lunsford

        great for the kids!

      • holly

        My kids love Tigger and Pooh. Enter me, please!

      • Paula

        I would love to give this to my niece!

      • Peggy Miller

        My son would love this!

      • Jennifer Short

        Please enter me. This looks like a sweet DVD.

      • K. Cleaver

        Thanks for entering me. My kids would enjoy this!

      • Kristi

        Great contest!

      • Karyn Miskelly

        my niece would love this.

      • Dave L

        My nephews will love this! (and I will too).

      • Jeffrey Beckett

        nice contest

      • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com C Duran

        Would love to win this!

      • Theresa Elliott

        I’d love to win this for my grandson!

      • christopher h

        i love pooh-bear!

      • Jessica

        I love Owl, fun giveaway!

      • Lara Aleff

        Oh I love Winnie the Pooh! It’s such a great kids show!

      • http://sillymommy2sillygirls.blogspot.com/ Noreen

        we love this show

      • kelly wakefield

        Mu kids just LOVE Winnie the Pooh!

      • http://www.thezenofmotherhood.blogspot.com Mama Zen

        We love this show!

      • charline s

        My grandson loves Pooh bear.

      • Evelyn

        Winnie and his pals rule at my house! Tigger is my son’s favorite although I love Piglet.

      • Donna W

        My grandsons love Tigger and anything Pooh. I would love to win this for them. I would have to drive from Texas to Colorado to watch it with them but I think it would be worth the trip!

      • http://www.nanetteolson.com Nanette Olson

        I would love this for my grandchildren

      • Diana

        who doesn’t love poo? of course piglet has always been my favorite.

      • Elaine Conte

        Winnie The Pooh & Tigger are THE best!!

      • Brenda Park

        Thanks for the neat giveaway!

      • trudee carreiro

        my son would love this

      • LEE


      • Sharon H

        I love that Tigger!

      • William Campbell

        great one for the grandkids!!

      • dvice


      • Heather

        My kids love this show!

      • susan p

        please enter me thanks!

      • Jacob

        How could you not love Winnie the Pooh

      • Adriana

        For my nephews! Thanks.

      • Cindy Phillips

        Thanks for the great giveaway. We love Pooh!

      • Paula Hafner

        Please enter me. Thank you.

      • colten edwards

        Em would love this movie

      • Gianna

        Please enter me :)

      • anissa

        We watch Pooh almost everyday!

      • Martha

        Hope i win, my son would love this!

      • Robert N

        Tiggeriffic…thanks for the contest!

      • philip halter

        pick me

      • Michelle Simons

        me likes

      • shawna

        My daughter would love this!

      • Ed Nemmers

        Sweet niblets!

      • Elna Mcrith

        oh, my daughter likes this.

      • BobV

        Great prize foe my grandchild.

      • Sharon

        my little one will love this!

      • Annemarie

        Looks like a great dvd.

      • Phillip Fry

        Cartoon classics are the best!

      • Sand

        Really nice prize!

      • Tina Rath

        A classic – Pooh and Tigger have been around for years and great for all ages.

      • Linda H


      • kathleen haas

        my son love this series

      • Veronica Garrett

        My granddaughter would love this prize. Thanks for the contest.

      • Erica G

        My niece and nephew would love this!

      • Catharine R.

        Brings back great memories.

      • Sarah H.

        My all time favorite characters!

      • Miranda Allen

        My kids love Pooh Please enter me thanks

      • Lisa G.

        My little boy would love to this DVD!

      • Nicole Price

        My kids love this show. Enter me too please.

      • veronica sandberg

        great prize want to win

      • kiyana

        Would love to win this for my daughter!

      • Susan Ledet

        We all love Tigger!

      • Sarah Pauzauskie

        Pooh is a beloved favorite!

      • Crystal F

        I think this new Pooh looks so cute! I would love to get my daughter into watching it! Thank you!

      • Liz Sawyer

        My children would enjoy this DVD.

      • Rose Hayden

        Great characters i would love this

      • Michelle

        My daughter would love this DVD!

      • Linda

        Winning this should keep my grand kids occupied for 90 mins.

      • Janet

        ty 4 the really great dvd contest!

      • Elizabeth

        A guaranteed smile inducer!

      • Valerie Furr

        My two little girls love Pooh and Tigger great prize!

      • Regina Sandifer

        Yeah Disney! This will keep the little buggers occupied !

      • Dina

        Pooh Bear makes me smile!

      • Robert R

        who does not like pooh? this is great

      • Mary Sullivan

        Would love to win for nephew!

      • Edward Durbin

        Please Enter Me…

      • Cassandra

        Huge Pooh fan here!

      • Marion Burgess

        My kids would love this dvd!!

      • Pamela White

        I want this my son would love it, OK i’ll love it too.

      • Dianne W. Fuzek

        It’s always “Pooh” this & “Pooh” that around my Grandkid’s house. They would truly love it – (As would I)

      • http://onlinesweeps Angela Southern

        my son would love this

      • Michael

        Great contest! I wanna win! Thanks!

      • Ricka Doerr

        Grandkids love Pooh (including adults!).

      • Fred Holmes

        Haven’t seen this one, but everyone loves Tigger and Pooh.

      • http://brandysblurbs.blogspot.com/ Brandy

        I would love to win this for my little ones. Thanks for the chance.

      • Jill Rivera

        I love winnie the pooh. christopher robertson is my favorite children book author.

      • kathy pease


      • Michelle Rosborough

        Cute dvd

      • Jeanine Price

        Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

      • Betty N

        I look Pooh and Tigger

      • Evelyn Franks

        enter me please

      • sarah woods

        The love of Pooh and friends a value in today’s society. Best of luck to all who enter!!!!!

      • Betty Shoemaker

        I love Tigger

      • Leslie Lato

        I love Winnie the Pooh! My kiddo would enjoy this DVD. :-)

      • Lisa Chase

        My niece would love the dvd, HUGE Pooh fan and I also wouldnt mind being the cool Aunt that can give it to her! LOL

      • Suanne Giddings

        Disney movies are our favorites for the family and this one is an example of another classic that is great for all ages. Eeyore is our favorite character! Thanks for the chance to win!

      • Pamela

        My son is amazed by tigger and pooh, everything stops when it comes on. It is the only show he will sit through fully. Thanks for the chance to win it.

      • Deanne S

        My son would love this.

      • Betty C

        Another great movie our family would love.

      • Tracey P

        I would love to win this movie! Thanks!

      • Desmond

        Count me in!

      • http://threedifferentdirections.blogspot.com Tammy

        Thanks for the chance, would love to win this cute movie.

      • Ann

        Who doesn’t love Pooh? This is a Tigger-iffic contest!!

      • Nancy

        Thank you!

      • keith james


      • John Misiak

        My grand-daughters would love to see this DVD.

      • Linda Pinto

        I would like to win this DVD.

      • Michele Wesley

        I love Pooh!

      • Michelle H.

        I just love the Pooh videos for my kids.

      • http://www.myspace.com/eginny Ginny

        Thanks, hope I win…

      • Angelique Smola

        Pooh is just the living end for me



      • joseph paul

        My grand children will jump up and down if I win this dvd

      • Rose Roberts

        I’ve always loved Pooh:) please enter me

      • Rickey Moham Jr.

        WIN WIN WIN!!!

      • Kristen Hendricks

        I would love to win “My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Friendly Tails” on DVD. My mom loves Winnie The Pooh so she would really enjoy it especially since it looks so cute. Plus, she’s a pre-school teacher and I’m sure having the DVD would come in handy as she could show it to her kids in school.

      • Danai

        I’d love to give this to my daughter.

      • http://www.x2obuilder.com/porter Susan Porter

        I would love to win this movie for my daughter!

      • Patricia Mortimer

        I love Tigger!

      • Michael Mortimer

        Please enter me

      • http://brookelorren.blogspot.com Brooke Allen

        My daughter loves Pooh and his friends!

      • Susanne Troop

        I love Piglet!

      • Sylvia Belle

        I love Winnie the Pooh

      • kerri

        i like piglet end tigger and pooh my girls like pooh bear

      • Rhonda Clemens


      • Catrina Pomerleau

        Please enter me.

      • Grace

        Good luck!

      • http://doreens-scrap-wonderland.blogspot.com Doreen

        Love Pooh & the gang!!

      • Bill H.

        Great movie!

      • Jennifer Jozwiak

        I love me some winnie the pooh :)

      • Bev

        Winnie the pooh is my little granddaughter’s favorite and she would love this!

      • Nina

        I’d love to win this for my grand daughter..thanks!

      • Barbara Long

        This would be great movie for the grandkids!

      • Lily Kwan

        Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

      • Marie Noguerole

        Tigger & Pooh….yahoo! I don’t think these two characters will ever get old. There will always be a young pair of faces that will light up when they are on the screen or in a book.

      • Charlene Kuser

        Winnie and Pooh are the best little movies
        for kids.They usually teach lessons and
        talk about friendship.My kiddies love it
        Please enter me

      • Rosanne Morrison

        Would loveto have this DVD for my grandkids

      • israel y

        hope i win, thanks!

      • http://cherylfree.wordpress.com/ Cheryl Free

        I love Pooh :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

      • Donna Kozar

        I have loved Pooh since I was a little girl.

      • Nat Stevens

        this is cool – love piglet

      • http://www.filmgecko.com Jane Boursaw

        Wow! Thanks for such an awesome contest. The contest is now closed. A winner will be drawn randomly, and I’ll post the winner’s name here. Stay tuned for this week’s contests!

      • http://www.ReelLifeWithJane.com Jane Boursaw

        The winners of the DVD, “My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Friendly Tails” are Kristen Hendrix and Denise Schipani!

        Thanks to everyone who entered. Wish I had enough DVDs to give everyone a copy!

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