Brandon Lloyd Signs With Chicago Bears

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    Former Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Lloyd signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears yesterday. He’ll be reunited with his former college coach from the University of Illinois, Ron Turner, who is the Bears’ offensive coordinator.

    Brandon was one of my favorite receivers during his time with the Niners. He made some of the most spectacular catches I’ve ever seen in three solid years there that had me believing he was going to be a superstar in the Bay area. His best season was in ’05 when he had 48 catches for 733 yards and five TDs. Then, mysteriously, the team dealt him to Washington where he had a decent ’06 (about 16 ypc) but did next to nothing in a 2007 season that ended early with a broken collarbone. The word in San Fran was that he had rubbed some of the 49ers vets the wrong way, thus his exit. I don’t believe he’s a problem in the locker room. He’s an artist (rapper) and somewhat of a free spirit. But I think he’s a good teammate. I interviewed him his last season with the Niners and found him to be a gracious and polite person during our talk. Upon signing with Chicago yesterday, Brandon said:

    “The best thing I can do for myself is just come in and work. That’s not anything I haven’t done. I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s all my fault, and I’m not going to say that it’s all somebody else’s fault. The circumstances just weren’t right, and I’m just going to continue to try to find my fit, find my path in this league, because I feel I have the talent to play.”

    That’s true. He absolutely does have the talent to play in this league. But I guess the bottom line in this deal is that Brandon probably won’t have a great 2008 because the Bears still have quarterback issues (among other personnel problems). Neither Rex Grossman nor Kyle Orton (who are in an open competition for the Bears’ starting QB job in ’08) has proven they are ready to lead an NFL team on a regular basis. The fact that Rex still has a job proves just how hard it is to find a quality QB in the NFL. I think Brandon could’ve resurrected his career in places like New England, Indianapolis or Pittsburgh (where established QBs lead their teams and throw the ball a lot), but Chi-town probably won’t be the answer for BLloyd. If he can stay healthy and be productive, it’ll be a worthwhile audition for a better team in ’09.

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      • SH

        Excuse me, but didn’t Rex Grossman play QB in every game for the Bears in 2006, and didn’t they make it all the way to the SuperBowl? Your “blogging” is a waste of time!

      • David

        Well, he was in uniform for the 2006 season, but be serious. The team made it to Super Bowl XLI IN SPITE of Rex Grossman. Let’s look at his numbers from that season, SH. He completed 54.6% of his passes. He was VERY hot and cold. And when he was cold, it was just awful. Rex had some of the worst games a starting QB has ever had. Against Miami, a 36.8 rating. Against New England, a 23.7 rating. Against Arizona, a 10.2 rating. Against Minnesota, a 1.3 rating. In a 16-game season, you can have a bad game or two, but he was beyond bad. I’ll give him credit for his respectable 23 TD passes, but he also had 20 INTs. And five fumbles. If you think Rex Grossman is capable of LEADING a team to the Super Bowl, you’re dreaming. He’s an average 2nd or 3rd stringer at best. As I said in my original post, Rex Grossman has not proven he can LEAD a team on a regular basis. You know what? I hope Rex proves me wrong in ’08. I think he’s a good guy and I’d like to see him do well. But I’m not holding my breath.

      • fazsha

        The Bears are going to surprise a lot of people this year. They kept their OL people too long, but now they’ll get guys in their 20′s with fresh legs. The WR’s are fast (except Booker). Their biggest problem is not QB, it’s OL.

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