How to Watch YouTube Videos Blocked in Your Country

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This video is not available in your country.

Can’t watch a certain YouTube video because it’s “not available in your country”? Yeah, I know the feeling; I’d like to watch the BBC on YouTube, too. Fortunately, Kevin Nalts posts a hack from Jischinger that lets you watch YouTube videos not available in your country.

Just copy the alphanumeric code from the video page URL (the one after the “=” sign) and paste it after this:

So this:

…becomes this:

The resulting video player fills your browser window, sans autoplay. Just goes to show that geographic scarcity is a fragile and artificial illusion inside online video.

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  • me

    this is not Truth

  • SuperNu

    When the whole website is blocked, it does not make a difference how the URL is formatted.

    Many countries have youtube blocked and only way around it is via a proxy.

  • Wisetechie

    Hmmm, i always thought this had something to do with Youtube india being formed, time for a correction post it seems.

    Also thanks for the tip, now i can listen to all the Jet songs i want to. :)

  • Praveen

    Nice hack friend..

  • aurelia

    it works fine at first, but then instead of playing the video it says the video is no longer available..

  • Zed

    “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”

    Tha hack doesn’t work anymore

  • Andreas

    Can’t somebody find a new workaround, as this trick doesn’t work anymore?

  • Jane

    yep doesn’t work anymore. blank white page that says “done” at the bottom


    This mot`herfuker video is not available in your god danm country. (and hopefully is never going to be there for you) Meanwhile, because we all know you’re about to explode of rage, we are going to be nice with you and let you chose one from the four shity videos below. Have a nice day ;)


    any1 nos a proxy for youtube coz not all proxies work with it?

  • Matthew

    this only works with videos that allow embeding codes, most of the “not in your country” videos disable them :(

  • blabla

    try google chrome instead of mozilla/internet explorer. :D

  • arun

    Its an absolute load of wank why should videos only be allowed to view in certain countrys?

  • Bodragon

    Yes it is! Works for me.

  • Irana

    Bah! I used to think that I am receiving this “not available in your country” message just because of sanctions imposed on us (as we are used to see such messages along with the Access Denied pages caused by governmental censorship)! Now I see it’s another story itself!

  • Gabs

    thanks, but i can’t download the HQ18/mp4 version. Pls help.

  • andrew


    Embedding Disabled by Request

    now what…

  • Andy

    Didn’t work for me.
    I still get the same message when I hit the Play. :(

  • lovekhmer

    How can i watch the movie on that video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment?

  • shaw

    Just go to and you can download the blocked youtube video

  • someone

    this trick doesn’t work any more =’(

  • Alyx

    It doesn’t work. I am from Czech Republic and I eant to play this video, but it is only for people in UK. I changed URL on this But it is still doesn’t work.
    Help please.

  • flake

    Doesnt werk ;/

  • Jaak Juhkam-Ungersohn

    It used to work in Estonia but not anymore.
    It says:
    “This video is not available.”

  • dallasdoopi

    How can view things on that show sony music entertainment ?????????_???

  • dallasdoopi

    Ä_Ä this didint work :–(

  • F

    Thank you a million times! :)

  • jack

    try this if you want to access youtube again after it’s blocked:

  • Mario

    Just use and you’re able to download all video’s blocked or not for your country…

  • spark

    this trick vill not apply to my pc. This is not working. Help Me plz

  • glitchdetector

    I got this “Blocked by Sony Music Entertainment” message.
    I did this trick and the video appeard, but then the message came in the player again rofl. Ty for the trick!

  • Unlucky

    This does not work.

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