James Marsters Returns to Torchwood

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    Torchwood_Marsters_10 James Marsters (Buffy, Smallville) returns as the charismatic-but-psychopathic Captain John Hart in the explosive season finale of Torchwood.

    The second season kicked off with the Torchwood team battling the rogue Time Agent from Captain Jack’s past. But from the moment the two Time Agents came face-to-face, it was apparent they had a history — and it quickly became obvious Captain John Hart didn’t have friendly intentions after giving Gwen the kiss of death and throwing Captain Jack off a building.  Torchwood managed to send him back through the time rift, but now he’s returned to Earth and he wants revenge.

    Taking Captain Jack prisoner, Captain Hart sends him back in time for a long overdue reunion.  Without their leader, Torchwood are faced with a city flooded with Weevils, on the brink of destruction.  But who is Captain John really working for?  Can anyone trust him?  And how great a price must Torchwood pay to save the city?

    Torchwood, second season finale premieres Saturday, April 19, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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      • John

        YEAH james Marsters. BOO season finale. at least i have on demand

      • http://.tv.com/users/hikinggirl70/profile.php?tag=login;myprofile Caryn

        This is cool. I can’t wait to see JM again on Torchwood. Boy, the season finale sounds great.

      • ae

        Well, it’s a hot time in the camptown tonight! I just saw my first Torchwood, KissKiss BangBang, with Mr. Marsters and I loved himself with the dimply darlin’ Capt. Jack. Partners in every imaginable way….what a lovely history, show just blew my mind, all over the top, but somehow strangely compelling. I’m hoping to find the exit wounds episode since we don’t get the show where I am. Well worth the looky looky just for the costumes and yes, I think Capt John Hart got it right, the “eye candy”!! Ohmy.

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