Supernatural LA Con: Eric Kripke aka Mr. Stop Sign

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Kripke Supernatural creator, Eric Kripke took the stage on Saturday night at the Los Angeles Supernatural Convention. It was a rare appearance for the man known as Joss Whedon’s love child, and yet the room was pretty empty. (Most people waiting for Sunday and the arrival of “the boys.”) To the man’s credit, he not only stayed to answer all of the questions the fans had for him, but then he signed autographs for free for everyone in the room and he looked thrilled to do it.


Throughout his talk, two things were fairly obvious.

1. He loves the fans but we make him crazy. Funny, Jensen made a similar remark about golf!

“I want to make you guys happy,” he proclaimed. “But you’re never happy. It’s so quixotic!”

2. He spends way too much of his day dealing with the bureaucracy of TV production and not enough on the creative end where he’d like to be.

Over and over, he expressed his frustration at having to cut scenes due to budget, lose actors due to other commitments and generally produce a product that is a compromise in so many ways. The Gordon storyline was a great example.


At one point in the season, the boys found out that Gordon had a roadhouse connection who ratted out Sam. This Gordon sent Gordon on a rampage and to his eventual death. Kripke explained that the mysterious roadhouse connection was a character we never met, a surly hunter who had a small run-in with Dean which was blown out of proportion. These scenes, however, never made it to air. Next, Kripke wanted to draw out the storyline of Gordon and the other hunters gunning for Sam, but the Lifetime Network had something to say about that. Sterling K. Brown, who played Gordon, was under contract to Army Wives, so Lifetime made a deal. You can have him for two episodes and no more. It was that ruling that made Kripke decide to send the volatile vampire hunter out in a blaze of glory.

Much to Kripke’s delight and chagrin (there’s that paradox again!), the Supernatural fans asked plenty of detailed meta-style questions about the mythology behind the series. There was much talk of Lilith, whom he assured us was a mix of all of the Lilith mythology, biblical and otherwise. “Destroyer of children and temptress of men,” but since she’s going to stay as a 10-year old girl for the rest of the season, Kripke figures it will mostly be the destroyer of children part and not so much the temptress of men! He did say she was going to do all sorts of “creepy shit” and the cliffhanger at the end of the season would leave us all wanting to have to his head.

Speaking of which, when asked if he’d cut back on the gore level he gleefully replied, no! It’s his favorite part and he mentioned the legend of Doc Benton which is full of hearts and goo and . . . well, he looked positively orgasmic at the thought. Yikes.

When talk turned to the women of Supernatural, Kripke did admit to making two mistakes with Bella. “She made the boys look foolish a few too many times and she wasn’t part of the mythology.” To correct at least one of these errors, he assured the crowd that Bella would get her comeuppance at the hands of the boys very soon.

As for Ruby he said, “if you don’t like her, tough.” Apparently, she’s not going anywhere.

Soon the conversation turned to thoughts of the fourth season. Kripke’s reply was concise. “All singing. All dancing. All nude!” The audience cheered with delight, of course. We’re nothing if not predictable.

Dean_Bella Kripke also confirmed that he’s still planning to pull the plug after season five so the show can go out on a proper finale. “Season six would be the boys go to Hawaii and meet Vincent Price and then Dean would get on a motorcycle and literally jump a shark.”

The crowd was not pleased with the answer but he backed it up by saying that Jensen and Jared were also good with ending at five. [EDITED: See Comment from "Cindy" below].

My favorite, oh so Kripke moment, came when a fan asked him about when he decided to become a screenwriter. He said that at age 9 he went to see ET and spend the whole time watching the audience watch the movie and he was so fascinated by the effect a film could have on people he told his mother he wanted to make movies when he grew up. Prior to that, his goals were a tad less ambitious. Says Kripke, “I wanted to be a fish, a stop sign and then a filmmaker.” Though the fan suggested his mother must be proud, I think she would have preferred he be a stop sign — saving lives and all that, you know.

I’ll wrap this up with a final thought from Kripke that I wish came with an audio file, because seeing it flat on the page here just doesn’t do it justice. He was asked about why Dean keeps dying on the show and his answer was giving in that way he has of being both flip and sincere at the same time.

“In a show about brothers who will die for each other. . . sometimes they do!”

Stay tuned, I’ll have more con coverage for you very soon.

A Note:

Creation expressly forbid audio or video taping of the events, so even though some small bits have popped up online, my recaps are from my notes only and thus the direct quotes are minimal.


Kripke at the con is mine. :)

“Fresh Blood” — Pictured Sterling K. Brown as Gordon and Katie Chapman as girl star in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo Sergei Bachlakov/The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“Red Sky at Morning”– Pictured (L-R) Jensen Ackles as Dean and Lauren Cohan as Bela star in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo Sergei Bachlakov /The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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  • Cindy

    Nice report, but I do have one issue with the stuff about five seasons. At the breakfast the next morning, someone told Jared and Jensen what Kripke had said about the show only going five years because of that was his plan. They were also told that Kripke had said they were on board for that plan as well. Both Jared and Jensen expressed surprise that he told us that THEY were on board with it ;-) In fact, Jensen said something like, ‘He told you that? We gotta talk to him’. It was done in a light tone and manner, but we got the impression that perhaps they hadn’t really been on board for only five years, at least 100% on board. Or maybe Kripke never really discussed it with them. Your report made it sound like Jared agreed with it and was already planning his career moves beyond the show ;-)

  • MCM

    nice report and pretty accurate, thank you. BTW, i thought he was absolutely adorable (and i love how the “real” kripster came out after he confirmed no kiddies were in the audience)!

  • Cynthia

    Cindy, thanks for the clarification. I edited my story to reflect the news. Ironically, I played with the phrasing of that section over and over since Jared never actually said 5 years, but I did want to mention that he sounded ready to go back to movies. (Something he’s mentioned before).

    Thanks for the read and the info!

  • Cindy

    Thanks for doing that :-) I just didn’t want the fandom to jump all over Jared, thinking HE was going to be to blame if the show ended at five years. Believe me, I’ve seen things like that happen. In no way did either guy agree that THEY agreed to do only five years. They may feel that way in private, I have no idea, but in front of the fans, they definitely acted surprised that Kripke said that they were on board for only five years :-)

  • tina

    i dont mind if the show ends at five years i dont want it going on to long and going stale…great report by he way

  • Nia

    I’m ok with a set time-frame. I hate it when a show is forced to continue past its sell-by date. That being said, I think he should give us a 6th season to make up for this half season…

    Sounds like an interesting panel! Thanks for posting the info. I’m surprised that video and audio was forbidden seeing as how I’ve seen a dozen or so videos up all over! Way to go stealthy fangirls!

  • dj

    I hope the show could go 6 or 7 seasons. There are tons of urban legends they could explore. I wouldn’t want it to get stale like Smallville has done, but 5 is a bit short, especially considering we’ve had to deal with the strike, and Bela, and the shortened Season 3. I hope they extend Season 4.

    I think the guys have opportunities during filming breaks to do other projects, too, and I’m sure that being on Supernatural has helped their careers.


    If Kripke said that by the last episode of season 3, we fans are going to want his head….then that sadly means that it’s bad news for Dean…meaning he will probrably go to hell and be sent on his demon path….meaning he will become like Ruby…a demon in his dead body???? Just like Johnny Depp was playing Jack Sparrow in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN…PART 1 ANYWAY. That will suck big time. That means that Dean will have to depend on Ruby showing him the ways to living a demonic life???? Unless Sam can save him????


    I would prefer a bad Sam than a dead demonic demon….because no matter what sir Kripke says or does…demons are bad evil creatures who were at one time Gods Angelic creatures. They were never humanbeings. Kripke the creator of Supernatural will one day destroy the show. I think he is going thru male menapause?

  • Mariale

    Oh God..! Only 5 years???? Hey if someone got the chence to talk whit Erick,or maybe JENSEN or JARED please ask them a answer about Supernatural future… I hope they will be in air for more long.. 8-10 seasons they have the story and more important they have the FANS^_^

  • SPHuntress

    Bela getting her comeuppance? and at the hands of dean and sam? OK Kripke…big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! Bela is awesome, and she made the boys look foolish because she is a WOMAN is smart, charming, and quick thinking. Dean may be a smooth talker and instinctually smart, but b/c bela aggrivates him soo much he is totally at a loss of what to say around her b/c she loves to fluster him. its great, not foolish. Loosing Bela too early, and making her more bad than she already was is rediculous. She’s a great character as is, no need to make her more antagonistic…whatever in her past needs to not be too bad, it needs to be traumatic for her and painful, but not make her the real bad guy (Girl).

  • Belinda aka SuperNaturalObsessed

    5 years. That sucks. I absolutely love this show and absolutely everything about it. I would almost literally die. Sam and Dean are so burdened, there would be so much left to explore. A show like this with endless possibilities would never go stale if done correctly, and they have done it so exceptionally well and i praise them for that. No show has had me this hooked. Numerous times Jared has said he hopes to be making this show for a long time and im pretty sure Jensen would want the same thing. Why ruin such a good thing, its just illogical to me. Kinda makes me wonder if Eric was more involved like he wants to be, would he want to do it longer. ERIC YOU HAVE A BRILLIANT CREW. DON’T TAKE AWAY WHAT KEEPS YOU’RE FANS BREATHING. you’ll become a killer lmao. FIGHT TIL THE END PLZ. which doesn’t mean 5 years. if it goes for 50years i’ll still be infront of that TV watching even though Jensen and Jared will be 76 and 80 respectively. Wow now that’ll be weird.

  • Zaz

    They can end at 5 years as long as they do one 2.5 to 3 hour movie every year – and do a better job than Highlander did. I would be happy with them being as good as an even numbered Star Trek – but if they were better – that would rock. More money for good music and special effects – but not to many special effects – the key has always been the story


    I agree with Zaz….they can end it in 5 years then do a movie like every 2 or 3 years on the big screen….with much more freedom to show more action, more monsters and spirits and demons….OH! frack!

  • KT

    Kripke has always included J & J when he makes that comment about 5 years. I would love for the show to go more because I love it. But I also think about how tiring and hard it is for Jensen and Jared — a very demanding schedule for them. I want whatever they want but I will miss seeing them every week whenever the end comes.