Pure Weight Loss: Sad Employee Story

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(FranchisePick.Com)  For anyone who lost money, time and patience dealing with Pure Weight Loss (formerly LA Weight Loss, here’s one for the “I thought I had it bad” file.  Pure Weight Loss employee “Angie” left this sad tale as a comment on a recent post:

I was an employee of Pure Weight Loss. This is my story…I was hired in October for a position in the Central Illinois market. I was from St. Louis. My family (husband and daughter) traveled the 150+ miles for the interview and was promised a career that would be very lucrative while helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

The Regional Director interviewed me and suggested I accept a position as Center Manager at a location some 60 miles further from where I interviewed. My family and I agreed and quickly went searching for a rental home on craigslist. Long story short, with no assistance from Pure Weight Loss, we spent about $2,000 on the move. I was in the position for 6 weeks, all the while discussing with my managers that I am concerned that the income I was receiving was not what was promised. They assured me, come January everything would be gravy.

We got the news that our center was closing on December 15. That morning I had signed up a woman who had been with us previously but didn’t come in to center, didn’t follow plan and didn’t meet with any success. The previous day my Regional Manager had called her and convinced her that there was no better time than now (2 weeks before the holidays) than for her to re-commit herself. We completed her paperwork when I called my area manager to share the success. In her first sentence she said, “Did you get her to take her product home?” I responded, “No, she’ll be back in 2 days.” She said, “Oh honey, we have to talk.” That’s when she informed me that we would be closing nationwide as of January 4, 2008.

We had to liquidate any product we could and call all 160 active clients and any inactive clients to inform them. A task left to me, a new manager and a 22 year old part time employee. Devastating. This is still devastating me and my family. It has financially broke us. We muddled through the remainder of our 6 month lease and had to move back to St. Louis for lack of work. I’m looking for a class action lawsuit. The clients and employees, including myself, are owed.

Did I mention my last paycheck bounced? The account was already closed…. Did you all get your notification that they filed bankruptcy? Jerks!

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  • Laura House

    Buzz is that the franchise centers are in just as much trouble as PURE/Corporate LAWL was. One of the largest franchisees, Barry Goodman, out of Brentwood, TN has shut down all of his south Florida centers with more on the way. At one time, Goodman owned over 100 LA Weight Loss Franchise Centers and was one of LAWL Franchise Companies biggest franchisees.

    Also reported on other sites is that centers in Austin, TX, Corpus Christy, TX, and Victoria,TX are closing in additon to centers across the Tennessee area.

    As a consumer or a potential franchisee– I would stay clear of this company. Looks like they are on their last legs.

  • rita wilson

    This message was posted on the site 3fatchicks.com under the weight loss section today:

    I can’t stand it any longer!!!!

    Please know most of your counselors do truely care!!! We received word that they are closing our centers to be done by May 2, 2008 through a box. Iside the box were letters to employees and clients saying they are sorry!

    What? We do not even warrant a phone call????

    I want everyone to know that I am a counselor and if you have any questions or need help with the plan…. I am here….


  • Kate

    Barry has a gambling problem……..Owensboro KY is also closed

  • Megan

    I worked foe L.A.Weight Loss for 8 months. I loved the clients as well as the job. However my manager was a money hungry evil person that worked ther for 6 years and let the employees know that she would never be fired so she could walk over anyone and get away with it. Long story short i stood up to her one day and she tatled on me to the owner whitch resulted in my termination.

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