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We’ll be starting shortly here at the Juliet show-demo centre.  Geeks aplenty consuming wine and cheese…

This is, without a doubt, the swankiest location for a DemoCamp…awesome kickoff for Victoria’s first DemoCamp.

It was a great time. My Flickr photoset from Victoria’s first DemoCamp is uploading

 Live Blog:  DemoCampVictoria01 (04/03/2008) 
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Folks are just finishing their wine and cheese here at the Juliet demo centre. Â Boris Mann from Vangroovy flew over. Â Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo have made their first (I think) Victoria appearance since moving here recently.

While Make Lise thought he might be having trouble finding presenters, in the last two days people have come out of the woodwork wanting to present.

Quick photo break and to make sure people take schwag … I do not want to haul it back to my apartment!
And we’re off …
Mark Lise is doing the intro … The person in charge of the Juliet presentation centre is talking about this new project. Â Â Yes, it’s a condo development, but it is also putting people in the downtown core. Â It is a catch-22 isn’t it … you need places to live … nice places.

Next project is going to be at this location 834 Johnson–condos aimed at people my age, especially making that first downpayment.

Boris Mann made a great point about designing small suites that could also be used as the home office.

Boris–do you take stock in startups?

First up …
The 30 second speils …
didn’t catch the name (Darren thank you Janette) … programming Denbian
“I only have 30 seconds dude…” Demo of songbird
Josh BuyLater and Timetracking …
Dylan skyscraperpage
Gels interface designer .. academinc research facilitated online
Person to person lending
sensor platform human motion for atheletes.
Flock … ooh ahh.
We’re going to get a demo of the trunk build of Flock that was just pushed out minutes ago. Â We’re going to be looking at what will be coming in Flock 1.3.

Built on Firefox, etc … I liked it a lot. Â But all I needed was the stupid WLW plugin to work in it and I’d jump on it. Â It does have a built in blog posting tool that is awesome.

It is already on the trunk of Firefox 3 … the goal is to launch the new Flock with Firefox 3 in June.

Hey this isn’t working … oh you’re not online. Â Added Digg and Pownce! Â Native! Â This is the social browser. Â Discover and find as you go. Â Drag and drop stuff from sites to friends. Â Monetized on search like Mozilla … Yahoo, Ask, and others.
[Comment From Guest]
Do they have estimated purchase prices of what the condo units would go for? This would be a consideration for a startup office / home environment situation. Definitely a good area to startup in though.
They didn’t say, but there is info here … try to post later

Matt … sensor net that tracks human motion. Â Small sensor, attach to something (person) MSB Solutions — company.
Sensor is about the size of a deck of cards. Â The sensor currently measure power and velocity.

This has been worked on for a year … this is targetted at strength and conditioning coaches ….

“we haven’t sold any yet … ” Â Love the honesty.

The questions are great … everything from connect to iPods, weapons research, obesity studies, … here’s a great one … maybe an input device … yeah if it can do velocity and x,y … okay and z .. .. the air mouse!
Is that explosive or exploding atheletes?
Essentially it sounds like their markets are only going to be limited by their imagination … what do you need to measure on people who are moving. Â All kinds of ways to test things people do.

It sounds like they are starting up … very early … but I bet they just got $1,000s of dollars worth of ideas here. Â Gotta love crowdsourced marketing!

Fortuno .. this is the person to person lending (I assume better than asking your friend for money).

A lot of interest in micro loans, payments, etc.

6:45 Jay and Jesse … Person to Person to lending. Â Like Kiva, but local. Â Canadians to Canadians. Â Bypass the banks. Â This is still an investment. Â You still pay interest, I gather.

How it works—Borrowers post something like an ad on the site with a bit of a story. Â Lender can see story and some of the credit history. Â Okay, lenders don’t generally fund a whole loan themselves.

Okay, concerns. Â Privacy and security.
Using TransUnion to verify identity and check credit. Â “Bad risk” users aren’t allowed into the gate.

The story around the loan … the why is supposed to help make the loan process more human. Â These are unsecured loans. Â Key bit of info there …
Gels on ETCL … Why this instead of Google Scholar? Â Adobe? Â Both are large companies and have propretary stuff. Â The key is that as an academic … you have to try things open and flexible. Â Built on Ruby on Rails.

Environment to research online. Â Manually scanned in docs from past (100s of years). Â Let people non-destructively annotate the documents. Â Collaborative learning.

Public Knowledge Project (PKP) … UBC and SFU, open access documents. Â Pushing for open access to information and documents.

Good question about expansion to use for archives and such later. Â We’re really looking at taking paper information and putting it together online so people can collaborate and annotate.

Dylan skyscraper diagrams. Â Basic stuff, but it works … and it’s here! Â Who would have thought the only site that does scale diagrams of buildings is here in Victoria.
Note to DemoCamp people … speak slowly and clearly when you open saying who you are.
Wow it is cool to see all the skyscrapers from different cities. Â Now this rocks … they sell posters of cities! Â Vancouver is the first, at the printers right now. Â Avail. in the spring. Â Posters are the money makers.
This is worth seriously checking out. … oops someone didn’t turn off their IM … should I or shouldn’t I
Josh is not going to talk about BountyUp … but BuyItLater Â
Simple Firefox extension … took him 4 hours to code. Â Only wrote for Twitter first … email after Lifehacker-ed. Â Amazon US, Canada, UK.

This is a rockingly simple idea … okay this is how it works
You install the litte extension, you go to amazon and want to buy something, it’s out of stock or expensive. Â …you click button to tell you when it’s cheaper or in stock. Â That’s it.

Josh is already making money. Â This rocks.

Songbird. Â Open source alternative to iTunes. Â Buy from the places you want, not just iTunes for example.

I HATE iTunes … and need to get rid of it from my system. Â Windows media player, meh, not so married to it. Â This looks like another great Victoria born solution.

Build on Firefox engine so like Flock and Firefox it’s built on extensions.
“It’s none of our business if it’s legal or illegal”
Music stores through web page API. Extensions. Â Scripting. Â JS, Zool, etc.
Also check out Josh’s new Twitter-based timetracking tool
Last up Darren, moldusD … I think … this is a database programming tool. Â Opensource. Â Language. Â Ouch, leaving the programming language for last. Â Hmm, maybe not the best call.
BTW Rebecca Bollwitt has a guest post by Raul on Michael Geist’s talk today at UBC

Darren has incorporated as a company so that he care earn a living from this. Â … Man Janette is a great listener!
Time to wrap up here … Going to shoot some pics and video.
Wow this space is being offered for free for future events! Â Talk about great support for the Victoria tech community! Â Props to them!
Thank you for reading today.              

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  • Joshua McKenty


    Awesome coverage, way to be the first. Thanks for the props!
    You’ve got a couple of bunk links early on in the live coverage, any way to fix those up?

  • Tris Hussey

    YW Joshua. Really like how a few hours of work, and Lifehacker, made this a success.

    Thanks for the link heads up, I’ll check and edit.

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  • Raul

    Hi Tris,

    I guest-live-blogged for Rebecca (Miss604) and saw your recent live blog. I’m a total non-geeky blogger. Do you think it’s worth trying CoverItLive? The way I did it with Rebecca was pure WordPress publishing. Hmmm… interesting.