Battlestar Galactica Premiere Recap

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Roslin Walking

4-1 “He That Believeth In Me”

Airdate: April 4, 2008 Recap and Discussion:

Spoilers after the jump.

SCI FI Channel Photo: Carole Segal





Discussion questions:

  • What the heck do you think Starbuck is?
  • What happened to her Viper?
  • If there are five Cylons on this ship (besides Boomer) wouldn’t it have been more effective to activate them, say two years ago?
  • If the Eye of Jupiter isn’t a “road sign to Earth,” what is it exactly?
  • If Anders is a Cylon, how did Starbuck take him out so easily?
  • Who will be the first to figure out the identity of one of the four new Cylons?
  • Why is Admiral Adama surprised Col. Tigh is acting weird, since he spent the entire last episode of the third season and has been drinking his dinner?
  • Did Boomer pick up on the conversation between Chief and Anders?
  • Is Gaius Baltar the luckiest man in the world?
  • Will Lee change his mind about joining the Colonial government?
  • Did the “healed” Derek look a little creepy to anyone else?



There are Cylons everywhere but most of the talk is about the returned Starbuck. Admiral Adama asks for repeated verification on Starbuck’s ship. President Roslin is emphatic that it’s a Cylon trick.

Col. Tigh is seriously confused from his Cylon revelation, and finally Bill Adama asks him what’s wrong. Then Tigh imagines himself shooting Bill much as Boomer did after her programming activated.

Anders is having problems too and Chief just keeps telling to him to pull it together and remember who he is, just like Col. Tigh said. As Chief is telling him he’s Samuel Anders, Boomer interrupts and asks who else he would be. Anders said if she didn’t pick up on it, maybe none of the other Cylons will. Chief tells him to go take some of those Cylons out.

But while in the cockpit, he freezes up in combat with a Cylon Raider. The raider makes eye contact and appears to make Anders as a Cylon. Then the entire fleet retreats while the Galactica crew wonders what the frak is happening. Roslin asks what could have caused that, and Tory said that maybe something changed. Roslin asked what that could have been, to which Tigh responds he has no idea.

Now we Gaius Baltar entering the hidden headquarters of his “cult following.” After he sees his shrine he begins to doubt these peoples’ sanity. Who wouldn’t?

Starbuck finally arrives and of course, almost no one believes it’s her. Tigh asks Adama if he believes in miracles, to which he replies, “No.” Starbuck is confused because as far as she’s concerned she’s only been gone for “six hours and change.” In real time, she’s been gone for two months.

Baltar is becoming increasingly frustrated with his captors/saviors and wants to know what the plan is for getting off the ship. One of them tells him no other ship will have him. He confides in his mental visions of Cylon Six that he’s afraid it would be better to be hated by everyone than loved by this group. She assures him she won’t let anything happen to him.

Then Baltar discusses theology with a hot young cult member and a mutual seduction ensues. By Six’s order, he tells the young woman there is only one God and after determining they feel “God’s presence,” they make love.

Starbuck shares the details of her finding Earth with Roslin and they don’t amount to anything concrete. She chased the Cylon Raider and said she woke up orbiting Earth. She asks Roslin how many times she’ll have to explain herself. Roslin tells her “until it makes sense.”

Upon further examination of Starbuck’s Viper, Chief said that not only is it not damaged it’s in better shape than he’s ever seen it. Also, the onboard computer has been wiped clean of any data. This isn’t aiding Starbuck’s cause of convincing people she’s not a Cylon.

One of Baltar’s cult members brings her son Derek to him. While Baltar was in lockup awaiting trial, she had asked him to pray for Derek. We now learn he has viral encephalitis. Baltar explains all they can they do is pray, be strong and let Derek’s immune system fight it out.

The four newest members of the Cylon family discuss their plight. Tigh asks if anyone is still “hearing that frakkin’ song.”  Anders notes he didn’t kill the Cylon Raider but Tigh said it was just a mistake. He said Boomer couldn’t stop herself because she didn’t know what she was. Since they know, they’ll be able to act. He takes out a gun and puts it on the table. Whether he’s going to end up shooting himself, another Cylon or Bill Adama, at this point we don’t know.

Roslin has gone to interrogate Six, who has seen the Final Five Cylons. Six said her programming won’t allow her to even think of them, let alone tell Roslin if Starbuck is one of them. But she does tell Roslin the Five are on Galactica and she can feel them. How she does that without thinking about them is anyone’s guess.

Starbuck is still frustrated, saying if the ship keeps jumping along the wrong path she won’t be able to find Earth again. She implores Bill Adama to trust her, but he says he can’t afford to. Bill and Lee watch footage of Starbuck’s “death” and try to understand what might have happened.

Bill tries to get Lee to take his officer’s stripes back and Lee said he’s contemplating a position in government. He asked that if his brother came back but turned out to be a Cylon and had been the whole time, would they love him any less? Seems even he’s resigned himself to the idea that Starbuck can’t really be who she claims to be.

Baltar prays for Derek, saying it isn’t fair that someone like him should live while the innocent child dies. He offers to give his life in exchange for the boy’s. Funny he should do that, because while Baltar’s getting a shave he runs into a would-be assassin who tries to slit his throat with his own razor. Six appears and asks if Baltar would really give his life for the child. He asks for his life to be taken and since the assassin can’t see Six, he’s confused long enough to get brained by one of Baltar’s disciples. Once Baltar returns to his hideout, Derek is better. (Although very creepy looking to me…)

Starbuck is looking at the ship’s memorial wall and noticed no one has bothered to take her picture down. She begins to wonder herself if she’s a Cylon, clone or what. Anders, trying to convince himself as much as he is her, says that even if she has been a Cylon the whole time she’s still the same person.

He also tells her he loves her, even if she’s a Cylon. She looks him at says he’s a better person than her. Because if she thought he was a Cylon, she’d “put a bullet between his eyes.” Ow. The ship jumps again, and Starbuck freaks. She says she’s got to get to the President and takes out Anders and the guards assigned to watch her. She then breaks into Roslin’s quarters and holds her at gunpoint. And we see the infamous To Be Continued.

All in all, well worth the lengthy wait.

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