Supernatural 3:14 : First Look

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Fri, Apr 25 - 4:32 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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I have 3 words. 

O  M  G 

In “Long Distance Call,” Sam & Dean investigate a seemingly inexplicable case involving people who are receiving contact from loved ones who have died, often inciting them to do terrible things.  This hits home when Dean suddenly begins getting calls from his deceased dad John (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who has some very interesting information to tell him.  The episode was written by Jeremy Carver and directed by Robert Singer.



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  • Kam

    I agree…OMG!!!!!!!!

  • tina

    Heavy stuff,igripped by just watching the clips..
    why is the show so good!!

  • Stacey

    OMG!!! The painful look on Dean’s face when he says “I was looking out for Sammy, just like you told me to” ABSOLUTELY broke my haert!!! I can’t wait for next Thursday!!!!

  • sunnyjunedays

    OMG i cannot wait for this episode. Dean talking to his dad, Sammy leaving Dean alone. This show is just too much for me sometimes. I love it so much.

  • winnie

    eeeeeeeep omg omg omg……

    How the hell am I sposed to make it till next week now huh? aaagh you kill me. Deeeean, awwww just looking out for Sammy like Dad told him to … that still breaks my heart so hard….*flails*

  • meg

    OMG!!!!!! This episode is going to be amazing!
    Plus Dean looks so hot!

  • http://supernaturaltv shelby Rogers

    I feel so bad for Dean.He has done so much trying to keep his brother alive.Keeping his promise to his Dad.Going as far as selling his soul.And Sam i feel bad for him cause when the trixister took Dean from him he just put his self into killing every evil thing and not thinking twice.Like he was numb and had no feelings.
    he was so lost without his brother.So i really hope Dean dose get saved.Can’t wait until next thursday.Oh yea i thought ghostfacers was funny.

  • christina morejon

    This show is the BOMB! OMG the angst…my heart cant take it!
    I need a SPN movie, something more than one hour show every week…..gimme!!!!!!!

  • tj

    Thank you so much for posting the clips!!
    This eppy looks really good!! Can’t wait!

  • Gill

    Oh my lord in hell! This show is ficken awesome. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I don’t even know were I was before this show started! I’ll tell you; watching re runs of Dark Angel, Buffy, and Angel!

  • Red

    Oh, DEAN.

    After a near-lifetime belief in only what he can hear and see and touch and KNOW to be true, at the end of his life he’s forced to cast in his lot with “blind faith.”

    FAITH. As someone put it, “faith is the evidence of things unseen.”

    If there was ever a show that epitomized this sentence, it’s SUPERNATURAL.

    Dean is the reason I come back week after week, to follow his journey.

    Happy Birthday, O Mighty Kripke, and please take good care of your faithful warrior.




  • Whitt

    Wow,so excited!
    I am now running around the house screaming.
    The drama,the sadness.This is going to be so good!

  • Kaye

    I can’t wait. It’s hard to tell anything from the short clip but angsty Dean is always great.

  • Debbie C

    I think this is going to be a rough one. I will keep the tissues by my chair. Poor Dean, whatever called him, you know it isn’t really his Dad, but the monster knows that is the way to get to Dean… Oh no, something wants to hurt Dean!!! Sammy to the rescue!

  • yanny

    i’m not sure what others think of this clip,but all i can see is how much Sam envies John, cause dean still has this blind faith on the old man

  • Mariale

    Man i was like “that^s all…??? i whan^to know what happen nex…!!! c^mon!!!” thi^s to short… I don^t like to much Sam actitud about that but i will have to waith and see what really happen…
    HEY guys i really love the “ghostfacers” was funny and new… (and Dean was so cool whit the “bad words”) but only got 2.200 rating what happen..?!!!
    This epi have to got better…more rating.. so NOT miss it..! Nex Thursday 9pm! (This have to top “Just in bello” whith more that 3.220 rating OK?!!!!)
    NEX THURSDAY 9PM THE CW “SUPERNATURAL” BEST EPI EVER!!!!!!!!^_^) ***J&J&J:Jensen, Jared and Jefrey!!!(even only in voice!)***

  • Lucy

    We have a long week ahead of us! Can`t wait…. This looks really thrlling!!


    Is Jeffery Dean Morgan really going to be in this episode ,??? or will they just be using his voice??? And THANK GOD….an episode about how to help Dean break that Demon contract. I have a feeling that Sam is right…that it’s not papa Winchester….but a demon who maybe wants to seperate the boys to kill Sam.


    The relationship between the Winchester Men is this ….Dean loves and worships his dad….and Sam loves Dean…because it was Dean who really raised Sam. Dean did a hell of a job caring for Sam. Dean deserves the Father of the Year award.

  • bjxmas

    OMG is right! Why would Sammy go off and leave Dean when he is that close to getting an answer? We all know (and Sammy should too!) that Dean will not wait once he gets the call.

    Jeremy Carver… I love you! I cannot wait to see this episode!

  • Sonja

    Well, after last weeks episode (that totally blew, hehe.) I am glad to have an episode that looks riveting. I am so looking forward to this, and can not wait to see JDM come back for a cameo appearance. I have been waiting all year for this. Only two more episodes to go before things get truly crazy. I am freaking out!

  • Anneliese

    OMG! Papa Wicnhester is back! Well he’s just a voice, isn’t he? Dean is so sweet, he was just looking out for Sammy. Finally, some news with Dean’s deal or was that just fake papa Winchester’s trick. Ghostfacers had it’s moments but I’m looking forward to this more. Just a few more days. :/ I can’t wait!

  • tina

    Sorry I dont normal comment twice but Sam envies John? excuse me, the man was Sam dad too you know not the writers realise it.Sam isnt the bad guy in this , neither is Dean its a tough situation for both.

  • Ralna

    OMG, this will be a great Episode!

  • maya

    yanny – Sam is NOT ENVY, it’s just common sense. It isn’t really John and Sam knows it.

  • Albert E’Stein

    OMG.. YES YES YES!!! Can’t wait to see this… Tell your family, cousins, friends and their friends, your ex, your bosses, your teachers, your neighbours, your bus drivers.. the dudes at the coffee shops and supermarkets to WATCH THIS!!!!!

  • sarahk_63

    can’t wait!

    after the disappointment that was Ghostfacers, nuff said.

    smishes *the boys* & thanks you for sharing this with us :)

  • Marcy

    I lovelovelove Jeremy Carver’s episodes, i think the next is gonna be awesome but i really CAN’T make it for 3 weeks til the season finale..
    I’m just starting to be veeeeery worried…

    Just hope they don’t make something stupid like leaving us hanging with a dead Dean til next season!!
    You know they love this kind of cliffhangers.


  • ami

    ah! this show is going to kill me I’m sure. A week seems such a long time. This show deserves so much better than what it’s given by the CW and media. Just look at this show and the boys, they kick arse every week

  • dolly

    oh I love that voice. to hear JDM is such a buzz! And dean saved his little brother cause he told his dad he would look out for him? I really thought it was totally a Dean thing, for Dean?

  • Lam

    I’m on the OMG train! This looks fabulous. Jensen is going to knock this outta the park! And the look of abject terror on his face at the end of the short clip? OMG!!!
    I agree that Sam would like to have the kind of control over Dean that their Dad does from beyond the grave (envious even…) if only to get Dean to listen to him so he can help him.
    Loved Ghostfacers – so creative from EVERYONE!!
    And CW promoted the crap out of it and still no one watched – let’s get those ratings up for this one!!!!

  • Caryn

    Wow, is all I have to say. John calling Dean and telling him the demon that is holding his contact is here. I can’t wait for this episode to air. Thursday can’t come fast enough.

    It is great to hear JDM’s voice again even though we won’t see him. Dean will definitely listen to John since faith is all he has now. I think it is funny that Dean is going on faith that it is dad calling even though he doesn’t believe in heaven and angels. I hope Sam figures it out and who or what is responsible for this call before Dean does something stupid.

  • Fiona dudeufugly


    this is definatley one of the classics! AHA!
    wow….omg, man i nearly choked in joy! lol
    man…Jared and Jensen’ talents are just supernatural!
    not to mention how its all put together and thought up

  • mouse

    Dean looks STUNG when John asks why he made the deal.

    Man, Jensen just does such a great job with these emotional bits. this show is such an emotional roller coaster. I love it!!!

  • Myra

    OMG! I can’t wait for Thursday! Poor Dean he just misses his dad terribly. All he has is just blind faith? Aww, poor guy! It’s gonna be a long week! Can’t wait!

  • Sarah

    oh gosh! Could this show get any better!? Of course not! Its supernatural! Its why we all love it so!
    This new ep is going to be fantastic, i’m sooo excited!!! Thursday, can you come any sooner?!!?

  • Spnlover

    I also can’t wait for this epiode to come, but I thought that was kinda cold to leave Dean to go check on some girl.

  • Alexandra

    I loved this new episode, and now that song is stuck in my head (Ghost Facers…LOL!)!


    HOLLY CRAP, this is going to be a very emotional episode, better get the tissue box ready, either way awesome clips thanks for posting them and i can’t wait until thursday nite

  • joão carlos ferreira

    que massa quando vaum colocar pra baixar

    me add no msn

  • rima


    oh god,i cant wait to watch the full episode.i really2 love jensen and jared.supernatural the best show ever!!!!

  • Jodi the biggest Supernatural Freak ever!

    I love the show, love it! Love it love it to death hahahahhhha! anyway I saw long distance caller last week and laughed so hard after Dean asked Sam if the deamon was a sandwitch:) wow he cracks me up, i hope to god that the Deanster doesn’t die I mean I have a hunch that he isn’t but sometimes I get a jolt in my stomach and also after seening Long Distiance Caller I cried when Dean said to Sam that he’s scared because frankly I am to becaue I LOVE SAMMY and Dean they make thursdays like fridays almost because watching Supernatural is like a party I mean hot guys who kick some serious ass and Humer and not to mention a awesome car that Dean loves! the only thing I miss from the other seasons of the show is the “bitch” and Jerk lines I say thoes lines while joking around with my friends who also watch the show and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SDS! save Dean’s Soul

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