Butterfly Life Franchise Offer: 10 Franchises for $65K.

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BLhdr (FranchisePick.Com)  A FranchisePick.Com reader who is investigating franchise opportunities sent me an email they received from Butterfly Life woman’s fitness franchise. 

The email come-on offers the Area Developer rights to 10 franchises for a fee of $65,000.

The email listed the strict criteria it takes to succeed as a Butterfly Life Area BLpitch Developer:  Detailed.  Organized.  Sales Oriented.  Financially Astute. 

If you have those qualities and $65,000, “you’d soar as a Butterfly Life Area Representative.”

The email includes a testimonial by one such Butterfly Life Area Representative, Mary Bauer, who writes: “…I questioned my ability along the way but my Butterfly Life team at corporate never did.  They were and are there for me every step of the way…”

BLoffer  The Butterfly Life Team is even willing to provide a “Limited time offer,” to provide free airfare, hotel & transportation to the Butterfly Life corporate office.

If you get out a magnifying glass, the fine print at the bottom includes this disclaimer:

Travel voucher offer may expire without notice.  Roundtrip transportation from Oakland or San Francisco airports to and from hotel, one night stay at hotel.  Airfare credited up to $500.00 with purchase of franchise within 30-days of Discovery Day…

The intent of FranchisePick.com is not to persuade or dissuade you from joining any particular franchise system.  Only you can make the choice of what opportunity is right for you.  We want to teach you how to investigate franchise opportunities, to see past the hype, to read between the lines, and to know what questions to ask in order to make an informed decision. 

To that end, in the next few days I’ll post some insights and observations on how to read franchise marketing offers like this one, and how to determine whether it’s worth pursuing or not.  In the meantime, the comment line is open, below:



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Images:  Butterfly Life franchise marketing materials

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  • Mothra

    Pure airfare HYPE!! Can Gergley let us know whether the two women who paid for thier flights to California from the midwest to attend “training” were ever reimbursed for their fares because the “training” was abruptly postponed?? The women had to pay a premium to change their flights in order to attend. This corporation is at best unprofessional. Those running the operation are snake oil salesmen, everyone of them. Run, as fast as you can go!! Run, just run!! Stay away from the poison.

  • Barb

    Run people run. Don’t fall for fitness businesses. Wait until they all shut down. Then maybe consider opening a fitness business. Too much competition.

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  • Fool Me Once

    Sean – First of all, it’s time consuming but not impossible to investigate a franchise if you do some digging and talking to various franchisees. Of course, you absolutely need to know what questions to ask and have their “correct” contact information in the UFOC. I am among the original group of franchisees who had no one to contact or any information to investigate. Didn’t know about the Linda Evans debacles or any history of Mark Golob. There were no BFL’s that we knew of……and the key is “knew of”. The first franchisee opened in Atlanta and signed to open three locations, but we were unaware of this due to their creative writing of the UFOC. After his first was opened, the Atlanta owner wrote a long and detailed letter to Mark Golob explaining what needs to be done to make it a success. This person had a great deal of experience in the heath and fitness business. It only took a few months for him to see that it would be a failure if corporate did not step up and keep the promises made regarding branding, support, profitability and utilizing the “experts” they promoted at that time, one being Mark Mastrov of 24HrFitness. Instead of developing and promoting BFL one state at a time, Golob got greedy and only cared about receiving the checks. There were absolutely no requirements needed to purchase a franchise. Golob stated in an article, “you don’t even need a high school education.” (I’d bet that all the clubs that closed in the last four years had owners with high school educations!!!)When we closed our club there were 17 locations. Only two of the original remain open that I know of. The others were forced to close, sell, or transfer. And believe me it wasn’t because they were making a profit! This doesn’t include area development deals that were paid for and never opened. I truly hope the two clubs that are still open are making a good profit after all this time and I commend them for hanging in their knowing who they have to deal with! OH YES….YOUR QUESTION…..Anyone selling 10 cubs for 65K is definitely hurting……enough said