SEO Basics – The H1-H2-H3 Tags

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    A lot of webpage developers use the H1/H2/H3 tags  for formatting.   Nothing wrong with this but if you talk about SEO,  these tags are very important.   These tags support the overall theme placed in the title tag.

    Imagine for a moment that your webpage is an outline and the topic of your outline is the “title” of your page (the one in your title tag) and the H1 tags are your first level topics under your title.    Now H2 tags are sub topics that support whatever is in H1.

    To give a example,  here’s a sample web page outline with the proper SEO use of the H1/H2 tags.


    <title> Nokia N95</title>


    <h1>Nokia N95 Features</h1>

    <p> some intro paragraph here</p>

    <h2>Nokia N95 multimedia features</h2>

    <p> talk about camera, video, display features</p>

    <h2>Physical Features of Nokia N95</h2>

    <p> talk about physical dimensions, color, style..etc</p>

    <h1>Nokia N95 Accessories</h1>

    <p> talk about n95 specific accessories</p>



    Notice that the overall subject and keyword being targeted is “Nokia N95″ (which is the keyword in the title).    H1 tags such as “Nokia N95 features” and “Nokia N95 accessories” all support the main subject.    Then, supporting the H1 tags are the H2 tags.

    Make sure however that the supporting content which is the meat of the webpage is well written, and contains important information about your topic.   Always keep in mind what sort of information people who are searching for “nokia n95″ are expecting to find.  If within 30seconds, they can’t find what they’re looking for in your webpage, they  would definitely leave your site immediately.

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      • Mayukh

        Yes – this is absolutely correct. Use h1/2/3/4 etc tags for heading. Its too much SEO friendly.

      • Suz

        Is it a problem of the H1 & H2 tags for a given page feature very similar content? In other words, does one run the risk of being penalized for duplicate content or of diluting the value of the primary keyword on the page?

      • Juan

        According to the standard there should be only one h1 tag in a page.

      • ky

        This is absolutely correct except for the double usage of h1. Everything that I have read states that you should only use h1 once per page.

      • mrGTB

        Whats your thought about using H1 for header, then H2 for sub header.

        The using a left and right content layout. They go like this.



        So the end result is like this:

        h1 – title
        h2 – sub title

        left content:

        right content

        So in short this is yours structure:




      • Free Seo – Free Website analysis Report

        Its hard to know what google wants nowadays as Ive heard that H tags are one thing google is going to take into account to work out what pages are FIXED for position…??

      • urdu translation service

        What will happen if we use H1 in heading an H2 in all subheadings.

        I mean if we don’t use h3, h4 etc tags. Because I saw in many optimized website doing like this. For example

      • seo pakistan

        many optimized website use h1 and h2 tags it’s good for on-page optimized and give you better results.

      • vicster

        Do you know whether you’ll be penalised if you use h2 for your intro paragraphs?

        Or whether doing this has an impact on the other h2 subheadings that you use on the rest of the page?

      • Lisa

        Silly question, but I am new to content writing…the client asked for h2 tags around the provided subheadings, no other specs on formatting. Can there be h2 tags without h1 tags? If there is only 1 h1 per page does this mean this is something the webmaster will put in when putting the whole site together?

        • Lee Newton

          Hi Laura,
          You say your client asks for h2′s around subheadings, are you supplying content encapsulated within parent content provided by them? Perhaps they’re providing the H1 tag somewhere themselves. If not and you have multiple sub headings, perhaps you can suggest wrapping the most relevant one in an H1 instead? Either way, in the absence of an H1 tag, the h2 tags should take precedence.

      • akbarseo

        If you want to grow your business then learn Seo its best for your business.

      • sumit

        Best information about H1,H2 AND H3 tags

      • septyan

        Thank you help my days, I search for h3 tag and met your site

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