The Cereality Franchise Dead Pool: VOTE NOW!

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    (FranchisePick.Com)  Laila Fields bet her house that a Cereality cereal cafe franchise would be a hit in Santa Cruz. readers are invited to bet on how soon she’ll realize what a bad, bad bet she made.

    According to the San Jose Mercury News, “Laila Valdez Fields is so sure her quirky new cereal cafe will be a hit, she bet the house on it.  Literally.  A real estate agent, she persuaded her husband, a chiropractor, to sell their home to invest in the restaurant business.”

    She and her partner held the grand opening for the Santa Cruz Cereality this past Saturday.

    Guess the date the Santa Cruz Cereality cereal cafe will close and win great as-yet-undetermined prizes! 

    But VOTE FAST because this opportunity won’t last long!

    Leave your vote in the comments below.  Be sure to use your real email address (it won’t be displayed) so we can notify you if you’ve won.

    Owners and employees of failed Cereality cafe, The Original Soup Man and Cold Stone Creamery franchises are encouraged to participate… and to share their opinions of Ms. Fields’ franchise decision.


    Research for the Cereality Dead Pool:

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    Can Kahala Cold Stone Put Some Reality in Cereality?

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      • Kelly aka MM

        Well it is California…I say
        September 2008…thanks for playin!

      • rob

        You really think this type of concept wouldn’t survive in CA. I live in CA and by a college, it might do well. Look at all them pinkberries opening up here… I don’t even like the place. With all that said…

        January 2009.

      • sean

        Evanston, IL Cereality May, 2007, closed in less than six months. That was the company’s flagship store/training center.

        Charleston, S.C. soundly beat that record with a 3-month failure, opening July 1, 2007 and closing by October 1, 2007.

        I’m thinking Laila could take the record. Her enthusiasm will keep her fighting, but she’s already sold her house. Her husband and partner may have already realized it’s a loser. My guess is no one at Cold Stone will want to be associated with it.

        August, 2008

      • Michael Goode

        I’ll do you one better, Sean. July 2008. Housing & economy bust will kill sales–you can eat cereal at home for cheaper.

      • Jill Portwood

        I love the concept of a cereal bar. My kids would eat there five days a week if I let them. The design and layout is so fun and it gives you an alternative dining experience. I think if any area can support this new idea, it’s Santa Cruz. The people are open-minded and I think they will want to see the local underdog survive. Personally, I don’t think the idea is any more ridiculous than the $2 coffee I buy every morning. Who’d a thought so many suckers would fall for that scam!

      • sean

        Michael Goode I’ll do you one better, Sean. July 2008.
        I think you’re right, Michael. I wanted to push my bet up, but I guess this blog has made me risk-averse. [click on Michael's name to check out his insightful stock blog.]

        Jill Portwood wrote: I love the concept of a cereal bar.
        I do too. We actually set one up in our house. We’ve got about 15 choices (including Malt-o-Meal, and instant Oatmeal and Kellogg’s variety pack) but it’s open 24 hours, self serve and less than $.50 a bowl. Plus: free overripe banana slices.

        My kids would eat there five days a week if I let them… But you wouldn’t. Me neither.

        Personally, I don’t think the idea is any more ridiculous than the $2 coffee I buy every morning.
        If you skip your next 175,000 cups, you can open a Cereality with the savings!

        Seriously, though, it’s one thing to love an idea (Meal prep kitchens & eBay drop-off stores are captivating money-losing ideas, too), but quite another to bet the house on it – and sign a 10-year lease and franchise agreement.

      • Wendy

        I am looking at a Paint your own pottery francise called Color Me Mine. This location is in Mill Creek Washington and has been open less than a year. The owner has another studio in Queen Anne and it is doing well but too far from my home. She is having a baby and wants to be a stay at home mom. She is asking 90k. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on Color Me Mine. Their wed site is Thanks, Wendy

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      • TuckerBox

        Wendy, I say to you NO, NO and one more time, NO! That is just throwing money away. Paint your own pottery is as bad a meal assembly and ebay stores and now dozens of others.


        If you really can afford to throw away 90k, give it to charity.

      • http://ColorMeMine Wendy

        Can anyone tell me why a paint your own pottery studio would not be a wise investment? This one has been open less than a year and I will buy it for 60K. It is in Mill Creek, WA. They were asking 90k. The concept seems solid and the place is always packed. I would appreciate solid info on why this might not be a good investment. Thanks for your time! Wendy

      • Michael Goode

        Wendy, have you seen the detailed financials? Have you run the numbers yourself? There is a lot more to a successful business than popularity. Some businesses just are not economically viable.

      • erin

        well, I woke up this morning after seeing cereality thinking that would be my next business. I was thinking of opening one in Flagstaff and why wouldnt it work??? How about if i charged less than the 4.00?? I guess being a franchise maybe it wouldnt be feasible.thanks for the ideas

      • rob

        Any updates on this cereality? I guessed Jan 09, but it seems to still be there. You think this one might actually last?

      • rob

        FYI: as of March 2009, it is closed. Not sure if it closed earlier, but thats what I’ve read off review sites.

      • Sean Kelly

        Anyone know the exact date it closed?

        Here’s a picture of it closed up

        That was posted February, 2009. Another source said “early 2009″

        The blogger wrote “First, everyone knew that a cafe specializing in cereal was a bad idea. Even pot heads can make their own cereal.”

        Normally, I would feel sorry for the franchisee who “bet the house” on a venture, but in this case she should have read and learned that every standalone Cereality has closed.

        OK, I still feel sorry for this couple and their cereal cafe dream… but sometimes franchising is God’s way of telling you you’ve got to much money and not enough common sense.

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