Elisha Cuthbert Hip-Checking Yet Another Hockey Player?

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Never mind Hilary Duff gushing about how much she hearts watching New York Rangers boyfriend Mike Comrie play hockey. Elisha Cuthbert is Hollywood’s ambassador to the NHL, having dated Sean Avery of the New York Rangers and hanging out with the engaged Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens. . . (Think we’re kidding about the Tinsel Town diplomacy deal? Check out this ancient blog NHL.com gave her once upon a time.)


Image: Used courtesy of www.splashnewsonline.com  

To further prove the long-standing theory that Cuthbert’s dating pool doesn’t extend beyond a hockey rink, photographic evidence has sparked talk that her new flame is in fact a Calgary Flame, namely, Dion Phaneuf. Thanks to faithful reader Caesar for passing this along.

Can you imagine the locker room chatter about Jack Bauer‘s little girl? As an aside, what’s the deal with that anyway? Is she ever coming back to 24 or did they finally *wishes on a star* write her out of the show?

We’d like to see Cuthbert bring that blog up to date . . .

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  • http://www.hockeybeat.com Jeanne

    This just grosses me out. Leave Neufy alone, barricuda!

  • http://www.gossiponsports.com Jodie

    You tell her, Jeanne.

    Readers, Jeanne knows of what she speaks. She went to high school with Elisha!

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  • CooCo

    She never dated Mike Komisarek. He’s engaged, and has been.

    She’s only dated 2 hockey players, she’s had 3 boyfriends in 5 years, and she’s 25 years old. That’s less than almost any unmarried 25 year old you’d find walking around.

  • http://www.gossiponsports.com Jodie

    Thanks for the heads-up, CooCo . . . post modified accordingly complete with explanatory link to Jeanne’s blog!

  • brenda

    Just call her a puck bunny !! shes the poster child for hockey hoes across canada and the us!

  • kim

    I think all the ladies should put their claws away!!
    I am a flames fan and dion is my fav player..but im not going to worry about who he dates or sleeps with

  • http://www.gossiponsports.com Jodie

    Brenda–Yet another steal-worthy phrase from the comments. Thanks! ;)

    Kim–It’s not so much who Dion sleeps with. It’s who Elisha sleeps with!

  • Janne

    Straiht off the press in Finland…Selanne gooing to Montreal Canadiens for 1 year contakt 5M.

  • Habsfan

    Typical female jealousy. She’s hot, young, blonde and a millionaire. I can’t see what Dion sees in her?
    I’d rather see her date hockey players than the normal jerks hollywood starlets date.

  • http://www.gossiponsports.com Jodie

    Well, I happen to be young, hot, and blonde, too, though EC’s got me on the millionaire thing.

    On behalf of all the normal jerks: It’s called having a little fun, that’s all. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Long as she keeps her hands off Crosby I’m good.

  • Rick

    I guess Cuthbert is the NHL slut… just like Alyssa Milano is the Major League Baseball slut.

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