Your Non-digital Life Has no Meaning

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Tue, May 6 - 7:50 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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(Warning: I have been known to get cranky about bombastic overstatements by the digerati.)

If you don’t have a Twitter account, your career may be kinda meaningless.

That’s the provocative statement teasing readers to visit Todd Defren’s PR Squared blog.

It’s been proven time and again that this technique works. Provoke discussion by making a blanket statement that everyone – author and readers alike – knows is only a device to get your attention.

Twitter logo Twitter, like Flickr and Second Life and Facebook before it, is the Flavor of the Month. I love its simplicity, and the way it allows me to bathe in a stream of ideas, humor, factoids, personal revelations, and breaking news. It’s one of the most personal social media tools to come along, so it has tremendous potential for networking.

You will have to rip my Twitter account from my cold, dead hands.

But if I ever suggest that your life has no meaning if you aren’t linked in to the same conversational tools that I am, please slap me once or twice. I’ll thank you for it.

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  • Chad

    Well said Eric.

    Now if you can just come up with an elevator pitch for us, so we can describe twitter to our non-connected friends who just don’t get it…

  • http://none Gary

    The social networking websites you talk of like facebook, myspace, and your newly introduced to me, twitter, are a big part of my communication today. These types of sites are amazing to share ideas or even promote them for that matter.
    Lately I’ve seen on facebook and myspace that I get alot of promotional material in my inbox even along with ‘friending’ people and joining groups. I always get notifications to join some group that is set up as a promotional advertisement to get people to go down to their club, bar, or music place.
    I don’t mind these little pop-ups or notifications that I get all the time. But I wanted to know if anyone else sees these sites moving towards more of a place for businesses to promote and advertise their products or services. Lately I feel that is the growing trend in these networking sites. I’ve been getting group invites and inbox messages from different businesses everyday it seems. It looks like these networking sites are the prime web place to get your business’s promotions out to people as quick as possible and it seems like it could be a very effective means.

  • jennydecki

    I find that with most social media the only elevator pitch necessary is, “All the smart people are doing it, and it’s making them smarter.”

    True? I don’t know, but I don’t care enough to spend a half hour explaining how your Utterz updates your blog updates your Twitter updates your Facebook and expands your presence with a ten second phone call.

  • Todd Defren

    Hi Eric – I haven’t had a chance to respond to your comment at my blog, but now I can do so here. I may cross-post this comment to my blog. Hope that’s okay.

    First, on the linkbait question: honestly I don’t actively strategize for links, however, I try to both educate and entertain at PR-Squared – so controversial statements don’t bother me. If I felt bad about trying to stir the pot, I’d be pretty bored – and boring.

    More to the point: I kinda feel like you didn’t read my post with the spirit in which I intended it (no doubt a failure of my writing). It boiled down to jennydecki’s comment above: “All the smart people are doing it, and it’s making them smarter.”

    I strongly feel that PR is evolving to a role akin to Community Relations, thus I espouse that PR folks get involved, as MEMBERS (vs. “just” lurkers), in ANY community which may be of value to their company or clients. Twitter’s a place that’s relevant to tech and consumer PR in particular, which is my Agency’s focus, so I feel particularly strongly about it.

    Net-net, I am not a Shiny Object chaser. Nor do I advocate it (I was always a SL doubter, for example). But the paradigms *are* shifting and I do advocate that “smart people get smarter” by latching on to the tools, like Twitter, that seem to be gaining critical mass.

  • Eric Eggertson


    I was feeling crankier than usual this morning. I know what you’re saying about the value of Twitter and similar tools.

    I just objected to the elevated language that put Twitter at the top of the tools needed for a good career. That overlooks the fact Twitter isn’t even in marginal use in most countries of the world.

    You go where the smart people are. And in a lot of countries, in a lot of industries, that isn’t on Twitter.

  • Ike Pigott

    Eric, can I go ahead and slap you now, just so you have one on file for the next bombastic statement?

  • Eric Eggertson


    Yeah, sure. Slap away.

    Without you and a few other bright sparks with a sense of humor, I think I would have given up blogging long ago!

    Thanks for always being there to correct my grammar, mock me openly, and make self-deprecating comments about yourself. You may not be my only muse, but you are amuse. ;-)

  • Eric Eggertson


    The best elevator pitches I’ve heard for using Twitter go like this:
    - it’s instant messaging on steroids.
    - it’s broadcast mini-blogging that reaches your network of contacts quickly.

    But I like jennydecki’s version in the comments above!

    The least positive pitch:
    - it’s a huge time suck that will take over your life.