Moonlight Canceled! Say It Isn’t So!

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MOONLIGHT Not that we didn’t know the show was in trouble but Moonlight fans had been bolstered in recent weeks by optimistic words from the cast and crew.  That’s why it was such a blow when CBS announced that the fledging vampire show would not be back for another season. 

Ratings, cost and creative differences have all been sited in articles detailing the show’s demise.  There’s no denying that the series has had its share of behind the scenes issues with re-castings and show runner shifts dating back to day one.  But ratings?  Come on?  CBS wins every Friday night and with the Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs bookends firmly in place, Moonlight did better than expected for a quirky genre show on such a stodgy network.

So what now?  Fans are already mounting protest campaigns which, I hope, don’t include mailing blood bags to the studio. But what good will it do?  CBS is still feeling the burn over Jericho.  Another show they brought back at the behest of the fans only to watch it sink in the ratings.  Seems fans are great organizers when it comes to protest mailings but not so great when it comes to getting people to actually watch a show week after week.

Seems to me the only chance Moonlight has is to be picked up by SCI Fi Channel or some other cable network.  Wouldn’t be bad timing.  With the buzz about the Twilight movie due out next year, vampires are all the rage. 

What do you think, fans?  Maybe we should pool our money and produce the show ourselves.  That would be one, ‘not ready for prime time’ vampire series, don’t you think?  Well, there’s always ‘straight to DVD.’

RIP Moonlight.

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  • Patricia Shields

    I think it’s an excellent idea that the fans of Moonlight take up the production slack and keep it on the air. I’m willing to learn how. Any other takers? I don’t want Moonlight to go off the air. It’s the BEST show on TV and vampires ROCK!

  • Kathrin

    Hi i am a foreign exchange student from germany and i was here for 10 months now and moonlight seriosly was my life i was soooo looking forward to every friday and you dont know how mad i am i was hoping that they would bring it to germany too but probably not anymore… arghh i am sooo mad screw you CBS

  • Mike L.

    I think they should hand it over to Scifi cuz a channel like that already has a lot of viewers, and a primetime show like moonlight certainly would help scifi

  • http://moonlightcanceledsayitisintso EMILY JONES

    say it isn’t so that moonlight is canceled for good it better come back i hope that cbs couled find a way or warner bros to bring back moonlight i was interested in it since the moment it came on,i cant imagine it not comeing back i will be so devistaded please listen to all the fans and bring it back.

  • N. Courtney

    Why do people insist on trying to bring back a canceled television show as the post stated this was done with Jericho, and where did all these idiots that do these write ins to networks go when it came time to watch the show. The only successful write in I remember bringing a show back and then manage to stay on was Cagney and Lacey which was ground breaking and different in the fact that the two main leads were women portraying police detectives instead of some supporting role.

    Moonlight a vampire show about a where the vampire was a private detective, lets see where have I seen this before, Hmm, Angel was a vampire who worked and ran a private detective firm, and lets not forget Forever Knight about a vampire who was working as a police detective. Am I seeing a lack of imagination in Hollywood or maybe people just like regurgitated ideas, that are passed off as being original because they’re trying to reach a new generation.

    The Powers That Be at the networks seem to be forgetting one thing that wasn’t present in televisions glorious and golden era past, most shows done over the past 25 years are available in DVD and some older shows on video. The studios and producers are looking more at after market value of their products more than ever before, almost everyone involved with a television show or movie these days gets a piece of the back end money, the writers were the only ones not getting a fair share of their piece of the pie and that was why they went on strike. This was a poorly regurgitated, and pale imitation of previous television shows of this genre. Angel and Forever Knight were both on for several seasons, Forever Knight was a syndicated series imported from Canada and it was still able to stay on the air long enough to even do a series finale just as Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer all of which are available in reruns or better yet DVD.

  • hunter scott

    bring back moonlight. And the show that their going to replace it is ” The Mentalist”. whose a guy who pretend to be a psychic and somewhat helps the police. HMMM kinda sound familiar!!! oh yeah USA networks comedy “Psych”. hope USA finds out that CBS copied the plot of their show. Hope thats show sucks. I Know Im not watching cbs. You lost

  • disappointed

    Maybe if all the other shows they have didn’t completely suck moonlight’s ratings could have been better. I mean I only ever saw the show because I downloaded it on xbox when I started watching it honestly first I had to figure out what channel cbs was on. Now I look to see when the new season will be on and it’s canceled.
    Very lame! They should cancel cbs!

  • Lexxi

    Ähm..WHY was ist canceled ?
    I dont understand…
    Do you know ?

    Love, Lexxi

  • N. Courtney

    Sophia Myles has two projects she’s doing one with James Caviezel, and another back in her native England. Alex O’Loughlin is making a movie with Kate Beckinsale. They’ve move on to better things. The Sophia Myles movie with James Caviezel sounds very interesting.

    During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan (Caviezel), a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen.

    Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking’s Iron Age weaponry.

  • Brian Allen

    Sounds interesting, N Courtney.

  • HeavenEyes

    Here in Sweden we are on ep 8.But am is fighting for us all around the world too have bring back Moonlight in our lives again.Moonlight have a special place in our heart and Moonlight is a part in our families around the world.Never give up the hope on Moonlight..


  • bryan

    Moonlights rocks please don’t cancel it. It’s the only thing to watch on Friday.

  • bryan

    besides I like to see what happened in the relationship between Mick St. John and Beth.

  • Patricia Shields

    Yes, eventually Moonlight will be on DVD but that’s not the point. Everything will eventually be on DVD. What I don’t understand is why the popular TV shows that remain on either insult one’s intelligence or aren’t original. Moonlight is both original and has plenty of eye candy to boot. I’m thankful “Blood Ties” (reruns) are still on another network, so can’t the same happen to “Moonlight”?

  • Moonlight – Forever a Fan

    That’s a load of bullshite. They say that’s it’s because of ratings? It was one of the best shows on network television! It’s fanbase was massive. Every single person I’ve talked to since the show came on loved it.

    The crappy shows on the same network stay, but the best show they’ve had in years is taken off? WTF!?!?

  • Brian Allen

    Surely somebody will pick up Moonlight in reruns.

  • Rhyno

    What is it about Angel & Vampire shows? And why do they seem to attract a largely female crowd? I just don’t get it.


  • N. Courtney

    1. This show was not original, Angel was about a vampire who was a private detective and it ended it’s run just 4 years ago, if had ended 20 years ago then I might be able to see where the people who said this show was original might have a point but really, I saw the first episode and thought this is Angel without the crew, they even had him buying blood from a hospital, Forever Knight was about a police detective.

    2. Reruns, they only did a total of 16 episodes.

    3. If they had moved to the CW which CBS co owns with Warner Bros. (WB), then a lot more people would definitely say this is just an Angel clone. He even drove a convertible, just like Angel.

    3. Isn’t Blood Ties about a female P.I. who has the hots for the vampire, and if I’m not mistaken Angel started out with a female police detective.

    4. I’m not seeing a lot of original anything when it comes to vampires, the last series about a vampire that was original was Dracula: The Series, Dracula, Americans Chris and Max Townsend are sent to live with their uncle, Gustav Helsing, in Europe. The teenagers soon discover that Uncle Gustav is a vampire hunter and his goal is the destruction of billionaire industrialist Alexander Lucard, who is really Count Dracula.

    The fact that they made the Dracula character a blood thirsty businessman was a dig and corporate business types in general but making one a vampire was different twist on the Dracula mystique and he could walk around during the daylight, he just didn’t have any powers during the day e.g. he couldn’t turn into a vampire and bite anyone, or hypnotize them, for all intensive purposes he was mortal during the day, and vampire at night.

    5. Like I said previously, if they had been more original with the series, it probably would still be on the air, another thing that they took from Angel was the betrayed ex-vampire girlfriend, who came back as human, I seem to remember Angel’s ex Darla coming back as human, and they even had child together, come on way to many similarities to Angel.

    6. Maybe if they had gone with a different story line than one that had been used in a series 4 years earlier it may have stayed on the air, I still can’t believe how many people like seeing the same story line and plots on television.

    7. Perhaps if someone came up with an original idea or twist on the vampire story, it would have a chance.

  • http://moonlightcanceled! kimmie

    no way! this is totally unfair. i want moonlight back even if that means getting rid of jerico or numbers. kimmie

  • N. Courtney

    To kimmie, they had the series finale for Jericho last fall 2007 their season was shortened because of the writers strike but that series is done as well. Even with the write in campaign, that show still didn’t get enough viewers. So they decided to end the series.

  • Adriana

    hy!! i’ m a spaish fan of moonlight and i think is a good tv serie, specially the featuring of his principal role, Alex O’loughlin, a very good actor (and the most good looking man around the world). I hope another channel produce this again!!! I really hope!!!

  • brian


    The good news is you will be seeing Alex on CBS again. The bad news is it won’t be Moonlight. The network has signed him to a talent holding deal so even if someone else picked up, Loughlin would still be under contract to CBS.

  • erin is sad.

    well, i didnt read the other entries but, this sucks!
    i bet everyone here wishes they didnt kill the vampire. but wait! thats imposible. unless they used fire, and i didnt here anything about fire. that means itll be back. i hope

  • allegra

    OH MY GOD! I just finally caught up with all the moonlight episodes with such a wonderful finale, it can’t end there! What happens to Beth?! Moonlight canNOT go! But you know what? I heard a little thing before which I don’t think is true. It was on another website, which I hope to god is true, that they are putting it on again. It was going to be on April 11th but they’re changing to 25th or something. if this is some kind of joke and they’ll surprise us with the show suddenly again, it’s no funny joke.
    and i totally agree let’s put our money together and put moonlight back on!!!!

  • N. Courtney

    To Allegra, those are reruns the Sci-Fi channel picked up, but they’re also showing re-run on and The actor Alex O’ Loughlin is filming a new medical show, get over it, obviously he has “MOVED ON!!!!!” , You should do the same. Besides Sophia Myles seems to be doing movies these days.

    Julia Ormond joins ‘Moonlight’ star on CBS’ ‘Three Rivers’

    23 March 2009 3:30 PM, PDT | From | See recent Hitfix news

    Julia Ormond has been cast in CBS’ drama pilot “Three Rivers,” part of a rush of casting at the network. “Three Rivers” focuses on the organ transplant process, telling every story from three points-of-view: The donor, the recipient and the doctors involved. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ormond (“Sabrina”) will play the head of surgery at Three Rivers Hospital, joining “Moonlight” star Alex O’Loughlin in the drama. Ormond recently co-starred in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” .

  • toyin

    i love moonlight and i’m glad it came back..Alex O’Loughlin is adorable..he is an incredible actor and i love him…