The Gormagon Mystery is Solved!

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Here’s where I warn you that what comes after the page jump is THE spoiler of all spoilers, if you haven’t yet had the chance to watch the Bones season finale. If you don’t want to know, do NOT click on “Read More”

But once you’ve seen the episode, by all means, click on “Read More” and let’s discuss it!!

Zack Addy is Gormagon’s Apprentice!

The Bones season finale just ended and I’m still trying to digest the fact that Zack killed someone to assist the Gormagon in his evil mission. I know there were theories everywhere about it, but I kept hoping it would be someone else…a more minor character. But not Zack!

Well, Hart Hanson told me that we haven’t seen the last of Eric Millegan, so I’m taking that as a sign that Zack will be back in some fashion next season, if not as a regular.

Here are some discussion points about tonight’s show so we can begin to share our thoughts about it:

  • Were you glued to the set when Brennan barged in on Booth in the Bathtub reading a comic book with a beer helmet on?
  • Did you notice that Booth was reading The Green Lantern comic…he plays the Green Lantern in the films. Great little detail, right?
  • And did you love the part of the scene when Booth stood up in the bathtub and Brennan asked if he needed a towel? (Well, now she’s seen him naked. And they’ve kissed…..)
  • Before tonight’s show, who did you suspect to be Gormagon?
  • At what point in the episode did you begin to think seriously that it was Zack? (I knew it the minute that Hodgens narrowed the tap water to his house…Zack lives over his garage.)
  • Did you think, even for a minute that the killer might be Hodgens?
  • Do you think Hodgens was trying to protect Zack when he clicked the pain button in the hospital to keep him from talking?
  • Did you get the whole “logical” idea that Brennan was referring to? Somehow, that kind of logic just escapes me.
  • What do you think will happen with Zack now? How will we see him in future episodes, if at all?
  • And what kind of new lab assistant do you want to see come to the cast next season?

I loved the way they left this whole mystery. Mostly solved, but with the personal details left to discover when the show returns. And I loved the way that Sweets said that Booth was subtly wooing Brennan by always discussing pies? (Who would have thought?) And I really enjoyed the way that Booth and Brennan just shared a more intimate moment together, even though it was unexpected.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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    WHY!!! I really wanted it to be a minor character like one of the GRAD students lol. When Sweets tried to defend zach at the end of the show and booth said no let brennan handle it did anyone else think that Zach will get his job back because of Brennan in season 4 regardless of what the spoilers say

  • Alyssa

    Not Zach!!
    I love him.
    You can’t break up these amazing friends.
    the show would suck without them.
    come on people!
    let him get help and then come back to his job.
    please. :’(

  • Joanna

    I quite liked it. I figured it was Zack, just because of his personality quirks, and because in the TVGuide, he was behind all the other characters, kind of looking up.

    A little confused on how random it all was, but hey, with the strike, I can understand it.

    Other than that, it was really great. I was afraid that Gormogon would kill Caroline Julian, not sure where I got that from…

    My concern now, besides where I can get (never mind fit into) Brennan and Angela’s clothes, is if Hodgins and Angela will be ok next season.

  • David

    Ok im confused if zack was being brought to the hospital who took the skeleton from the vault? It couldnt have been the gormagon cause he didnt work at the lab, so who took the silver skeleton?

  • Leenie

    I think the reason why a lot of us (including me) can’t believe that Zack would be Gormagon’s apprentice is because we have a tendency to disregard certain clues in the show: like for example at the end of Knight on the Grid, Zack DID fit the profile of the guy who jumped out at the lobbyist in the closet. How about when Hodgins found out about the water that was used to boil the body came from the vicinity of Hodgins’ property? At that moment, some of us thought that Hodgins’ was Gormagon’s apprentice, but I bet that most of us forgot that 2 other people live on Hodgins’ property: Angela (but because she can’t even stomach some of the things done at the Jeffersonian, …can’t be her. lol) and well, Zack.

    In Knight on the Grid, Sweets said that Gormagon’s master had access to disadvantage children. Meaning that these kids don’t have much of strong personality which would make them good candidates to implement such monstrosity. Zack, though coming from a large family whom he cares about, does not have the type of personality that everybody else at the Jeffersonian has. If given viable rationale, Zack could be manipulated to commit such acts for he does not have a strong personality. Strong mental capacity for information, yes, but that doesn’t account for how he is a person.

    So, in a way… yeah, I could see Zack being Gormagon’s apprentice… but still, kind of sad about that. Haha. Zack’s my favorite character. I hope Eric Millegan doesn’t leave the show, I love him to bits and Bones wouldn’t be the same without him. Good thing we’ll be seeing more of him, and hopefully he’ll be back, some day, as a regular again. :D

  • Brooke

    Out of anyone in the lab, I think it would have came down to it being Zack. I was surprised, but kinda not surprised. I think the character played an important role (esp. in regards to Dr. Brennan) in the lab, and I am concerned about that part. However, we don’t see as much lab stuff as we used to.

    Was disappointed about the way they handled Booth getting shot and then not enough of an emotional connection/confrontation between Booth and Brennan, which I think is (or would have been) key to advancing their relationship. I don’t think Brennan would have compartmentalized that at this point in the series.

    Overall, I’m glad the mystery is solved, and cannot wait to see how they handle all of this in season 4. Hopefully NO MORE STRIKES will affect the show and the quality of the episodes.


  • Quailman

    I thought it was too easy how they caught Gormagon. I think the whole thing was a setup and that the real Gormagon is still on the loose. I don’t know for sure, but it just seemed a little bit fishy how they caught him so easily. I hope the real Gormagon is still on the loose, because the whole Gormagon mystery was really interesting.

  • rebekah

    they briefly mentioned that a door was left unlocked during the security blackout after the explosion so I assumed that gormagon himself came in and stole the skeleton during the mayhem. I’m not surprised that it was Zack, but I have a feeling that the plea bargain will work in his favor.

  • David

    i feel bad for zack, this season his character is the the cliffhanger for this season making viewers wonder if he will be back just like it was last season when he was leaving the team to go to iraq, viewers thought he was leaving then as well.

  • Jes

    The biggest problem with this show in my opinion is how often behaviors seem drastically out of character. There has been a foundation for each of these characters since season one, but the scripts more recently just seem to veer away from the truth of these characters to manufacture a plot point or a funny situation or tie up loose ends. I find myself saying ‘Brennan wouldn’t say that’ or ‘Booth wouldn’t do that’-way to often. The show is teetering between plausibility and ridiculousness for me. Zack being so emotionally stunted that he would have deluded himself into murdering based on logic isn’t true to his character – why would you work so hard for so many years to be at the top of your field, two PhDs later and rationally believe yourself to be Expendable. I also don’t like the negative message about the danger of an extreme high level of intelligence. Someone can be a genius and individualisitic without being a psychopath (thanks Hanibal Lecter). Although the show is lighter and doesn’t take itself too seriously in terms of formula, I think all the players do take what they churn out on a weekly basis seriously in terms of quality. These inconsistencies are affecting the overall quality of the show, and I think viewership will deteriorate if it continues to worsen.

    That’s my way of saying that this turn of events annoyed me.

    My other pet peeve is having actors incorporate their affectations or personal likes into shows. I mean crazy socks, buckles, t-shirts are one thing, but the Flyers hat, Green Lantern comic, etc. ugh The only part of David Boreanaz I want to see in Agent Booth is his refreshing Puritan modesty.

  • Chantal

    I was pretty stunned that it was Zack, and I’m relieved that Eric Millegan won’t be leaving the show.

    I wonder if Zack was the guy riding the motorcycle in that Gormogon episode that aired back before the strike.

    Honestly, I thought Arthur Graves had somehow been sneaked out of the nursing home–He’s the guy with the metal teeth. I figured he was Gormogon still. I don’t think he was nearly as senile as he tried to seem.

    I think the suggestion that Hodgins was purposely drugging Zack to keep him quiet has merit. He might tell Angela that secret, but I doubt he’ll ever tell anyone else.

    I love Caroline Julian, by the way. She’s great. :)

  • David

    Caroline Julian is very cool, i love her attitude and when ever she is on im glad cause her character is one that i really like, i think they should give her cast credit cause it seems like she was in this season a lot, and she has been around since season 1 so she should be included in the cast. Also i didnt quite like how sweets got cast credit so easily, he was added half way through and like right after the first episode he was on he got cast credit, i dont think that is fair to Caroline. It would even be nice if they just put her credit on the episodes she is on.

  • daisy

    wow, this episode shocked me Im gonna watch it again online My favorite show – I think the writers strike killed some of the plot lines.

  • Anne

    I thought it was horrible.

  • Nathan

    The resolution while, not totally unexpected serves as a testament to the abilities of the cast and crew.

    Indeed the revelation that Zach was Gormagon’s apprentice and was responsible for the murder of the lobbyist was heart wrenching in nature. Indeed this episode of Bones demonstrates that the craft of good writing exhibited by dramas like Homicide Life on the Street, and the best Law and Order episodes.

    The fate of the character of Zach Addy leaves me wondering what to expect season and how will the show evolve with departure of another cast member.

    Jack’s use of the pain killer to silence Zack reminds me in a way of the Nero Wolfe mystery entiled A Family Affair.

    A part of me is wondering two things

    1. Jack knew it was Zack and drugged him on purposel \to prevent him from revealing to Angela.

    2. Zack lied and admitted to being the apprentice to protect Jack, and Jack drugged him to keeep the fact from Angela

  • Laura

    I liked the episode, but the scene where they caught Gormagon made me want to vomit. Both the fact that the meat he was eating was probably human (can’t be sure) and his teeth were just scary. I don’t think I’ve been more nauseous in my life.

    And I had no idea it was Zack. At all. I thought they were going to blame another person after him just because it’s so weird and they had been doing it the entire episode.

  • puavanh

    It surprised me that it was Zack because he seems like the most vulnerable of all the characters, the one who needed protecting. But maybe that is why he was so vulnerable….I wanted it to be Sweets because he has been WAY annoying lately. Frankly, I hate this cliffhanger and I hope that next season will get its rhythm and jive back, with no more writer’s strike. I almost would’ve preferred that they continue the Gormagon story till next season, rather than condense and rush the story. Sad, sad, sad, for Zack…and for Brennan, what a blow for her. :(

  • Caitlin

    I love this show! However; I feel like this finale tried to give us a big bang for our buck without the continuity and development of a full season. I think Zack was a convenient choice for the apprentice in order to create the excitement for the season finale. I enjoyed the bathroom scene between Booth and Brennan but I think that Brennan’s anger/forgiveness period was rushed. I think that if this storyline had been developed throughout the number of missed episodes, I would be a happier fan. But I think the writers did what they could with what they had. Hopefully next season will start off with the “why it wasn’t Zack” storyline! Also, I hope that Cam’s character is explored a little more next season. Now, I have nothing to look forward to for a few more months!

  • Linz

    I agree with the message from “Brooke” I do not like how they handle the situation of Booth getting shot and I don’t think Brennan would have acted that way this far into the series, I mean she was practically in tears when Booth was napped (and she found his tooth…can’t remember what episode that was) in Season 2, so I think she would’ve freaked a little more with Boone “dying.”

    As for Gormagon’s apprentice, I honestly thought it was Sweets! Though, I can now see how it was Zack, this still disappoints me, not that I liked or disliked EM, I just really loved how he plays this character, or I just like the character and I don’t see how it will work out now. The group of characters/personailities within the show were complete, there was everything there and every group has to have the young smart but stupid (in the sense of normal people and society way) personaility and I just don’t think any of the fans can see this type in anyone else except Zack.

    I also have my concerns for the Hodgens & Angela relationship, how will it effect them, Zack was Hodgens best friend, so in turn he is the girlfriends (ie Angela’s) friend as well.

    Also Brennan, could you imagine what it must be like to know that this person you took into this position/job was going to turn out as a killer?!

    I really hope this doesn’t effect the chemistry that the group has but it most likely will…bummers!

  • Linz

    I forgot to mention, now that I think about it if EM is leaving the show they should’ve just killed him off, ‘cuz this way totally sucks…it just, to me, doesn’t fit the series.

  • billy

    that ending killed me…WHY ZACH…….it is still killing me i glad the seasons over because i can not think about this for months maybe years…..AGAIN I TYPE WHY…..i really don’t get it

  • starrynight

    First of all, why weren’t the characters more shocked when Booth was alive? Why were they all talking like nothing had happened immediately after? I thought that was ridiculous.

    Secondly, I don’t quite get how Zack could be the apprentice guy. I know he lacks personality and his life is just his work, but he still doesn’t seem like a person who would be easily manipulated. He is very intelligent, and he naturally questions everything.
    Why would he all of a sudden agree to be blind folded by some random guy and taken to an unknown location? What could the guy have done to convince him to murder.

    This episode really irritated me.
    Booth looking silly in a bathtub with a beer hat just doesn’t make up for the holes in the plot and the logic.

  • Kristie

    I was in total shock when it ended. By the time House had started, and I had time to process what I’d just seen, I was bawling like a baby. But, strickly speaking, when you break down Zach’s personality and compare it to Sweet’s profile, it really makes perfect sense. I don’t like it, but its hard to deny. And I’ll admit, there was about a 12 minute time period about half way through the ep, where I suspected everyone from Angela to one of the nameless grad students. They (the writers) definitely messed with my head tonight!
    As for the fake funeral, I was confused for a while as to why it had happened. What purpose did it serve? It wasn’t until I started to suspect Sweets (whom I swore to anyone who would listen was NOT Gormagon) that I realized that the whole thing with him keeping the truth from Brennan for the purpose of an experiment really pointed the finger at him. He completely dehumanized Brennan, ignoring her emotional well being in order to study her. Hello, psycho serial killer. Of course, he wasn’t, but they did a good job of planting the seed with that one.
    Okay, I’m done. I should go to bed. My eyes hurt from computer time. And from crying. Brennan’s “big sister” to Zach’s “little brother” was just heartbreaking… aaannd now I’m sad again :(

  • Subspeciez

    I was really Impressed with this season finale. I was thinking it was gonna be a “is Booth gonna make it?” season cliffhanger, and I was glad it was not.

  • KayDee

    First off, I was disappointed in the Booth death scare. To have the poignant scene at the end of the last episode resolved in the first 2 minutes was highly disappointing. I wanted more drama, more angst. Then the show got into its usual rhythm and it was as though that was a scene from some other episode entirely. Not well played, writers. Booth’s supposed death “second” was so contrived and throw-away, they shouldn’t have bothered us with it. The finale would have been excellent without that feeble ratings ploy.

    Anyway, Zach? Why? I adore Zach! I can’t believe he’s not going to be in the cast anymore and think that’s horrible.

  • http://yahoo Zee

    Why is it Mr. H never has time to write a episode were it shows any of the team cares about Booth. On all the new team members Mr. H not interested.

  • Ida

    So Booth is fine? :P Pheww. Anyway, but I mean ZACK?! COME ON! That’s both wrong and weird and all that! Kinda destroys the character of Zack, too bad. He’s a lot of fun….! I don’t get it. I’ll have to watch the episode…

  • Harri

    so was it zack who booth chased and who tried to kill that little boy in the pool? did he eat someone yuk!! terrible!! wat was the whole dream sequence then? was it a dream the funeral etcx

  • http://donthaveone Gae

    I hated the show. It would not be Zach. He is not emotionally stunted. He is attached to his
    family and friends. He simply communicates in an
    intellectual fashion because that is the community where he found a place of acceptance and belonging. He is so invested in Dr. Brennan and the group that he has made a place for himself and earned their respect. He knows that. He would not have been vulnerable to the Gormagon leader because of his attachments and investment in his peers. He knows it would destroy his relationships with them. The same is true of the Hodgins character. Very bad job of writing. Surely this is
    a ploy like Boreanz’s character being dead, or the dream sequence in Dalla!

  • Laura May

    OMG im in shock ay!!!! i jus cant even move :O
    zac :( i thought he was all innocent n cute! sooo hoping dis is all a dream sequence….DANGIT i want it back NOW gotta wait til august :(

  • Cheese

    I loved the acting, I really did… but the storyline just didn’t do it for me.
    Zach being Gormo’s apprentice? Not really believable for me, but if they wouldn’t have rushed it like they did, okay…. but I think it felt rather forced. Booth’s fake funeral? Where was the sense in that, really? That guy who was at his funeral, we never saw him before? They could have had a fake-death for Booth and fill an episode with it, with more emotion and all….

    I am a ware that the whole season got shortened because of the strike and that that surely influenced the outcome and the development of the storyline, but still, the season finale left me a bit disappointed.

    But I have to say, that despite my feelings toward the plot itself, I really think the actors did an awesome job!

  • Jon

    First off, I have to agree. I have a hard time believing Zach is the apprentice. Secondly, in the prior episode when Booth was shot, WHO took the gun? Does anyone remember that little tidbit? And yes, the takedown was a BIT too easy….for this guy who has kept us wondering for the past couple of years…PUH LEEZ.

    I favor Sweets.

  • Veronica

    To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like Sweets at all until this episode. The way he reacted to Booth and Brennan’s suspicions was amazing. He struck me as a sniveling know-it-all in the other episodes, but something about the way he said he “wasn’t going to make it easy” was awesome. Also, the actress who plays Cam did a superb job in the scene where Booth and Brennan come to talk to Zach in the hospital. The way her face just falls. Heartwrenching. Obviously this episode is a rush job caused by the strike, but the bright side is that the actors still managed to do an excellent job with what they were given.

  • carolyn tain

    I thought it was a very good ending considering the strike and the shortened timeline. The writers had to sacrifice certain elements that had been building all season while still coming up with a satisfying ending. It had a lot in it, almost too much, and all of the dots were connected and I hope that the writers fill in some of the blanks in Season 4. But overall I agree with your comments and assumptions. Re the logic question [an interesting type of interrogation ] , only Brennan could have done that. Booth was entirely out of his element because his brain doesn’t work that way. I think that it was the only way that Brennan could have gotten the name out of Zack. She had to attack his logic and make him see the mistakes in his actions. That by preventing Hodgins from serious injury, he has already violated his logic and there was no reason not to tell her the name. If she hadn’t been able to refute his logic by his actions, then it would have been unlikely that Zach would have given her the information that they needed.

  • anthro

    i think they need a new off beat lab assistant to replace zack.
    maybe someone who is exceptionally smart but fits the look of something totally different. all tattooed up and peirced down maybe a mohawk or something just something to throw everyone for a twist

    thats my 2 pennies

  • brennanite

    I loved Zack….i really feel like hanson betrayed us….I’m shocked and sad…NOBODY CAN REPLACE ZACK!!
    I guess I’ll force myself to watch the episode again and try to find some sense in it….
    I hope I’ll change my mind about it cuz I’ve been LOVING this show for three years…
    that was a real pain in the heart

  • Bones

    How is it Zach?!! At the end of one of the previous episodes you can see clearly that it is not Zach. I am talking about the episode where the Lobbyist dies at the end. Other than that i thought it ended quite well as long as Zach is back.

  • bj

    I think Sweets was an awful jerk to not tell Bones just to get her reaction. Now he is a sick puppy who could kill someone . NOT ZACH! Maybe if they had drawn it out somehow, blamed some of it on experiences in Iraq, like him saying,” I killed bad guys in Iraq. It was no different.” But to just have him kill someone because he was told to. Not believable. Regardless of how logical his brain is. I’m not buying it. And to permanently cripple himself in the process just so Hodgins doesn’t get hurt doesn’t sound like a cold blooded killer. Also he wouldn’t have made that mistake putting 3 times the amount of explosives because Hodgins was distracting him. That’s not Zach. I hate it when they change characters to suit their own stupid plotlines. We know Zach. He wouldn’t do that. As someone else said, we would at least have noticed changes in his behaviour.

    Zach was the nerdy type we all pictured working at the Jeffersonian. I hope they didn’t get rid of him just to bring in that other actor who has appeared in a few eps. No one can fill the hole this is going to leave.

  • Uxiori

    -Were you glued to the set when Brennan barged in on Booth in the Bathtub reading a comic book with a beer helmet on?

    Of course I was. It was like one of those scenes in western movies where the bad guy enters and the good one is having a bath while smoking with his hat on and his gun by his side.

    -Did you notice that Booth was reading The Green Lantern comic…he plays the Green Lantern in the films. Great little detail, right?

    I didn’t know DB played Green Lantern, but I did notice the comic and thought it would be a reference to something.

    -And did you love the part of the scene when Booth stood up in the bathtub and Brennan asked if he needed a towel? (Well, now she’s seen him naked. And they’ve kissed…..)

    Yes, that scene was great, ended with the ‘lack of puritan modesty’ remark. Next time she will end up falling in the tub. Ha ha.

    -Before tonight’s show, who did you suspect to be Gormagon?

    I thought it would be s.o. in the lab but not a main character. Maybe the one who replaced Zach prevoiusly.

    -At what point in the episode did you begin to think seriously that it was Zack? (I knew it the minute that Hodgens narrowed the tap water to his house…Zack lives over his garage.)
    -Did you think, even for a minute that the killer might be Hodgens?
    -Do you think Hodgens was trying to protect Zack when he clicked the pain button in the hospital to keep him from talking?

    To all these thre ones…Yes, I thought of that too, then s.o. here said it could still have been Hoghens. I quote:
    “1. Jack knew it was Zack and drugged him on purposel \to prevent him from revealing to Angela.

    2. Zack lied and admitted to being the apprentice to protect Jack, and Jack drugged him to keeep the fact from Angela”

    -Did you get the whole “logical” idea that Brennan was referring to? Somehow, that kind of logic just escapes me.

    No, I know Z. and Brenan are logical but logic and intelligence does not mean you are mean and do not care about human life, I dont see the logical point here. Is it areference to Annibal Lecter? I’ve always been told I’m an extemely logical person myself but I guess I follow socialized people logic.

    -What do you think will happen with Zack now? How will we see him in future episodes, if at all?
    And what kind of new lab assistant do you want to see come to the cast next season?

    Well, we know he will be sent to some kind of facility to recover, but we also know we’ll see him again, so my guess is that either he’ll strike again, or he will reveal the ‘real’ apprentice’s name (Hoghens?). I don’t think he rushes to London and he’s followed by B&B in season 4. He’s intelligent enough to know they would find him. I dont know. Let’s see whenever season 4 begins. When is that?

  • Sky

    I couldn’t believe it! Zack is like, my favorite person in the show! EVA! I even put him on my desktop after I watched the episode! Does anyone know why they did that? Was he fired? Did he want off the show? Or did they just do that for the effect, like when he left for Iraq? I swear, if he’s gone, my life has officially come to an end! He was adorable! Like puppy-dog adorable! It literally broke my heart when he said “Drugs give me bad dreams.” He was so pathetic! Personally, I thought the killer was Hodgens, until I realized that he wouldn’t narrow the search down to his own house.

  • Jessica King

    I’m little confuesed about Zack,It is he kill somone?,right.Cuz the boss(forgot what the woman name) said that Zack will in prison,cuz he kill somone this season finale.I really hope if he still work at lab after hosptail.But we will see what happen next season of 4.

  • scout

    i guess the writers just worked with what they had, but im a little disappointed- especially by the fact that there was hardly a reaction from the other characters when they say booth wasnt dead! and i kept waiting for brennan to break down and cry at the funeral but it never happend =(

    bathroom scene was pretty funny tho =)

  • Renee

    I’m not sure about Zack being a murderer but who can say what the writers think? It is all fiction after all. (I tell myself that when I don’t like the outcome of a show) I am also confused about how the skeleton was stolen; if Hodgins really drugged Zack so he would not talk. I thought Hodgins seemed a little different this season–can’t put my finger on it. I did tape the program so may watch it again.

  • Ibrahim Ng

    This is crap.

    I like “Bones” a lot, and usually the mysteries are good. This was one of the rare instances where the criminal was a member of the team — and this just didn’t work at all. We’ve known Zack for three seasons. To suggest that he can be talked and goaded into murdering people based on some half-baked conspiracy theory — well, I’m not saying that Zack isn’t capable of it. But if for three seasons, the character had been portrayed as awkward, nervous, goodhearted, kind, and without a malicious bone in his body, then revealing he’s a murderer needs more than two scenes unearthing and revealing it. We need a few episodes earlier in the season to establish that Zack is capable of violence, we need scenes showing that he is able to murder. We also need scenes to establish why he thought he’d be able to get away with joining forces with a murderer that his *very* intelligent, *highly* capable co-workers were working on trying to catch.

    We got none of that. A stream of forensic science dialogue points to Zack, and Zack, who has never been portrayed as anything but silly and smart, confesses. You can reveal a murderous side without build-up if it’s a guest character — but *not* if it’s someone we’ve known for three seasons.

    Total BS.

  • Catherine

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I know everyone’s mad at the writers for offing Zack, but aside from the undeveloped funeral storyline with some guy we’ve never seen, I think they did a brilliant job. At every commercial break my husband & I were going back & forth about new suspects & motives, & I definitely cried at the end when they were all looking through Zack’s favorite stuff.

    This is a really character-driven show & I kind of feel like the family’s been broken up, but I have every confidence that the producers will be able to keep the camaraderie & personal stories, just maybe with a different dynamic.

    But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have Zack back! Think of the Colby backstory between last season & the beginning of this season in NUMB3RS. Anyone with me on that?

  • Jamie

    What I want to know is what in the world happened to Zack in Iraq? You know that’s what triggered something in him to make him become so vulnerable to manipulation. Plus, I think this entire episode was Zack’s cry for help – he mailed the jawbone himself to the office, knowing they could find out everything about it, he blew himself up, there was nothing he could hide in that lab once he brought Gormagon into it. All his behavior was incredibly self-destructive. Something was clearly up with him the moment he was back from Iraq, and they’d better do the character justice by explaining it when he comes back.

    I’m saddened to the core over this turn of events, but I’ll still watch the show.

    BTW, Eric Millegan sent his mailing list a long email officially announcing his departure from the show, though they have left it open for him to come back.

  • Ida

    I’ve read the comments and I get the impression that most fans are not satisfied with this ending and I suspect that I won’t be either. Because when I heard it was Zack..I mean, as people have mentioned, we’ve gotten to know his character. This does not at all fit the Zack-picture we all have. And I mean, why all the mystery around Booth’s “death” when it’s practically almost confirmed that he and Brennan will go to England in season 4?

    I have watched many shows obsessively almost, but slowly they have all gone worse. OOC characterizations, bad cliffhangers and such. And now I’m very afraid that Bones is gonna turn into one of those shows. That the Booth/Brennan kiss there has been rumors about, will be just to keep the viewers interested.

    No, letting Zack be Gormagon’s apprentice was a very bad idea and I suspect, but hope NOT, that the ratings might go…down! Last season finale was brilliant, with Angela’s and Hodgins’ wedding that never happened….But now…

  • starrynight

    I didn’t understand Zack’s logic. Can someone explain it to me? I forget some of the Gormogon stuff from earlier episodes so I think that is why Im confused.
    I’m going to rewatch them, but it is bugging me NOW!

  • Jessica

    Emotional, twisted, and just plain odd. That’s how I would describe the finale. I’ve suspected it was Zach for quite a awhile now, but the way it came about (granted the strike had a huge part in it) was just disturbing. Mostly because it didn’t answer WHY, other than him telling Booth and Brennan, ‘if you knew what I knew, you would understand’. Well what did he believe to know?

    The whole timeline doesn’t really add up to me either, three months? I mean, would this be before or after he pointed out the mirrors in the basement and the attempted murder of B&B? And were they really saying the fact that Zach was prone to listening to a psycho serial killer was due to Hodgins talking about secret societies? Come on!

    As far as Booth and Brennan, I was disappointed in the lack of emotional closure from the fake death. **Not to mention that as a psychology major, it is highly unethical to perform an experience on subjects without their consent before-hand** Though I did find the bathroom scenes hilarious, and they almost allow me to forgive the oddness of the episode.

    I admit I was crying at the touching scenes between Brennan and Zach. He’s always been her favorite and it was hard to watch how conflicted she was at the events. (Does anyone else remember how determined he was the first 2 and half seasons to ‘make her proud’ and how he never made a decision without consulting either her or Angela??)

    All in all, I love the show and I will continue to watch. I just hope that this coming season will allow the show and the writers to get back on track.

    *By the way, where did Russ and Max run off to? I mean, wasn’t the whole point of the storyline to show that Max stayed for Brennan so they could be a family again?*

  • Renee

    Just read the email from Eric and looks like they don’t want the character any longer. Too bad. Not sure what kind of character will take his place–everyone is has a different personality. Well–as long as the new person(if they replace him) doesn’t wear a hat with 2 beer cans.

  • CoolSchool

    The only way to make it being Zack believable is to give us the backstory of what happened to him in Iraq. I hope they do that in Season 4.
    As far as Zack coming back to the lab after he gets fixed at the nuthouse-imo that’s not plausible. He apparently is guilty of murder! You don’t get to be cured and just walk right back into what you were doing before you started killing people!

  • Dave

    Person I’d like to see brought in as a regular: Megan Paul, who played the “third best in her class” grad student in this episode. Loved her reaction when Brennan commented she’d like to see the two students in front of her.

    Overall this was a very poorly constructed episode. Fine, okay, so Zack’s the baddie. Whatever. But the whole plot seemed contrived to set Zack up, which doesn’t speak well of the intelligence he’s supposed to have. Stealing the metal skeleton was worth all that? How and why? Just didn’t make much sense to me…

  • Robyn

    I loved how they also tried to make actual gormagon look a bit like sweets from behind.
    i was both surprised and not when i found out the apprentice was Zach but i always knew it wouldn’t be Sweets (far too obvious choice) I liked how they bought Hodgins in again. Remember when Angela said he could be Gormagon right at the beginning of the case.
    The bath scene was definitely my fave. “I admire your lack of puriten modesty”.
    However did anyone elsse feel it was a little anti-climactic for a season finale?


  • kathleen

    This episode felt very contrived to me. All along, I thought it was going to be Sweets. It would have made more sense. I started noticing that everybody else was suspecting Sweets too, so then I thought maybe it wasn’t him after all. I wonder if the writers knew that viewers strongly suspected Sweets and changed the storyline. I admit, it seems far-fetched to get rid of a main character just to try to outwit viewers, but Zack as Gormagon’s apprentice seems awfully far-fetched as well. For me, it would have been a more satisfying conclusion had it been Sweets.

  • Lisa

    It was way too easy to catch Gormagon, you don’t create the build up this case got through the whole season to have it all conveniently solved in the very last episode.
    Gormagon is not a nobody, he has resources, money, a prominent job and is mentally very strong. An apprentice is expendable (as Zach said), the master will pick the best of the best. Not some nobody who will satisfy his thirst for recognition through simply killing. I mean, look at the guy, are you f****** kidding me? If you were the previous master, would you have picked him? The guy who supposedly was gormagon and got shot is just another expendable apprentice.
    If I was a ritualistic killer who ate the flesh of my victims, and trained various youths up to be my apprentices, eventually picking one and letting him eventually become the master. I would NOT pick someone who ended up being a nobody. My guy (or girl) would have to be somebody with enough resourses to make for him or herself a comfortable lifestyle, where he/she was thought of as being an all around nice but smart guy, with a seemingly normal life, and a job with influence. Gormagon is NOT and will NEVER be a f****** d*** who was lucky and managed to bet away with s many murders until now.

  • chanelle

    About Bones not freaking out enough…
    I think she just doesn’t want to admit that Booth is dead. She is mad at him because he made her go through emotions she doesn’ty want to feel. I think that was exactly how brennan would have react. And she doesn’t want to go to the funeral cause then it will sure that booth is gone for ever.

    And there’s a lot of things that enoyed me in this episode but i think it is more because of the stike then of the writeers so i’ll just let it go.

    Plus… I agree that this season the poeple are acting wierd… Bones sand booth said stuff that they wouldn’t say… I almost thought that the writers were all new and didn’t know any thing about the caracters and there past. Some stuff was said because it was funny but it didn’t fit with the caracter. (the bathroom scene was hilarious… but i just don’t see booth act like that. ans he always hated to talk about sex or penis , etc and he is naked in front of brennan ! come on cover up)

  • ace

    I was incredibly dissapointed in the finale. Everyone, to me, was out of character. We should have had an entire show to follow-up Wannabe in the Weeds. They missed a huge opportunity to advance B/B’s relationship. And I agree with another viewer that said no one seemed that shocked that Booth was alive at the funeral…and the whole notion that he wouldn’t call Brennan because he was flushing out some bad guy was the lamest thing I’ve heard in awhile. They really mailed this one in. I’ll just have to turn to all my friends at to get the finale the show deserved.

  • rachel

    I’m SO dissapointed!!! i loved Zack, but with all the spoilers i saw it coming. I kinda wanted it to be sweets because he set bones and booth up like that! i thought the bathroom scene was so funny ;) when i read the summery of this episode on about the part where they go through zack’s favorite things I totally started bawling. anyway can’t wait for season 4 and for booth and bones to hook up, but it won’t be the same without zack. him being the killer is totally out of character and this season finally kinda seemed rushed. whats with bringing em back in and out of the show??? they got rid of him last season too!

  • linda

    There were so many things wrong with finale, I don’t know where to begin:
    Did Brennan wonder why Parker, Booth’s parents, or even Cullen wasn’t at the funeral?
    Why were there no other FBI guys helping to subdue the “bad guy” at the funeral given that Booth was recently shot?
    Why was Pam Noonan never mentioned again?
    Why didn’t Booth seemed remotely upset that Brennan had to experience his death?
    Why did they build up this huge cliffhanger with Booth being shot only to wrap it up in the DUMBEST WAY in the first 5 minutes of the next show??????

  • erewhon

    Like many others I’m disappointed with some aspects of the show this season but especially with the finale. Sure there was a writer’s strike, but it’s the job of the writers to make sure that each episode’s plot is plausible and that they fit into a much bigger picture that is also plausible. I think they just tried to stuff their ideas into this season regardless of the logic, so weakening the whole structure. I have so many questions left by all the holes in the show. For example, if that was Booth’s funeral why were there so few people? Where was his family? Wouldn’t the squints be expecting them and question why they weren’t there? Why did it take two weeks to bury him? Why would the FBI go through all that on the off chance that some perp. from the past would do as he said he would? Why was Booth the only one of the soldiers(?) to attack the guy? If Tempe realized that the man she loved was alive wouldn’t she be overcome with relief and love first (and maybe kiss him) and get angry later? In fact, why didn’t she kiss him when she thought he was going to die? There’s just no excuse for not letting them kiss! Also,later, how did Brennan get into Booth’s house? Does she have a key? I can’t imagine a policeman leaving his front door open and the house unprotected! It’s just as well he wasn’t sitting on the toilet which is a bit more plausible than the idiot they seem to be characterizing Booth as the longer the show goes on. Does anyone else think that Booth needs to be given more dignity and weight if we are to believe that he’s a hero? By the way, how did he get to be special agent in charge so fast? Finally, did anyone see Tempe give Booth’s body a long slow look down and up? And a look between them with recognition that they were “hot”? Anything less would not be plausible! I’ve just focused on two scenes but I have as many questions about the rest of the finale. I really hope the writer’s catch up with the audience on this sloppy writing. (one more: Why are a special prosecutor and a psychologist spending so much time at the squints place? Surely they should be doing their jobs somewhere… else.

  • Ted

    … and for one more… if it’s such a matter of national security to catch some bad guy at Booth’s funeral, why have Booth there at all to risk screwing it up? Even if he had to be present to ID the guy, come on: dress him in a marine uniform and hope the people who know him best won’t recognize him and give away the ruse?

    I hope that next season they’ll hold off on the wrap party until after the final script is written. Kathy Reichs must be livid…

  • rjd1987

    What if the whole episode was a dream in booth’s head and next season he wakes up in a hospital/ICU with that gunshot wound… (i know there is substantial evidence to rule that out, but hey – i can dream can’t I?)

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  • Molly

    I am just stunned that any true fan of this show “loved” this episode. I feel totally raped by the writers. The opening sequence was a cheap shot. A very cheap shot. And making Zack Gorgomon’s apprentice was the cheapest shot of all. So basically the writers frightened their fans into thinking a favorite character was dead and then wrote a completely implausible story line that another character that we know and love is in cahoots with a serial killer. I feel violated.

  • Laura May

    Man dis sux they hav left us sooo confused, i jus cant stop thinking bout it :O…Theres soooo many questions left hanging..I WANT ANSWERS!!!
    I still love dis show im addicted! But i want Zac to b ther he jus funni, i jus dnt understand the logic..him a killer???!! So doesnt fit..infact th whole eppi was jus outa place and werid.
    Hopefuli d writers come back wid an explosive season4 opener! CANT FREAKN W8!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy S

    I liked this episode. Didn’t see it happening the way it did, even though the lives in same house as Hodgins was a dead give away.
    I don’t mind something like this happening, it gives the show a chance to evolve and mix things up with the character emotions. If Zach hadn’t been Gormagon’s Apprentice, would you have rather it been Jack? Sweets? Okay, maybe Sweets, but at least it was a real shocker, and not some stuck in the background character! I feel if this is to be the last of the group that started the show and built up it’s audience (Booth, Brennan, Jack, Zach and Angela) then it’s a price worth paying as they all have the acting capability to pull of a change of direcction that the show can now take.

    NOTE: Didn’t include Cam as she wasn’t there from the beginning!

  • nerak

    I liked this episode too. I think anyone really enjoyed Zach been Gormagon’s apprentice, but It was unexpected and I thinks It fits with Zach personallity.( he’s the only one who could’ve been drag into something like that).
    ‘Booth in the bathtub’ scene I loved it!! and I really think Brennan would react in that way about Booth death because she never really shows her feelings.
    And in the end, Cam crying and the sad and upset Brennan( because she didn’t gave Zach anything) I liked it too
    of course i think this whole episode was a little bit rush but it’s because of the strike..what u gonna do about it?

  • Molly

    Andy…yes Sweets. Everybody hates Sweets. No one would care if Sweets were off the show.

  • alexa

    after that show aired i was thinking that maybe those students they showed when they were sifting thought the bones will be in season 4, just because that would of been kind oF not necessary to show that girl and that guy so much? i don’t know could be totally off with this one, but KNOW ONE CAN REPLACE ZACH (ERIC) and i think they should not fill the position of bones assistant.

  • jamie

    I can’t believe they got rid of Zack. It was totally out of character. I wanted it to be Sweets! Or Hodgins, but they made it too easy to know it wasn’t him. I think that the Big sister little brother scene with Bones and Zack was so sad… and him getting the measurments wrong with the explosion is SO out of charater. I mean, he’s really smart, I don’t think he would make that mistake. I really hope they start out really good next season… and I hope they don’t fill in Zack’s position (they are probably going to, though)

  • Nikki

    I’ve read bits and pieces of episode scripts for the next season and I hate to say it, but Zach isn’t coming back, at least not any time soon. They make mention to him being in jail and there are a lot of grad students taking his place. I don’t understand why they would get rid of one of the main characters of the show, especially since he has been with the show since the beginning.

  • Molly

    Does anyone know how we can contact Hart Hanson to complain about the way they ended this season?

  • Rt

    No way it is Zack. Murder does not match his character and he is smart enough to to poke holes in his own logic. “I will work for a secret society to destroy secret societies, because secret societies are evil and I am doing good by doing evil”. I don’t think so. This episode is a potential jump-the-shark episode. HOWEVER, I hope it is just a ruse to take us on a crazy, twisty ride next year.
    The bathroom scene: Bones usually strikes me as kind of sexually uninteresting/uninterested, but she was smoking in the bathroom scene, while at the same time “ignoring” Booth’s big gun. Great acting!

  • Jayde

    I don’t see why so many of you are complaining! It was still an entertaining episode, wasn’t it? It still made you laugh, and cry, and gasp in surprise. So, it was Zach, a really big sweetheart who most people didn’t suspect. I surely didn’t. But didn’t you get excited and amazed when they revealed it was him? The acting was amazing, the story-line–however rushed–was still inventive and ingeneous. Personally, I’d like to know a lot more about how Zach is Gormagon’s apprentice, but I’m sure we’ll find out next season. And if we dont, its not that big of a deal. *Its just television*

  • take me now seeley booth haha

    hey guys, i have to say i agree with jayde, i thought it was a brilliant finale. admittedly it was rushed but they only have 40 mins etc to fill. im really sad too that zach is the bad guy but thought that the end of the show, bought them all closer in the end cos you saw their utter devastation. i was watching some episodes from season one the other day and personally i think that the writers have done an awsome job cos you can totally see the extreme difference i b and b chemistry. its evident how far they have come and when i think back to season one, if they had got back to together then, it would no way be as special as now. i hope they do soon, like the rest of us want but at least that WILL be great tv and its actually going to be for love, not just sex. sucks zachs left but think how boring it would of been if it had been some randomer…who would you of preferred? brennan…booth…hodgins..angela…sweets. we would of been upset at any of the outcomes.

    ps i would of minded if it was camile cos she annoys me! ha x

  • Jay

    Quick question…. The way they discovered that Gorgamon was a cannibal was by the teeth marks left on the bones, but when he was captured he was wearing those silly dentures and using a knife and fork to cut the flesh?? Any ideas???

  • Molly

    Here I go…grab a cup of coffee…
    Okay, now that I am done with my rage about how the writers ended this season, I went back and watched the ending episode one more time.
    I tried to do that logically, and wore my writers hat when I did.
    I found a LOT of inconsistencies.
    Bear with me while I lay them down.
    First, I don’t think that it makes any sense that Brennan would not have wanted to go to Booth’s funeral.
    Put all her logical quirks aside.
    She would have gone, because she knew it would mean something to Booth.
    Remember that while Brennan is ruled by logic, she does have a soft spot for those who don’t, and respects that.
    Think of all her conversations with Booth about religion.
    The fact that no one noticed Booth at the funeral is weird.
    He didn’t exactly have a mask on.
    If you choose to re-watch this, notice the look on Sweets face when the package arrives in the lab.
    And then just notice how Sweets is like the entire focus of this episode.
    He is way too predominant for a minor character.
    All of a sudden, Sweets, who was just introduced to have some fun with the Brennan/Booth relationship, now is the main focus of an episode?
    I don’t think so.
    And Sweets says something very interesting when he and Hodgens are having their argument about the FBI vs. The Squints evaluating the evidence.
    Sweets says, “Let me ask you a totally toothless question.”
    Interesting choice of words.
    Another inconsistency.
    Brennan would NEVER have been okay with Sweets not telling her that Booth was dead.
    She would have decked Sweets before Booth told her to.
    Pay very close attention to what Cam says about the vault security.
    Sweets, an FBI agent, could have pulled that off.
    Zach, a Jeffersonian squint, could not.
    And in Zach’s “telling” of being led to Gormagon’s house, he says he was blindfolded, yet mentions a blue door.
    Another minor notice, there was mention of a hidden key twice.
    When Brennan went to Booth’s house (hidden key in the fake rock) and when the FBI went to Gormagon’s house (hidden key above the door…again, how did Zach know that if he was blindfolded?)
    Finally, Sweets objected when Zach was given a non compos mentis deal.
    That is highly out of line for a “psychologist”.
    My thoughts…
    Basically there is too much bullsh*t in this episode.
    Too many things that don’t add up.
    Gormagon was a nobody?
    I don’t think so.
    That just doesn’t pan out.
    Not with the way Gormagon played the FBI.
    The writers have either totally lost their craft, or they are playing us big time.
    Sadly, I think it is the fact that they have totally lost their craft.
    Nothing about Zach being Gormagon’s apprentice adds up.
    Nothing about Sweets being so “featured” adds up.
    This final episode was like a bad dream.
    And I would go with the theories being touted on the internet that it is a dream of Booth’s in ICU after being shot, except for one thing.
    Booth would never have “dreamed” the technical conversations between Zach and Hodgens, nor the “I need my friend” conversation between Angela and Brennan.
    He would, however, have dreamed that tub scene.
    All rambling aside, I think the writers have totally lost track of where this show is going, or we have been set up for a big reveal next season.
    Either way, I’m not happy.
    I don’t like being manipulated by writers.
    And I don’t like it when writers just carelessly lose track of characters I have become invested in.

  • Molly

    Jay, sorry.
    I missed your comment about Gormagon eating with a knife and fork before I posted my long-winded one.
    Good point.
    Yet another inconsistency.

  • bones kicks ass

    just chill guys, it really wasn’t bad and i agree with (take me now seeley booth…i love that name!) that it played out quite well. i still cant wait for season 4 so just because it was…unexpected, which is what its supposed to be by the way) doesn’t mean the writers have lost the plot! i see your point though but they only have an hour to fill. if it had all been “precise”…what would we have to look forward too? now at least the writers have loads to amend, proceed and resolve with.

  • cactusrob

    By the way Zack did not get the measurements wrong! He was meant to add the mixture at a certain time, but left it as hodgins was still in the room arguing with him, so by the time he added it the mould was too hot and made the explosion bigger. That’s what Brennan was on about with logic – he injured himselfg to protect Hodgins – so the one was bigger than society as a whole.

  • emily (like deschanel but not)

    ok wow. I just found this site not too long ago so i am still catching up. no i did not think zach was helping gormagon. My mom thought that Sweets was. I thought that the prosecuting attorney chick (what’s her name again?) was because i knew everyone thought it was Sweets (so there had to be a twist), and i was sure it was not part of the team.

  • Tea

    To all those that don’t think Zack could have done it and so the show has gone into the s******, may I just remind them of the episode in season 3 where that woman is interviewing them and writing up profiles on each squint. They discuss how if Zack was presented with a wholly rational persuasive argument then he “would do something bad”

  • alison

    ok people, i do NOT like that they made zack the gormagon! have we forgotten if it wasn’t for zack bones and hodgins would still be BURIED ALIVE?!?!?! dont get me wrong i luv angela and the rest of the squints but COME ON! that was all zack people!!!!! BRING ZACK BACK!!! u can’t break up the family!!!!! they should’ve made someone else the gormagon – like sweets! he’s kinda scary! always trying to test bones and booth – not telling bones that he wasn’t really dead?!?! come on thats just wrong!!!

  • erewhon

    Well, I’ve been angry, thought it all through, read these very interesting arguments and now I’m finally ready to put it all behind me and just look forward to a fourth season that I hope will have tight writing and plausible stories. At least I don’t have to worry about the quality of the acting as it’s almost always excellent.

  • wicca

    from what i have read everyone seems to be confused by the logic scene in this episode.
    this is how i enturpreted it, the point of the Gormagon secret society was that no one life is important, this is the basis of the whole society yet in the lab before the explosion Zack could have let Hodgins add the polymer that caused the explosions yet he didnt he did it himself injuring himself sevearlly, this shows that Zack does not actually believe in what the whole soiety he joined and killed for is all about.
    Therefore he has wasted his life for a belife that he doesnt even believe in.
    Hope this helps but like i said this is just my interpretation, i hope that this Zack as Gormagons apprentice was just a ploy or something i just want Zack Back(sniff)

  • Elly

    I just don’t understand why Zack did it?
    It was when Bones was talking to Zack in the hospital when they realised it was him, and they were talking about logic? And then they got all technical with the language and I just lost it…

    Can someone explain to me, why Zack thought it was a logical thing to do? Because I’m stumped.


  • jimmy norris

    I was really pissed that the gormagon wasn’t a known character, i mean the whole episode was great and the ending ruined it. I think that that wasn’t gormagon, but just another pawn. The gormagon seems to smart to be caught like that

  • Gracie

    Did anyone else notice that at booths funeral his ex girlfriend, Rebecca and his son Parker weren’t there. I’m guessing it’s because they’d been told he wasn’t dead, or didn’t know he’d been shot. But wasn’t it odd that brennan, who can notice an out of place twig or eye twitch, didn’t notice two major people in booths life weren’t at his funeral?!! Also i’m sure that when you saw the lobbyist opening his cupboard in the episode where he was sent home, the person who was in there had no teeth. Yet it was supposed to be Zack who killed him??!! Was it gormagon who jumped out with a knife? If so how did Zack kill him??!! I definately think the consistency of these last few episodes is slipping slightly!
    Still the greatest show ever though!

  • Rose

    I was very dissapointed in the way that Booth’s “death” was handled. I was seriously waiting for Brennan to just walk up to the casket, kneel down and start bawling. But that didn’t happen. Brennan would not be that rational. She would be in complete hysterics!

    But I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of the episode was Brennan punching Booth. And that would not have happened if she had been less rational.

  • Missa

    The possibility of the Gormagon being Zack just doesn’t make sense…The Gormagon’s were all fatherless (which Zack clearly wasn’t). Additionally, he was socially inept, but not exceptionally vulnerable as he would have had to be.

    The other issue with this is….the Gormagon “society” operated under the pretense of being “helpful” to the general population by acting against other secret societies (all of which are confirmed when Bones confronted Zack in the hospital at the end of the show). There wasn’t really a society, and the killings accomplished nothing other than murder. There was no true “higher purpose” that served Gormagon society, just ritualistic killings and cannibalism. The whole premise fell apart.

  • Sky

    Think about it… Does it make since? I’ve been looking at past episodes, and it is not possible that Zack is the apprentice. He was always so relaxed with the crowd and he always had fun. This was just their way of getting him off the show.

  • Gary

    if you seen the ending where that guy
    opened his closet door and a figure jumped at him
    that wasn’t zack… sorry and zack
    don’t ride a motorcycle and try to kill booth
    and brennan

  • Gary

    here’s what i found on IMDB
    booth is not dead
    The team attend Booth’s funeral, to discover he is still alive and simply undercover to catch a bad guy. Bones is really angry that Booth would let her think he was dead, but Booth says that he asked the FBI to inform her and its not his fault if they didn’t. Bones receives a package containing a jaw and two silver screws – Gormagon is back! During a Zach/Hodgins experiment, something goes wrong and theres an explosion that leaves Zach very badly injured. The team discovers that the explosion was just a diversion so that Gormagon could steal the silver skeleton, and realise that Gormagon’s apprentice works at the lab. Bones and Hodgins figure out that Zach is the apprentice, and everyone is devastated. Bones shows Zach that Gormagon’s logic is flawed so Zach helps the FBI find Gormagon. Zach pleads non compos mentis and ends up in a mental institution.

  • Ani

    It was a sloppy way to close the gormagon plot arch. Zach as the apprentice. The motorcycle riding, grabbing a child and jumping into a pool, jumping out of the closet (that was NOT Zach) to murder, apprentice? No. Not Zach. But the strike made the writers scramble. And they blew it. Totally blew it. It made no sense. They rushed it too much. They should have carried the arch into next season.

  • David

    I don’t think Zach did it. Remember how Zach said he didn’t like the pain meds because they gave him bad dreams. Then we see Hodgins giving Zach a large dose of pain meds (perhaps morphine?). I think the whole thing is a drugged-induced dream.

  • Gary

    the ending was way to fast… you couldn’t tell who it was, might see if it’s on youtube

  • Syl

    You are all so much more brilliant than me! Never, ever would I have thought of Zack as the Gormagon’s apprentice. Maybe Zack will escape the mental institution and creat havoc what with his uncanny intelligence. Maybe I am reverting into “Halloween” a bit much but I do love these serial killer’s episodes. Needless to say my husband is a bit concerned about my favorite choices! Certainly looking forward to next season and hope they run all Gormagon related episodes back to back!

  • Pete

    Small plot error with Zack being the apprentice. He had a very strong, loving family and was in no way a ‘troubled’ youth. Dr. Brennan would be the best ‘fit’ of all the lab personnel if not for her deep regard for life. Fox was just trying to ease the Zack character out but didn’t count on his fan appeal.

  • Gary

    i remember seeing this episode and the next
    where booth was to have been dead.. i loved it
    when bones punched him a good one

  • wicca

    I wrote previously an just thought i should write again, as i agree with alot of what you are saying, for example the episode in which you see gormagons apprentice the one where the lobyiest (wrong spelling sorry) dies at the end, i have that and i paused and played back that episode just to see if you could see who it was, even though the person does look like Zack, its clearly not him, the person has the same build, the same hair but thats it, the evil in his eyes clearly does not come from Zack, also i would have to agree that they finished the story line way too soon they should have continued onto the next series however i think that they needed something to hold the viewers due to the WS problems, but like pete said they didnt bank on such a strong fan base for Zack or they did they just assumed that he would have the smallest fan base.
    either way i think that it should turn out to be so sort of ploy or something heres hopein but i doubt it, i really want Zack back.

  • Rose

    Zach wasn’t the guy on the motor cycle… If you watch the episode again (I think its ‘The Knight on the Grid’) you see that the guy on the motor cycle is the Master, not the Apprentice. You are right tho. They should have made the whole thing way more believable.

  • Kinary

    Okay so i wasn’t completely shocked that they made it Zach. He was the most logical choice for a big bang at the end of the season. That being said, HOW CAN IT BE ZACH?! ZACH!!!! He was my favorite character hands down and he was the whole reason I started to watch the show. By no means will I stop watching the show; I’m very interested in seeing where they will take this plot next season. I know that I for one have many many questions.

    Lets talk about the whole booth dying thing first. At the end of episode 14 booth is definately shot upper right half of his body and when he fell he was dying how did he pretend not to breathe in front of brennan for like what 10 minutes at least. I mean come on brennan is a doctor she’s going to know if he’s not dead. Or at least i thought she would. Seeing as he did how did he know to pretend like he’s dead and if he did why didn’t he play it off as to whisper something in her ear. I think booth loved and cared for brennan enough to tell her. But since none of these questions were answered and it went down the way it did I think the way the others reacted to booth’s death was unrealistic in general and to each of the characters. I mean Brennan whole life has been plagued by people she loves and trust leaving her out of no where, do you really think if someone had broken her trust like that the way that booth did her reaction would be to just punch him and accept him back in that easily.

    Now for this whole ZACH!!! being Gormagon’s aprentice is just crap i think. 1.) In episdoe 8 the killer in the closet wasn’t zach 2.) explain to me please why zach would compromise everything to save hodghens but send booth and brennan of all people to their deaths in episode 8. 3.) Zach father never died meaning he’s not a widow’s son 4.) I can see how Zach would rationalize killing someone but not eating. there are several other reasons i can’t think of right now but maybe im thinking about it to much and just really want zach to be back on the show.


    I am so disappointed by this….sweets would have made a better candidate….it is so out of character for Zack….how are they going to believably get him back on the show????


    when does the new season start??

  • Gary

    in sept

  • Larry N.

    I don’t get to watch the show consistantly so I finally got to see the finale last night. Zach was a surprise to me as well. Someone’s comment here that Zach was covering for Hodgins doesn’t hold up as he gave them too much detailed info to catch Gormagon that only an apprentice could know. On the other hand if both Zach and Hodgins are apprentices that would make more sense, for Zach knowing what he did and also for Hodgins putting him under to keep him from talking too much.
    One thing I hope NEVER happens is Bones and Booth completing their romantic interest in each other. I’ve seen too many other great shows die right after the leads long standing sexual / romantic tensions are realized. Though I suppose if the show starts getting boring and they want to end the series, that is one way to do it.

  • David

    I still maintain it wasn’t Zack. The whole “Zack is the apprentice” thing is a drug-induced dream of Zack’s. If Zack is the apprentice, then who stole the skeleton?

  • Marisai

    The fact that it *is* Zack makes no real sense, but apparently the producers of the show decided his character wasn’t “going anywhere”….so he’s pretty well off the show (with maybe an occasional cameo). Does it make sense? No. But unfortunately I don’t think there will be any exciting twists or turns regarding Zack anymore.

  • yarn

    in response to David
    May 19, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Ok im confused if zack was being brought to the hospital who took the skeleton from the vault? It couldnt have been the gormagon cause he didnt work at the lab, so who took the silver skeleton?

    i totally agree. there must be some other gormagon apprentice cause other wise how could zach have taken the skeleton. i still think sweets us the actual apprentice cause he showed up around the right time, blamed hodgens and knows a heck of a lot about the case and is still the only one not accounted for after the explosion and he had access to the skeleton. although it could also be hodgens cause he was the one who discovered to skeleton was gone, and it was zach who found the last bone that bones recieved sent to her desk. so i dont think zach played a big role in gormagon, and the it will continue on soon with the real apprentice taking over. whoever it may be.

  • John

    Highly unbelievable that in less than three months a highly educated individual with strong social connections (via work) could be turned into a cannibalistic, serial-killer simply because he was rationally convinced by a weird, uneducated nobody.

    Also, this makes two murderers who have worked at the Jeffersonian. That’s enough to kill any business, ESPECIALLY any government contract.

    Disappointing way to get rid of a character. Poor plot construction. Abuse of dramatic / emotional influence (all feeling torque without rational believability).

    I’m done watching the show.

    • Sam

      Zack was never cannibalistic. He just wanted to assist “Gormogon or the Master” by killing the victims and giving them to Gormogon… -_-

  • robert

    i watched the ending of season 3 episode 8 at the end the corrupter entered his closet and a kid jumped out.. it’s wasn’t zack, and that is the murder that zach confessed to what the hell???
    could there have been 2 apprentices?

  • Amber

    Actually I had a theory that Zack was gormagon, he does look like the type. But to be honest, I thought it was just a guess. Anyway, he was gormagons apprentice and that why he was into the study of bones.

  • jglo

    Why didn’t it ever occur to any of the squints to take impressions of Zach’s teeth and compare bitemarks?

  • Megan

    I thought it was Sweets — until is was not, and I had to realize I simply do not like him. It seems widely out of character for Zack, unbelievable. Unexpected, but not in a good way.

    Yes, nothing about Gormagon and Zach’s actions is logical. It is quite ridiculous how much they assert such, over and over again describing Bones as rational and reasonable — yeah, we get it. Logic does not necessarily have to be reasonable, however, in order to function; one needs only justifications. Therefore to equate character and value, or intelligence, with the ability to be “logical” is frankly moronic.

    Anyone else dislike Sweets? He is so seemingly socially ackward and innocent that any action with imperfect intention or consequence reflects very badly on him. I was quite angry he did not tell Bones that Booth was not dead . . . I mean come on, who does that? Let’s just have you think a loved one is dead for a few days, just for fun! See if it kills you a little inside. He analyses everyone, so vocally and publically as well, that it seems he uses it as a means to weedle into peoples affections, as his only source of value and significance. Meaning he operates under the guise of analysis but truly he wants recognition. Well . . . perhaps.

    I appreciate the professionalism of the main characters, but I did hope for a bit more between the dead-not-dead and the bathroom scene. Ah, well.

  • Olivia

    Which season finalie is it like season 4?

  • Cactus

    I’ve just finished my 3rd season! And I yelled out in front of my laptop. NO WAY! IT COULDN’T BE ZACK! Zack Addy! ><

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