William Regal Suspended From WWE for 60 Days

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Possible Reason?

Who would have thunk it? Last night’s William Regal get gone match was weaved into the storyline because the former RAW GM violated the WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy for the second time thus incurring a 60-day suspension. Looks like we weren’t too far off last night with our own conclusion of Regal descending into an alcoholic misery, moving to Albany, and becoming the subject of William Kennedy’s next novel.

London’s salacious Sun newspaper reports that it is not known which drug it was that he either tested positive for or was caught with. But the tabloid does make its own conclusion:

The suspension of a top star shows how seriously the firm are taking the issue of steroid and painkiller abuse.

But really, how can we be so sure? The WWE spokespeople have averred that Regal violated their policy but it is hard to take their word with anything more than a grain of salt. They’re a publicly traded entertainment firm who needs to protect their image in the wake of Congressional steroids hearing and the Chris Benoit affair.

Let us just say Regal is injured and wants a two-month break. He has already been connected with steroids so there’s no need to protect a pristine reputation. Why not “break the substance policy” and be suspended for 60 days. Good for the WWE’s image, good for William Regal. Sounds like good business to me and a win-win situation for all.

Let me clarify. I am neither engaging in conspiracy theory nor throwing out accusations. I am also not saying the suspension is fake or that the WWE isn’t serious about steroid testing.

I am just saying that it is hard to accept anything at face value from an industry based in false storylines especially when both parties stand to gain by the result.

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