No Cheerios for Europe

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    After outing myself as a die-hard Cheerios fan who schlepps boxes from the US to Germany (see previous post), I sent a message to General Mills, suggesting Germany as a new market for the product. Unfortunately, the reply was not positive:

    Dear Ms. Mercedes,

    Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding Cheerios.
    Our US colleagues have transferred your request to the German office.

    General Mills and Nestle have a global joint-venture on the cereal business Cereal Partners Worldwide CPW. Europe belongs to the region that is managed by Nestle and sold under the Nestle brand. They have decided not to sell Cheerios anymore. The same applies for Greece. In Europe you just get the GM product in special Army shops and in Iceland.

    Best regards

    Jessica Hillmer

    General Mills GmbH
    22083 Hamburg/Germany

    Im Namen und Auftrag für General Mills International SARL

    Looks like I will keep on schlepping…

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      • Waleska Alsieux

        I am amazed they responded and so in-depth! But, where there’s a will, there’s a way… Well, not this time! I love your articles… :)

      • Bjoggi

        Ísland………Best i Heimi!!

      • Kexpakki

        umm….you can get it in all shops in Iceland

      • Anepo

        It’s good to be in iceland ^^

      • Gunni from Iceland

        Sorry man, but we are the only people who will enjoy “cheerios” in Europe……..

      • Kalli Iceland

        Too bad, cheerios is awesome. I feel your pain :(

      • Björn

        well you can actually get Cheerios in the UK but only a sweet version. It sucks not being able to get the original one here.

        ..Ísland best í heimi!!

      • Stymmi

        im eating a bowl of cheerios now ;D
        Iceland best in the world.

      • Óðinn

        Don’t forget about Cocoa Puffs..

      • http://vsv b2

        and cocoa puffs, its also made by gm

      • ingi Ingason

        jessjess….jú ken olsó get ðí öltimit kókó pöffs in æsland.

      • Mr. Surprised

        I REALLY would like to know what the arguments are for not selling Cherioos in those countries. Does it give you cancer? Don’t they want to make moeny? WHAT is the reason for not selling that popular product in those contries?

      • Örn

        It doesn’t say so in the reply, but the reason that Cheerios has been faded out in Europe is that it was banned by the EU due to a too high concentrate of iron, thus possibly causing iron overload toxicity.

        The ironic thing is that most women suffer from a slight iron deficiency, and would do well to eat cheerios to try to get enough iron into their diets.

      • Siggi

        Cheerios uses GMO grain which is banned in the EU.

      • Jean Mercedes

        Thanks to everyone for your input on Cheerios; I am glad I am not alone.

        @Bjoggi – I am guessing that “Ísland………Best i Heimi!!” means “Iceland – Best in the World”? Are you referring only to Cheerios or to other quality of life topics or to doing business abroad?

        @Bjoern – are those “sweet Cheeerios” in the UK actually branded as Cheerios or something else? They sell a sweet Cheerios-like cereal in Germany also, but under a different brand. Maybe it is Nestle? That would be a reason to keep Cheerios out of the market – keep competition low.

        @Odinn, b2 and Ingi – you really prefer Coco Puffs over Cheerios? Then add it to our poll on “Ex-Pat Faves” and vote for it!

        @Ingi – is this the correct translation of your comment: “Yes, yes, you can also get the ultimate Coco Puffs in Iceland”

        @Mr. Surprised – I tend to believe that most business decisions are logical. In this case, General Mills/Nestle must think that the European market for Cheerios is not large enough to warrant the expense of producing and marketing it. Perhaps European pallets are different, or perhaps Oern is right…

        @Oern – do you have a reference on your iron concentration theorey? I am looking at a Cheerios box right now, and the Percent Daily Value of Iron is just 45%…

        @Siggi – Interesting point, but cereal does not usually get exported from the US, it gets produced locally, so General Mills/Nestle would use locally sourced ingredients.

      • Chris

        I was looking for confirmation of Örn’s statement, and I didn’t find anything, although I did find out (1) that the high level of iron was a direct attempt to get Cheerios listed as the cereal of choice for US government food programs aimed at children and (2) they were originally called Cheerioats. I’ve also learned that Iceland is quite enthused about Cheerioats … me, not so much, although my children enjoy them.

      • svava

        My sister went to a bloodtest, and they told her she had too little Iron. So she got a pamphlet about Iron and which foods were rich of iron.
        Cheerios were at the top, with the most iron. Below was Bllod puddin(I think it’s called) and various other kinds of food.
        So yep, I think Cheerios was banned in europe because of too much iron…

      • Cheerioats

        You can get a version of “Oat Cheerios” in the UK.

      • LuLu

        Unfortunately the “Oat Cheerios” sold in the UK and Ireland are not the same as the original Cheerios in the yellow box from the US. The European version is coated in sugar.

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