The Mystery of the Red Seal Letters

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    red_seal A few days ago, people all over the net began receiving cryptic letters in the mail.  The envelopes contained sheets of paper covered in what appears to be text in an ancient language and everything is marked with a red seal with a TB logo.  Novelist JC Hutchins was one of the first to post about it and you can see a video and more detailed photos of the red seal letter here.

    YesButNoButYes received a similar envelope with slightly altered contents.  You can see that item here. Comments on the post suggest that the text in this example is written in Akkadian Cuneiform.  You’ll find a third version at Cactus Pix, here.

    Initial thoughts were that this was leading to an alternate reality game and eventually people were led to two websites, and

    Now, here’s where it gets way too cool.  If you visit Revenatones, you’ll see an empty chair like a cam waiting to turn on.  There’s also a countdown clock.  At certain times a “Gatekeeper” appears and you can log on to talk to her.  She’s not so nice though, and if you want to get past her you must be tricky.  Apparently no one has gotten past her yet.  She makes references to the “worthy” and demands to know why you’ve come to the website. 

    And now, it’s my turn. 

    I received this email:

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the mass mail-out, but Andrew and I combined our address books to get this out to as many people as possible. (If you know me – hi.  If you don’t, Andrew  * waves *).

    Over the last week we’ve become consumed with the message and blog posts that have been appearing all over the web about a puzzle written in ancient languages.  People have been getting them in the mail -   there’s some mystery going on here, and we’re going to crack it.   We’ve started a blog at, so if you have a chance, stop by and take a look.  Comments/criticism/ideas welcome, and if any of you have seen any of the strange writing anywhere, let us know as we’re trying to create a master list:



    Skype: dixonbc

    A visit to takes you to a WordPress site that appears to be a fansite for people collecting red seal letter info and it has some cool video of The Gatekeeper.  Honestly, I think this new site isn’t a fan site at all, but another part of the red seal puzzle. 

    But has the puzzle been solved?  Word is that it’s all part of a viral marketing campaign for the new HBO vampire series True Blood.  The show is based on the novels of Charlaine Harris, about a town where vampires and humans co-exist thanks to a Japanese made blood substitute.

    What do you think?  Have you seen any signs of the red seal and True Blood in your travels around the Internet?  Know anyone who has gotten past “The Gatekeeper?”  She’s on in a few hours from now.  I think I’ll give her a try.

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      • Jessica Rae

        Hey – this is very cool. I haven’t heard about this yet. I love viral marketing like this that let’s (potential) fans get in the mix from the get-go.

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      • Arry’shanna-Selene

        GAmes? I love games !!!!!!

      • Laeno Aicirtap

        the second cryptic letter on that picture means:

        “Be aware at some point ,no mare the tiny box,chat only if nesisary.”

      • Marick U. Neona

        When does the gatekeeper come on?

      • Onyx

        The first letter looks to be Egyptian calligraphy. I’m searching for a way to translate it even though it would be a rough translation.

      • jessica

        hey omg this is sooooo cool i am not a reporter or anything like that i just think this whole thing is interesting and i want to know more about the vampires please contact me at my email again i work at a fast food resturant i don’t have anything to do with publicity

      • http://www.httppthellu! aloe


        hw do u talk to gatekeeper?!

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