Seth MacFarlane responds to the South Park Family Guy parody

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A while back, the South Park yayhoos made a pretty good Family Guy insult clip. Here’s how it goes: the boys are watching a Tivo’ed episode of Family Guy; Peter makes an offhand reference to Knight Rider, pancakes, soccer, etc. Cartman is not amused, especially when Peter makes yet another offhand reference to having tea with Muhammed.

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But that’s not all; in another clip, we see how Family Guy REALLY get their ideas: manatees.

Seth MacFarlane responded to all of this (he probably was flattered) at Comic Con 2007, saying that the writers have thought about dumping back on South Park, that they were actually overjoyed that South Park spent so much time talking about Family Guy, but they don’t have the kind of time to dedicate to it. There was one joke that Seth cut that they felt was pretty low about South Park; however, he didn’t go into what it was. Bummer! Here’s the video:

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  • MMGiru

    He made a wonderful South Park joke at Harvard:

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  • kennykiller

    dude…southpark is SOOOOO much more creative and funnier than family guy. Family guy has the worst storylines ive ever seen and a lot of their crappy jokes are incredibly shallow (and padantic…see ive done my research). South park on the other hand has complex and intelligent storylines and although some of their jokes are juvenile and un-Frasier, i cant help but wonder where matt and trey get their genius

  • brak

    pedantic… do more research

  • Dave

    South park is more creative, but doesn’t make it better, the whole point of family guy is that it knows how silly and pointless it is, thats the point of it.

  • Carlos Leon

    CONCHATUMADRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SoMe GuY

    i like south park a lot but 4 some reason i prefer family guy

  • Softballumpire

    family guy doesn’t need crude launage to get veiwers don’t get me wrong south park good but im not looking for it if I see family guy im watching it

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