Motorola W755 with Verizon package

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Motorola W755 with Verizon package

Here’s one of them no-frills clamshell cellphones from Motorola. I guess they are getting lazy in designing something new the last few months. The Motorola W755 does not have any interesting features. Some specs include a bit outdated 2.5mm earphone jack, touch sensitive external buttons, V Cast, support for AAC, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3 and WMA V9 audio formats. The phone only comes in 2 colors – black or purple and will retail for a mere $69.99 after a Verizon contract and rebate.

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  • Jen

    I just got one, and I love the lack of frills!
    Graphics are great, sound is great, and it does what it needs to do. The keypad is easy to read and text on.
    Can’t put a ton of MP3′s on here but for the price, I wasn’t expecting a phone like that (…already own an MP3 player)
    I am a college student on a budget, and got this phone for $19.99 after rebate.
    Phone is a little thicker and heavier than rzr, but I wanted that…you can actually feel the phone.

  • JB

    We got two of these phones recently and while it’s an ok phone there are a few problems that are making me consider changing for another model.

    First, the sound quality is a bit poor compared to all other phones I’ve ever owned. We both find the volume is too low, even when maxed out. The call quality also leaves me frequently straining to understand what the caller is saying.

    My other complaint is the battery. If we use the phones for very long, calls or internet, the battery charge drops dramatically. I would suggest if you are going to get this phone to have a car charger in the least, a second battery would be even better. The battery also becomes quite hot when using the phone. The longer the phone is in use the hotter it gets. You can actually feel the heat through the keypad while you are talking. It becomes uncomfortable to actually use the phone if you are on it for very long.

    The phone itself is quite sturdy and well made. It doesn’t feel like it would break easily. It is a bit heavy for my liking but for $19.99 it’s expected.

    If you aren’t very concerned with call quality or volume then this may be a good phone for you. If you are looking for an actual phone then I would suggest moving on to other models.

  • Jitonet

    I got this phone a week ago and really like it. It looks great but most importantly, the features are practical and the sound quality is quite good.

    JB, I notice you found the sound too low – please check the phone setting called “voice privacy” – I don’t know if that has anything to do with that but my phone sounds just fine and I am actually not good of hearing! Also check if you have set the default volume too low.

    It does look and feel sturdy and at least after a week of use, I am still happy with it

  • map430

    I just bought this phone, and I love it…except for the battery issue! I thought that there was a problem until I found folks posting online about how quickly the charge drops after talking on the phone. I am going to buy a second battery, and luckily, I have the car charger. Otherwise, I actually like the phone and lack of bells and whistles. I just want my phone for calls and texts, so for me, it’s good. (And, the kind folks at Verizon gave it to me for free with my government worker discount. Seemed they had a lot of different discounts and codes, so definitely ask!)


    i got this phone a week ago and i love it. my only concern is that i cant turn my “sounds” into actual ringtones like i could with my other phone the samsung A950. The graphics are cool the phone is very sturdy i like the ringtones that were already on the phone. with a memory card i can hold up to 500 songs on my phone which is good because i love listening to music. all in all its a good phone and i am happy with my purchase.

  • David G. Ceccone

    I just recently purchased your w755 phone, and I also notice the battery loses the charge real fast, it was a surprised to me. Also Ive read other comments about this phone, they said they only payed $ 19.99 for this phone, why was I charged $ 50.oo + tax or is my phone a special. So far phone has worked well.

    Thanks Dave Ceccone

  • David G. Ceccone

    I will try the phone for 25 days if it does not work to your specifications, I will want to return to you, for a better phone.

  • brent

    My phone only allows 100 text messages in the inbox before i have to delete…? Sent mailbox is unlimited tho. Does anyone else have that?

  • Sean

    I have that same problem where inbox only allows 100 texts before you need to delete and I have not found a fix yet

  • Eric

    Bought this at costco, free with no connection fee. Not sure about the speakerphone but everything else seems solid. There is a section of people out there who want a phone that does nothing except make calls really well. This seems to do that so far

  • http://bla jake

    Got it from a verizon store in ocean city, md. 2 pakistanian guys who were very shady. They had complaints while I was in there. I should have known. My battery, the BT51 doesn’t even standby for 1 day. It’s atrocious and it was probably switched by these guys for some junk one.

  • sharon

    The moto w755 has a horrible battery life! But, other than that, I love the phone. Does anyone know if you can get a longer charge battery for this phone? The battery completely runs down after a days use. Why did motorola skimp on the battery?

  • James

    When I first got the phone, the battery life was great. It lasted for over a week without me charging it. Now, about 3 months later, I find myself charging it every couple days. It’s like the battery is deteriorating or something.

    Overall, I like the phone except for the battery problem and the laggy menus. It takes a moment for a pressed button to have a result. Quickly scrolling through menus can lead to incorrect button presses and makes you have to backtrack.

  • Matt

    Please phone got wet and don’t know how to open it so i can try to dry it maybe it will work again, just got it, now i read they made these ohones with poor battery..W755

  • james

    i love the moto w755 i have it

  • james loiudice

    i love the moto w755 i have it a mix of the razor the carzor and the razor max

  • sam

    i had this phone and loved it!!! i thought it was very sturdy until one day someone broke it on my bus and now im trying desperately to get a new one! Sure the battery ran out after one day but hey!, I have a charger and i can charge it all night when i go to bed and now i have a second battery from my phone that was just broken. But i loved all of the picture options!

  • Rick

    Just got the 755 2 days ago. Battery had 2 bars when I got it, I played with it til it said low battery and charged it when I went to bed. It only lasted half a day on the first charge, am on the second charge now and seems to be doing a lot better. Im thinking you have to cycle these batteries a few times before they reach max capacity. I upgraded to this phone from the Samsung SCH-U540, at first I thought I was downgrading, but I dont think so. The 540 had some features the 755 does not, but the 755 has some cool things the 540 did not.

    Got it free at Walmart, was told by walmart yesterday that they had one returned for a bad battery, she said I can exchange it if I want, but it seems to be doing better today. Got 2 weeks to decide, so we will see. So far, I like the 755. I got the purple one to be different, I call it the “Purple Pimp Phone” LOL

  • Ruth

    I got the phone because of overall good reviews and ASSUMED the battery issue wouldn’t apply to me because I don’t use it very much. On a typical day I might make or receive a couple of calls and send a couple of text messages, and occasionally take a picture or send a picture message. I wait until there is one bar to charge the battery, and put it on the charger overnight. In the morning, it has four bars of battery power and by the following morning, it’s back to one bar. My daily usage is ALWAYS less than an hour, usually only about 30 minutes. When it’s simply sitting around, it should be using the 390 hours of standby power, but the longest the charge holds is 24-36 hours. I can’t imagine what it would be if I was a heavy user. I took the phone to a Verizon store yesterday where they tested the battery. They told me it was on a one-hour call and the battery only dropped down one bar. They also did a software upgrade of some sort and said the problem should be fixed. Uh, not so much, I am having the same battery problem today as I did in previous days. It was down to one bar when I got up this morning and after talking to the Verizon rep for about 5 minutes, the battery was DEAD.

  • Ruth

    A follow up. I called the customer service center again and they feel the problem is the battery and are sending me a new one. We’ll see. Based on all the other comments about battery life, it sounds like a new battery may not solve the problem. If it doesn’t, I’ll be getting a different phone. : (

  • Libra

    I’ve had the w755 for almost a year and really like it. However, since day one it has had a battery drain issue which has gotten worse. A new battery didn’t seem to help. It has to be the way it’s programmed or accessing the network. I use the phone an average of 15 minutes/week and never play music, text, or take pictures. I charged it Sunday night and haven’t used it since. It’s Tuesday and it’s down to one bar. This has got to be a design problem. If I roam, forget it; the battery is shot in less than a day. My previous Moto v385 didn’t have a battery problem until it was about four years old.

    I sent Verizon a complaint last year and plan to get a different phone next week. My husband’s LG does not have this problem.

  • Tom

    I have the W755 – and have had constant battery issues. After trying two new batteries I went to the high Mah battery with extended cover and it still runs out at end of day . This problem has to be the phone design. Never had this problem with my RZR.

  • dizzy drew

    i just bought this phone as a second phone for when i am traveling i saw some comments about the battery life and it did not make sense to me because i also have the t-mobile G1 and the battery life on the g1 is truly poor which is why i consider the W755 battery life to be excellent.

  • Brandon

    I seem to be having the same problem with the battery on my phone. Up until recently, I would charge my phone over night and at least get a days use out of it but not anymore. I charge my phone over night and in three hours the phone is flashing low battery and is dead by the fourth hour. It is a bit ridiculous. I will be getting a new phone soon.

  • gabriella

    i have this phone but somehow i cant put any music on it. i dont know what to do. i need instructions or something please!!!!. im dying. if it doesn’t have music is useless for me. THNKS =]

  • Rick

    Havent tried on the 755 yet, but on my samsung phone, I could send myself sounds as text messages, then from within the text message options, you could save the sound as a ring tone. Have you tried that?

  • kevin

    To make an MP3 a ringtone in this phone you have to do a bit of trickery and I think the old trick of sending it to your phone via text is blocked by Verizon (they want you to buy their music essentials kit to do that I think). Anyway you need to download a couple of free things:

    1. First is the USB drivers for Windows. This allows you to sync your phones music folder with Windows Media Player. Not really necessary for the ringtones but needed to push MP3′s to your phone.

    2. Next you need Motorola Software Updater. This “opens” the phone up in diagnostic mode to allow you to access the file system of the phone. When you run the app, it will recognize the phones ID numbers and model. Once it’s recognized the phone you need to minimize it and leave it running in the background while you perform the next step. Don’t allow it to update because it can erase all of your settings/files and Motorola has a disclaimer related to this on their download page.

    Note: To access the file just use the current date so their system can check to see if your phone is still under warranty. After it checks it will allow access. This version is an older one and the app will probably upadate itself before you can use it.

    3.Next you need to run P2Kcommander. This app allows you to modify the phones files. I used version 4.9 of this app and had no trouble. This app can be dangerous in careless hands and could brick your phone (make it inoperable) if used improperly so be VERY CAREFUL using it. The ringtone folder is in the “a:/brew/mod/my_ringtones” folder (I think that is the path). All you do is navigate to your MP3 you want to use as a ringtone in the left pane and then navigate to the proper folder in your phone in the right pane. After that you just hit the copy button and it’s in there. Then just close out all of the apps, disconnect your phone and test it out and assign it to whatever ringer you want.

    Here is a step by step walk-through of using P2Kcommander that I highly recommend reading through so you don’t end up goofing up your phone. The MarkVenture site is packed with info on Moto cellphone hacking, etc. It’s worth a look.

    I hope this helps and Good Luck.

  • Sarah

    I just tried this yesterday and can confirm that it works quite well. A few notes:
    I couldn’t find old versions of p2kcommander and so decided to cross my fingers and go with the latest version. Seems to be much improved from previous versions. It appeared to recognize my phone as CDMA with no trouble at all. Today I discovered that it doesn’t even need the motorola software update running in the background. If the USB drivers are installed and working (you could test by downloading and installing Rhapsody – which you can install without subscribing – and using it to sync music), then you just run the .exe as per the instructions on Mark Venture’s site and this version can see the phone. Very cool solution to a problem that wouldn’t even exist if Verizon wasn’t so greedy.

  • morgan

    yes it sucks! especially if you want to lock messages

  • Elaine

    email the sound to your phone. it will come in as a photo. then you’ll have options to save it as a sound or ringtone.