Set Photos from Friday the 13th

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April and Jason Oldag (aka DragonComet00 of IMDB) had the pleasure of visiting the set of the new Friday the 13th movie which stars Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.

With her permission, here’s her comment and photos:

Ok, I got to see some more filming and get a few more pictures that I have to say are better than the others. I have the BEST picture of Jared Padalecki on a motorcycle for the shoot. He was approx. 5 feet from us and is a super nice guy!

And here they are! (and here’s hoping for more!)

Jared_Friday_13 filmcrew2

escalade1 filmcrew

close_up_police crystal_lake_police

Love to have the full scoop, Dragon! Tell us and we will report!

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    Jared is going to be amazing can’t wait to see it

  • Sonja

    I had to look it up, but it looks like Jared is riding a 60′s Triumph Bonneville, which ironically looks like Steve McQueen’s bike from Great Escape.

    I say ironically, cause in the episode of Supernatural, ‘The Usual Suspects’, Dean gives a note to his brother referencing the Great Escape.

    I could of course be wrong, it could simply be just any bike slapped together out of old parts. But that is certainly what it resembles.


    Jared looks hot and sexy in anything he does or rides. I think the pic of him in the black SUV….is him reporting to work….he said at the Chicago Con that he owned a big SUV….that he got to put his dogs in Sadie and Hartley…and his girl, sorry fiance Sandy and for his friends and family. I guess Jared being a big guy must get everything big. I can’t wait for this film…I have seen all the Friday the 13th films…but this one with one of my fave actors in it will be more fun to see. Can’t wait.

  • Debbie C

    I hate horror films (I can’t take slasher stuff), but I am going to be there opening day for this one. I would love more pictures… I will have a better chance of ‘surviving’ the film if I know what to expect. If Jared is still alive and sane at the end, it will be a good thing. My guess is that he will be fighting to save his sister and the sister will live and he will die… It would be just my luck leaving a slasher movie crying like a baby.

  • dragoncomet00

    Actually the Escalade was in the scene so it will be in the movie.

  • Tashheartsspn

    Looking good jared! hehe he looks so cute on the motorbike :)
    Sorry OZZICHICKO but jared and sandy aren’t engaged anymore, news is everywhere, he even annouced it at the chicago con i think, try searching it into google for proof if you don’t believe me :(


    I know…I heard it from the poor kids mouth from the Dallas Con. He hid behind Jim Beaver…kidding around…about having his balls against the wall. I feel bad for him and Sandy…in my heart I think that they still care about eachother. 4 Years is lots of time spent with someone.


    I can’t wait for this movie to come out…and Jensen’s too.

  • Jason

    I can’t wait to see this movie as well. I love Jared Padalecki. He is a very nice man who I’ve met. He’s also a brilliant actor. Friday the 13th is my all time favorite horror film of all time. ( The Original ) And with Jared in the remake it’s even better now. I wish people on Star Magazine’s website would stop dogging him for his break up with Sandra. He’s a good man and very handsome. He does not deserve the treatment they are giving him by calling him ugly and a saying he can’t act. He can Act and is very good looking. Don’t listen to those loosers Jared your the best actor and your a really nice looking guy. There just stupid and jealous. Love you Jared.

  • alejandra

    whaaaaa! who´s dogging him!!! he is gorgeous and of course he can act!!!

  • Royal Enfield

    @Sonja –

    Definitely not a Triumph Bonneville but rather another British bike – the Royal Enfield Bullet. You’re right that its a “cobbled together” Hollywood prop bike without, but it definitely was born as a Royal Enfield – the big single-cylinder engine, fenders, and headlamp style give it away.

    How cool to see one of these used in a film.

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  • frans

    Royal Enfield Bullet 350 or 500?

  • shantanu

    hi !

    yeah its a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 1993 model.