VIDEO: Coco Crisp and the Sox-Rays Brawl

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    Everyone expected Boston Red Sox centerfielder Coco Crisp to get beaned after his hand-to-nutsack combat with Tampa Bay Rays’ Achinori Iwamura yesterday, but this turned into a brawl normally reserved for a Sox-Yanks smackdown.

    Crisp got tossed, as did Rays pitcher James Shields and outfielder Jonny Gomes.

    Check out the fight as well as the 5th inning WTF?-scuffle between Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youlikis in the dugout.

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      • Redsoxmaniac

        I am impressed with Coco. He is probably still not happy being Jacoby’s wingman, but I feel he stuck up for his stance on being shielded from 2nd ( which is clean, but at the same time he could be injured), and took matters into his own hands.

        This quote is great on many levels because this is what most players think after the game but are reluctant to announce because it puts them at a disposition to get heavily fined and suspended. Not only did he talk about being hit while he was down, but he GAVE Shields PROPS for hitting him in the leg.

        I don’t know about you, but that was truly honest. He had no hard feelings toward Shields, and only those who gave him cheap shots, and that was it.

        I like this rivalry because both teams stuck up for themselves and both were honest about their positions. Are ESPN going to consider televising Rays games down the road?

        1st! I’m linking it!

      • Spike Vrusho

        Check out all the fights through the years in “Benchclearing: Baseball’s Greatest Fights and Riots” in bookstores and on now! Don’t forget Joey Gaithright or the time Ice Williams, as a Devil Ray, charged Pedro Martinez but good! It’s all in there.

      • Jodie

        Redsoxmaniac–thanks for the comment and link love-to-be! You’re now officially in the blogroll.

        All kidding aside, Coco does get a thumbs up for how he handled the post-brawl chat . . . and some bonus points for style and fun, too. (Seriously—the Rays probably were fuming over those “little girl” remarks).

        Our take? The Rays are a flash in the pan and won’t be in first place by the end of the season. And future Sox-Rays meetings should be very interesting. Will a new rivalry develop here?

      • Jodie

        Spike–Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fun read!

      • seroga

        i really like the color of cocos hair…

      • Jodie

        Seroga–Before or after he rolled around on the ground? ;)

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      • Rays Audio
      • Jodie

        If “again” is defined as “for the first time in franchise history,” then yes, that’s correct.

        That’s fine, because the really important thing is that the Sox own the Yankees. Again. ;)

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