Pikachu, I Banish You (To My Stomach)

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I just wanted to share this Fanboys Online comic because it brings back so many memories.

I don’t chase after ice cream trucks anymore (not when you’re watching, anyway), so I’ve never experienced the joy of a Pikachu sherbet pop. Still, I recall sherbet/bubblegum pops from those carefree summer days when I shouted obscenities at ice cream men while waving the five bucks I’d nicked from my mom’s purse (“Give me what I demand, you shill of the frozen custard industry!”).

Thinking back, I have to wonder why we bought those concoctions. Bubblegum and ice cream? Mmm, nothing says good eating like a stomach full of frozen lumps of rubber. Now let’s talk about the mess these pops used to make, because goddamn. You would try to save the bubblegum bits by picking them off and holding them, but the dye would come right off on your palm and mark you like some member of a frozen treats cult. Then you’d wipe your hands clean on your shirt and your mom would holler at you.

End lesson: Stick with the Nestle Drumsticks.

Lemmy’s already had his dreams shattered, so there’s no point in lecturing him. We all learn the hard way, sometimes.

(Image copyright Fanboys Online and Scott Under)

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  • http://www.gamespite.net jp

    Wow, it’s funny AND well-drawn. The art really captures the classic Don Bluth-era Disney style. Nice find!

  • Nadia

    Yeah, funny and well-drawn is sort of a rarity with game comics. If you go back a bit in the Fanboy Online archives, you’ll find the Boo arc, which is far cuter than what’s legal.

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