The Great American Ghost Adventure…I think

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This is a guest post by Violette DeSantis, a freelance writer and blogger at Ghost Hunters.

So I watch the Ghost Adventures with my daughter. You know, the “documentary” by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. Basically it is the three stooges, I mean the three ghost hunters, who travel to Nevada looking for ghosts.

After numerous hauntings in their travels…at every place they visit, from a full bodied apparition at the Washoe Club to miners in a bunkhouse, they land themselves at the famed haunted Goldfield Hotel. Come on, even TAPS can’t capture 100% paranormal activity at every site they visit.

As my tween questions my intelligence…”see don’t you think that counts as a ghost sighting”…I reflect on a similar viewing of the Blair Witch Project. That was scarier actually…but these guys on the other hand were almost as funny as the Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo spinoff of the Blair Witch Project. These guys can’t be real.

Should I really be laughing my @$$ off…as they run from the cemetery? No wait; hold that thought until they jump out the second story window of the Goldfield Hotel screaming like little girls. Could you believe The Travel Channel is giving these guys a TV show? Aw, you KNOW I’m going to watch it.

Just so you don’t think that I can’t be scared by anything watch this…but not alone and not at night.

Were you scared too?

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  • v.v.

    I checked out the video… wasn’t too scared… Not sure that I’d pack my bags to move, but I’d probably have just another reason to stay out of the kitchen! ;) (That IS one scary place for this non-cook!)

  • Lonny

    I was too busy laughing my as$ off to be scared! What’s crazy is that the whole situation seemed soooooo fake and contrived, yet no one has been able to disprove what they caught on film or prove that it was a fraud.

    I think the first episode of their show aired tonight, but I didn’t watch it.

    The only ghost reality show I trust is Ghost Hunters, and it looks like my feelings will be staying that way for the time being.

  • anon

    you were scared of window blinds raising up and down? and thats whats driving your rant?

    I watched a brick get up, pause and get tossed across a room by itself, and your video is supposedly better?

    In that same footage I saw a wooden plank do the same cross a room by itself and get tossed.

    I think, and this is just an opinion, everyone has them and usually they stink, but TAPS /Ghost Hunters, themselves have sold out.

    You would think with all that stuff and equipment, someone from their team would approach a university, or some doctorate student and help bring more credibility. Nope, its just them and theyre team.

    SciFi hosts their show and they are supposedly the neo ghost busting authority of the 21st century? and were all supposed to buy that?

    I will admit initially I watched TAPS, but lately theyve brought no credibility, no analysis and no value add to this.. In the end, its just 2 plumbers
    playing with media.

    btw, who checks their stuff? I mean the vetting process is media handled by the crew and gets *delivered* to the owners, for even more scrutiny but who validates their stuff?
    who goes through and validates or deny’s the owners critiques?

    But, 3 guys with night vision goggles and video are easily discounted because why you say so?
    they don’t have 20K worth of video /audio surveillance equipment BUT what they bring is
    College University Professor, Victor HS Kwong, of UNLV, who endorses the video. Does TAPS have
    a Dr. on their staff? I think not. Oh but they have things that go BLING..LOL

    I think in the end, and again this is just an opinion, someone is feeling really jealous that their competition is bringing better quality materials and forcing others to a higher standard.

    but hey, what do I know I dont watch TAPS anymore.

  • http://GhostAdventuresafake Deborah A-R

    I caught a major blooper. You have to watch the segment when they visit Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, KY. Zak has on a WHITE T-shirt when he yells that he is being scratched (by a ghost). The camera immediately zooms in on the scratches but the shirt surrouding the scratches is now a BLACK T-shirt. What a fake.

    One more thing, when the guys are “locked in for the night” notice their clothes. Then notice their clothes when they are “unlocked and free to exit.” Different clothes.

  • nancy alvarez

    Un comentario en Espanol…Me Encanta su programa son El mejor equipo para el mejor show.Los Felicitoooooo..?

  • KB

    Deborah A-R

    The reason their clothes are different colors is that when they are locked in they are using night vision cameras. Anything black (including the pupils of their eyes, t-shirts, etc.) will appear white. When they turn the regular lights on colors appear normal. To check the scratches they shined a flashlight on him thus negating the night vision coloring.

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