How to Differentiate Yourself From Other Applicants

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Stanley F. Bronstein, the founder of the Achievement IQ® movement and the creator of the Laws of Positioning® has been a CPA for more than 21 years and an attorney for more than 16 years. His soon to be released third book, Achievement IQ Moments: 50 Extraordinary Stories About People Who Transformed Vision, Attraction, Readiness and Action Into Massive Success. Stanely is joining Gina and I as we participate in the The Great Blog Off. Enjoy!

How To Differentiate Yourself From Other Applicants

by Stanley Bronstein

This article is going to focus on the point of view of the prospective employer. After all, doesn’t it make sense that you would have a better chance of being hired if you could “get inside the head” of your prospective employer and have a clear understanding of what they are looking for?

That’s what this article is about. I’m going to share with you what I look for when I am hiring, because I believe many employers would be “blown away” if you walked in and demonstrated the following four traits in your interview.

So, What Are These Four Traits?

Vision – Highly successful people have the ability to see things most others do not see. By that, I mean demonstrate your powers of observation and perception during the interview.

Notice items on the person’s desk and talk about them.

Do a little research in advance on the company and be able to talk about what you observed/perceived about the company during your research.

Ask questions about the company’s projects and then state your observations and perceptions about the company’s work.

Attraction – Highly successful people attract opportunities others do not attract. This is what you often hear referred to as the Law of Attraction. By that, I mean demonstrate, while in the interview, how you have been able to attract opportunities to you throughout your life.

Talk about times in your life when opportunities came your way and how grateful you were for having received those opportunities.

Talk about how you have a positive attitude and that you believe opportunities are all around each and every one of us. All we have to do is open ourselves up and allow these opportunities to come our way.

Readiness – Highly successful people position themselves so that they are ready to pounce upon opportunities once they come their way. While in the interview, you need to demonstrate that you perceive the job in question as an opportunity and then you need to demonstrate that you have done the necessary background work so that you are ready to act upon this opportunity, once it is given to you. This is what I refer to as the Laws of Positioning®, which is similar to the Law of Attraction, but it provides the missing component – READINESS.

Talk about the school courses you have taken and what you have learned from them.

Talk about the books you have read and what you have learned from them.

Talk about the people you have met and what you have learned from them.

Lastly, talk about how grateful you are for everything you have learned and how grateful you are that they are considering you for the wonderful opportunity that is before you.

Action – Highly successful people don’t just sit around like couch potatoes when opportunity comes their way. They seize upon those opportunities and act immediately. While in the interview, you need to demonstrate that you intend to act upon the opportunity before you, if they want to hire you.

Talk about past times in your life when you have acted upon opportunities when they came your way.
Talk about how excited you are about the present opportunity and that you can’t wait to get started.

Talk about how much you believe that passive people watch the world go by around them while active people are busy creating the world around them. Then tell them how you have been active in the past and intend to be active if they choose to hire you.

How Did I Arrive At These Four Traits?

I conducted a nationwide driving tour around most of the United States during a two month period. I interviewed more than 80 highly successful people and got them to share their stories with me. Over and over, I kept hearing these four traits repeated. Quite simply, these are the things highly successful people do, and if you want to be hired, they are the traits you need to demonstrate to your prospective employer.

After all, what type of person would you want to hire? A person who walks into your office and just responds to questions, OR a person who walks in and demonstrates that they possess the four traits of highly successful people; Vision, Attraction, Readiness and Action.


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