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This is a guest post by my new BFF, Shannon. OMG, I can’t tell you how much she and me connect. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. We were born 9 days apart. We’re the same age. The difference? She’s American and I am Canadian, and she has kids, (and gets to be married to the GM of Morton’s!) and I am 33, with no kids, and am married to a roadie.


Last night, I had an eight-some.  That’s right; Seven chicks, one guy, two hours. You see, I am a mommy blogger. *ducks* 

I take almost no shame in that fact.  None of us do, really; we just feel like we should.  That is not the point, however.  The point is, mommy bloggers, being the red-headed step sisters of the blogosphere, (ED: i hate that word!)tend to stick together.  We run in packs, simply because we don’t know where else we’d fit in.

Mommy blogging is a lot like being stuck in junior high school by request.  Everyone is uber-sensitive and wants to be liked.  Having a post with no comments is just as bad as having a yearbook with no signatures in the jacket.  No one is sure quite how to navigate through the whole system, since there are no rules to this gig yet, and we tend to go to extremes in our life online.

Some of us are flirts.  Some of us take that to a trampy, shock-value level.  Some of us are reserved and demure.  Some of us are Fuck-You bloggers, always in your face, ready to fight at the drop of a hat.  Some of us are merely trolls, looking to find fault with every other mom out there, and in that we validate our own parenting.  Some of us want to be Dooce.  All of us are on Plurk.

Sites like Plurk and Twitter are great for the mom blog set, because it gives us the chance to be women, lovers, humans; anything but moms for five minutes.  Our blogs are all about our kids, and many of us forgot to include ourselves in them.  Get us on Twitter, though, and we can laugh at ourselves, cry with each other and learn about another level of each other, one the blogs we keep may not let come through.

Last night, I checked in on my Plurk site.  Now, I know that Colleen will stone me dead for cheating on Twitter behind her back, but I’m coming clean.  I popped in and a few moms were hanging around.  One asked if we wanted to play Truth or Dare (see paragraph above, i.e. Junior High.)  Seven of us said yes.

Two hours later and one private Sex 101 plurk thread later, I closed the laptop having revealed things I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone.  I learned things about a group of bloggers whom I spend every morning with through their blogs and couldn’t have guessed if you paid me.   A blog friendship based on fluffy stories of boo-boos and marital angst turned into a real friendship based on actual, real-life similarities.

If you would have told me five year ago that a friendship could be built through a keyboard and some cleverly coded flash, I would have laughed you out of the room.

If you would have told me five years ago that I would someday spend two hours in a chat room talking about very nitty, gritty details of my sex life with seven people I have never met in person, I would have A) asked you what a chat room was and B) slapped you fairly hard across your face.

Have you ever had that moment online, the moment that changed your view of the internet?  You know, when you realized it was good for more than scrabble and porn?  Do tell…..

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  • Tammy

    I’m just discovering the twitter world and I can see how dangerous it will be for me! I live to relive my school age years!

  • Matt

    Wow. Eightsome. I don’t know what to say. Except that any friend of Mr Lady’s is a friend of mine…especially when she gets free steaks!

  • Deb (Missives From Suburbia)

    DAMN! I really need to learn how to private Plurk.

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